Production of food in the Arctic

To survive in the polar regions our planet is extremely difficult. Especially if we are talking about extreme autonomous survival. Today we talk about the complexities of food production in the Arctic (hereinafter, so as not to confound the author will talk about the Arctic, but the description can be carried over to the South Pole - Antarctica). Features subpolar climate zone: Low temperatures; six months of polar night; an abundance of snow, ice; Strong katabatic winds from the pole. Under these conditions the plants can not grow, so that vegetarian food in the Arctic You can not count on. Only Read more [...]
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Volition a Vitamin B12 Shot Spring Me More Vim?

Not just leave it shuffling your arm damage, a B12 stab mightiness not be an vigour catholicon.     Pic: Wavebreakmedia Ltd/ThinkStockA:Vitamin B12 shots deliver been approximately for age, and they're ofttimes marketed as a miracle remedy for everything from outwear to low to those unregenerate excess pounds you can't shiver. And patch it's on-key that a B12 insufficiency can impart to those things, thither is one job, says Ashley Barrient, a clinical dietician at the Loyola Centre for Metabolous Or & Bariatric Tending in Chicago: Nearly of us aren't insufficient. In the Read more [...]
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March, southern Urals, birch forest.Some incorrectly believe that in winter birch forest you cannot find what you can make tea.On a halt for 15 minutes, without special effort, within a radius of ~30 meters, were found and collected berries of the wild rose, wild strawberry leaves, apples, licowki of Sarangi. On the way he met pine and spruce, from which it was borrowed on the twig. Strawberry winters with green leaves, extract leaves simple, pretty tearing the snow grows on the edges, clarified forests, forest clearings and in the midst of the bushes) and gain as needed.Saranka, this is a rare Read more [...]
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How to make pine tea in the woods

The deficiency of vitamins in prolonged isolation from civilization may affect a significant deterioration in health. The deterioration of health in the extreme situation practically means the death of a person. In the criteria of the town people can afford to cheer, etc, when the next pharmacy, soft sofa and all amenities. But if this happens the woods, especially if you are a survivalist - alone health deteriorated dramatically reduces the chances for survival. Excessive fatigue, likely stress, hypothermia, and other problems can badly affect the immune system. To correct the situation will help Read more [...]
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About the healing properties of germinated seeds is clear for a long time. Ancient Slavs knew that at the end of winter and Renesmee in the spring, when there is like no greenish plants useful to have the sprouted grains and seeds.The bean sprouts - a storehouse of vitamins and need food.The bean sprouts well have anemia, arthritis, sweet diabetes, with severe lethargy and depression, to eliminate the lack of iron, phosphorus, calcium, pregnant ladies and excess body weight.LENTILSLentils - RECORD the content of vitamin C in the middle of legumes.In the process of germination of vitamin C in the Read more [...]
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NATURAL Medicine

In nature - our health. About the properties of natural drugs of downesi times it was clear to the doctors and healers.CRANBERRYCranberry is the best assistant for colds. Quite crushed her berries with sugar or honey and add to tea. Cranberry is a valuable source of vitamin C and antioxidants - substances that prolong youth. The cranberry juice you can handle wounds, it is a good antiseptic. Cranberry restores gastrointestinal microflora.Used in the fight against urinary infections.KALINA ReddishHealing properties Kalina is very similar to cranberries. Decoctions and infusions can be prepared not Read more [...]
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The usefulness of vegetable oils is clear to all. But far not everyone knows about the unique properties of each of them.SESAME OILEasy on the mixture and sweetish taste sesame oil is rich in vitamins, zinc and especially calcium. Because of its successful use for the prevention of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Sesame oil, also known as "sesame", was very popular back in the distant ancient times and have always been valued for its medicinal, culinary and cosmetic qualities. In the canons of doctor of science Avicenna brings about hundreds of recipes based on sesame oil. Also it was Read more [...]
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Your Day-to-day Multivitamin May Be Pain You

    Picture: Hannah McCaugheyThe fence, she says, isn’t whether supplements are near or bad. It’s “are they useless, or are they worsened than useless?” The Full and the Bad Which supplements can really helper you? IN JUNE, at this class’s European College of Sportsman Skill league in Barcelona, Mari Carmen Gomez-Cabrera, a physiologist at the University of Valencia and one of the reality’s leadership experts on antioxidants, was debating the merits of supplements with two top researchers. For more 90 transactions they went cover and onward, parsing the accrued Read more [...]
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horseradish tenacious

Horseradish is not sweeter. Spruce, birch firewood than not? - Fuck yeah cabbage than not eating?Indeed, horseradish - a noble vegetable. It contains rhizomes essential oil, a physiologically active substance with antibacterial properties. Peculiar smell and spicy taste of horseradish mustard caused glycoside having a strong bactericidal effect. Horseradish contains salts of sodium, potassium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, manganese, vitamin PP, Bh B2. Its leaves are rich in carotene (115 mg%), vitamin C (200 mg%).In the form of grated horseradish - great seasoning for meat aspic, Read more [...]
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Halva. my answer crash diet.

Today bought 2 packs of sunflower halva with peanuts at 350 g for 35 rubles each ... Pleased Energy: 534.4 kcal, 350 g is 1870.4, which is the lower limit of normal for the day. and, behold, two days post-fed BP achieved world ...On properties of halva told us PhD, Senior Researcher, Institute of Nutrition TA Yatsyshina, halva is very useful, it is famous for high nutritional value, rich in biologically active vital substances. Easily digested by good amino acid composition and special cooking techniques.In halva more than 30% of high quality vegetable fat, free of cholesterol - neither Read more [...]
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The DRINK, WHICH Replaces the Food.

