«Underwater Mouse» from Ice Age

Winter, dressed in a white veil, on a clear day filled with intricate fantasies serene sky and generously gives untold riches ice pearls. Snow, loose and fluffy, securely covered rivers and lakes, a white blanket wrapped the frozen ground, zaporoshil roads, forest trails asleep, fell on bushy pine legs, giving a dense spruce forest, heavy flakes hung on the branches of birches belostvolnyh.Morning fishing begins today quite successfully. Do not miss maneuvering yellow baubles with suspension, whales do not give it prodyhu. For additional silver chain plays mikroblesenka hook №5 with red glazik. Read more [...]
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The eruption of an underwater volcano near Japan. Video

Employees of the Japanese Coast Guard witnessed a unique natural phenomenon. To the south of Tokyo near the island of Iwo Jima climbed a huge bubbling fountain. Plume of water was able to remove the video. The reason for his appearance was the eruption of an underwater volcano. Experts have said that if there will be a few more of the same strength, then this place may well be a new island. We add that the last eruption occurred in the vicinity of Iwo Jima in 2005. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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Melting ice and submarine landslides

August 19, 2013. If melting ice at the poles will actually lead to a rapid rise in sea level, the pressure on the coast of the continents will lead to underwater landslides - American scientists predict. Submarine landslides occur in every continental slope (underwater the edge of the continent, where the underwater parts of the lithospheric plates adjacent tectonic plates of the oceans. Such avalanches can cause dangerous tsunami, reports Live Science. Almost half of tectonic shifts in the underwater landslides that occurred over the past 125,000 years, falls between 8 000-15 000 years ago. Read more [...]
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Now March 19 — notes

The first time the submarine is mentioned in Russian sources in 1718 as "secret ship. Now this "vessel" has robots, excluding collision with enemy ships, it moves with minor noise and sinks to great depths. About submarine fleet of the Russian Navy and its plans to 2050 read in the material: http://vk.com/ria?w=away-15755094_2292167 Read more [...]
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Lin of Dyneema — a necessary thing or …

Greetings, Comrades! The purpose of writing this publication was the following: I went the other day to a local store that sells products for fishing / spearfishing and saw on display a series of colored cords of small diameter (with a cross section of about 1 to 3 mm). After talking with vendors, I found out that these cords used in spearfishing for binding to an underwater harpoon rifle, and that he made out of a high-strength material with a strange name "Dyneema". Like, a cord made of this material is stronger steel cable (same diameter) for some indicators and withstands the load on the gap Read more [...]
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Part 2. PNEUMATIC GUN FOR UNDERWATER HUNTING.Part 3. HOW TO CHOOSE .Sign spearfishing is the most intriguing piece of gear hunter - gun. In order to effectively hunt, you must have not bad that is appropriate for a certain criterion gun.Underwater gun is a weapon designed to defeat underwater targets (fish) in their natural habitat with a boom - harpoon.What underwater gun elect - this question is asked by beginners underwater hunters.in the first part , we saw Crossbows , Sling and spring guns for underwater huntinghttp://?w=wall-30159529_60763)But sometimes just a pain to hunt for something more Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Mask for spearfishing

The main aspect when choosing a mask for spearfishing - its functionality is (in accordance with the criteria of hunting). Spearfishing mask is opaque silicone seal. If you associate with masks for the diver, the mask for spearfishing must have reduced volume podmasochnogo place. The more visibility mask, the better. But then the greater the volume of the mask. Because a variety of masks used in variousdepths. Either because of new design features innovatorskie expensive masks join in yourself with a small amount of good visibility. If the hunter will be in the water very long, it does Read more [...]
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Secrets of successful fishing, Choose speargun

Difficult choice-crossbow or air rifle. Hunting is permitted in all civilized countries only with harpoon guns rechargeable by force the hunter. Prohibited consumables-air guns and gunpowder.Yet not so simple, elect speargun on several aspects depending on where we hunt and in what venue. Underwater guns crossbows are divided into (a gun that uses the force of rubber rods) and pneumatic (compressed air forces the introduction), they are divided into: pneumatic, hydropneumatic and pneumatic vacuum ruzhya.Iz second category are more popular air rifles. Now crossbows are gaining immense popularity Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Indonesia found a huge underwater volcano

A team of oceanographers from the United States and Indonesia have discovered off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi huge underwater volcano, located at a depth of about 3 kilometers. Scientists say the volcano is completely hidden under water and its detection is possible only in underwater observations. Due to the fact that the volcano was opened only recently, researchers cannot yet say whether it is active and when it was last eruption. Jim Holden, head of the American team, said that found an underwater volcano is one of the largest volcanoes of this type, height, and over three Read more [...]
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The earthquake on March 11 in Japan recorded audio

In the Internet appeared the recording of the sounds of the earthquake in Japan, as they were heard in the thick of the Pacific ocean. Recorded underwater observatories belonging to the Japanese Agency for marine and terrestrial research and technology.Laboratory of applied bioacoustics - division Spanish Polytechnic University of Catalonia - recorded underwater sounds of the earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11. The recording was made on a network of underwater observatories Japanese Agency for marine and terrestrial research and technology. These observatories were located above Read more [...]
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For tourist in Malaysia

