In southern Kazakhstan flood waters flooded the four district

on February 21. More than two thousand people have fled their homes due to heavy flooding in the South of Kazakhstan. First from flood waters affected residents Arys district of South Kazakhstan region. Flooded 19 houses. About 60 — under threat of erosion. People barely have time to escape, leaving the elements belongings and livestock. Under the impact of bad weather and the North of the country. Astana literally covered with snow. How to be in this situation and what to expect residents to find out correspondent ITRC \"Mir\" Irina Fluor.\"I have six children that's just them Read more [...]
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Land subsidence and karst collapses in China

Land subsidence has affected 50 citieson February 22. As reported on Monday by the Chinese Central Television more than 50 cities in China are in the area of extensive subsidence. Plot of land measuring approximately 79 thousand square kilometers fell by more than 200 millimeters, said Zhang Soosan, Vice President of China Geological Institute for ecological monitoring.He also added that, mainly, land subsidence occurs in the Yangtze river Delta, in the North and the plains, covering the Northern Chinese province of Shanxi and Northwest Shaanxi province. According to the report, the damage Read more [...]
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Avalanche has covered a village in Afghanistan

7 March. The number of victims of an avalanche that buried under itself in the night of Monday the dusty village, located at the junction of the counties of Shinkai and Darvaz the Northern Afghan province of Badakshan, has reached 47, reported on Wednesday, Afghan TV channels. More than 100 rescuers are trying to find possible survivors of the house, up to this time they managed to extract from under the snow 47 dead bodies, three living women and one living child. Earlier it was reported about 37 victims of the snow element. In the night of Monday avalanche buried a whole village in which lived Read more [...]
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Unique active volcano in the region

on March 15. Last fall, Mary Simakov, 45 years, from Zhitomir stayed a week at a friends house in the Carpathian mountains. He visited all the famous places — Bukovel, Yaremche, the Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia. In conclusion, the friend decided to hit Mary and drove in Bohorodchany district. «Few people know that in the Carpathian mountains in the village of Starunia Bohorodchany district, just ten kilometers from the regional center, there is a real active volcano. Natural phenomenon — uniquely. Something similar can be seen on the Euro-Asian continent about the Kerch Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Visiting Stepanych

In the village Kurguli, comfortably in one of the bays Chivyrkui Bay, electricity has not yet spent. This village of fishermen. In winter, they catch fish with a seine ice summer networks. Fishing launches a huge part of the year are bored on the beach. Electricity in the village is still there, in the evening in the courts of rumble generators, so that although the electricity the local population does not pay, but it is spent on gasoline. Otherwise full civilization, including the shop. We're going to visit Stepanych - local huntsman and our friend. In the last visit to Zaimka we have Read more [...]
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In one of the Georgian villages due to landslide evacuate the population

on 7 April. 80 families have been separated from the outside world in the landslide in the village of Oktomberi in the mountainous area of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, which is part of Georgia. «The landslide is now active, and we are forced to evacuate from the village locals», — told reporters the head of the local administration Irakli Baramidze. According to him, at this time have already been evacuated from the village of 15 families. Source: Interfax; Channel PeakLandslides in Adjara have isolated several villages from the outside world on 7 April. In Read more [...]
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Near Tula village of 200 houses almost disappeared under the water

on April 15. Residents of the Lower perches Leninsky district complain that the flood has helped yet and the water discharge at the local power plant. For our office asked the villagers Bottom perching sites of the Leninsky district of the Tula region and talked about what happened in their village. «A large part of the village is currently flooded with water, — tells Elena. — The road blurred, people do not know how to be. It all happened due to the discharge of water at the local power plant. He „helped“ the flooding. Water immediately rose above the Read more [...]
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The invasion of snakes in Namibia

on April 16. Residents of a small village in North-West Namibia sounded the alarm. Their village overnight, navodnili hundreds of unseen giant snakes. Of course, in the surrounding forests are snakes, but \"aliens\" do not appear as local — they are much bigger and bolder. Local resident David Noseb said that instead of living in the forest, uninvited guests are crawling to the people in the house. All shook case when living in one of the houses where the child was watching TV, crawled several snakes who started the \"fight\" with the image on the screen. The villagers began to Read more [...]
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The British found the ghost man on the ruins of the demolished village with Google maps

Google continues to stir the image of Internet users: using its services, as it turned out, not only can virtually visit the Grand Canyon or looking at "gulag" in North Korea, but even to see something like a ghost. Briton from Bristol, on the wave of interest in local history are considered in Google vicinity of his office, found in the ruins of an ancient village of the shadow of a human figure. "I am very sensitive to the fact that for the ghosts, and this may be one of them" - said 38-year-old Fiona Powell The Post.Fiona Powell lives in Bristol and is very interested in Read more [...]
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Near the village Water burns the earth

A replay of the news from March 16, 2011. Near Ukhta village Water (see Google map) fixed a strange phenomenon: in the cracks of the earth are seen fire streams - as if lit earth. This \"Comeonline\" said the Deputy chief of staff Ukhta Tatiana Filippova. According to her, this underground \"fire\" can be seen on the banks of the Little river, on the site, the license to which belongs LLC Neftegazpromtech\".Perhaps this is a rare natural phenomenon, but not the fire, as there is no open flame, no property is not lit. If you put this place on the ground a metal Cup with water, the liquid quickly Read more [...]
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Hundreds of journalists are on duty in the shelter of the apocalypse in France

