Strokes biography

In the XVII century in the Urals, a number of settlements. By decree of Tsar Mikhail Romanov boyars son Andrew baked ham in the tract called Murzinskaya Elan, in 1633 he founded Murzinskaya village. Typing on the rent of forty Pashennykh peasants who lived on the river Neiva, it marked the beginning of a new Russian settlement. Besides dialed, from Kazan here were resettled 30 families. August 11, 1662 Murzinskaya settlement was attacked by the Bashkirs, who burned the church and sovereign barns. Peasants beat cattle stolen. In 1729 built a new stone church on the three-altar of parishioners. *** The Read more [...]
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Secrets of the Forgotten Village

It is not so long ago, I happened to be on the banks of the Yuryuzan in the village between the villages and Potapovka Ezhovka. I slowly wandered through the field the road along the river in search of new fotosyuzhetov and memories. At some point, began to notice a characteristic alternation of forest areas with immense meadows, having obviously artificial. An open space of trees often occurred on both the left and on the right bank of the river as far as my progress in the south-east. Fluctuations remained. This is obviously a place of abandoned villages and towns. Somewhere in the midst of "herbal Read more [...]
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Sloboda villages. pos. in the feud. Russia. First appeared on the S. West. D in the second half. XVI century. in the birthplace of the Stroganoff. In 1579 there were 5 S. Great Perm were equivalent churchyard. Max. intensive process of creating SA developed in the XVII century., when there was an active cross. development of fertile land in the bass. pp. Pishma, Neiva, Iset, Miass (colonization). Thus, in a Verkhoturye. in 1680 there were 12 and 1 C. suburb. C. All were in two functions: an independent village. and c. neighborhood. SA based in two ways first, on the initiative of the Provincial Read more [...]
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Rural citizens

    Bow cities and villages occurred. On paper     The history of the former Prigorodny district, and now - Gornouralskogo city ​​district - a history of mergers and disengagement from the nearest neighbor Nizhny Tagil. In 1965, seemed to define the boundaries of the district, including more than 80 villages, towns and villages. But at the end of the 20th century, the question of accession to the city resurfaced. And although at the time in the district referendum villagers expressed disagreement, the idea of ​​empowering the industrial center larger territory Read more [...]
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VILLAGE or village. S. was the result of a long and complex process of development and U. associated with the development of agriculture. Most Inst. is associated with a C. with the formation of landed gentry and determined as S. c. fiefdoms, where he lived a feudal lord. U. S. has emerged as an independent type of cross. pos. at the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries. In DOS. S. implanted instead of graveyards and settlements. In Cherdynsky, Kungur, Verkhoturye y. and the birthplace of the Stroganoff was in 1678-1680 16 S., in 1710-1719 41 S. in Perm. lips. there were in 1795 235 S., in 1869 434 In Read more [...]
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the river is the left tributary of the Salt shaker Plascore.

Salt shaker - the river is placed in the Mordovian and Tokarevskaya areas of the Tambov region of Russia, is a left tributary Plascore (the pool Don). Proceeds from villages Pavlovka, Mikhaylovka, Semenovka.Has a number of hydraulic structures. Near the village of Mikhailovka built pumping station, now defunct. Built on the river dam: Horned, Bottom, Lawrence, Ilmen, Pugachev, the Bull, in the villages of Romanovka and Semenovka.  . Reference information. Length 13 km The basin area of 74.5 km Swimming pool: sea of Azov River basin: the Bityug, don Mouth river Placque Position: Mikhaylovka Read more [...]
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River Inzer

In the higher part of the basin Inzer is dominated by spruce-fir forests, lower Inzer - pine and birch, and to the North-East of the river  broad - leaved (oak, lime). In this regard, river rafting Inzer very exciting,because you can see immediately on several forest communities, gradually transitioning from one to the other. The meaning of the word Inzer. According to one version, the interpretation of the word Inzer rises to the Hungarians that our first Millennium lived in the southern Urals. I.e. Inzer - Hungarian river. In proof version, one of the villages in the lower reaches of the Read more [...]
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GRAVEYARD 1) villages. pos., 2) unit of adm. division env .; collection of villages. pos., gravitated to a single p. P. appeared in the Upper Kama in the second. floor. XV century. At the beginning. Russian colonization stage built. us. as reference points and military base for the development of salt springs. Is the largest villages. pos. (Had from 20 to 80 yards), p. env., community self-government, religious life, crafts and trade. In the second floor. XVIII century. P. gradually turned into a. or were in the position of village. with the parish church and shared neighborhood cemetery. With Read more [...]
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NEVOLINSKAYA CULTURE archaeological. Culture Rec. Urals. Titles. comes from Nevolinskogo burial in the bass. p. Sylva, a lion. tributary of the river. Chusovoi lion. tributary of the river. Kama. End of IV-IX century. BC NK developed as a result of synthesis of local glyadenovskogo Finno-perm. us. Ugric and alien. This culture is close to Lomatov, but very peculiar, due, apparently, more significant Ugric influence. Of the village. NK Villages dominated share of small. Number of settlements on the same local group 1-4. Most of these headlands, often with one line of defense, all odnoploschadochnye. Read more [...]
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In eastern Georgia floods. Video

