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Wolf in Ukraine: Interesting Facts

Photo by Vladimir Bologova The wolf and the man – enemiesBut soon, eh someone you judge?The debts of each of you is so great,And the actions are brought only people…                           Alexander BondarevIn Ukraine, for the period ended 30 years of missing both fundamental and applied research on the biology and behavior of the wolf, the monitoring of its population in the country. Therefore, the modern hunter and hunting grounds users Read more [...]
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Goose hunting in southern Ukraine

Hunting for wild goose (gray, bean goose, white-fronted) in Ukraine is the longest maturity of. We in the Crimea, it opens at the end of August and finishes on the last hunting day of January of the following year. About the authorsVladimir Troshin – Chief Editor «Crimean newspaper hunting»This year marks the 10th edition of this anniversary. Alexander GRINCHENKO – ornithologist, has long worked on the Melitopol ornithological station, it is now engaged in nataska cops.Most hunters Crimean real opportunity to get this trophy appears only in late autumn Read more [...]
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Chasseurs until the end of the year should exterminate wild boars in 12 regions of Ukraine

Jaeger service obligation in 12 areas, which border with Russia and Belarus, to carry out a complete depopulation of wild boars in connection the fact that these animals are carriers of the virus African swine fever (ASF), the chief of the Department of hunting and hunting of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine Ivan Sheremet .«The 12 areas were obliged to users of hunting grounds to conduct a full depopulation of wild boar… The exact date has – December 31, 2015»- He said, noting that it is about 12 border areas - from Odessa and to Volyn.«The initiative Read more [...]
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On the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine was shot down a Boeing 777. Aboard the plane were 280 passengers and 15 crew members - they all died. The flight, which is owned by Malaysia airlines, followed in the route Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur. The location of the wreck of the liner is installed. They are located in the village of Hornbeam Donetsk oblast, Interfax reports with reference to the Ukrainian power structures. "The wreckage of the aircraft are Hornbeam, which is completely controlled by the separatists," he said in structures. According to a source, it is not yet clear whether Read more [...]
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Storm employed militias objects in the South-East of Ukraine will begin on may 2.

The head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaychenko will manage the operation in South-Eastern Ukraine. may 2, planned assault on objects and checkpoints. About it reports RIA Announcements with a link to the source in the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine.The Minister of internal Affairs (Arsen Avakov) solution Turchynov dismissed by the operation. He noted that this decision was made due to a failure of the first step.Nalyvaychenko, realizing the futility of the use of army units in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, after consulting with Mr. Arochem has trained instructors SBU special battalions Read more [...]
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UKRAINE, Announcements ..15 April 2014

Turchynov announced the beginning of military operations in the Donetsk region, in the region of troops and military equipment of Ukraine's armed forces. According to 1 of correspondents life news by phone from the scene - at checkpoints Donetsk region and already behind them, are fighting (?) .. people in dark form shot in the militia..according to unconfirmed reports, more than 20 injured..People of Donbass is preparing for the upcoming assault on the army of Ukraine.. According to unofficial data - the night is expected Stripping.Turchynov has received an ultimatum from the Right sector to deal Read more [...]
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The JUNTA Sent ARMED FORCES to KILL their Own People . The BEGINNING of the Civilian WAR ?An emergency meeting of the UN security Council and OSCE on the situation in Ukraine was held ( details below)summary: 13.04. 14 . acting President of Ukraine Turchynov decidedto begin large-scale military operation in the South - East of the country, involving members of the armed forces against the people that do not recognize their illegitimate power.actually, Turchynov has sent troops to kill their own people. ( nominated people an ultimatum : until Read more [...]
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IT is Necessary to Keep in mind..

30 March to the South-East of Ukraine are mourning meetings devoted pogibshim fighters "Berkut" and the soldiers of the MIA of Ukraine. Now 40 days from the day of death of soldiers , their bodies covered the road to fascism in Kiev. At 12.00 on capital time was declared a moment of silence. Endless Memory Of The Heroes..IT is Necessary to Keep in mind and often think about it. because the human memory has the characteristics to forget, and need to constantly refresh. because these bastards-the junta, which took blood Ukraine and bloody carnage on the funds of the West, already stuck in the Parliament Read more [...]
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INSANITY is Growing ( announcements junta )

The DRAFT RESOLUTION of the VERKHOVNA RADA of UKRAINE Concerning urgent measures in connection with military anger of the Russian Federation (17.03.2014) 4465 from 17.03.2014Sesa restrac:4 Sesa VII skokana The project is made people's Deputy of UkraineO.V. Lyashko(ID No. 429)The Verkhovna Rada of UkraineRegarding priority actions in connection with military anger of the Russian FederationDespite the danger of death hanging over Ukraine in connection with military anger of the Russian Federation in relation to the sovereignty of Ukraine and the annexation of part of the area of Ukraine, the Autonomous Read more [...]
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1. Donetsk. 13.03.arrived in Donetsk euromayday, provoked a severe clash with Pro-Russian people of Donetsk and ...suffered.. / victims. 1 died from stab wounds?)several people between life and death in the clinic and another injured at least 50 people./2. Yatsenyuk Obama promised to continue to "fight for freedom"3. Expert : Yatsenyuk - political doll USA4. Germany : the Yatsenyuk - agent NATOWestphalia Angela Merkel in Parliament on the situation in Ukraine6. Merkel pointed his nose in double standards and support of the Nazis. ( a more complete write - in comments under the video. there is no Read more [...]
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Hackers calling themselves Anonymous Ukraine, hacked email assistant South American military attache in Ukraine Jason Sinning (Jason Gresh) and representative of the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine Igor Protica. As it should of posted letters, bureaucrats have developed scenarios to destabilize the situation in Crimea.Recall that the current Crimean authorities have expressed the desire of the population of the Peninsula to jump into the Russian Federation. In order to examine the true desire of the population of the Peninsula, the government of the Autonomous Republic, which at the Read more [...]
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The RIGHT SECTOR Requests ACCESS TO MILITARY ARSENALS of UKRAINE FOR the Suppression of the Uprisings IN the SOUTH AND East of the COUNTRY.

