Turnout: Bolshegalyanskaya, 144

     The advent of capitalism in Russia inevitably led to the rapid growth of the proletariat, including, and in the Urals. Here, from 1865 to 1900, the number of workers increased almost three times, and the army of the proletariat of the Urals there were more than 100 thousand people. Moreover, the Ural craftsmen to be the most brutal exploitation. The working day was completely dependent on the arbitrariness of the breeder and was 12-16 hours. Because of technical backwardness many works, especially in the metallurgical industries were conducted manually. For example, the Read more [...]
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This ageless Ural

    Located in the the center of the neck of the cinema "Ural" one oldest and at the same time most "modern" in the city. Why? We will try to explain this with the help of the workers themselves theater veterans and those who work there today. Recalls the first Director "Urals", A student of cinematography USSR Nina G. Elfimova:    Our theater was opened in February 1957, and was the first dvuhzalnym in the city. It is located on the first high-rise residential Vye house surrounded by the private sector, residents which were mainly farm. So, Read more [...]
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    This was once peripheral area of ​​the city in recent years radically changed its look prettier, and most importantly - younger. The new building of Nizhny Tagil Institute of Technology, a sports complex "Metallurg-Forum", Next to the building socio-pedagogical academy word campus on the picturesque banks city ​​pond. But sixty years ago future engineers trained in three vintage house on the street. Urals, where they lived employees Metallurgical Plant in times Demidovs. Read more [...]
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Shore bird? Or

    All tagilchane accustomed proud history of their city, its achievements and craftsmen. In ethnographer we never lacked. But the members of the Ural Historical and Genealogical Society of They were not observed, this strangeness surprised even chairman of the society Yu Konovalov.     Recently in Nizhny Tagil hosted the fifth field meeting "rodovedov" Ural Historical and Genealogical Society, and everyone could get acquainted with his work, seek help from knowledgeable people. Beginners are not embarrassed such a solid audience, as professors, teachers Read more [...]
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What is the Urals?

Ural - a mountainous country, which stretches from north to south from the icy shores of the Kara Sea to the Central Asian steppes and semi-deserts. Ural Mountains - the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. In the north, a low range Ural ends Pai-Khoi, in the south - the mountain range Mugodzhary. The total length of the Urals with Pai Hoem and Mugodzhary - more than 2,500 km. The highest mountain in the Urals - People. Its height - 1895 m. Ural Mountains stretch from the north to the south of the Nenets Autonomous District of the Arkhangelsk region through Komi Republic and the Tyumen region, Read more [...]
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Reading encyclopedia

    When it comes to biography of a famous person, you should not neglect any small fact does not is of interest in the life of ordinary people. Jules Verne.     Dictionaries read in my opinion, extremely interesting occupation. Here, for example, two authors, EA Grushko and YM Medvedev, created at the beginning of this century, the whole "Encyclopedia of famous Russians". Written them alive, exciting, was introduced to The remarkable fact in biographies. Help us, in a word, refresh the memory of the history of Fatherland, remember many artists, science and Read more [...]
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Chronology of construction

1980 year August. August 28 of a vertical mine shaft on the future station "Ural" removed first excavator bucket land. The next day was established party organization Sverdlovsk Metrostroi. She was elected secretary of a mining engineer, surveyor Yu.A.Pestryakov. September. At the station "Ural" unfolded evaluation assets. October. The construction of the trunk № 7. near the station "Dynamo" organized callout utilities. November. First orders metrostroevtsev (on steel forms, anchors, mining complexes, and other equipment, materials, tools) are available on Uralmash, Read more [...]
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Keepers and discoverers

     Ural land rich in talent. Last week held celebrations devoted significant date 260 years Ural lacquer painting on metal.     In general, the starting point of the date of adoption is rather arbitrary. That's when Demidov serfs svezennye the Urals from all over Russia, began to paint local products on iron, copper, bark     Maksyashin Alexander, professor of Russian professional Normal University:     Much has been said about podnosnoy painting, that in the Urals ancestor of this painting is the Nizhny Tagil. As in any other city Read more [...]
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Good teacher

