Spring theme

This year again, the nature of it was "wrong". March was unusually warm. By 15 March, we have, in the south of the Pskov region, with ice fishing was over. My predictions expressed in the pages of "horn" after last year's extensive fish kills in small lakes basin Usvyacha fully justified. Namely, in the spring of last year, the fish are not lead-delayed spawning in shallow lakes and Usvyaty Uzmen and spread out in the deep lakes basin (where preserved food supply), and then in a large amount to stay here for the winter. And it happens not often.Usvyaty fishermen an unusually short period of ice Read more [...]
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Unusual trophy

Duck hunters produced an unusual colorPhoto: Victor Zalogin In the Ruza district of Moscow region produced duck hunters unusual color (pictured). There were two ducks with them was a mallard drake. They fly very fast, taking off from a pond, and a drive to another. From the troika it was produced this unusual duck and drake kryakovy. Hunters believe that this feral indoutka. I would like to know the opinion of ornithologists.Victor ZaloginFrom the EditorDear Victor! You're right, hunters produced typical musk duck (still call it indoutkoy), a young female. In the first year of Read more [...]
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Unusual anniversary

Round date so good that there is a reason to get together with friends and colleagues, to sit at the table to talk, remember the common interests and affairs. Photo from the author's archive Every two or three years we will walk with friends in the water fishing trips on the river Zhizdra. Belle River attracted to its shores and waters of life. There is a beautiful Russian River, take the same Karelia, Kola. A «roundelay» rigorous northern beauties, one better than the other. But native Zhizdra like first love, love for life – Your first river. The first time Read more [...]
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Spine Inzer rack-wheel

Map Inzer rack-wheel: View Ridge Inzer rack-wheel. in a larger map Inzer rack-wheel (Bashkiria) stretches from SW to NE in the upper left bank of the river. Tirlyan. Inzer rack-wheel ridge really small, its length from north to south, just 8 km away. The highest point of the ridge Inzer rack-wheel - anonymous tip in the central part of the range 1161 m. Attractions ridge Inzer rack-wheel. Spine Inzer rack-wheel is a lot of enthusiasm for lovers of unusual colorful landscapes. This rock bastions, cliffs and unusual crests. Ridge deserves to roam and climb on the rocks a rafting day long. And he Read more [...]
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Tagil gardeners are faced with unusual natural phenomena. Video

Abnormal harvest. Tagil gardeners are faced with unusual phenomena reported Tagil-TV Source: YouTube Read more [...]
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In the southern Urals happened white night

Chelyabinsk, March 17. Residents of the Northern districts of the Chelyabinsk region in the night from Wednesday to Thursday witnessed an unusual phenomenon: the darkness suddenly retreated, and a few hours it was light as day. Then it was dark again. As told to the correspondent of \"New Region\" eyewitnesses, the night began, as usual: in due time it was dark, the sky was covered with clouds, so no stars, no moon was not visible. Back in 23 hours of darkness on the street was quite normal, according to the residents of the Upper Region, but by one o'clock on the street suddenly turned bright, Read more [...]
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An unusual phenomenon in Norway

on may 16. This week in Norway was established exceptionally warm weather. One of these fine days in the picturesque valley of L?rdal there was an unusual phenomenon. The thermometer in the shade 25 °C, this mark is 10 °C higher than the usual temperature in may.In one of the Sunny days in the picturesque valley of L?rdal there was an unusual phenomenon - a cloud of dust, the vortex has reached several tens of meters in height. Pillars of dirt in English are called \"dust devil\". In hot weather the earth's surface is heated to such an extent, that it becomes hotter than the air because Read more [...]
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In Bashkiria blossomed cranberry and grape

August 31,. Before the onset of autumn remained two days, and in one of the farms Krasnokamsk district blossomed cranberry and grape. However, the list of unusual phenomena does not end. The answer to the question: \"what viburnum blooms in August?\" as well as \"Why viburnum blooms in August?\", Razif Bagautdinova't know. In signs from above does not believe, and only hopes that the fresh flowers of viburnum for the winter time to turn into berries. Although one must wonder about the higher power. Because nature is unpredictable woman for the second year in a row. In 2010 suddenly flowered Read more [...]
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Why winter is so warm?

