Heavy snow and icy conditions in the United States

Since last Monday's storm in the United States captures more and more new areas. On the western and central states and snow moved to the north-east of the country. The number of victims of disaster has reached 16 people. The main causes of deaths are traffic accidents. Snowfall, accompanied by the formation of ice on the roads, almost paralyzed the movement of cars on main roads in the affected areas. The most difficult situation is in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Minnesota. Reason for the sharp decrease in temperature in the United States up to 12 degrees below zero was came from Read more [...]
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Snow storm in the United States

Snow storm hit the east coast of the United States. Bad weather caused the deaths of five people. Three of them died in Virginia, where the governor mobilized to fight against the elements 1000 of the National Guard. Movement in the states of New Jersey, Virginia seriously hampered, shops are suffering because of the low attendance of buyers, there are power outages. Now the element is slowly moving to the New England states: Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont. Furthermore, on 19 December, about 40 cm. Precipitation fell in the airport area of ​​Ronald Read more [...]
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Frost and snow in the eastern United States

To turn off the electricity in homes, schools canceled classes and loss of life caused snow, wind and cold weather in the eastern United States. According to local authorities, in the state of Tennessee from frostbite four people died. Life of two people taken to the state of West Virginia and the capital of the accident, the cause of which was the difficult situation on the roads. Without heat and light when the outside air temperature -18 ° spent last night residents 1,4 thousands of homes in Maryland. Local energy mobilized forces for an early restoration of electricity. Energy promise to Read more [...]
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Snegomaggedon the eastern United States. Photo

We do not know why Obama called it snegomaggedonom but beautiful sight.According to the American broadcaster CNN, heavy snowfall that hit the east coast of the United States, paralyzed traffic and left hundreds of thousands without electricity chelovek.Snegopad hit the east coast states from southern Indiana and further east — New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, — everywhere paralyzing traffic and disrupting the normal flow of life. Snowfall left without electricity hundreds of thousands of people. The President of the United States Barack Read more [...]
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Flooding in the United States, people were rescued, clinging to trees

July 22, 2013. Severe flooding in the south-western United States. High water in the normally arid raided Arizona. The flooding was a heavy downpour - left the river banks. Water was coming very fast, flooded highways and dozens of motorists trapped in their own cars. Had to release them with the help of helicopters. Situation is not better in neighboring Mexico. In the north, the showers did not cease for three days. During this time, had the annual rainfall. High water has caused significant disruptions in the transport message. Podtopilo International Airport Chiuahua. Air carriers had to Read more [...]
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Snowfall in the United States. Cancellation of flights and power outages

Heavy snowfall on the east coast of the United States led to the cancellation of flights and widespread power outages, according to Friday's American broadcaster CNN. According to the report, because of the weather, local authorities on Friday canceled flights at the airports of New York, Philadelphia and other cities. According to the representative of the airline "American Airlines", as of Friday morning had been canceled 42 flights out of New York. In addition, as of Friday, about 32 thousand people on the east coast remain without electricity, including 22 thousand - in New York. According Read more [...]
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Snow storm in the northeastern United States

In the north-eastern regions of the United States struck a powerful blizzard. In some areas received more than 60 centimeters of snow. News agency Associated Press reported that nearly 600 thousand inhabitants of the north-eastern parts of the country - from Pennsylvania to Maine - Saturday morning were left without electricity. Because of the third February blizzard was canceling more than a thousand flights, and on Friday February 26 were closed school. In Monroe near New York dropped 80 inches of snow. At some points the wind speed reached almost 145 kilometers per hour, and in those states Read more [...]
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Strong winds in the United States. Video

In the north-eastern United States are heavy rains, gusty winds knocked down passers-by and fells trees. Element has already claimed the lives of three people, about half a million people were left without electricity. The biggest shock assumed New York and New Jersey. Almost two days at Kennedy expected departure to Moscow about 200 passengers "Aeroflot". Now they are on their way to Russia. Source: NTV Previous News: · Half a million homes in the northeastern United States without electricity Read more [...]
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Tornado in Oklahoma. Video

Powerful tornado kick experienced by the residents of the American state of Oklahoma. Element destroyed several homes and damaged power lines. However, the so-called Storm Chasers, or hunters hurricanes, this tornado was a real success. They managed to get close to the giant vortex very close. Hunters hurricanes in the United States called the people who for a spectacular shot literally chase storms and tornadoes in specially equipped vehicles. Source: NTV Previous News: · Half a million homes in the northeastern United States without electricity · Strong winds in the United States. Read more [...]
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In the United States the flood gets to Washington

The number of flood victims in the United States amounted to nine people. The second day of about 300 thousand people in the country remain without electricity. Now the water gets to Washington. Storm hit the northeast coast of the United States on Sunday night. Heavy rain accompanied by gale-force winds. According to meteorologists, the cause of the disaster was not only heavy rains, but also unexpectedly snowy winter. With the onset of spring snow began to melt, and, according to weather forecasts during the week warming continues - new river can get out of its banks. However, authorities Read more [...]
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Victims of snowfall in the United States have become three people

