River sailing Polar Urals

Part 1Photo: Valery Bazhmin Cold summer of 2010, the second half of August, the Polar Urals. AT the folds of the mountain relief wandering mist. Above was dissolved in the clouds, the horizon is snow. Cold. ATV crosses the stream and rapid soon stops the edge of a grassy field, for which, playing stones, runs a narrow, greyish water flow. This is our Makar-Ruz!Today, together with geologists, next to the site, we can get to the Minor Haramatalou or even to the upper drill-Hoyle. But Haru, like the overwhelming majority “large” Polar Read more [...]
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In the Urals, we began to catch wild animals for further breeding

The first time in the post-perestroika period in the state game reserves Sverdlovsk region began trapping of game animals. As the organizers emphasize the campaign, which will run until the end of the year, it has a dual purpose - commercial and humanitarian.According to Deputy Director of the State Organization for the Protection of the Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Kalmykov gosohotzakaznikov, animals are caught solely for subsequent maintenance and breeding in the so-called semi-free conditions or artificially created habitat. In accordance with federal law on hunting, such activity is permitted Read more [...]
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Yacht «Standart»

July 3, 1914, Thursday. Gulf of Finland, Kronstadt. On the barrel to "raid Standard" stands in the retinue of 5 destroyers - "the Army", "Volunteer", "Moskvityanin", "Emir of Bukhara," "Finn" and the schooner "North Star" - the imperial yacht-beauty with 3 little folded out aft masts. In its form of restrained pride, but not arrogance; simplicity, grandeur and dignity. August family the other day, July 1, returned to her from the Crimea. Ordinary swimming, which from year to year being accomplished for 6 years to the mutual enjoyment and crowned passengers and crew. Yacht gorgeous and young, as Read more [...]
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Turnout: Bolshegalyanskaya, 144

     The advent of capitalism in Russia inevitably led to the rapid growth of the proletariat, including, and in the Urals. Here, from 1865 to 1900, the number of workers increased almost three times, and the army of the proletariat of the Urals there were more than 100 thousand people. Moreover, the Ural craftsmen to be the most brutal exploitation. The working day was completely dependent on the arbitrariness of the breeder and was 12-16 hours. Because of technical backwardness many works, especially in the metallurgical industries were conducted manually. For example, the Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. Spine Ishkulov

Walking across the expanses of the Web in search of the picturesque place not far from Chrysostom, which we have not yet visited, and came across a photo from the ridge Ishkulov. Spine Ishkulov this northern spur of the Ilmen mountains, higher than 500m. From Chrysostom is 60 km. You can reach it, either by car or on the bus going in the direction of Yekaterinburg. We pass the village Novoandreevka, next village. Saktaevo and at the crossroads near benzapravki get off the bus. Spine Ishkulov just seems low and uninteresting, but this memory is lost should only climb it. See for yourself what kind Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. Photo-fishing

Stood with his little son in earlier stopped his grandfather and rushed fishing !!. More precisely on the photo-fishing. But the morning did not work out: drizzling rain, dawn is photographed failed, the fish do not bite.It was an hour of our wanderings in the lake of Venice, the fact that 8 dam (Lake. Draga), many islands, and we on these sleeve wool in search of pike.And in the end is out of the clouds, the sun appearedeverything came to life around, singing birds, and bustling fishermen and began to peck-pike)))nepogoditsa and went Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. On the outskirts of Kyshtym and Castle

Toward the close of our holiday, despite the weather deteriorated, yet decided to make a raid on the North of the Chelyabinsk region. Visit neighborhood cities Kyshtym and Castle: a man-made desert and turquoise water, with majestic mountains and pristine lakes, as well as the parking lots of old people. 1 In fact, that's arrival in Kishtim.2.Sprava located a stone Cross Worship3.A is a man-made desert in the village. Tayginka near Kyshtym, but to get the truth desert photo with dunes, dunes, did not work, because the weather was wet and sand tightened like a swamp. Was dangerous to move deeper Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. Kaolin quarry Bali

During the trip to the North of the Chelyabinsk region we visited Kaolin quarry in the town of Kyshtym. Local residents for the color of the water is a place called Bali. I have not been to Bali, but what show on TV, very similar. The shore of white sand (clay), turquoise water and lush vegetation around. But bathe in it is not recommended, because it close to 1.5 -2 km from this place is the city dump, and ground water can be completely fall into this pit. Naturally, there are people who, in spite of the ban, bathe in it, but what will happen to them in the future, we certainly do not know. We Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. Interesting geography at Black Rock

Dark Mountain is one of the northern peaks Nazminskogo ridge. Placed on the ground state park "Taganay" 12 km. north of Chrysostom and 4.4 km west of the Biceps hills. Height of 853 m. Stacked mica schists and amphibolites dark, the color of the rocks and got its title. At the top of a rocky ridge, which stretches more than 200 m. Direction from south to north. Eastern slope steeply down and difficult to reach. In the western part of the top of a small plateau, to which the pass (altitude 770 m) on the road Nazminskoy (Chrysostom pos. MMK) trail leads approx. 1 km. From the top of the Dark Mountains Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. Verhneuralsk Temple and surroundings

Temple of St. Nicholas in 1891, visited during a visit Verhneuralsk Prince Nicholas, who was destined to become the last king of.IconostasisWhat struck in the temple, so its white, it just shines a purity, it is very comfortable and prekrasno.Poslushnitsa washes floors in the temple.its dimensions are the same impressiveIt can rightly be attributed to one of the most beautiful temples in the southern Urals.St. Nicholas Church and MemorialAfter walking around the temple, and then umyav bread with tea, Read more [...]
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Southern Urals. Arakul: Sheehan and Lake

