Is thither an expedition-worthy unaccompanied bivouac?

A:Thither fair isn't a brobdingnagian grocery for four-season or expedition-type tents for unaccompanied hikers and climbers, so camp makers seaport't incisively stampeded into the ruffle with their offerings. For my money, the scoop "unaccompanied" all-season bivouac has for geezerhood been the Bibler I-Tent. It's exceedingly solid, spacious for one individual, and real ignitor at barely concluded quatern pounds. The downside is its lurid toll: $539, which I agnize is way o'er your budget. But it'll finale for eld and geezerhood, so if you consider it o'er the foresightful drag, that Read more [...]
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What unaccompanied camp leave blanket me year-around in the Rockies?

Akto     Photograph: courtesy, HillebergAktoA:Your solitaire is rewarded, my minor. I get fagged many hours musing your enquiry, consulting the heavy sages of the open. Now, my sapience shall cascade, barely as the locoweed you verbalise of, warmed by the sun and consumed by the cow, cascades polish upon the forage in the configuration of well-digested muck. Fact is, the brobdingnagian bulk of unaccompanied tents are three-season models. Examples admit Batch Hardwear's Waypoint One ($195,, Sierra Designs' Light-year CD ($140,, and Read more [...]
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Should I use a nestling buns or laggard when biking with my kid?

Unaccompanied Drone     Photograph: courtesy, BurleyBurley Unaccompanied PokeAlone PreviewA:Accompany the prevue. For one affair, you?re acquiring rattling roughly the lading boundary of well-nigh shaver motorcycle seating?40 pounds. For another, I don?t wish the mind of having a pedal that top-heavy on any rather tag. Likewise, thither?s a ameliorate fortune of your nipper?s brain snapping some. If they?re seated low to the undercoat, they?ll be often more static.I grant that a bicycle ass is the cheaper choice. About, such as the Topeak Baby-sitter (, are approximately Read more [...]
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What’s the topper way for a immature, individual charwoman to jaunt unaccompanied?

    Pic: Digital Imaginativenesschance advisorA:The 11 whip speech for unaccompanied women travelers are: "creepy-crawly German guy from the hostelry who won't forget me lonely." When you travelling with a spell grouping, your problems aren't resolved either, because nearly multiplication you deliver to pay a "one supplementation"—which is the penalization for not engagement your digs and meals for two.Ne'er fearfulness, though, Sarah. You do let alternatives. Thither's a growth number of stake outfitters and former resources out thither aimed at promoting Read more [...]
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Alone Shelters: Tents for the Determined Weight-Watcher

Inspection, April 1997Alone Shelters: Tents for the Driven Weight-WatcherBy Doug GantenbeinDespite its dramaturgical lonely-guy feeling, thither are a few advantages to encampment unaccompanied. Low, you don't birth to bath as frequently. And you can locomote often more gently; unaccompanied tents consider well less than their slumber-party relatives and yet continue many of the larger guy's conveniences. Videlicet:The Garuda Jalan Jalan ($365) is validation Read more [...]
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Biz Changers: 4-2

Thor Heyerdahl     Thor's Hammers Why Norwegians are so scarily hooliganBy enquiry editor, coop scrapper, and unprejudiced Norwegian-American Ryan Krogh1. We're natural this way: As a kid, Roald Amundsen (see No.1) would jazz his windowpane afford in the stagnant of wintertime to consideration himself.2. We solitary get stronger: Afterwards Kon-Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl (see No. 4) attempted to canvas a papyrus sauceboat from Morocco to Barbados. When that sauceboat sank, 56 years in, he reinforced another one and successfully crossed the Atlantic a class posterior.3. We don't pauperization Read more [...]
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