The Verity Roughly Supplements

    Picture: Rudolf Vlcek/FlickrMultivitaminsEverybody necessarily vitamins permanently wellness. A balanced dieting should pay you all the vitamins you motive, and winning supernumerary won’t needfully assist. Certain, a multivitamin with no than the recommended day-to-day quantity of nutrients credibly won’t scathe you. But studies of multivitamin aspiration among well-nourished Westerly populations ply niggling tell support the use of a day-to-day multi. The about outstanding, promulgated finis collapse the Diary of the American Checkup Connexion, showed no substantial Read more [...]
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Big boosts in tasty packages

Marvel FOODWHAT IT ISWHAT IT OFFERSWHAT YOU GETMove; $1.39; www.propelwater.comLow-calorie enhanced piddle (30 calories/24 oz)Vitamins C and E, and B vitamins to aid digestionLow-cal hydration intentional for sub-one-hour workouts and with additional antioxidants additionally. Goes kill genuine sluttish.SoBe Sports Organization; $1.39; www.sobesportssystem.comSports beverage (175 calories/20 oz)Caffein, vitamins A and E, glucosamine Read more [...]
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How to escape the spring hypovitaminosis?

For the proper development of the body, from the first days of life, the food it consumes, in addition to protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements, should contain a sufficient amount of vitamins, the human body does not synthesize vitamins or synthesize them in sufficient quantities, so they should come ready made with natural food products of plant and animal origin. Limitation of any vitamin in the body violates the function of vital organs - heart, brain, reduces resistance to microbial, viral, temperature, and other oncogenic effects. History of science on vitamins, vitaminology, Read more [...]
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Do not eat handfuls of vitamins!

The problem of excessive consumption of vitamins and enhanced their function in the body - Hypervitaminosis - in comparison to the problem of vitamin A deficiency is much less relevant. Vitamins in food, as a rule, can not cause hypervitaminosis, especially since most of the vitamins are not toxic. However, be aware of the possibility of an overdose of vitamins while taking drugs for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes. Most often fascination with vitamins in children: the child may have a vitamin pills in large quantities instead of candy. Sometimes this "hobby" is found, and their Read more [...]
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What replenish vitamins?

 Spring body is particularly pressing need for vitamins. Young leaves of Primula are high in vitamin C is enough to eat them a few pieces to meet the daily requirement of ascorbic acid. Succulent leaves primrose can be put into the soup, prepare a salad but you must remember that in order to protect the nature of collecting Primula around cities banned. Everyone is familiar with the nettle. Its leaves are rich in many vitamins. Much can be prepared from this plant. Soup and salad of nettle can make in all conditions. If we travel in the late summer or autumn, vitamin deficiency does not Read more [...]
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The problem of vitamin P-2 today

And as is the case in this respect, with the vitamin P? Unfortunately, numerous attempts to locate the body active form of vitamin that performs real biochemical functions until ended in failure. Studies Kursanov and MN Zaprometova led to the discovery of P-vitamin activity of plant phenols, catechins and leucanthocyanins. They showed that these compounds are characterized by the least oxidized, most restoration of the structure compared to other P-vitamin phenols, and most have expressed kapillyaroukreplyayuschim activity. It would seem that these compounds are most similar to a hypothetical Read more [...]
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The problem of vitamin P today

Over the past 30 years, scientists around the world isolated from plant material, cleaned and examined more than 3,000 compounds of the diverse chemical structure and belonging to various classes of phenolic compounds. And it turned out that a considerable part of them, a few hundred agents, when administered in organism animals and humans in varying degrees, showed kapillyaroukreplyayuschim activity, ie, logically, should be classified as vitamin P. Nothing of the sort science vitaminology still did not know. If hundreds of compounds rather diverse structure have a similar effect on organism, Read more [...]
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Sprue (Aphthae tropical, white diarrhea) - chronic disease with symptoms of persistent fermentation diarrhea, glossitis, anemia, general exhaustion and normal function of the endocrine glands. The etiology is not established. Some authors attribute disease with the development of intestinal yeast, others - with beriberi, hot climate and endocrine insufficiency. Epidemics is not observed; registered individual cases. It occurs in tropical and subtropical regions, and in the Soviet Union - in the republics of the Caucasus and Central Asia ("chillyashir"). Sick more often pregnant, Read more [...]
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Natural fruit

