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Looking through old records, I found one in my opinion, an interesting story that happened in the 60s, when I went to school. Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna Our village is on bank of the river, around the field were on the other side of the village, too. Not far from the river made her turn, the beach was covered with forest, a small band of seventy meters wide. AND This band is stretched down adrift on half a kilometer, the beach was steep, sandy on top of a road leading to the field.I had a friend Vasya, we were in and one class often went Read more [...]
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Fishing with Santa Claus

It all started, though unusual, but plausible. Photo Anatoly Mailkova Usually Melken Friday afternoon of town, settled in a camp on the ice and, if I can, with exposed zherlitsy evening. But the road neblizkaya, not weak track, and happened on the ice went dark. Melken – place Boyko. You come in the morning – with a fishing rod nowhere to perch oneself, let alone with a pile zherlitsy can not even go out on the ice. That used to, regardless of the weather, come in the evening.All worked out where the car where tents, who and what is currently on the pret who is responsible Read more [...]
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Mushroom Village Volkovo

In a large Tver region three hundred kilometers from Moscow, there is one small village. There it is long. Seen a lot of things. How old is she, like today no one can say. Not on each card it is. But the mention of the regional center and the nearby village has a history already since the 15th century. And under the Germans it was a village Shmeliha grandmother told her and daughter of minors and many others from the local population to walk Belarus Fritz drove. AND Soviet times, the village survived relatively well, it was then village and a lot of people They Read more [...]
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Golden autumn

The wheels knocked at the joints, wagon rolling from side to side, past the open door slowly drifted bushes, glades, that flashed home the last village.There were two: I shrouded with a backpack and a shotgun and a wife with a big basket, glad that I traded my hunting trip with her to pick mushrooms. Try to give up his wife and come back a hundredfold!The road went downhill, twice moved deep ravines on the flimsy bridges, fortified unthinkable backups, which ran along the bottom of streams.The road was narrow gauge and built it at the end of German prisoners after the war ...Aspen stretched, wrapped Read more [...]
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As the face was Bushuyka

Who is Bushuyka? Vyzhlets Russian hound. No. This is a horse, not a hound. "Bucephalus".Snow fell today, I do not tell you this. And the beauty is what !!!In the forest you want. A climb through the snow, not has sat down, not hunting. But in such circumstances, there are pluses.Foxes.Beautiful, hard climb through the woods and across the fields. And rub serdeshny of villages and towns, poor thing. And then there's frost with fluffy snow. Hare hard working dog. Here we are with another long-standing, lathered in the nearby village of foxes drive. The village three kilometers of soil. Read more [...]
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Excerpts from the book Edward Foa "big game hunting in Central Africa".About half past six production already in split, was taken to the camp, and we began to prepare from it «biltong» (jerky). At eleven o'clock the night lions, smelling the smell of fresh meat, rolled a huge "live" close to our camp, but soon went away. As soon as the camp drifted off to sleep, when suddenly someone shouted: "Litumbui, litumbui!" — so the local dialect called large ants scavengers. Attracted by the scraps of meat and traces of blood, remaining near the camp, insects, dense rows flooded our camp. Read more [...]
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Winter wolves

With the wolves in my life had rarely encountered. Actually, even quite often.When I was five or six years, I first heard about the wolves by his mother. We lived then in the village. She once had to walk in the summer to get from a neighboring village on a country road. And as if she had met the wolf. How many stories house, fear and reproach to his father that he met on a horse. I remember well.According to the accounts of villagers in our area especially wolves rampaged during the war. Intermittent cattle, there were attacks on people. As a child, it was in the early 60s, I'll lend a hand witnessed Read more [...]
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The first meeting c rod

Many have left "a story to tell", but most prefer to keep quiet - the stereotype of "if only something happens ..." is still strong in our minds. A pity, goes into oblivion, along with those who are no more, a huge reservoir of memories of the complex, but very interesting times.B August 1977 during a canoeing hike on one of the northern rivers, lost my first Husky Lima. I will not try to describe the grief of loss. In the spring at the Limes were puppies and they all were in good hands. Persuasion was the same: there will be any difficulty — return. I have selected a puppy from a very good Read more [...]
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Summer on Fire

Let us remember 2010, when Moscow hung over the smoke from the fires. Its density in the morning was such that it was difficult to see neighboring houses a hundred meters. It's the smoke from burning peat and forest fires.Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Summer time record dawned hot and dry. Forest fires: evil or good? It seems that the answer is obvious. But not all so simple. The fires needed in nature. On the ground, burnt areas, start to grow low forests, grazing elk, wild boar and other game. Another issue is that instead of fighting a similar effect is achieved by felling forests Read more [...]
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Save ulomu!

It looks like the manipulation of agricultural lands and settlements, particularly the coastal strip, is not only a tasty morsel in the Moscow region, but in others - already remote areas. Mologa Reach of the Rybinsk reservoir has long been an attractive and quite a famous place among fans of fresh air.On the left bank of the Mologa flooded in «Ulomov» — Vologda lands, Long ago during a falconry fun at the village named the steep bank of the river by Ivan the Terrible the name of his mother — Glinski. AT kilometer Read more [...]
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I saw him!