The difficult situation in Georgia under the water were several villages in the east of the country. In the disaster zone - dozens of homes, according to NTV. The reason - the melting of snow in the mountains and heavy rain that does not stop a few days. Flooded basements and first floors in dozens of villages, crops and pastures. Washed out roads, damaged bridges and power lines. Channel overflowed the largest river of Transcaucasia - Chickens. More than a hundred thousand people were left without electricity. From some areas is conducted evacuation. In the Georgian capital, rapid flows Read more [...]
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The fate of the bells - the envy of people: bronze body does not deteriorate with age, the silver voices do not grow over the years ... In the old days they were always on the mind of people have heard their every kick, good sorting, as the bell tolls. "Labor" announces the beginning and end of the work, "tocsin" fire or any other disaster. When the walls of the city approached the enemy, sounded "siege" bell. Storm Lee, blizzard - far spreads neighborhood "protection" ringing, indicating the way to get lost. Since ancient times, the bell was used for the convening of the population - is buzzing Read more [...]
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Sniffy PUBLIC was originally introduced in specific estates W. Act 1827 prescribed for each specific villages. to have a special land. areas to processing-ryh attributed to the cross. of the Society. Harvest from these areas was intended to fill the villages. spare magazines. Land under ZO was removed from the cross. x-in (in mnogozem. villages. 1/16 ten. each field from each males and in land-starved for 1/32 dec.). By Ser. XIX century. Vyatka in specific estate near 3.O. 8689 was ten. land, Orenbah. 1996 dec., In Perm. 2231 dec. The reform P.D.Kiseleva ZO introduced in the state. village. Withdrawn Read more [...]
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In Chernihiv, Ukraine, began flooding

Today, March 29, in the Office of Emergency Chernihiv Regional State Administration reported that in the area began flood. According to the head of the Emergencies Ministry, the threat of flooding exists in 13 regions of Ukraine According to the report, from the rise of the water level in the river again, which is a tributary of the Desna, broken transport links between the villages of Great and Little Dirchin Dirchin (Gorodnyansky district). Dam through which the communication between villages, overflowed with water on three areas of the right bank width of 50 m, 30 m and 5 m. Height layer Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Samara region

Because of the strong wind and rain last weekend were knocked down dozens of trees in a national park Buzuluksky Forest, located in the two regions - Samara and Orenburg. Most suffered from bad weather in Samara part of the forest. According to foresters, hurricane swooped suddenly, his speed was just fantastic. From the first gust of wind the trees began to bend and fall. Stationed on the territory of the forest people saved by the fact that the element found them on the site with young plantings. Hurricane raged for about an hour and a verse as suddenly as it had begun. Element spared Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Kostroma region

Eliminate the effects of the hurricane today in Bui and Soligalichsky areas. Element raged here on Sunday with four days before six in the evening. Wind felled wood Elektroopora, tore the wire. Done a lot of troubles and fallen trees. As soon as the wind died down, the work started gang repairmen. Hurricane grabbed the edge of the area only - went through the most western areas. Rain was not only a strong wind. But his speed was 25 meters per second. Remained without electricity for 57 villages. There was no light in homes and social facilities, worked intake and treatment facilities. Energy Read more [...]
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In Georgia, the flood-affected seven villages

In mountainous Svaneti in Mestia district as a result of flooding caused by heavy rains, hit seven villages — correspondent reported. «Georgia-News» June 1 in the municipality of Mestia district. Damaged homes and infrastructure villages Mulakhi, Lenjeri, Chuberi, Adishi, Tsvrini, Latali and Lahamula. According to the representative of Mestia municipality Murgvliani Elisha, in the village of Lenjeri completely destroyed one house, the family managed to escape at the last moment. In Mulakhi homeless were eight families. «District municipality and the special Read more [...]
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In Yemen, the victims of the strongest showers began 23 people

Torrential rains in northwestern Yemen resulted in the deaths of more than 23 people and flooded many villages, cutting off the path for rescuers. Told Itar-Tass in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. Abundant rainfall, continuing day after day, led to the break of dam in the district wasabi Safil. Gushing water flooded nearby villages. Residents of many villages were left without electricity. In addition, the rains have caused mudslides in some areas, destroying homes and hospitals. Many people were trapped under the rubble of collapsed Read more [...]
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In Pakistan severe flooding in 80 years

In Pakistan washed away dozens of villagesVictims of the floods in Pakistan were more than 800 people. Such disasters the country has not seen at least 80 years. The situation is extremely complex. Washed away dozens of villages, flooded thousands of homes.From floods in Pakistan affected more than a million peopleThe number of people killed in floods in Pakistan, more than 800 people. These data led MIAN Iftikhar Hussain, information Minister of the North-Western province of the country. She has been particularly affected by the disaster, continuing for a week. In Pakistan floods Read more [...]
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Fires in Brazil: burned several villages. Video

In the South-West of Brazil was established dry and hot weather, resulting in fire Amazonian Selva. Rescuers unable to cope with the elements. Kills thousands of hectares of crops have burned a few villages, passes Local residents are forced to spend the night under the open sky. Hospitals are overcrowded victims. The most common diagnosis — carbon monoxide poisoning. Official information about the victims of the disaster has not yet been reported. Source: Focus, Lead Read more [...]
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The rain has caused flooding in several villages in the West Georgia

August 25, 2013. Strong torrential rain, which on Sunday was more than an hour in Adjara region in Western Georgia (Samegrelo), caused flooding in seven villages, destroyed roads and bridges linking the settlements, local residents were left without a crop and livestock. According to Georgian media, powerful streams of water destroyed three bridges in the villages Leah, Palauni and in the heart of Tsalenjikha. The water broke into houses, flooded garden plots, walnut and other plantations and almost completely took away already harvested. According to reports, in several villages of the district Read more [...]
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