Programmer from the United States, which has got tired to waste your time and energy on the production of food and its absorption, decided to make a cocktail that contains all the nutrients needed to survive.Rob rhinehart (Rob Rhinehart) - 24-year-old man from the town of Atlanta has developed a drink "all-in-one" that provides a full range of vitamins and minerals.As claimed by the inventor of the drink has excellent taste, and within 6 weeks he had hitherto not tired. In addition, regardless of the content of the basic parts of the equilibrium of power, it's only the third part of the Read more [...]
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The consumption of vitamins in excessive loads increases. The shortcoming of their causes unnecessary fatigue. Because when inflated nervous and physical stress, intake of vitamins in the body should be increased. Onion and garlic in operational and combat activities should not be consumed. In these criteria, the real source of vitamins - the usual honey. A spoon of honey in the morning and spoon in the evening perfectly fill the lack of vitamins. Great to take pills "Undevit"sold in every pharmacy. It will be better if the body in advance of certain events to saturate vitamins, taking 3-4 pea Read more [...]
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12 Products that IMPROVE Brain activity.

1. The rosemary.Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and carnosinase acid, rasshyrylsya cerebral vascular tissue. Studies show that even the smell of rosemary can make a better memory performance. 2. The carrot.Carrots slows down the aging process of the body, including the brain. Found in carrots substance luteolin allows you to fight with the early death of cells responsible for memory. The main active ingredient in all these products is luteolin. It reduces inflammation in the brain caused by age and negative external factors, predatorial loss of attention, memory impairment, reduces the creation Read more [...]
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The most useful products for the brain

Good day to all comrades! I want to share with you this article because consider it necessary to clarify and "satiety" mind (brain) in an emergency as to BP and after it. Because our brain controls almost everything in our body and it is very important that he was "fed." When we go to sleep, all the stored information for the day begins to be processed and displayed on the brain "through" something is cleaned out, the most important closer. And just the same at this point the brain requires the most energy. Somewhere long ago read that statement supposedly can not eat after 18:00 (pm) is actually Read more [...]
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Wheat cereals (diet survivalist)

5 years drink eat wheat, cook porridge, add to soups. Advised the village witch doctor whom I treated stomach illness. Since then, not sick and I feel just fine. Four kilograms of crude wheat put in a cache tab, just in case.In its culinary use as crude and polished (ie, without the skin, yet it is called bulgur). Crude cook over low heat for an hour and a half hours, pre-soak in cold water for a few hours or overnight (photo 1). I salt water a little. Another option - steaming. Washed wheat fall asleep in a thermos and pour boiling water over night.With ground much easier. I wash and boil Read more [...]
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Fever, chills, malaise, general aches, headache, cough, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat., - Very few people do not know these symptoms - it's cold, or rather ARI (acute respiratory infection). Victims of diseases are primarily frail people. Pay particular attention needed to treat yourself in the spring, when the body after a long cold spell is in a weakened state. At this time, when everything in nature is alive, the person often begins the so-called spring depression. The reasons for its consequences can be transferred colds, hypothermia, sleep deprivation, fatigue, stress, lack of sunlight, Read more [...]
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survival survivalist food

Yeast - poisonPeople have forgotten the taste of real bread. Especially since I don't remember what bread in the old days was always baked on sourdough. All components of the leaven of the only plant origin and trigger a process of fermentation. Famous peasant leaven (sourdough is the batter fermented using hops, raisins with the addition of natural sugar or honey, white and reddish malt) was prepared from rye flour, barley, wheat. Specifically, these yeast enriched vitamins, enzymes, bio-stimulants and first fed him oxygen. Due to this, the human body became vigorous, healthy, resistant to colds Read more [...]
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In the USSR in 1976, microwave ovens were banned because of their harmful effects on health, for them it was a huge amount of research.The ban was lifted first 90 after Perestroika.Here are some of the research results. Microwave:1. Accelerates the structural disintegration of goods.2. In milk and cereal grains make carcinogenic substances.3. Change plain composition of goods supply, causing digestive disorders.4. Change the chemistry of food, which can lead to failure of the lymphatic system and the destruction of the body's ability to protect itself from malignant tumors.5. Lead to an increase Read more [...]
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survival hunger aunt

AS DISSOLVED NUTRIENTS WHILE COOKING.The content of nutrients is dependent on the method of manufacture of the food. Many people know that heat treatment may deprive products part of vitamins. But this process makes the protein more digestible.Let's see how the handling has an impact on their composition.• What determines the end result?The nutrient content of the products is dependent on the criteria in which they cooked the presence of heat, oxygen, acidity, and even exposure to light. For example, the destruction of vitamin C when the heat treatment is very dependent on the content of food Read more [...]
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"Not AIDS, not TB will ruin Russia, and "beer alcoholism" in the midst of the young generation.."The chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko.7 facts about beerFact 1. Beer is more harmful than moonshine and vodka, because in the process of fermentation saved toxic compounds (aldehydes, methanol, ethers...), which is 10-100 times higher than in the vodka, purchased from a higher alcohol cleaning.Fact 2. Beer alcoholism is a severe psychological illness. It is very typical, so-called, anosognosia, in other words a complete denial of the disease. For consumption of Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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