Management constructive nationalist groups "Right sector" demanded the Kiev authorities to open military arsenals for their self-defense forces, told ITAR-TASS source in the defense Ministry of Ukraine"This requirement of the Ukrainian government and the Ministry of defence has put forward favorite "Right sector" Dmitry Yarosh. He stated that "conservative approach" control of power structures do not allow to restore order in the country and exclude antimicrobia protests in the Eastern and southern regions of Ukraine", - said the interlocutor.With all of this, according to a source, jarosz "in Read more [...]
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The OFFICIAL Proclamation Yanukovych’s REQUEST TO PUTIN to USE the TROOPS of the Russian Federation ON the ground of UKRAINE READ AT the meeting of the UN..

PS : actually received carte Blanche from the President of Ukraine to Putin on the introduction of Russian troops in the area of the WHOLE Ukraine. Now Our country can protect not only the Crimea. (well, and on the West apparently swallowed.. ;)( still here .html?utm_so )The meeting of the UN Security Council in UkraineRead more [...]
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Announcements : Right behind the Crimea some town in the South and South-East of Ukraine declared its disagreement with the policy of the new Kiev authorities.

* In LUGANSK recognized the new government illegitimate and has reserved the right , in case you need to refer to the Armed forces of the Russian Federation for help. . The people rejoice.* In DONETSK now attacked the building obladministratsii , although not to recognize the illegal government and demanding a referendum on federalization of people in favour of joining the Russian Federation. management closed the offices of the structure. Ultimately, the Donetsk regional Council nevertheless decided to hold a referendum on the status of the region. ( Read more [...]
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appeared in the media that:

The DECREE of the PRESIDENT of UKRAINE No. 90/2014 from 27 February 2014(Translated from Ukrainian)22-23 February in Ukraine there was a military coup, in which a group of armed militants with Nazi tendencies in political and military support of foreign powers invaded the bodies of Central state authorities in the capital town of Kiev, and a number of regional administrations in the Western part of the country.Part of the political forces of Ukraine acted as traitors and collaborators, working with municipal authorities seized the capital of fashistkimi units, to form a puppet government is completely Read more [...]
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A couple of hours back called the officer of the Crimean CENTURIES, the bus which burned on the way to the Crimea.

Talked about how they drove as their colleagues on the way home in other tobusch started to shoot, as they are now in the Crimea brought "cargo 200" young soldiers CENTURIES" shot sleeping in the barracks near Kiev...He told - what now "Ukrainian people" that on the Maidan, kills its own citizens. And do not believe the highest said about "Glory To Ukraine" and higher ethnic patterns. Still prizemlennye...The officer said as they began to burn and he tumbled through the window, ran up and pounced on him male, 50-55 years-and. He was able to speak teeth. He managed Read more [...]
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Kyiv. Urgent message

20/02/2014, time 11 am there is information that at this point in Kiev militants shoot fighters BB snipers from the roof..( website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine )already wounded more than 29 people are killed. ( shoot the eagle and CENTURIES of Ukrainefrom the stage of Maidan say about what is already well on the way to the Maidan will come international mission support for the protection of the Maidan.militants storm the CENTURIES police from all sides.. the Read more [...]
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1. Maidan - decay of Ukraine. ( from 20.01.2014 - flowers)2. Why the U.S. war in Ukraine? ( from 30.01.2014)3. Krasheninnikov: the true and the future of Ukrainethe day after the 7th..and by the way , NATO is already in Ukraine..#vyzyvayuwyayaMaidan - decay of Ukraine 29:39Why the U.S. war in Ukraine? 29:56Krasheninnikov: the true and the future of Ukraine 15:25Read more [...]
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KYIV. the evening of JANUARY 20, 2014.

THIS NIGHT IN KIEV PROMISES to BE Even more BLOODY.Currently a power struggle at the stadium "Dynamo" on the street Grushevskogo lasts. people very much. ( see the beginning http://?w=wall-30159529_60253 )Around the sound of explosions and burning flame burning the fencing of the stadium "Dynamo". Cause of ignition - cocktails "Molotov", which protesters throw security forces."Peaceful demonstrators" invented and put on the perimeter of the catapult, and use them to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at police who blocked their path in the government district of the capital of Ukraine. Read more [...]
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US urges the Ukrainian authorities to withdraw the special forces of the Kiev city centre and threaten sanctions.

The representative of the state security Council of the United States with the White house Caitlin Hayden accused the government of Ukraine in the escalation of the situation and claimed to bring the special forces of the Kiev city centre and to start a dialogue with the opposition, threatening in the unfortunate event of sanctions.According to her, the U.S. urges all parties to end the escalation of the situation. According to her, the situation worsened as the government of Ukraine did not recognize the legitimate grievances of the people." "Instead, the government has taken actions to weaken Read more [...]
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