Doctors consider Mature honey for hundreds of kinds of pharmaceuticals. Even the Roman doctor Galen, who lived in the second century, believed that for the recovery and salvation from disease there is nothing more rewarding honey. And in the manuscripts of the Old East found evidence that honey will neutralize many food toxins.The healing characteristics of honey explicit, they determined its chemical composition: vitamins b, K, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, copper, manganese and zinc. And ratio of macro-, micro - and ultraelegant in svezhevykachannye honey corresponds to the Read more [...]
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Steppe dining

Inspired by the stories about edible and useful plants I got out of the city, wander through the wilderness, and the sultry look what there is to eat ... Going out in the field I knew - I will not stay hungrysunflower seeds ... endless ...I passed a little bumped into yellow flowers like daisies (they sedobny but cold decoction of them rinse sore throat)By the way, I decided to look for a wild lake. Ducks unfortunately was not, but full of frogs and turtles. Apparently flew to nearby pond or hiding in the reeds.Bulrush, though not edible but very useful as a building material. I passed Read more [...]
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SAVE useful substances in buckwheat when cooking

Subject was not that I vyzhivalcheskaya, and about healthy eating, but where survivalist without health  Share with you the recipe for which we are at home preparing buckwheat.Buckwheat has at least three times more useful natural minerals and micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, iodine, boron, nickel, cobalt and so forth, other than cereals. Also, it provides useful starches, proteins, vitamins PP and B, a natural fiber, which helps cleanse the digestive tract and to establish its function.And how do you keep all these elements in buckwheat Read more [...]
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Equipment. Part extraordinary.

Good day to all vyzhivunam. This is the end of the article about the tactical belt. Or weight belt-here it as you like. Wanted to put an article about the creation of RPS, but his wife had left in our zamkadya nerezinovuyu, see whether it was true sho Moskal not jumping (for work). Gone for a week, and what kind of article without pictures scantily clad women? Disorder. And I have in the meantime, there was a couple wanting to get hold of myself like strap. Well it is necessary, Duc necessary. And that's what happened the first top-belt (concept), below is a full production version. (Sorry Read more [...]
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About making a fire.

All health! Reading the notes experienced about how we can and should make a fire, decided to adopt the experience. Tried-Sastrugi do not matter. Well I'm a guy harmful sharpening their way and that, thinking-time did not work, then something is not right delal.Odnako not burn me kastrik of sastrugi and all here ... sadness ... I live in the village then, ashamed furnace melting the fool long ... Well and I began to learn a useful thing to svoemu.I this is what came: very bad fire divorced from pieces of plastic. Pros: does not get wet and does not dampen, easily ignited, burns for a long time, Read more [...]
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Useful American’s preparations for BP civilians

Kind all time of day!Failed to pass by and do not share the link www.ready.gov/ Ready - is a national company social advertising (PSA), created to inform and assist Americans in preparing for emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters, and to respond to them. The company is aimed at informing the public and raising the overall level of training across the country. Program Ready («Be Prepared") urges citizens to do three important things: (1) to prepare a set of essential items (2) to develop a family plan in case of an emergency, and (3) keep information about the types of possible Read more [...]
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On garlic

Today reached into the fridge for the garlic and the thought came: And do not if I publish about garlic? Himself what the thread's new digging in the internet and find out who can still fill in gaps in their knowledge about the beneficial properties of this useful product at all times.Naryto on the Internet: Garlic is very good for health. Apart from its specific taste and the possibility of using it as a magnificent flavor seasoning, garlic has many beneficial and healing properties and is widely used in folk and traditional medicine to treat many diseases and ailments. Composition of garlic: Read more [...]
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Availability of useful information after BP

Good morning Great country, the most useful resource and comrades!I have to ask you a question and a suggestion.A little bit of history. Start slowly collect alarming trunk. Be sure it will be a tablet computer *. If I get to live a healthy base (100 km from the city) then I simply vital to have at hand all useful information on the device. Everyone's favorite portal survive - is a goldmine of information. Every day here there are more and more useful articles. I know (feel) that after the PSU I will grieve for a long time and regret that I could not bear all the articles on the tablet handles.Now Read more [...]
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Medicine in the woods