With his light hand, I tied for life to such pursuits as hunting and fishingPhoto: Sergey Fokin My grandfather, Alexey Davydov Nikanorovich, originally from the village Semlevo Smolensk region, in his youth was forced to come to Moscow to work. He married and settled there for life. Whatever he was doing, no matter where he worked, always had free time to go hunting or to sit with a fishing rod on the shore.When the Great Patriotic War, his grandfather was conscripted into the army. Passed the war, he came to Berlin with the rank of sergeant and was discharged. He was awarded orders Read more [...]
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In that play, «marmoset»?

Last spring, I was able to go hunting before otkrytiya.Vesna was late, the opening was moved, that's possible. Plans to build the hunt is always in advance. A vacation and certainly not perenesesh.Photo ONCFS  I hunt in the Tver region. I bought a house without design, given a little money and live more than ten years. With the game warden of the hunting farm in friendly relations, if not more. He taught me a lot, and now I sometimes help him in preparing for the coming hunting hunters.So this time, he is asked to check the current capercaillie. I gladly accepted. Do not sit Read more [...]
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Cool place southeast

Photo Anatoly Mailkova So, this publication we finish talking about the cool places near Moscow. Today, we are heading for the southeast and see where the angler can throw the bait on the territory area.First of all, it is impossible to ignore the famous necklace Meshchera Lakes: Holy, oak, Shagara, great, Ivankov, Sokorevo, Martynova, White and others. This vast system of lakes connected by canals, stretches nearly fifty kilometers along the southeastern margin of the area. All these lakes and rivers linking them Buža, Yalma, Phra rich most diverse fish. Trophies may be fishing Read more [...]
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Woodcocks village more expensive

No matter what the hunters, no matter how fervently discussing hunting currents, with decoy, geese, but the most massive, accessible and not be afraid to add favorite was and remains the thrust spring woodcock. In many lands, except for woodcock, spring is simply no other game, or so little that «chase» or search for drake crow perches — waste of time. «Oddly Say what you like», a except for woodcock, especially in public lands, not very far from the big cities, rely on other spring game more often than not accounts. Read more [...]
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The village on the shores of …

All my life I appreciate convey his sons, grandsons, friends and acquaintances, all of whom meet on a fishing career, those good traditions, are the foundations of intelligent antiquity, the family structure, which for many years served the people and in difficult times saved their lives.Belarusian village in which I was born and grew up, huddled in a field near the forest and wetland. In the middle of the village is the lake – Our nurse. Generously shares with the locals fish, mainly carp. Lake – freedom for domestic geese and ducks. This watering hole for livestock, Read more [...]
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Fluffy passenger

On the outskirts of the hunter suddenly saw gonny rabbit trail stretching perpendicular to the roadPhotos from the archives of Peter Zverev We are all from different sources have heard that before in the winter and the snow was deeper and harder frosts, and the frost on the trees thick, and people kinder. Looking at your own life, looking for the sixty years of commercials back, convinced that it was true.From October 1941 to December 1951, I lived with my mother and sister in the village Pasykino, the present Stupino district of the Moscow region, in the house of his grandfather Read more [...]
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Most fish direction

Photo Anatoly Mailkova We continue to talk about «the cool» places near Moscow. Now turned his gaze to the west of the capital area. No exaggeration to say that the local fishing enthusiasts were more fortunate of all: because it is located in the west of the region's most popular among anglers ponds. Let's begin with the most distant suburbs, where there are Verhneruzskoe reservoir. It is very picturesque and cozy pond, surrounded by untouched «civilization» Nature. A significant part of the reservoir is located in the «arms» vast forests. On Read more [...]
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We are responsible for those who tamed

I suddenly felt sorry for the tears to the dogs, for our heritage - the hounds!Photo: Olga Bogodyazh Send this article made me something that happened to me this year. Every year I naganivayu and hunt with his hounds in a district of the Leningrad region. In the 25 years of life with hounds in the village I became known throughout the area not because they made something heroic, but because they lost their dogs annually.I lose them, and began the painful search. Days I winded tens of kilometers through the woods, and in the evening went round all the surrounding villages, which Read more [...]
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Not pioneers

In a series of rain there has been a break. The dry and even sunny day inspires hope that tomorrow we are going on a fishing trip. We would damp day is not much hindered, but would like to forget. In the morning there was some weather orgy. Rain, wind and kolotun. Three in one. Even self-titled coffee is not saved from pessimism. But once you read this, we realized that our fishing no one has canceled. The boat did not want to sit down, and drag it to the trailer on our roads – no simple matter. As a result, after a brief meeting, which has not survived the battering, we Read more [...]
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On the shooting of wolves allocated more than 900 thousand rubles

Last Wednesday near the village Aksyonovo ranger noticed ten wolves that came in from the Cherepovets District Yaroslavl region. As the game manager Sergey Klotchkov predators trying to get a moose, but could not, soon went back to the flock.Several dogs in the village lost Yakovlevo — locals are convinced that they have killed the predators. Wolves battered caucasian shepherd dog, sitting on a chain near a house in the village Batran; I saw a flock near Hantonova.As reported «Speeches» in the department for the protection, control and regulate the use of animals in Vologda region Read more [...]
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