Selection: gorizontalki or vertikalka

Most hunters believe the best double-barreled shotgun. New Hunter, sooner or later, too, want to buy a double-barreled shotgun. And before him is inevitably a problem of choice: it's better – horizontal or vertical arrangement of trunks?A matter of taste, choose a shotgun, but still need to know what these guns are different on a real hunt for all the similarity of the main characteristics and design solutions.Indeed, a bed, a box together with trigger mechanism, the weight of the gun is almost the same for both. And the main characteristic – the battle – they are basically the Read more [...]
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Vertical ridges caused first by the necessity of the area allocated for feeding one-year plants, and the second is very fine. Such beds with pleasure grow, for example, cucumbers. To make a bed with your hands easily and they do not require additional material costs. vertical rows of shelves First you will need painted iron pipe length 2-2,5m a diameter of about 20mm, which is driven into the ground at the place of installation of the vertical garden, and a thick plastic bag longish 150cm wide and 50-70cm. The pipe is a pillar of the vertical rows. In the middle of the pack bottom is pierced with Read more [...]
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PEGANSKOE BURIAL arehol. memory. Coorg. region., Lopatkinsky rn, p. Pagano. PP was accidentally discovered in 1949 in the clay brick wall career h-huh. The deceased was placed in a hole in the vertical, slightly bent position. At his feet lay the 4 subjects: oval ax with a rounded blade, polished surface except obushkovoy hour .; Bone-edged knife vkladyshevy: on one of the polished sides ornamented as closed and unclosed lozenges; chip etc.. knife decorated with shaded diamonds, connected by straight lines; bone shiloobraznaya hack. Memory. according to the rites of burial is comparable with Read more [...]
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What you need - Two thick cardboard sheet A4 (regular sheet of typing paper); - Compasses; - Scissors; - Protractor; - Sharp pencil; - A ruler with millimeter divisions; - Gon (for making right angles). Making a clock face 1. Put the paper horizontally. Approximately in the center of the sheet, put the points "1" and follow a two mutually perpendicular lines: horizontal and vertical. 2. All construction devils easily without using the pencil. Many lines play a supporting role and will be deleted afterwards! 3. Spend three circles centered at "1" radii of 5, 6.5 and 7.5 cm . Partition Read more [...]
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Pear in the bottle.

Good day dear vyzhivuny. Decided once again to try their luck on the article, but now perhaps I'll manage without tokarki. Znachitsa so I do not remember where or when, caught my eye so that's crap like ripe fruit, imprisoned in the whole bottle, and poured vodka. Yes, I saw after a while and then something like this in stores, such as have not been paying attention, there is such crap is not cheap. Although there is no there is not that complicated and convoluted, most importantly patience. That occurred to stir like! This is done is not difficult, but that's the manufacturing process depends Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Catching vertical blesneniem

Vertical blesneniem catch a boat or raft, and if you use a longish rod, you can catch the steep bank, dock, jetty. Catching vertical depth blesneniem selected depending on the weather criterion, water transparency. In a pond with water of net fish on a small place does not come close to the boat. With the wind and the ripples on the water the fish are biting bolder. Angling are at a depth of 3 m and deeper. Are hunted perch, pike, lake char, trout, and other fish ide. Tackle for vertical blesneniya consists of non-long hard udilnika length 0.5-0.7 m motoviltse either small coil of wire, Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Wobbler TRIUMPH PRO

Unique model amphipod, designed craftsman of the Leningrad region. Wobbler TRIUMPH PRO has a unique game and works fine for catching bass. With all of this character games  allows seduce usmotritelnyh large humpbacks. The tests revealed excellent results in catching perch and ide. Bait keeps excellent craft and running on the course. Pride collection SSV. Very unusual and effective bait-scud. Wobbler TRIUMPH PRO has spectacular sweeping play. Excellent work on the course, with all this, is not afraid of strong jets and at least some speed wiring. But the basic idea implicit in this Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Types jig-heads and their application

Jig is a fishing tackle, which skewer myagenkaya bait. In the lead-soldered ring, which is attached to the fishing line. Itself bait jig secured with a stopper or retainer soldered on the shank of the hook. There are different models jig-heads. Head shape is reflected in the disposition of the game lures. The most common jig - it Bowl. Since it can be used no matter what myagenkaya bait. This head is well suited for the traditional methods, for example, speed wiring. Jig Digger because of their form during uniform wiring rapidly immersed in water. Sinking to the bottom, it moves frequent Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Vertical blesnenie boat

This time we will talk about this issue, as the vertical blesnenie boat or fishing in the so called plummet. Although such makarom can catch not only the boat, and with a large steep banks, also in winter. But we still dwell on the first Sat. Why vertical blesnenie so topical? And everything is very simple ... Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Trout Fishing in vertical blesneniem gluhozime

Hunt for trout in the winter can be a variety of ways, but now we are interested in specific vertical blesnenie. In our arsenal of lures enough great abundance, because we all try and track the results. In recent years, fishing for trout ponds near Moscow has become quite popular. Opportunity to catch a big fish and active in virtually any weather, at any time of the season (including in gluhozime) course here attracts a wide variety of anglers. Among them there are seasoned and new. Trout vertical blesneniem with similar efficacy can be used a variety of lures, such as balancers, cicadas, vertical Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Winter on vertikalku. Lures, tackle, fishing equipment and strategy

In this issue we will talk about fishing on snow vertical spinners. Today the topic is not so topical as 5 years back, because snow vertical spinners pushed balancers. Catchability on both of these lures are equal, but in some cases vertikalkoy are winners ... Read more [...]
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KITCHEN KNIFE. Technicians with a knife. Shinkuem diced onions. Part one.