Good day, this article is intended primarily for First Aid (first aid) or minor injuries and diseases. Applied himself much. Perhaps to transgress the right to the point: 1. Chaga or Kombucha Very useful fungus grows on trees in a wooden build-up, for you can often see on birches. Mined with an ax or knife. Crushed by the same instrument, and you can safely brew. Very useful as a prevention of intestinal diseases and colds, drunk easily, taste like regular tea. Sam tried to simply as tea. 2. Less harmless fungus tinder Can be found on almost any tree, so as to live and dead. Tinder-pantry antibiotics. Read more [...]
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That was a real machine survivalist(Uralzis-21A)) — BUT seriously ,looking at the series of programs about cars 2nd world came across this wonderful magic technology,which by the way is still some claims may be to meet in Siberia,though naturally not undertake to say . So that’s the main beauty of this machine is a generator, the machine almost went to the wood , what is not a candidate petrol engines in the situation of complete lack of gasoline ,diesel, and wood fuel we have infinite abyss. In General suggest to your account this excellent car . http://www.avtomash.ru/pred/muzei a/1946/1946-8.html

Link www.avtomash.ru History of the Russian automotive industry 1946 - 1955 years Engines History of the Russian automotive industry 1946 - 1955 years Engines.23 Aug 2012 13:44|I like518 commentsDmitry Aleksandrov and now think ,per tank mileage is about 60 km , and to fill you chopped wood species . question-how much time and effort (in terms of energy consumption - food ) potrebujete for you to collect and chop for her fuel.23 Aug 2012|Misha Radchenko said Dmitry Alexandrov Dmitry, just a lot less than finding scarce gasoline, Read more [...]
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Looking technologies …

Good day! Theory BP'm largely skeptical therefore consider myself to society sympathizers and not survivalist. Though sometimes it seems that a large and global pipets this world is a must, so that people remember why the "human values" - so called. Post zametochku decided stumbled on an interesting resource on the Internet: patlah.ru positioned as a library and encyclopedia technologies and techniques. I think many of the people "in the subject" will find something useful in the pages of this site, not only relating to survival in PD but also for the organization of life after BP.Especially Read more [...]
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booties from UGC

can someone come in handy ... loved in his youth "wander" through the woods alone, happened, with an overnight stay, with a minimum margin of all time: 1-3 days on the backs of a lot of reluctance to carry. very useful booties from UGC (Army chemical defense) went in sneakers, while passing a stream ford, swamps they put on shoes, after easily removed, twisted into a compact package and are fastened to a backpack. only condition parked thoroughly clean and dry. fishing used to move away from the coast, that branches do not interfere, and can stand long-legs do not freeze. Read more [...]
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20 Needed Skills AFTER BP

Learn new skills while you have time and ability. Abilities will benefit after BP and for you and your community.1. The livestock. The ability to breed animals such as chickens for eggs, rabbits for meat, goats for milk, etc. 2. The crop production. Another skill that has become rare. Learn to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables, preferably indoors, unless you have a secure garden. 3. Clothes. After some time, people will be hard to find the latest clothes and shoes. Repair, sewing clothes and ready for shoes, one of the needed skills.4. Construction. Especially without electrical appliances. Worth Read more [...]
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Strengthening joint-1

The benefits of prescription Proposed prescription will be useful to all, as in the joints of patients, and in healthy controls. It is useful to perform at elevated fatigue, as well as for energy storage in the joints. Art performance The recipe can be made in whole or in part, standing or sitting in a chair. Bodies concerned with the elements of earth, it is useful to strengthen the entire year. With healthy joints recipe perform from 1 to 2 times a week, and if patients - every day. Pay attention to the joints that will be involved in the movements. Let me remind you that in order to strengthen Read more [...]
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Devil is not so bad as he is painted

After reading this memo, nervous person can be afraid, and curse not only bears, but the taiga. That would be wrong. Usually bear finding the man first and goes unnoticed, avoiding meeting. Sometimes he tries to consider the newcomer, but is hiding behind a tree or bush to go unnoticed. In Udmurtia, a hundred encountered bears are aggressive only six. In the Yenisei taiga, observations zoologist BP Zavatsky, over 83% of the bears run away or (which happens very rarely) get on a tree, 15% of animals exhibit curiosity and only 1.6% of animals rush to the man. Bear attack on people - always. Read more [...]
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10 letters of Robinson. Letter ninth

Weather obviously went to the bucket. Sun quickly dried the soaked before the nature, and my mood immediately improved. Getting out of Aspen, I enjoyed a quick ride on a flat dirt road crosses the tremendous cornfield.Assignment contained in the ninth letter, I had what is called a time! "Imagine that you have a pressing need for medicines and bandages. Help yourself." As I mentioned earlier, when the nocturnal march I painfully injured wrist. Ranque red, inflamed and made itself felt even at a small compression fingers.I smeared it in the morning with iodine, but that did not stop Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).