To prevent cultural values ​​in Russia?

Very discreetly, without attracting public attention, in May this year began a series of events whose impact on the history and culture of Russia will be fatal. How not to seem strange, underlying reason of these events seemed to have good intentions. But first things first…Today the law «On Weapons» introduced the concept of weapons that have cultural value of the old (antique), weapons, copies and replicas. Opinion on the need for such imposed by the authorities in 2001, but then it did not go the words. Even in the first reading in 2001, it was adopted quite positive law in Read more [...]
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Pouches MOLLE. First experience.

All surviving health! Decided to present to the public a few fruits of my masturbation, in order to hear an objective assessment of my homemade, comments and criticisms of influential people. It was therefore the case - I got burned, celebrating May Day celebrations and a couple of days sitting at home bezvylazno, and not to lose time in vain for polazil bins, found remains of some materials and accessories and decided that it would be necessary to sew a pair of pouches. Actually going to have long since they felt the need for some but here such chance fell. Scheele as they say from what it was, Read more [...]
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(Third method) determine the distance eye estimation

Do not judge strictly IF, BUT WORTH read even so. Reconnaissance _____ Colonel V. Alekseyev TIPS on teaching Determining the distance eye estimation Good eye is the main and most reliable way to measure distances in the battle of any conditions and at any time. There were three ways to determine distances by eye: 1. By raising the visibility of local details of objects and purposes of clarity and shape it. 2. According to the apparent magnitude of local objects and purposes. 3. According segments terrain. Brief look at each of these methods separately. The main difficulty in measuring the distance Read more [...]
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Dangerous! Ultraviolet!

19 maultrommel rays have the most pronounced effects on living organisms. This part of the solar spectrum is referred to as biologically active. It accounts for about 5% of the solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface. The length of the ultraviolet rays is in the range from 100 to 400 nm. There are 3 sub-bands: A (UVA) - 315-400 nm, B (UVB) - 280-315 nm, C (UVC) - 100-280 nm. Fortunately, the hard ultraviolet (all UVC and 90% UVB) is absorbed by ozone, oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide contained in the atmosphere. That is, the Earth reaches the remaining 10% UVB and the entire UVA. Read more [...]
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Began on Earth magnetic storm

Magnetic storm began on Earth in the night on Sunday — index Kp geomagnetic disturbances to the present time has reached the value of 6, unit is greater than the minimum value accepted by the storm, according to data center space weather prediction National oceanic and atmospheric administration research USA (NOAA). «This is normal, the Sun continues to move to a new peak of activity, now it is observed from 5 to 10 active regions. June 1 was a coronal mass ejection, then another, and now ejection of solar plasma has reached Earth», — told RIA Novosti head of Read more [...]
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666 and 999: If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of

Satanic symbol 666 comes from the Bible. In the Revelation of John, Ch. 13, art. 18 we read: "Here is wisdom. Anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of man: His number six hundred sixty-six."Commentators have a common understanding and to who we have in mind in this puzzle. But almost all agree that the so-called "Gematria" may be the mechanism by which we can try to solve this riddle. Gematria is an ancient method by which relate numeric and literal values to understand the hidden meaning of the word. Gematria is based on the Read more [...]
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Information – like garbage

Network wars are where there are network, the existence of which, in turn, is only possible on the background of the information space. Feature information space is an absolute possibility of production, transmission and perception of information in any quantity and at high speed. In these circumstances, the most important factor is the quality of information. Produced in the current conditions, the volume of information it devalues value, tired mind, makes the perception of the amount of information produced by the impossible. The more impossible is the assessment information and its critical Read more [...]
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Coaster ride in the stock market

One of the main evidence is very atypical, if not suspicious, the activity in the stock market on the eve of September 11. But before you start to analyze the situation, try to understand a little bit in the financial and stock market terminology. In particular, we are interested in such a thing as an option. Option (option) - a kind of financial contract giving the right in the future to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price, called the premium. The put option (put option) - is the right to sell an asset or cancel the sale. Accordingly, the call option (call option) - the right to Read more [...]
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Acceleration of subjective time to avoid disaster

Signals in neurons at the speed of about 30 meters per second, while in the signals to a computer at the speed of light, that is 10 million times faster. In addition, you can reduce the size of a hypothetical computing environment, equal the human brain to the size of a pin head with nanotechnology, that is reduce even in 1000, that will increase the speed of the signals also in 1000 at the expense of the way. This suggests that it is possible to create a simulation of the human brain that works a billion times faster than the brain. That is, it will stay for 1 second 20 years of subjective Read more [...]
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Maximization of pleasure

We strive to preserve the life of individuals and mankind because it has value. Although we can not be precise knowledge of what creates the value of human life, as it is not objective knowledge, and our agreement, we can assume that the number of people we are valuable, and they experience pleasure and an opportunity for creative self-realization, in other words, they create a variety of information. That is the world in which he lives 1000, nor are they uniformly affected (concentration camp), worse world where happily live 10,000 people engaged in various crafts (Greek polis). Thus, if we Read more [...]
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Life as the price of the model development

