Of virgin

Of virgin land covered with natural vegetation, to-rye not used plow agriculture. By decision of Feb-March and June (1954) Plenum of the CPSU embarked on a rapid increase in the mfr. grain due to the development of virgin and fallow lands eastern. and the south-east. districts of the country. The massive development of Ts in the Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Siberia, W., Volga and others. Districts) was conducted in 1954-56. In subsequent years. the pace of work has significantly decreased. If for 1954-56 W. mastered 2555 thousand. Hectares Ts (ie 852 thousand. Hectares Wed in), then in 1957, 231 Read more [...]
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History in Photographs

    In historical museum opened Exhibition "Komsomol youth Tagil". History Tagil Komsomol - this is not another milestone in the history of our city and state.     Pre-war years - it Komsomol tagilchan tickets, clothing and weapons the Civil War, defense technology. Read more [...]
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Who else will solve the problem P. ….

Greetings to all! Glad to see all! In a rainy day, I is exactly decided to lighten the mood a little. Overall we all somehow preparing for PSU and it turns out everyone decides this question in different ways, but the main thing that decides! If fucking happened at ...... ARIES. Aries solve it. Any fucking. And at once. Himself proudly, silently.... Taurus. Taurus decides it. Then tell everyone. Throughout. To err - write in the newspaper. To accurately throughout.... TWINS. They will share. Aries will try to give everything, but if not all Aries agree will give Sagittarius.... Read more [...]
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SpaceShipTwo getting ready for the first flight on their own engines

Passenger ship company Virgin Galactic makes first gliding flight with thermal protection, power plants and fuel tanks on board.Company Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson, continues to test spacecraft SpaceShipTwo, which is to perform commercial suborbital passenger flights.SpaceShipTwo in gliding flight (photo by Luke Colby / Virgin Galactic).SpaceShipTwo test systems are on the rise program. Today, the unit has made a number of flights in coupling with the carrier aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, and more than 20 runs in a separate planning.As reported in the Virgin Galactic, SpaceShipTwo Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in the virgin Islands

6 September. Virgin Islands and Karniski region joined the growing list of seismically active zones. Territorial emergency management Agency stated that noticed the increased number of aftershocks, do not worry. From Monday until today, there is a small constant earthquakes. More than 50 small earthquakes were recorded near the virgin Islands, according to VITEMA (Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency). The force of the tremors was in the range of 5.2, 4.6 and 4.7 points.Victor Huerfano, head of the seismic network in Puerto Rico, confirmed that they now show an increase Read more [...]
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Tropical storm Rafael brought rains to the Caribbean

on October 14. To the virgin Islands approaching tropical storm Rafael, resulting in the Eastern Caribbean was hit by heavy rains, according to the associated Press. On the evening of October 13, \"Rafael\", the maximum force of the wind which is 85 km/h, was approximately 137 km from O. Santa Cruz. It was moving North at a speed of 19 km/H. According to forecasts, the U.S. national hurricane center, the storm may intensify and become a hurricane. According to preliminary data, this will take place on 15 October. Its center will pass near virgin Islands or directly above them. Storm warning announced Read more [...]
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Femme virgin

Many Russian and foreign experts say: the destruction of the Soviet economy began almost from the mid-1950s., With, how, and at what price were mastered virgin-fallow land. Before the "closed" archival and other documents directly and indirectly support such a conclusion. 1958 was considered to be completed in a record fast development of virgin and fallow lands - they were "raised" in just four years. This was in 1959, said NS Khrushchev, the initiator and inspirer of the virgin-fallow campaign. Thus, almost half a century ago in the Russian and Soviet economic history has Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog — marmota baibacina kastsch. Habitat

Types of settlements. Marmot lives families, usually located no closer than 50 - 60 m from one another. Animals of different families rarely go together and live as normally apart. But sometimes permanent shelters are in the 20-30 m and the animals often move from one hole to another or even graze together. These features of the distribution are likely to arise when separating juveniles settle near the parent burrow, and between them there is no hostility. Usually the young there is a tendency to resettlement, which contributes to more rapid population areas. Settlement marmot Read more [...]
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Traps for people and animals, crossbows

Deep pits with sharp stakes at the bottom, covered with a thin layer on top of branches and grass and hidden under the greenery, alert crossbows on the trails and incident logs with sharp thorns - this is an incomplete list of things that can happen in the virgin taiga even today. Such traps are built for different reasons: need of food getting in this way, unwanted intrusion into its territory of foreign hunting, poaching - as rare and valuable animals killed for hides, horns or tusks. Keep from falling into a pit trap or quarrel in a difficult, unfamiliar terrain can only marginal Read more [...]
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Rejoice that you are sick

Patriarch Macarius of Antioch gave to the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, among other relics "hair of the Blessed Virgin Mary." But such a relic could boast faithful of Rome, Venice, Bologna, Padua, Bruges, Assisi and other cities. "Saints" hair was pretty much to the same in different colors, but the people were waiting for them artlessly healing and care, offering prayers to the Virgin, had lit a candle in her honor and dropping a coin into the cup donations. The "essential" was a relic of the temple, the richer he became. Sixteenth bottle of milk of the Virgin, Read more [...]
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Who will feed?

"As far as Yuri Mukhin distorts scientific research, it can be seen from the example that it seems very convincing. It offers imagine a scientist who studies the dynamics of movement of alcoholics in an area of Moscow. That, they say, pseudoscientific louse, what nonsense is studying. Similarly, geneticists, who studied the laws of inheritance in the most convenient object - Drosophila - screaming at crushing the meeting: "Muholovy!" In principle, a scientist in search of knowledge uses a model - simple object that may seem to an outsider is far from the goal of the study. At Read more [...]
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Rise and Fall of Lysenko

A book with the same name written Zhores Medvedev. The very fact that he is the best friend of Solzhenitsyn, should warn us that he would do everything possible to show why soared Lysenko who overthrew him. But the specifics of these books is that they can not hold a single line, as they are very hard to write in full without any facts. Therefore, on the one hand, according to Medvedev, it turns out that Lysenko, Stalin's instigation disposes of the "true" Soviet scientists - Vavilov, etc. (should have been Medvedev, of course, to answer the question - why? But he's right on Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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