At the root of the Union of Hunters

Gregory E. Rahmanin. Young hunter has little to say the name, but for the person who knows hunting literature and, especially, the history of formation and development of hunting in Russia, it will say a lot. Gregory E. was born in 1897 in wealthy family of rector at the Smolensk cemetery, father Eugene Rachmaninoff. How in those days it was opened, the family rented a cottage for Rachmaninov the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, in Skipper Lebyazhye village. Here vacationing families naval doctor AV And Liverovskii custodian of the collections of the Zoological Read more [...]
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Union Issues

The latest issue of "horn" different authors raise the issue of further existence of the Union of Hunters. The topic, I must say, is quite urgent concerns of millions of true hunters, who gave many years of his life membership in this esteemed organization. I say all this without irony, because he has given membership in the Society for over 30 years. And virtually all labor activity is somehow connected with the Company, with hunting.I would like to share my thoughts on «pursuing» Union problems. Historically, the Union of Hunters and Fishermen – the only public Read more [...]
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Fish processing tends to consolidation

Yuri Alasheev, Chairman «Fisheries Union»February 1 in Moscow, in the Pavilion «Fishery» VVC held a landmark event for the industry – The first All-Russian Conference of fish processing plants. The scope and status of the event is the best evidence of the changes taking place in the fish market of our country. Following the processing of the fishery tends to get rid of labels «gray area» and «Black Box»Become more transparent both for the authorities and for the average consumer, to establish certain standards and be able to influence decisions Read more [...]
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Down with the commercial shops

And now I will reveal the secret of what brings so terrified workers associations. This is - attention! - Deprivation of a monopoly on the issuance of hunting tickets. That is the reason lying scribbling about the collapse of public associations.And now I will reveal the secret of what brings so terrified workers associations. it – Attention! – deprivation of a monopoly on the issuance of hunting tickets. That is the reason lying scribbling about the collapse of public associations.Wooden quotes from an interview AE Berseneva that companies will have to revise all of its work in order Read more [...]
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Home Hunting Union Declaration

Russian Hunting Union (ROS)-profitWho are we? We are not a party, not a public political movement, not a counterweight, and certainly not a competitor RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz Association. We do not have the president, there is no central government, no admission or annual fees. To join the DFB does not need to issue membership cards.We need the following:- to love their homeland;- be the hunter;- know and respect the traditions of Russian hunting. not shoot domesticated animals, not shoot the animals lost their fear of man (except for aggressive and dangerous for the people of predators); - not to Read more [...]
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Chusovskaya oil

Enormous popularity not only in the Soviet Union, but also outside it got Chusovskiye oilfields. Interested in the history of their discovery: in 1928 georazvedochnaya expedition discovered in the area of ​​the Upper Chusovaya Boroughs signs of potassium salts. In August of the same year on the banks of the river Rassoshki started drilling. Meter by meter diamond gnawed column Boers in petrified rock. Months passed, but no potassium or sodium chloride did not appear. People were ready, waving all up, stop work One July evening in 1929 drew over Chusovoi easy resinous smell. From the well suddenly Read more [...]
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Ural Branch of the Union of Composers of Russia (until 1966 Sverdlovsk fin-s)

Ural Branch of the Union of Composers of Russia (until 1966 Sverdlovsk fin-s) societies. org. Composers and Musicologists and nurturing creativity, execution and dissemination of music Urals. authors. Formed in 1939 by the Organizing Committee, headed M.P.Frolovym (presents t. Branch in 1939-44). B. the first was composed of V.N.Trambitsky (presents t. In 1944-48), V.I.Schelokov (presents t. In 1948-52), N.R.Bakaleynikov students Sverdl. Conservatory B.D.Gibalin (presents t. in 1952-59), N.M.Hlopkov and others. 1940-50 th members of the Union have become graduates of Leningrad. (A.G.Fridlender, Read more [...]
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Streets named Heroes of the Soviet Union

     In Nizhny Tagil six streets bear the names of our countrymen – Heroes of the Soviet Union. Black Street     Sergey Chernykh born January 23, 1912 in our city in the family of the railway. Russian. Member of the CPSU (b) since 1932. Worked in the train depot Nizhny Tagil.     In the Red Army in 1930. After Stalingrad military pilot school in 1933, sent to serve in the 402-th air brigade.     SA Black – member of the national revolutionary war of the Spanish people of 1936-1939. Lieutenant Commander of the Black fighters Read more [...]
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Union of Cinematographers RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Ural Division

Union of Cinematographers RUSSIAN FEDERATION, URAL BRANCH voluntary societies. org-tion that combines art film makers who are actively involved in the development of the national film industry. Ural Branch of the RF IC (original titles. Sverdl. Dep. 'Union) was established on May 19th 1958, general management with a board, Ural Branch of the RF IC and its secretariat. The first secretary. CO 'Union A.A.Litvinov. 1967-94, Ural Branch of the Russian Federation headed by SK Ya.L.Lapshin, 1994 V.I.Makeranets. Ural Branch of the UK (as of 01/01/1998) has 162 friends. Author: Kirillova NBRead more [...]
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Like a twig from the trunk

In the heart of the Dzerzhinsky District There is a small, inconspicuous street that runs parallel to the other about the same. And both are named tagilchan Heroes of the Soviet Union I. Motina and N. Beliavsky. Like a twig from the trunk stretches from Prospect Street Motina railcar and lost among the single-storey detached houses. In 1935, 18-year-old kid came Ivan Motin in Nizhny Tagil, got a UralVagonZavod furnace shop, worked as a foreman shihtovschikov. In July 1941, at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he was drafted into the army. Sent him to school gunners, he graduated early Read more [...]
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How in Heroes