According to the channel LCI, to work in the countryside Byugarash, which is considered a possible refuge from the end of the world, some 250 accredited journalists from more than 50 countries. Meanwhile, the population of the village itself is less than 200.Hundreds of journalists from around the world are on duty in the area of Mount Byugarash in southern France, which is considered one of the possible shelter from the alleged apocalypse coming on Friday, according to French media. According to the channel LCI, to work in Byugarashe accredited about 250 journalists from more than 50 countries. Read more [...]
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It became known in which country can escape the end of the world

In the village of Sirince, located on a mountain in the western part of Turkey, recorded a record number of tourists. This is due to the fact that it would be supposed to survive the end of the world. According to some myths, it is from this place the Virgin Mary ascended into heaven, and therefore this area has a special energy. The village name means "pretty." According to the owner of a local hotel, there is no room, in the winter period has not yet happened. Its capacity is 400 people, and the village is home to about 600.Category: Predictions and Prophecies Read more [...]
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Kuban: the First in this year’s tornado

on may 15. In the village of Seversk and count the losses that the streets, fields, and houses struck first in this year's tornado. Huge air funnel walked around the area touched is located next to the village pond, absorbed tons of water along with the fish. And after you brought it all on the heads of the Cossacks of Cossack village. Eventually stopped the traffic on the road, the gardens were buried under a layer of silt. And people fished hands right in the mud. Now traffic on the Federal highway restored. As for the other effects of the storm, they are not eliminated completely: work on Read more [...]
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Mosquito clouds in Belarus

on may 15. Mosquito clouds attacked on the eve of the territory near the village of Nicolici Myadel district, Minsk region. Seen the anomaly photographed by a local resident. However, according to him, that he was in the frame - this is the remains of a powerful insects. Fortunately, mosquito swarm was not biting. Local residents worked in their areas and did not pay attention to the flying swarm. But the cars passing by slowed down, drivers and passengers with gazed in surprise at the strange grey clouds. The buzz of mosquitoes was so strong that muffled the sound of motor cars, said in the Read more [...]
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Musical pause: Smoke

Smoke drawn from Don River ... During Soviet times, performance of this song, even at home, it could end in tears for singing. At the time, went to another version, converted into the "red" side. This is the real version of the Civil War.I am not a civil know from books, but by the history of his family. Of the three brothers, and two went for the "white" and one for "red" and it turned out that the village in which hundreds of seized were two older brothers, and the village council sat Jr. "krasnopuzy." He shot back to the last from the belfry of the Read more [...]
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Best Photos of Russia

"Best Photos of Russia" - the photo project, to cover all regions of the country. The project could take part of any citizen of Russia, enjoys photography as a recognized photographer and amateur photographer. Epiphany bathing in the river Nerl, near the village of Poretsky Vladimir region.Irkindinsky waterfall PutoranaIncreasingly, bears, arctic spoiled ignorant tourists coming to the ships waiting for the next presents.Between life and deathKrymsk. Albina lived here 10 years with his mom 35 years. Str. Soviet 216. Lesch, neighbor. "Yes, I knew Albina, we walked together. They Read more [...]
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Residents of the Yakut village of Adazi evacuated due to the threat of flooding

on may 18. Rescuers evacuated in advance more than 750 people from the village of Adazi that due to rising water levels in the river Lena can Relight the stove, said on Friday, RIA Novosti the representative of the Republican emergency Department. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, on Thursday evening in the MOE reported that because of the ice began raising the water level in nikopoulou part of the village of Adazi Namsky district of Yakutia. «Flooded houses there, but the water level rose to the level of 500 centimeters in critical 550 centimeters», — said Read more [...]
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Belarusian village burned to visit Lukashenko

Before the visit of President Alexander Lukashenko in Vitebsk was destroyed village, situated on the route of the presidential motorcade. According to Belarusian media, people are being evicted from their homes, which burn with gardens. However, officials claim that the demolition of houses in no way connected with the visit Lukashenko.The villagers were told that last Saturday night to them were declared unidentified police escort.Visitors are introduced Pervomaisky executive committee members and said that all nine people remaining in the village homes urgently need to leave, because their Read more [...]
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Residents of Odessa regional center scares the bloody river

on 1 June. Residents of the district Sarata Odessa region are seriously concerned about the tricks that ejects the local river is the namesake of the village. Twice last fall and this spring - the water in it was painted in blood-red color that has generated a lot of rumors and speculations. \"Both times it was after the rains, said \"Duma\" local resident Irina Stoykova. People began to talk at once, what happened ecological catastrophe - say, some company was poured into water toxic waste. And someone even suggested that the river came a component of rocket fuel - Union upstream were military Read more [...]
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Sverdlovsk village. Upper Dubrovo left without electricity

Energy branch "Sverdlovenergo"Expeditiously restore power outages village Upper Dubrova. This was reported Dec. 20 at the Office of Press and Information of the Sverdlovsk region.Repair crews Eastern Electric Networks branch of JSC "IDGC of Urals" - "Sverdlovenergo" conduct rescue and restoration work on the cable 6 kV transmission lines extending from the substation 110 kV "KAZ". As a result of the technological power of the incident violated the camp Upper Dubrova, and a number of socially important facilities of the village.Restoring power is complicated Read more [...]
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