Yamantau still in a fog

Secrets mountains Yamantau What, managed to dig up on the Internet on the topic of building underground shelters and cities. Putin's secret underground city "Three hundred thousand people can live in it, leaving the surface, six months ..." The secret base of the Russian government found in the Ural mountains, close to the ski center "Invision Power Board" where a frequent Russian President Vladimir Putin. Around the mountain bunker many rumors, and even residents of nearby communities do not really know what these objects ever since the "cold war" being built in the mountains. «URA.Ru» decided Read more [...]
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The secret base of the Russian government

According to many is in the Ural mountains, close to the ski center "Invision Power Board" where a frequent Vladimir Putin. Around the mountain bunker many rumors, and even residents of nearby communities do not really know what these objects ever since the "cold war" being built in the mountains.At the beginning of 21 century, Russian President Vladimir Putin became a frequent guest at the South Ural ski resort "Invision Power Board", located about 60 km from Magnitogorsk. Neither Putin nor his aides could not explain to the public why the President has chosen this place. Vladimir Putin & Read more [...]
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List of Defense shelters in Moscow.

Stumbled on the Internet Here is a list of shelters in Moscow GO: North-East District 1. Regimental Str., 14 2. Belozerskaya st., 23-A - Sealed upstairs parking 3. Altufevskoe Highway 18-A 4. Broad Street., 3, k 3 - Mobile Center (service parts) 5. Drifters st., 17-A - Driving 6. Holmogorskya str., 2, k 3 - Underground parking 7. Polar str., 34, building 3 - TechCenter (maintenance, cleaning) 8. Str. Leskov, 9, k A - Driving, warehouses 9. Milashenkova st., 12-E 10. Shenkursky Ave, 11 - Car Repair 11. Altufevskoe highway, 87/80 - Sealed (not on verified information sold to a private Read more [...]
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Underground hearth in winter

Underground hearth in winter.In gift on February 23, my girlfriend gave me a forged entrenching tool and immediately I wanted to go for a walk on the weekend and for one and try a new thing. The question arose of what to do with a shovel in the winter forest? Toss in Deadwood, like corny. Chop wood, for it has an ax. Well, of course digging I finally guessed that winter digging found quickly and I built an underground center for your parking.Paddle withstood all tests on 4-plus: 1. Not bent. 2.'re A few small nicks from the meeting with flint. 3. Holes carved into the shovel, very strongly Read more [...]
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Underground fire hearth bed +

Navyezde 22-25 February 2013 in the Pskov region simultaneously worked creation of an underground chamber and "bed on the coals" in winter conditions (cold evening in the sunshine -12 by the end of "engineering" work to - 17 degrees). Snow Depth - about 30 cm (in the Pskov region such as heavy snowfall in Moscow was not). Soil - black soil, stones was no bed made solely on the coals. Forest mixed with dry wood harvesting problems have arisen. Near wetlands, a lot of brushwood and rushes.Used for kindling firewood, whose district was more than abundant. Almost immediately create a steady pull.Ground Read more [...]
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In the Tula region there is a whole underground "city" which I want to tell Komrad. That's what I shelter!Scale mines and cameras capture the imagination. Opened in 1929, Novomoskovskoye gypsum deposit is considered the largest in Europe, and according to some estimates, and in the world. On the question of whether to associate the volume of mine workings, with the volume of the Moscow metro, company employees are smiling: the magnitude of these underground facilities are simply incomparable.1. Our journey with Ilya Varlamov starts with a nondescript entrance to the shaft with a crate.2. Read more [...]
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Kungurskaya ice cave (video)

In June 2011, traveled with his wife in Kungur, visited the cave, as explain in this topic.About Kungur cave, my wife had heard since childhood, but that's all getting there could not be, though, and live life in the Urals. And imagination, meanwhile, drew deep caves with giant stalagmites, ice lake, which no end is seen underground crabs, furiously rotating blind eyes on sticks, hurrying away from the cautious steps inquisitive travelers ... and we firmly decided - we go!Way to Kungur from Ekaterinburg, frankly, is not close, though, and went to the car in comfort and with music. Only here Read more [...]
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