    According to the latest Publishing military encyclopedic dictionary more than twelve and a half thousand people awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. These are people of many nationalities, from different parts of our country.     And how many heroes gave our working city? Issue of concern to many tagilchan. It would seem very easy to learn and take count. But just at first glance.     Refer to the server literature. In various editions of Heroes The Soviet Union accounted for and recorded at three groups (It stuck and compilers both editions Read more [...]
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Tyrant Sergey Semenovich

Tyrant Sergey Semenovich (1887?) Watered. figure, a Menshevik. Rod. family servant. With 13 years working in the z-dah in Ivanovo-Voznesensk. Pers. RSDLP since 1904 In 1905, the Council elected to strike a slave. dep. Ivanovo-Voznesensk. In 1907 he underwent adm. expulsion for 2 years. in Arkhangelsk Province., but before the expiration of his period of exile, was arrested and held in prison until August. 1910 In 1912, elected by the authorized office. for elections to? IV State. Duma. One of the org-tori St. Petersburg. Union office. consumers' cooperatives. After the February. roar. pers. Audit Read more [...]
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The Last Hero

Among the 26 Heroes of the Soviet Union in Nizhny Tagil is the name of Anatoly Ivanovich Shmakova. It is believed that the living heroes of the Soviet Union for a long time there was none. In fact, the hero-city of Odessa until recently lived Anatoly Shmakov, who turned 90 on Dec. 8 years. Despite his advanced age, he kept good spirits and with great joy met the guests who came to the anniversary: ​​the representatives of the Primorsky council of veterans, members of the executive committee and the Commissar, members of the media. Unfortunately, February 16, 2012 Hero died. Anatoly Shmakov Read more [...]
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POLITICAL PARTIES bringing people together to achieve common watered. purposes (software installations) on regular. cooperation within the org-tion. W. the first anti-government circles appeared at the end of the XIX century. It was a populist, socialist, Marxist, Social-Democrats. group. They acted in Perm, Vyatka, Zlatoust, Orenbah., Kungur, Kamyshlov and others. 1893-95 in Perm was an attempt to create org-tion on the platform of the People's Party right. In 1895-98 there was a Lv. slave. Union that are in transition org-tion from populism to Marxism. In 1895, the Social-Democrats. the group Read more [...]
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The search continues

Passing by the former building of the old school Tagil №1 Krupskaya, located in the primordial first city streets Bolsherudyanskoy (Kirov) and the Tagil, involuntarily pay attention to the peeling wall with a memorial marble top. It perpetuates the names of three famous graduates of the educational institution, the three heroes of the Soviet Union. But why was groomed a memorial? Are the students the fate of these characters, and in particular, the fact that there is still no documents confirming an honorable rank Eugene Protasova? Discussion on this subject is very delicate, and yet, really Read more [...]
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When will be rewarded on merit?

     We know quite a bit about the Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily A. Scriabin, which for a long time – From 1979 to 1993 he lived in our city.     Vasily Scriabin lived a long time in the Suburb of Nizhny Tagil, and then was in a city pension for veterans and people with disabilities "Taghilsky", Where he eventually died in 1993.     But the memory of this man should not die out, at least because of Heroes Soviet Union Nizhny Tagil was not so much.     Vasily Ivanovich was born in 1922 in a peasant family, and went Read more [...]
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For courage and fearlessness

    April 16, 1934, Resolution of the USSR Central Executive Committee was established title "Hero Soviet Union".     Hero were given the highest award of the country - the Order of Lenin and the Diploma Central Executive Committee of the USSR. Special mark which would distinguish the hero from awarded the Order of Lenin, was not. August 1, 1939 has been established that sign - Medal "Hero Soviet Union", Later called "Gold Star".     Three tagilchanina - Sergey Black, Basil Rakov, Prokhorov Zalesov - were awarded that title Read more [...]
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Decembrists involved. noble watered. movement, which had Chap. aimed at establishing a constitutional order and the abolition of serfdom in Russia. Regular. org-tions were D. Union of Salvation (1816-17), the Union of Welfare (1818-21), North. and South. on of (1821-25, in 1825 became the last Society for United Slavs). Within the movement of the opposing D. roar. and liberal tendencies to-have not yet been separated from each other organizational: Union Rescue relied on a narrow plot and state. coup, the Union of Welfare was guided by the gradual transformation of the secret of the islands in Read more [...]
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All-Russian Peasant Union (COP)

All-Russian Peasant Union (COP) mass rev. Democratic watered. org-tion, which arose in the summer of 1905 In the autumn of 1905 a significant number of org-tions of the COP was formed on W. Max. their number was in the Vyatka province. (Sloboda, Concept Handicraft, Glazov, in Vyatka.) Perm. (Osinski, Okhansk, Perm., Solikamskiy y.) In Ufa and Menzelinsky y. Ufa Province. In the southern Urals was created lips. org-tion of the COP. 30.11 01.12. 1905, a congress of the COP Vyatka Province., On a rum present approx. 200 people. 15.12.1905 passed Congress Okhanskaya county org-tion of the COP. Local Read more [...]
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Instead of the Order — the title of Hero

     "Quickly assessing the situation and taking into account the importance of the problem, I decided for the sake of our beloved homeland and go to sacrifice his body closed recess".     This is an excerpt from the award of the sheet on hand 14-th separate penal battalion commanding structure (in the official literature – 14 th Battalion) 67–First Army of the Leningrad Front Ermak Vladimir Ivanovich.     Why the penalty? For what sins Vladimir landed in this part? Where the ordinary Ermak from October 1942 until the feat Read more [...]
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