A paradox that arises in connection with the threat of the destruction of humanity lies in the ethical sphere. In the decision-making procedures to take into account the expected utility, which is expressed as the product of the expected return on the probability of receiving it. Also taken into account and the value of human life: if the product of the number of possible victims in the probability of an event is above a certain threshold, the decision is rejected. This approach works effectively in assessing risks in transportation and manufacturing. However, when applied to risk assessment Read more [...]
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Lack of water

Al Gore tells us that the devastating drought and famine in the regions lying south of the Sahara (Sahel), not due to natural conditions, corruption and poor governance and mismanagement. The more we begin to understand global warming, "the more it becomes like the fact that we are the main culprits of it." According to Gore, C02 emissions were the cause of the problems that hit the Sahel. Water is an important indicator of future prosperity. It has long been a subject of discussion environmentalists who believe that we will have a crisis. Still, the widespread application of the Read more [...]
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Goods and bads

The basic idea of a market economy is that the market allocates scarce resources in accordance with the expressed preferences through the price of most individuals. But these resources are by and large belong to all people, and to the dead, and the living and the unborn. Even if we forget about the dead, yet the majority stakeholder in the transaction of economic agents can not currently be in the market and to express their preferences - they did not exist. Strictly speaking, trading in these conditions should be made illegal, but by default acts formula supposedly solves the problem: "What Read more [...]
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Tolchkoobrazny noise

Particular value in the etiology of hearing loss is gradually developing tolchkoobrazny noise as often repeated shots, which are observed in some occupations (pistoletchiki-fitters). Every hit individually not only provides greater acoustic intensity, but also a shock wave, which is also a known risk to hearing function. Shock wave spreads faster than sound and impact precedes the effect sound. This has value at a considerable distance from the blast. The juxtaposition of these factors is reflected in the fact that the proposed two different terms for lesions caused by each factor, moreover, Read more [...]
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General character of the brown sugar-5

In one of the first experiments on 50 Wistar rats weighing 100-110 g compared the effect of sucrose and brown sugar in a physiological (2 g / kg) and, as it seemed to us in obviously higher (15 g / kg) doses. Sugar injected with a probe into the stomach of male rats daily for 3 months. Control rats were injected with an equal volume of isotonic sodium chloride solution. Prior to the experiments, and then a month later blood samples were taken from the tail vein. Observations of the appearance, behavior, and periodic weighing of the rats did not show any differences between the three groups Read more [...]
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Diagnostic value of dreams

One of the founders of the ancient medicine Galen distinguished three kinds of dreams: dreams "of thoughts" dream "of the body" and "prophetic" dreams. The latter were a tribute to the prejudices of the time. However, in our time, some retained faith in the "prophetic dreams." History of different times and people there are many examples of such human errors when dreams rulers received or that "prophetic" interpretation. In addition, people tend to give superstitious "foreboding" value different signs in the content of dreams. In particular, Read more [...]
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Activators of sexual desire-1

In the excitement of sexual emotions large value have a motion in dancing. Sexual value dance is generally quite large, since they work simultaneously to multiple senses and carry a certain charge of sexuality: the sense of touch in the mutual touch, music perception, olfactory impressions from increased evaporation of the skin, the smell of perfume, etc. With primitive and uncultured people dancing often constitute a pantomimic representation of the sexual experience. The European nations in modern dance as much playing sensual moment: such, for example, Ole fandango and the Spaniards, the Italians Read more [...]
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Autolysis associated with disruption of enzyme systems involved in cellular metabolism, which has a hydrolytic effect, aimed at its own cellular structure. With the fading life of the body enzymes are activated and cause a rapid massive autolysis, resulting in decay occurs cellular structures. Severity autolysis depends on the amount of saturation of the enzymes of individual tissues. For example, the rich content of the enzymes of cells of the pancreas, adrenal glands, thymus neonatal liver causes autolicheskie initial manifestation in these organs. Rapid autolysis are red blood cells, which Read more [...]
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Cognitive development-21

In contrast, when subject squeezed and it became shorter (and wider), reaction baby testified that the subject seemed to him beforehand easier. In this period of weight is not independent of the subject property, it is equal to the length of a child. With time (in the second half of the first year or second year of life), the child acquires the ability to ignore the change in the length of the subject and adequately meets the expectation that weight subjects at these manipulations will remain unchanged. This achievement does not affect the child's ability to be used to predict the weight Read more [...]
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Perception of objects-13

Such behavior would be necessary to achieve the high level of precision setting, which is observed in infants at a very early age. Although the theory of Held is very attractive for its confirmation would require heroic efforts such as those that have been made in the study of Wertheimer auditory localization. So far nothing has been done on this and it may take a long time for a final clarification on this issue. The problem of a constant value is not as complex as the problem of the perception of value in general. It is generally accepted that any organism, perceived distance, must also possess Read more [...]
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