As a result of heavy snowfall that hit the United States a number of states, killing three people, including a child. On Saturday, a blizzard descended on a number of American states from Texas to Oklahoma. All the dead were victims of road accidents. Because of the snow drifts in the region closed some roads, including federal. In addition, authorities are warning local residents that, in addition to the drifts on the road surface ice crust is formed. According to forecasters, covered in bad weather states per night should fall from 12 to 35 inches of rain. Snowfall accompanied by strong wind Read more [...]
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In the north-eastern United States emergency

The region is already a few days do not stop torrential rains, and this may lead to the strongest in the last hundred years flood. In Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut flooded the streets, you can only move on inflatable boats. United States National Guard troops are on high alert. Sandbag barricades they build to reinforce riverbanks. The authorities are preparing to evacuate people. Source: The first channel Previous News: · Flooding in North Dakota. Photo · Flooding threatens two million Russians · Irkutsk goes under water · In Chernihiv, Ukraine, began flooding · In Lithuania Read more [...]
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Easter earthquake in America. Video

The boundary of the United States and Mexico On Sunday, April 4 about 15:40 by the time the west coast of the USA, approximately 30 km to the southeast of the Mexican cross-border city of Mexicali, an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, according to the USGS. Estimated seismologists, this earthquake felt at least 20 million people - in Mexico and the United States. According to CNN, tremors felt in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. After the first powerful earthquake were recorded three aftershocks of magnitude 5.1, 4.5 and 4.3.  According to preliminary data, the earthquake killed one Read more [...]
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Over the United States swept the meteorite. Video

Meter over the United States Residents of the United States where more than an Icelandic volcano jitters other natural phenomenon - a meteorite. Early in the morning on Thursday, a giant fireball streaked the sky over the American Midwest. — Meteor rain watching the residents of the Midwest United States. CCTV cameras recorded a real meteor shower. In Iowa, witnessed the phenomena become policemen who patrolled the streets at night one of the small towns in the state. Three-second process, followed by a bright flash, fixed camera mounted behind the windshield of the machine. Residents Read more [...]
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Photos of the destruction of deadly tornadoes in the United States

The couple stands beside the ruins of his home in Yazoo City, Mississippi. It is the city most affected by tornadoes April 25, 2010. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images) In this Sunday, April 25, 2010, over the southern states was a deadly tornado. Tornado victims are already 10 people, including three children.Late on Sunday, April 25 electricians are trying to restore the electricity supply. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images) Destroyed building company «Reeves Rubber Engineered Products» in Alabertvil, Alabama. Can not be recovered almost 100 buildings. (Dave Hyatt / AP) Morgan Hayden carries a Read more [...]
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Flooded the southern states of the USA

Southern states of the USA — Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi — to be a long recovery after severe floods. According to forecasts, this may take several months. Disaster victims have become 27 people. The water level in the rivers is still above the critical level. In the flood zone were thousands of homes and hundreds of kilometers of highways. Damaged communications, urban systems can not cope with the volume of water. In several counties declared a state of emergency. In the capital of Tennessee — Nashville — closed hotels, restaurants, offices. Read more [...]
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On the border of the United States due to the flood stuck 22,000 fur.Video

On the border of the United States and Mexico were stuck about 22 thousand trucks. Travel on the road has been closed for more than five days because of flooding of the roadway. Flooding in the region has caused more hurricane «Alex» a few weeks ago, a new tropical storm only worsened the situation. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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The coming food crisis

Global food safety system is experiencing a constant voltage on the verge of collapse, and the Russian fires and Pakistan floods aggravated an already difficult situation. In a world in which, for the first time in human history, a billion people suffer from chronic malnutrition, reserve for unexpected losses was small. But the tragic events of this summer with special distinctness revealed the vulnerability of global food markets. Terrible fires and deadly drought in Russia has killed not less than one-tenth of the entire wheat crop, which led to the imposition of the ban on exports Read more [...]
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Due to floods in several US States declared a state of emergency

In the U.S. States of Wisconsin and Minnesota in connection with large-scale flood emergency has been declared. As reported on Friday, CNN, in both States of the flooded areas evacuated several thousand people. Floods in the region caused continued for several days of torrential rains. According to meteorologists, in Wisconsin and Minnesota received more than 30 cm of precipitation. In some rivers the water level rose more than 1.5 meters. The result was flooded a vast area. Inundated large areas of the two Federal highways. In areas of natural disasters are closed schools used as temporary Read more [...]
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The meteorological service has warned that the capital of the United States is approaching tornado

© RIA Novosti. Yuri Abramochkin Warning of impending Metropolitan D.C. tornadoes and floods released the national weather service of the United States. «Tornado warning valid from 20.00 environment (04.00 GMT Thursday) for the entire Metropolitan area (including bordering on the district of Columbia and parts of Maryland and Virginia). Also 16.15 environment (00.15 GMT Thursday) declares a warning of possible floods and flooding due to heavy rains», — the message says the Moscow Department of the Federal Agency for emergency situations. On the eve of a severe storm hit Read more [...]
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