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Train to Karlovy Vary is predominantly in the latitudinal direction in accordance with the way is Czechoslovakia. From east to west stretches for 800 kilometers. This is much more of its cross section, which has 100 kilometers in the eastern part (here the territory of the republic is a narrow strip between Poland and Hungary) to 250 kilometers in the west, where the Czechoslovak borders with East Germany, West Germany and Austria. "The territory of the country - once said a neighbor on the car, with whom we were traveling from Bratislava to Carlsbad - like a horizontal axis passing through Read more [...]
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Mineral water in the fight against illnesses-4

Water chemistry of thermal springs in Karlovy Vary is similar, the only difference in temperature but in carbonation. This difference is enough to by various combinations of sources, time and dosage of water intake to heal a number of diseases, to list which would require a lot of space. Organs of the gastrointestinal tract, hematopoietic and renal systems, the mouth and the nose, skin, nervous system - it all feels a beneficial effect of Carlsbad water. As one of the interlocutors, sipping a cup of traditional Carlsbad Mill water source, when a man over forty, there is always that "rinse", Read more [...]
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When the movement goal-5

According to estimates of hydrologists, Czechoslovakia less all other European countries provided the total resources of river water per capita and per unit area. Small as groundwater reserves water, they do not linger on the bedrock and roll, like the rivers, to the northern and southern neighbors of Czechoslovakia. In the early 50's was a long-term water management plan, the first project in the socialist countries of Eastern Europe. Only in the Czech Republic were plans to create more than 120 reservoirs, which would keep a third of the total river flow. This ambitious plan is successfully Read more [...]
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Meeting with the last-8

Major contribution to the literature, in public life were letters Turgenev and Marx sent them from Carlsbad Pitch. For example, in 1874 (when it was possible that they met) sent letters to Russian writer Emile Zola, Henry James, the term Zeegen. Of the surviving correspondence between Marx to Engels, his letters give a vivid sketches of life and customs of the holiday flock to Carlsbad public. Here and conclusions of the meetings and conversations on sensitive political issues. May have crossed their path when dealing with other people. Turgenev in Carlsbad Vary had many friends who came to Read more [...]
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Meeting with the past 3

Accordingly, the Russian writers, going to the water in Bohemia, in contact with their Czech colleagues, editors and directors of plays and actors. Apparently, the spiritual atmosphere in the Czech Republic meet the mood of the Russian Writers, who sought to convey in his works of patriotic feelings. So, Nikolai Gogol, being in Carlsbad, worked on the story "Taras Bulba." In July 1875, AK Tolstoy organized a literary evening in which he read patriotic ballads, and Turgenev, "Notes of a Hunter." Evening was held in the hall of the hotel "Pupp" (now the hotel "Moscow"), Read more [...]
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Meeting with the past-1

According to Marx, in Carlsbad Vary was a lot of tourists from Russia. The bulletin "Karlsbader kurlist" for August 1874 only under the name of "Turgenev", written in different transcriptions, it means a few people. When it began these trips and what was the reason? On the ancient relations of Russia with the Czech and Slovak lands will be discussed further. But what was the relationship on the basis of the political, economic, cultural, and religious interests. They do not touch the area where the situation is city Karlovy Vary. Russian attention to Carlsbad became manifest Read more [...]
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Doctors part of the cultural environment-7

Closest to architecture - sculpture. And it's presented in a very interesting works. For example, the already mentioned carved in stone face protector sources, or, according to legend, the spirit of the mountains, in the Lower Castle Spring. You can cut in stone and more monumental, menacing look, but it will mean apart from choking the flow of hot water? It seems that the music that has been successful sculptor in Carlsbad Vary, leave no one indifferent. It's worth it to look for in the morning, afternoon or evening most expressive lighting and capture on film a sight that will never Read more [...]
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Doctors part of the cultural environment-6

On plague column is remarkable detail: it is decorated with symbols of sin immediately religions - Christian, Muslim and Jewish. The meaning is clear: such a disaster, like the plague, it is terrible for everyone. More than 260 years have passed since the establishment of the monument, and it is in a new situation, in the face of other threats like the importance of taking care of the highest value of people - live in peace, to eliminate the threat, no matter where they come from - the plague or nuclear bombs. Beautiful in Carlsbad Vary monuments to poets, composers. The best of them is considered Read more [...]
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