Pinch of the stretched nerves right from under our feet, "fr-rr, fr-rr, fr-rr" - three quail, scattered in different directions. Health my Sony was nevazhnetskie from puppyhood, because in the sixth year of life, not getting out of the disease, the sufferer has died ... otmuchilsya, haired «German» He finished his life exactly two weeks before the opening of the hunting season. We finish off our very clever and certified hunter cursed heart worms. I was not myself, my hands dropped, his wife wept bitter tears, our hearts bleed. Season laid. Hopelessness and spiritual emptiness ... For Read more [...]
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Forest correspondent

In 1927 he published a book "The Forest Newspaper". Its author was Vitaly Bianki (1894-1959; hereinafter - VV), "leskor" Soviet literature. Later V. He said: "I wrote" The Forest Newspaper ". The book was a success. Then I thought about it ... But then and now I have one, and has remained the goal, one desire, passionate and irresistible: to talk, to talk, to cry, to sing to people about the joys of the life that they forget passed by indifferently considering it something more than in my life. " For nearly a century, this book - the bible of the young naturalist.Photo from the author's archive My Read more [...]
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Black ice

They traveled to the Volga… Sergei – no newcomer to ice fishing, but every exit on the first ice again and again, and it stirred up, spilling over look and recklessness that prevailed today in the bus.Sergey has once again wondering: is supplied to the channel, or «Zabur» in the flooded forest, I grew cold at the thought that he could forget the joker, and breathed into his ear hot: – Do you understand, eh? .. At twelve I had zero healthy! .. Well, what are you doing, not listening, or what ?! And fuck you! .. Sergey laughed and pushing in the side Read more [...]
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Are you ready???

Open votingAre you ready??? Yes16116.5% No16516.9% Not quite42943.9% I will save the police, EXPLOSIVES, etc.131.3% I'm RAMBO I only need a needle and thread.13213.5% I puffi me home is not in danger788% Get the codeVoted 978 people.27 Feb 2014 23:15|I like64«7891011 205 commentsThe survival. SV-BUNKER who knows how to make ban could not read?? previously it was, and now still read everything..28 Feb at 1:21|Vitaly Boyko said Society The survival. SV-BUNKER, AND they can't...You when I'm locked out I went in and Read more [...]
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SHCHERBININ Vitaly E. (01/01/1938, Petuhovo, Coorg. Region.), Physicist, Corr. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1990), Dr. Sci. Sciences (1982), Professor. (1987). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from Ur. State. University (1959). From 1959 he worked at the Institute of Metal Physics, where he worked as a laboratory assistant to Dir. (C 1986). Laureate Ave., Made in Russia (1996). Scientific. activities associated with S. Inst. interaction of electromagnetic fields with metals, the development of methods and tools for non-destructive analysis and control, and on this basis, process Read more [...]
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Singer Russian forest

    Known children writer Vitaly V. Bianchi (1894-1959) is directly related to our city. In Nizhny Tagil live his niece - sister Sophia and Love Klyuzhev, and quarterly Club "Meridian" There is a museum of the writer and live corner of his name. This year marks 85 years beginning of creative activity Bianchi.     We were still children - says Sophia V. Klyuzhev when our uncle entered the literature. Born Vitaliy V. in St. Petersburg, in the family Biologists Valentina L. Bianchi. Father future writer was one of the founders of Petersburg Zoological Museum Read more [...]
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NISKOVSKIH Vitaly Maksimovic

NISKOVSKIH Vitaly Maksimovic (06.1925, Kirov (Vyatka), engineer, inventor, innovator. In 1951 he graduated from Ur. Polytechnic. Inst and worked on Uralmashz de, where he worked as a shop foreman until Ch. Constructor fin. Continuous casting machines. In 1971 initiated a traffic engineering tehn. UZTM employees to develop and implement plans for personal creative scientific-technical. progress in five years, to-Roe received popular support in the country. Since 1984, Dr. of Technical Sciences, has 167 scientific. works, 107 from which one is protected by copyright certificates, pl. of them have Read more [...]
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GASSELBLAT Vitaly A. (1881, Beloretsk 01/04/1932, a forced labor camp Chibyu (Ukhta) Driving mining engineer, large handyman. After graduating from high school he studied at the Ufa St. Petersburg. Mining in-ones, was expelled for participating in student demonstrations and sent under supervision in Ufa Province. He graduated from the Higher School of Mines in Sweden (1909). In 1912-18 he worked as an engineer at Satka met. s de, cond. Lysvenskiy met. h-huh. After civil. War took part in the restoration of cum. x-va W., was pers. the board syndicate Uralmet, presidium Uraprombyuro. Participated Read more [...]
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Predictions of wars and disasters

The Creator of this book, Vitaly Simonov, has developed a unique system of analysis predictions, the accuracy of which has been proven many times, including after the damned earthquake 2011 in the land of the rising sun. And about the wars and political disasters in North Africa in 2011, thanks to which "Muslim brotherhood" have higher chances to defeat the US and Europeans in the struggle for influence in Egypt, and in Libya, and in other countries of the region, Vitaly Simonov wrote two years before these events, in one of his own books. In this edition of on different material Redskins predictions Read more [...]
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repeating crossbow quot; STRELEC — Kquot;.wmv

repeating crossbow " STRELEC - K".wmv 4:1914 Nov 2012 at 12:26|I like512 32 commentConstantine Bakht effective range of zero meters, although the idea is excellent.14 Nov 2012|Helen Adeyewa said Konstantin Bakht Constantine, toy in my eyes.. so just vvodit, well there shoulders) and about the accuracy of fire), but b meter shot)14 Nov 2012|Constantine Bakht said Helen Dikaioi Helen, hi, well the poison and if grease or lagosa to fill up, as well as real toy, he vvodit with one hand easily and bolts of a short, thick Read more [...]
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Three Suns over Barrow

Kurganets Vitaly Loaf witnessed an unusual phenomenon — solar light pole and duplicate reflections of the sun.

"Seeing today is a very unusual phenomenon: the rising sun in the column of light, and at some point it became clear to see three of the Sun, then copy disappeared, and the sun is" spread "on the post of the world …," wrote Vitaly.

Category: Atmosphere
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