Lyricist - Andrew Gvozdyov Created: April 2010 The first part As stated by the late William V. Pohlebkin - without onion impossible to cook any meals (almost). Even if there is no onion in the recipe, it should be added. Controversial, but such culinary genius writer thought - "Is it a luxury."Be that as it may, the onions have to be cut more often.Therefore, let us consider briefly what techniques invented people chopping onions.It is clear that we will talk only in the context of His Majesty's knife. We do not need to cut the onions, and enjoy the simple things of the sort Read more [...]
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Weather prediction for City

Prediction of hail Note: hail rolled narrow (only a few kilometers), but wide (more than 100 km) strip of only a pile of rain-clouds with strong vertical development, hail usually occurs during thunderstorms.   Over the Clouds Especially if a large cumulus cloud with a strong vertical development becomes "anvil" or "mushroom" (that is expanding with height), while throwing vane cirrus and / or cirrostratus clouds (a kind of "brush" over the "anvil") - possibly hail. Moreover, the probability of hail is higher, the higher the altitude Read more [...]
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Average gopher – citellus intermedius brandt. Homes and temporary shelters

This gopher settles in holes arranged quite primitive. Only during calving in one burrow lives with female offspring, and at other times, each animal has a separate hole, which serves as a protection from adverse weather conditions and predators. Most of the normal timed to the opening, and some shelters are under bushes and rocks, so completely invisible from the outside. On open gravelly slopes emissions of land from small holes. Only in a few cases, they reach a large diameter (2-3 m), but their height does not exceed 25-30 see Average gopher relatively rare burrows with vertical speed, Read more [...]
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Fig. 1. Roentgenokymography: I - odnoschelevaya; II - multislit. 1 - patient 2 - direction of the rays, and 3 - Tape 4 - odnoschelevaya lead grids, 4a - multislit lead grids, 5 - direction of the magazine, 6 - direction of the lattice. Roentgenokymography - X-ray method for studying the movement of internal organs, exercised through graphic recording fluctuations in their paths by roentgenokymograph. Roentgenokymograph principle (Fig. 1) consists in the fact that between the test body and the X-ray cassette is placed lead grids having one narrow gap (Odnoschelevaya roentgenokymography) or more Read more [...]
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The grid

The grid allows you to find the location on the map. Grid - a system of vertical and horizontal lines superimposed on the map. Vertical lines are numbered on the left (west) to right (east). The horizontal grid lines are numbered from the bottom up. Square of side one kilometer accurately determine the location on the map. To identify the appropriate box on the map, find the coordinates of the nearest vertical line above or below the cards . Then find the nearest horizontal line under the square and determine its coordinates on the left or the right. Now you have four points of reference. Read more [...]
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Azimuth measurement

You already know that the azimuth - the angle, and all sorts of angles can be, first, measure, and second, to build. Measure and building corners can not just pencil on paper, but the sighting beam directly on the ground. For tourists it is very important. Azimuth - a special corner in which one beam (direction) always looks at the geographic pole of the planet (in pole North or pole South). On paper (map) to measure and it is possible to build a common azimuth angle measuring tool - a protractor (Fig. 58). On the map, as you already know, there are many vertical lines - the western and Read more [...]
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Route Profile

(From Italian. Rrofilo-shape), drawing, a sectional area of vertical plane, gives a clear picture of the nature of the relief in the chosen direction. In the construction of L. m on the horizontal axis mark the points with known heights, they restore the perpendiculars, length, which correspond to the height of points, and the vertical scale is taken much larger than the horizontal for more visual details and relief (eg, beams, river terraces) . Thus there is the inevitable exaggeration steep slopes. The line connecting the ends of the perpendiculars is L. m (Figure). It can be constructed Read more [...]
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Planes and axes

Structure of human bilaterally symmetrical. To determine the depth of the use of three dimensional measurement, which allows to visualize the topography of the necessary education. To do this, conventionally carried planes: horizontal - respectively the ground; front - goes from right to left and vertical to the horizontal plane, sagittal - runs from front to back, vertical to the horizontal plane. Thus, all three planes are mutually perpendicular. Horizontal plane divides the body into top and bottom, front - front and rear, sagittal (middle plane) - On the right and left equal parts. If Read more [...]
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Flipping items

Recent research on earthquake engineering have shown that some structures react strongly to the vertical ground motion and thus design methods that take into account only the horizontal movement, have important limitations. Especially important to consider when calculating the vertical component of the seismic action on the massive dam and foundation of such surface structures such as pipes. With multiple earthquakes on strong motion accelerograms was found that the upper floors accelerate much more than in the foundations of buildings. For example, when the San Francisco earthquake of March Read more [...]
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