The unusual location of the polar jet stream (marked in green) led to a warm and dry winter on January 17. Last part of the winter was a little snow and cold weather in Europe and in the United States. The reason for this — the unusual behavior of the high-altitude jet streams, according to U.S. meteorologists. High-altitude jet stream — it is the strong winds that are around the Earth, extend over long distances (hundreds of kilometers wide and thousands of kilometers in length) at altitudes of about 10 km, the air Speed is usually higher than 30 m/S. Main direction of Read more [...]
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In Kaliningrad Pregel covered foam unknown origin

Environmentalists loss to explain the nature of the unusual phenomenon. In Kaliningrad, on the river Pregel an unusual foam. According to one eyewitness, Vladimir Sokolov, February 19, at approximately 9:00 am, he noticed on the surface of the water in the street. General Karbyshev huge bright spot.The man managed to take a picture of an unusual phenomenon. According to him, the clot, like a dirty gray blanket, completely covered the section of the river from one to the other shore and swam to the side of the Museum of the World Ocean."When I went to work at about 9 am, I saw on the river Read more [...]
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The unusual galaxy, thin as a needle

18/12/2012 Astronomers from the European and American space agencies submit photos of unusual spiral galaxy made by the Hubble Space Telescope. "What is unusual galaxy NGC 4565?" - You ask. The thing is that this spiral galaxy, which is also known as the "Galaxy Needle" very flat. Its diameter to 10 times greater than its thickness. This galaxy is located at a distance of 35 to 50 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of the northern hemisphere of the sky "Coma."In the picture are connected infrared and visible light. Bluish color, which can be Read more [...]
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Three Suns over Barrow

Kurganets Vitaly Loaf witnessed an unusual phenomenon — solar light pole and duplicate reflections of the sun.

"Seeing today is a very unusual phenomenon: the rising sun in the column of light, and at some point it became clear to see three of the Sun, then copy disappeared, and the sun is" spread "on the post of the world …," wrote Vitaly.

Category: Atmosphere
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In Arkhangelsk pink snow fell

In the Arkhangelsk region found pink snow. The unusual phenomenon was seriously frightened residents of northern villages. Alexander lives in the village Pillars Korban Shenkursky district. It was at his house last week suddenly snow was colored pink. Man frightened in earnest. He immediately brought the unusual precipitation and went to Archangel in his own car. And this is the way, 350 kilometers. Coat color in the fall? - Last week, the thaw began, - says Alexander. - From the roofs of houses began to melt water, began to appear icicles. This is normal, we are confronted with it regularly. Read more [...]
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Over Kazan, a rainbow appeared, typical of the North pole

on October 29. On Sunday, October 28, Kazan, strolling down the street Bauman, witnessed an unusual natural phenomena — inverted rainbow. Moreover, it has changed not only the direction of the arc, but the order of the colors in it. — First we saw a circular rainbow, — told the portal ProKazan.ru national correspondent Dmitry Ryazanov. — And after 10 minutes, the rainbow has become inverted. In the Department of Hydrometeorology and monitoring of environment of the Republic of Tatarstan, where we asked for comments about the unusual natural phenomenon Read more [...]
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Personality in extreme conditions. Conclusion

So, the core problem is the adaptation of the extreme conditions. Mental readaptation in extreme conditions, maladjustment and readjustment to normal conditions of life are subject to regular alternation of stages. Analysis of the stages of mental readaptation, rehabilitation and exclusion under the influence of psychogenic factors revealed the following. Regardless of whether a person will have to pass a test of nervous and mental stability in the isolation chamber, or do a parachute jump, or make a trip into space, and so on - always clearly distinguished "preparatory phase". Read more [...]
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Hundreds of baby sea lions are thrown ashore in the U.S.

Rescued pups. © Mike Blake | Reuters April 1, 2013. Hundreds of hungry young sea lions are thrown out on the beaches of the United States - from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Rescue centers are not able to cope with the influx of animals, and scientists are trying to find the reasons for the unusual behavior of lions. On the island rookeries off the coast of southern California died 45 % of pups born in June 2012, says marine biologist Sharon Melin. Usually dies no more than one third of young animals.Over the past two weeks the situation has become so tense that the National oceanic and atmospheric Read more [...]
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