The history of measuring time, not years and eras. In the history of the Ural literature of XX century was the era of DN Mamin-Siberian, PP Bazhova ... And was the era of BS Riabinina. "Boris Stepanovich Riabinin born November 3, 1911 in the family of a surveyor in the town of Kungur. Graduated from the Perm Agronomy School, Ural Institute of Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a surveyor, a lathe, an engineer, a photographer for the newspaper "Izvestia" in the Urals. First essays were written in the journal "Ural Ranger" (1935), the first book, "Stone mysteries" (1936), published in the Sverdlovsk Read more [...]
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Ural Branch of the Union of Composers of Russia (until 1966 Sverdlovsk fin-s)

Ural Branch of the Union of Composers of Russia (until 1966 Sverdlovsk fin-s) societies. org. Composers and Musicologists and nurturing creativity, execution and dissemination of music Urals. authors. Formed in 1939 by the Organizing Committee, headed M.P.Frolovym (presents t. Branch in 1939-44). B. the first was composed of V.N.Trambitsky (presents t. In 1944-48), V.I.Schelokov (presents t. In 1948-52), N.R.Bakaleynikov students Sverdl. Conservatory B.D.Gibalin (presents t. in 1952-59), N.M.Hlopkov and others. 1940-50 th members of the Union have become graduates of Leningrad. (A.G.Fridlender, Read more [...]
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Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant

Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant Regular. in Sverdl. in late 1941 on the basis of the evacuated from Moscow sister company. In the early years. zd worked for the war. Already in 1942-43 was no. 17 models of weapons, including carried out to develop and master vol. Aviation sight bombing P-8, based on the principle of automatic input of the input parameters, first used in the practice of aeronautical engineering. In 1946 by the decision, made in the establishment of fiber-fur. prom. W. combination occurs several. enterprises with the provision of new pl. into a single large zd. In 1956, when it Read more [...]
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Ural folk choir

Ural folk choir established in Sverdl. in 1943 as Ur. rus. State. cum. choir. Its founders were a collector of music. Folklore W. L.L.Hristiansen, choreographer O.N.Knyazeva, choirmaster N.A.Malginova, folk singers. ensemble with. Izmodenovskoe Beloyarski district and. Pokrovske Yegorshinsky district Sverdl. region. The repertoire of the choir were presented songs and dances of traditional folk Art Society W. Finding opportunities replenishment repertoire determined and creative contacts choir with local authors. As a result of this community in its program of songs appeared Gudkov, E., M. Caesarean, Read more [...]
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Ural Institute for the Humanities (Urga)

Ural Institute for the Humanities (Urga) formed in 1994, academic institutions humanitarian profile UB RAS (Institute of Philosophy and Law, Institute of Economics, Institute of History and Archaeology) Ural State Technical University of UPI, the Eastern Institute of Economics, Humanities, Management and Law. President Academician VV Alekseev, Rector Prof. Dr. ist.n. Denisevich MN Urga Russia's first private educational institution, bringing together academia and higher education in the humanities. School research: higher education in the humanities; interaction of academic and university scientific Read more [...]
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Ural State Economic University

Ural State UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS (Until 1995 Sverdl. Inst cum.'s Island), formed in 1967 as a branch Minho Plekhanov and Economic Faculty of the Ural State University. The first rector -prof. Gottlober VM In foreign ones function f-you: economic, financial, management and Intern. ekononomicheskih relations, sales, engineering, Correspondence, Ph.D courses, special council to protect the candidate. diss., a publishing house, a computer c., Student Design Bureau. At the University are established institution, bank, insurance company, university policy. At the University are taught 7 th. Students. Read more [...]
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Ural State University. AMGorky