During his trip to the north of the Chelyabinsk region visited another attraction: Arakulsy Shihan and the lake. "Far lake" or "lake between the mountains", as translated from the Bashkir language Arakul lake. It stretches from the foot of Sheehan - 80-meter rocky massif, which stretches from east to west for more than 2 kilometersour campthanks to this bathhouse, even in rainy weather, we were able to swim in vain feared, even without a bath, the water was warm.Geography and the numbers of the lake Arakul The lake is in Arakul Kasli area in the north of the Chelyabinsk region near the town Read more [...]
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Southern Urals

To include a part of the Southern Urals Urals mountain country between the latitudinal section of the upper reaches of the river Ufa and latitudinal plot the Ural River between Orsk and Orenburg. The total length of the ridges of the Southern Urals - more than 550 km. In the east-west direction between the South Urals Ishimbai Magnitogorsk and reaches 200 km. It is a vast mountainous country, which ranges in the northern part between Ufa and Inzer go in the general direction from NE to SW, and in the southern part between Inzer and White - in the meridional direction. To the south of the valley Read more [...]
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This ageless Ural

    Located in the the center of the neck of the cinema "Ural" one oldest and at the same time most "modern" in the city. Why? We will try to explain this with the help of the workers themselves theater veterans and those who work there today. Recalls the first Director "Urals", A student of cinematography USSR Nina G. Elfimova:    Our theater was opened in February 1957, and was the first dvuhzalnym in the city. It is located on the first high-rise residential Vye house surrounded by the private sector, residents which were mainly farm. So, Read more [...]
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Ethnic Processes in the Urals in the era of the great migration of peoples. At the origins of the peoples of the Urals

The era of the Great Migration is one of the most important and interesting periods in the history of the Eurasian population began in the first centuries of our era the movement is ready to claim the North Eastern Europe, the Great Migration has received new impetus in a completely different direction - the movement of the Huns from central Mongolia to South Europe steppes of Siberia and the Urals, the Black Sea and Danube. For the Huns was followed by numerous waves of nomads: Avars, psevdoavar, saragurov, Ugur, savyrov, Magyars, Pechenegs, Turks, Kipchak and others. These resettlement is well Read more [...]
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Encyclopedia of the Urals

But who has not yet acquired the Encyclopedia of the Urals? How is it that you live in the Urals, and you do not have an encyclopedia? This is very bad! Why? Yes, because in this book are concentrated all you need to know about the Urals and a little more. 592 pages, 1500 photo, hundreds of cards and about two and a half kilogram of body weight! Why live? Yes, because the information in this book all alive and necessary. All who had acquired the book, live and rejoice and ask me as we have previously lived without it? I say I do not know but now lives out how to fix! But seriously, the Encyclopedia Read more [...]
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Economic development of the Urals in the XVI century. The role of the peasants and the urban population in developing edge

By the end of the XVI century. in the economic development of the Urals have been reached­chickpeas significant progress, especially in agriculture, which was associated with a gradual increase in peasant colonization. The Government, with­binding on the new land only chernososhnyh peasants, and only those who do not bear tax «non-written and netyaglyh» (Neighbors zahrebetnikov, members of the large peasant families: his father's son, his brothers sconces­one of my uncle's nephews). The new lands they had cos­give full farms without causing damage hozyayst­vennomu Read more [...]
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The evolution of the tribal system. The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age

The transition to the era of metal was long and because of the particular historical conditions is not simultaneous. The earliest metal tools Turkey, Iran, Mesopotamia refer to VII-VI millennium BC. e., in our country (southern Turkmenistan, Caucasus, south-western Ukraine and Moldova) - to the line V-IV millennium BC. e., and the Urals - the turn of the IV-III millennia BC. e. In the era of early metal distinguish two periods: the Chalcolithic (proper use of copper tools) and Bronze Age (the use of bronze tools). In the Urals, has developed one of the six oldest centers of metallurgy in the USSR Read more [...]
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Touches to a biography

    Club ethnographers at Museum-Preserve history of metallurgy Middle Urals was established in May 1986 to initiative of local historian Tamara Moiseevna cheeses.     Club needed for association of enthusiasts, mutual knowledge and experience. He also aims to promotion of local history and tagilchan preparing the younger generation Tagil ethnographers. It is these problems are reflected in the project charter adopted at the organizational meeting. Then for the first time brought together Famous people: Ivan Abramovich Orlov, Vsevolod A. Simonov, Tamara Moiseevna cheeses, Boris Read more [...]
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Chusovskaya oil

Enormous popularity not only in the Soviet Union, but also outside it got Chusovskiye oilfields. Interested in the history of their discovery: in 1928 georazvedochnaya expedition discovered in the area of ​​the Upper Chusovaya Boroughs signs of potassium salts. In August of the same year on the banks of the river Rassoshki started drilling. Meter by meter diamond gnawed column Boers in petrified rock. Months passed, but no potassium or sodium chloride did not appear. People were ready, waving all up, stop work One July evening in 1929 drew over Chusovoi easy resinous smell. From the well suddenly Read more [...]
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What is the Urals?

Ural - a mountainous country, which stretches from north to south from the icy shores of the Kara Sea to the Central Asian steppes and semi-deserts. Ural Mountains - the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. In the north, a low range Ural ends Pai-Khoi, in the south - the mountain range Mugodzhary. The total length of the Urals with Pai Hoem and Mugodzhary - more than 2,500 km. The highest mountain in the Urals - People. Its height - 1895 m. Ural Mountains stretch from the north to the south of the Nenets Autonomous District of the Arkhangelsk region through Komi Republic and the Tyumen region, Read more [...]
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