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Desert: Sandstorm

Negev Desert, a small dust storm raised khamsin.Tons of sand and dust rise up into the air and carried for hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away. Fine particles of dry soil fly from rising gusts up to several kilometers. Depending on the strength of the storm falls visibility, density of dust can reduce visibility to a few meters. Yes, and those you can see if you have the goggles. Length storms may vary from several hours to several days.Perhaps the loss of visibility and is one of the hazards to which I would like to tell. With the loss of sight in the desert in which everything Read more [...]
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Fog in Murmansk, visibility 1-2 meters

on September 26. \»Unreal fog in Murmansk. The visibility of 1-2 meters,\» says the author of the video.

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Julia Mancuso: Quick Womanhood

Julia Mancuso     Exposure Verandah: Julia MancusoComrade editor (and ski-babe cognoscente) Gordy Megroz lived the woolgather of many a lad when he flew to Maui to visibility U.S. Ski Squad asterisk Julia Mancuso for the November 2007 visibility "America's Succeeding Top Racer." Hither, see his scrapbook fodder in these on-line sole photos. Read more [...]
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Thick fog enveloped regions of the Far East

on October 31. Fogs, who for several days observed in the southern regions of the Far East, should dissipate in the environment, told RIA Novosti on Monday a representative of the far East Department of the hydrometeorological service. On Saturday, a thick fog enveloped Khabarovsk, was delayed several flights at the airport. This natural phenomenon was observed by the people of the Jewish Autonomous region. On Monday morning a thick fog disrupted the work of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport is delayed more than 10 flights. In Primorsky Krai due to fog at the airport of Vladivostok was delayed flight Read more [...]
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Dense fogs paralyzed Europe

on November 24. Already the third day a significant part of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia shrouded in fog. In the past day the fog had settled in France, Belgium, Poland. In the Central part of Germany and in the southern lands half on Tuesday and Wednesday visibility in the fog was 200 m and less. In the past day in Germany, close to the border with Luxembourg and Belgium visibility in the fog fell to 50 m and less. In Luxembourg visibility in the fog was on Wednesday morning, 100 m, last night the fog again increased to 100 mMany airports in Germany, including Berlin and Munich Read more [...]
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Bad Birds, Bad Birds

Word for Adventuresome Travelers, February 1997Bad Birds, Bad BirdsBy Paul Kvinta Senesce the improper slope of a Texan and he'll squawk your ass-even if he's a shuttlecock. Far-famed for their cussedness, the chase avian toughs are not birds you'd wishing to fill in a palely lit marshland aft midnight. In fact, rangers urge staying as far as potential fromthese flocks, both for the birds' comfortableness and your own.Fishy: Big Dark HERONVisibility: Read more [...]
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Primus Visibility Duo Bivouac Range

Primus Visibility Duo Encampment range     Photograph: Simulacrum provided by Primus

Grille pancakes on one position and brewage umber on the over-the-counter with the stainless-steel, propane-powered Primus Visibility Duo ingroup range. The burner cranks out 12,000 BTU per minute, the grillroom 9,700. $120;

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Grouping Nous Meld

Seasonable LOCAL Locomotion advice was erst as bully to get by as a cadaver drink Salinity Lake Metropolis. Looking the new clandestine nine in Tokyo or a drivable route to the sea-coast in Peru's showery harden? You no thirster pauperization to hit up otc travelers erst you've landed, thanks to ontogeny Web-based go forums. Intentional for swapping stories and information, these sites let you tap into the cognition of thousands of patronize fliers?roughly logging on from the route?to drift plans ahead fashioning a decisive error.»VIRTUALTOURIST.COMBetter FOR: Leisure vacations » Visibility: Read more [...]
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The simplest way of geometrical measurements on the terrain: eye

A person's ability assess by eye, without the aid of instruments, the distance to surrounding objects and the size of objects is called the eye. The accuracy of the distance eye varies. At a distance of 1 km or more errors as high as 50% or more, at short distances are much smaller, and people experienced no more than 10%. In this case, the relative distances (near, on, above, below) eye estimates are much more accurate than the absolute. Everyone there is inherent only distinguishing features of his subjects. They need to find out through personal observations. Ability by eye assess Read more [...]
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