Ural State UNIVERSITY. AMGorky Regular. October 19. 1920 ECAT. The first rector prof.A.P. Pinkevich. At the University, those are 11 faculties (mat.-fur., Physics, chemistry, biol., Economic, ist., Philosophy., Political Science and Sociology, Philology., Journalism, art and culture), 2 Dep. (Psychology and Russian. Lang. Foreign pupils of), 73 departments, scientific-Inst. Institute of Physics and Applied you mat., in Russian. Culture, Inst for retraining and advanced training of teachers of humanities and social. Sciences, Faculty of head teacher training colleges of Mathematics, Faculty of Read more [...]
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Ural Automobile Engine Plant (UAMZ)

Ural Automobile Engine Plant (UAMZ) Regular. in 1967 the Sverdl.-44 (Novoural'sk) under the name. Ural Plant of automotive spare parts branch of Moscow. s automotive da them. Likhachev (UZAZ branch ZIL); 1971 UZAZ ZIL. Given the specialization Mfr. renamed in 1976. Ur. Automotive Engines zd (UAMZ ZIL) in 1992 transformed into a joint stock company composed of AO ZIL. Wed-payroll number. slave. 8.5 thousand. Pers. Manuf. spare hours. truck ZIL early. In 1972, with the 1968 mastered Mfr. automotive gasoline engines ZIL-157KD, from 1977 to 1991, the plant was no. trucks ZIL-157KD 16-18 thousand. Read more [...]
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The Ural Mountains

    In the surroundings of our city ​​towering green peaks of the Ural Mountains. These are: Fox, High, Naked Stone, Long, Yudin, Gorbunova, Palen, Fir, Bear Stone. From a distance the peaks seem to be covered wooded arrays, but in fact most of them crowned with rocky buttes, towering over the tops trees. In the intermountain hollows carry their water mountain streams: Prikazchitsa, Chaschiha, Baranci, Viya, Loeb, flowing into the river Tagil.     In the south-west, 40 kilometers from the city, the mountains are Funny, their height vertices reaches 700 meters and Read more [...]
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Ural language family

Ural language family incl. languages ​​of the peoples resettled from Scandinavia and Hungary to s. to Taimyr and in Altai on. It consists of three language groups: the Finno-Permian, Ugric and Samoyed. Finno-Permian are Finnic languages ​​/ peoples (Finns, Estonians, Vepsians, Vod, Izhorians, Livs), Saami, Volga Finns (Mordvinians and Mari), permyane (Komi Zyrians, Permian Komis and Udmurt); in Ugric Hungarians, Mansi and Khanty; Samoyed in Nenets, Entsi Nganasans, Selkups (in the past Samoyed languages ​​spoken by the inhabitants of the peoples of the Altai-Sayan region formers, kamasintsy, Read more [...]
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Ural State Conservatory named. Mussorgsky

Ural State Conservatory. Mussorgsky (Until 1946 -Sverdlovskaya State Conservatory), founded. in 1934 the first rector M.P.Frolov. Education osuschestvlyalyaetsya following specialties: piano, solo singing, strings, brass, cum. instruments, choral and symphonic conducting, composition, musicology, sound engineering. At the Conservatory, 9 p-ing, 17 Chairs, Proc. Theatre (op. studio), student orchestras (symphonic, chamber, folk. instruments), graduate school, offices cum. creativity, recording studio of electronic music, scientific-methodical p. training of teachers of the Muses. uch-ni and schools, Read more [...]
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Ural State Architectural Academy of Art

Ural State ARCHITECTURE AND ART ACADEMY Regular. in 1967 on the basis of p. Faculty of Ur. Polytechnic. Inst as a branch of Moscow. architect. Inst, 1972 Sverdl. architect. Inst, 1992 -UralARHI. The first rector of Corr. USSR Academy N.S.Alferov. In Acad. function f-you prevocational training, design, architecture and applied arts, training, postgraduate, doctoral diss. Council for the Protection of Candidate. diss. At university labs are a problem. restoration and reconstruction of memory. architect. Stone Belt, the only one in the Russian music. story arch. and prom. art. In Acad. trained 1,048 Read more [...]
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