In the circle of diving Malaysia is fast gaining a leading position in the midst of the states located in the basins of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Malaysia, surrounded by tropical waters of the Andaman, the South China Sea and Sulawesi, is one of the more attractive places for snorkeling.Water in these seas is quite cold in order to maintain ecosystem tenderloin majestic underwater coral reefs, marine aquatic plants, cyclopean clams are also more impressive classy abundance of tropical fish, deep sea coloring themselves in all colors of the rainbow. Estimated professionals flora and Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Summer fishing rod with a leash

When fishing overgrown ponds with unhurried over bait can be placed on a layer of underwater vegetation, for example in a water lily. So Macarena, the lure falls between leaves, disappearing from sight so feeding fish. With all this way for effective fishing need to use a very very long float.Float with antenna or goose feather attached to the lower end of a fishing line using a silicone tube. Between the float and the hook side leash tied 50-60 cm long with a pellet at the end. Pellets do not affect the position of the float, because they can be installed in any amount, only they do Read more [...]
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Artem Sukhovoj How to make underwater wick?Many think that to do underwater wick home criteria is very difficult or even impossible, because it is believed that the fire and water disparate things.In fact it is not. In this video you will learn how home criteria at small costs can make a RELIABLE UNDERWATER WICK youtube.com/watch?v=bnUezd0ZPjsHOW TO MAKE UNDERWATER WICKRead more [...]
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For tourist: Scuba trip around the world

At the moment, there is more commercial projects related to the depth of travel. Maybe you have your own special underwater dream? Company Triton Submarines ready to assist in its implementation and take you to the Triton devices in place at least some of the world ocean at a cost of 250 thousand dollars per person per dive, which could last up to 12 hours. Or maybe you wish to organize a small underwater corporate event? At the disposal of the company has a submarine capable of taking up to 10 passengers aboard and go down to a depth of 9 km. Soon you plan to build a machine for a few 10's Read more [...]
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For tourist: Scuba trip to the vents of submarine volcanoes

"Black smokers" or, in scientific terms, "hydrothermal vents" - a deep craters of volcanoes. In 1000 during the depths of the oceans in lety formed various forms of life that have practically nothing is clear. The coming expedition of the same company Deep Ocean Expeditions to "black smokers" in the central Atlantic will be held this summer. If you become a member zahotiote, comfortable boat will pick you up from the Azores, all 8-10 days traveling tourists will be accompanied by a special class chef. But most importantly, on the submersibles "Mir" you Read more [...]
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The fire of the day of judgment: millions of volcanoes move below the oceans in the world

Volcanic Islands and seamounts of the Pacific ocean In 1993, marine Geophysics aboard the research vessel Melville found 1 133 previously nenalezena to map underwater volcano off the coast of Easter Island. Some of them grew to a mile and a half above the bottom of the ocean, but most were still half a mile below the surface of the water. All this on a relatively small area of 55 thousand square miles, which corresponds to the size of the state of new York. At the time of Geophysics has increased the number of known submarine volcanoes at 10%. This was in 1993) Today, scientists estimate that Read more [...]
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For tourist: Underwater Tourism

Underwater tourism - Taking part in expeditions to explore ponds. Evaluation is the degree of difficulty - depth, the presence of currents, water temperature and transparency - and the amount committed expeditions. Shooting is done from a pneumatic spear gun, small-caliber special tools or throwing devices. Done without scuba gear. Underwater shooting - defeat targets with a certain distance. Spearfishing - find and defeat a live target - fish. Read more [...]
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In the Red sea formed a new island

November 5, 2013. Epic with the formation of mud and volcanogenic Islands after the eruption of underwater volcanoes around the Arabian Peninsula continues. At this time, the island appeared within the island chain Zubair in the Red sea in late October, its presence was later confirmed by satellite images from NASA.An underwater volcano has entered the active phase of the eruption on 28 September, a little to the South-West region of the eruption relating to 2012-2011, after which it you Zubair also added the island. A slice of sushi that erupted in late October, is part of the shield volcano Read more [...]
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Italians expect a huge volcanic eruption

© 2011 AFP 21 yunyao identified hazardous date - June 21, is expected to be one eruption of underwater volcanoes off the coast of Italy. It can lead to a strong tsunami. A few years ago, Italian researchers found 40 kilometres to the South of the island of Sicily huge underwater volcano. The basis of his covers an area of 750 square kilometers, larger than the size of the territory of Rome. Taller than the Eiffel tower. And this is not the only underwater volcanic object in the Mediterranean region 20. A year ago, scientists began to warn that the eruption may occur at any time. To predict Read more [...]
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At the bottom of the Pacific ocean volcano erupts

on August 11. For powerful underwater volcanic eruption scientists observe using Autonomous deep-water apparatus. The width of lava flow in the area of its surface is more than two kilometers. A group of scientists led by Dr. William Chadwick (William W. Chadwick) from the University of Oregon (Oregon State University) recorded the beginning of the underwater eruption of Axial volcano on the bottom of the North-Eastern part of the Pacific ocean. This volcano has long known to scientists. It is located within the underwater ridge Juan de Fuca off the coast of Oregon. His last major eruption occurred Read more [...]
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