Natural fruit - Beverages, obtained by otpressovyvanii various fruits. Juices contain carbohydrates (10 to 30%, depending on the amount of juice and add sugar), minerals, vitamins, organic acids, tannins, digestive enzymes, volatile, essential oils. Fruit juices are very important in the diet of children and patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract and metabolic disorders. Freshly applied (natural) and canned (pasteurized) fruit juices. For infant and dietetic foods to fruit juices are added, except for sugar, ascorbic acid. In order to preserve nutrients of fruits Read more [...]
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Natural complexes of biologically active substances-4

It is difficult, but in principle it is possible (and necessary) to monitor the residents of several cities of different sizes, half of them over the years will supply only white, and the second - only the brown sugar. There is reason to believe that in a few years it was possible to observe the difference in the total incidence, the incidence of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and dental caries lesions. And if such an observation lasted for several decades, perhaps would have increased life expectancy and receiving yellow sugar. There is no doubt that dietary factors have considerable Read more [...]
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2 male infertility

Observations during the mass starvation during the war showed that prolonged fasting is greatly disturbed spermatogenesis. Particularly affected by chronic hunger testicular function in puberty and adolescent boys. When malnutrition is also suppressed pituitary gonadotrophic function. The stimulating effect of gonadotropins on spermatogenesis in starvation always dropped. For normal activity of sex glands, pituitary, adrenal and other endocrine glands are also important vitamins B, C, etc. Therefore, vitamin deficiency can cause temporary infertility, which is often observed, for example, in Read more [...]
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Infertility female 2

In the mechanism of ovulation play an important role gonadotropic pituitary and thyroid hormones: when they observed a lack of anovulatory cycles. Infertility may be some diseases associated with metabolism, vitamin deficiency, especially in women with diabetes and obesity, which are an important factor in infertility, even regardless of whether they are accompanied by disturbances of the menstrual cycle or not. Foods such women should be low-calorie, high-protein, vitamins and minerals, but poor in respect of fats, carbohydrates and fluids at a mobile lifestyle. It is known that for a pregnancy Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental disease vitamins

The biological role of vitamins in the functioning of the body is very high. The value attributed to the vitamins in the metabolic processes in the formation of bone and tooth substance has led to the suggestion that the lack of some of them has a certain connection with the development and frequency of dental caries. Meanwhile, the literature data on the subject are few and very contradictory. Some researchers attach great importance to the vitamins in the prevention caries, others deny their preventive effect. The largest number of studies devoted to the discussion of preventive role of B Read more [...]
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Fruit - Organs of angiosperms, including seeds and formed, usually after fertilization. Contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts, and nut crops - and fat in large numbers. In chemistry, food, biological and energy value fruit divided into 2 groups: 1) fruits and berries, and 2) Nut. Fruits and berries are similar in composition to vegetables (see). The use of fruits in the diet allows the most easy and enjoyable form enter the body a significant amount of carbohydrate. Fruit are a major source of ascorbic acid, carotene and substances with P-vitamin properties. Some fruit can Read more [...]
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Dining with anemia

To correct for the protein part of the diet in food young children need to be fully include cheese, eggs, liver, meat, fish. Calculation of the chemical composition of the diet of the child must be carried out on both the content of basic food substances and their mineral composition, is particularly important to consider the content gland in the diet (daily iron requirements for children under 7 years old-mg). One should pay attention not only to quantify the mineral content, but also on a quality set of products, which is important for their digestion. This makes clear the need for content Read more [...]
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Meal feeding woman

Everyone knows that the best food, ensuring the normal development of a baby is breast milk. Note, however, that the situation is true only if the mother is healthy and gets good nutrition. Nutrition women while breastfeeding is important not only for the health of the mother, but for the full value of breast milk and adequate lactation. Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation of the chemical composition of breast milk on the quality of maternal nutrition. When malnutrition women in breast milk can be dramatically reduced levels of protein, fat, vitamins (several times lower than Read more [...]
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Artificial and mixed feeding-1

Liquid fresh mix of "Baby" is produced in industrial production in major cities. In composition, it does not differ from the reduced dry mix "Baby." Term storage of liquid adapted sterilized mixtures usually 48 hours Acidophilic mixture of "Baby" is available in two forms - dry and liquid. In contrast to the fresh mixture "Baby" this mix subjected to fermentation using acidophilus bacteria. During acidophilus fermentation product gets antibacterial properties, originating with casein coagulation followed by technological processing of the bunch (homogenization, Read more [...]
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Errors in the use of medicines and materials in dentistry-4

Medicinal lesions occur most often when used drugs before the general operation. Timely and accurate detection of drug lesions of the mucous membranes of the mouth, regardless of the underlying disease is of great practical importance for the prevention of errors in diagnosis and further treatment. To prevent the next depression medication cellular immunity is necessary that they come into contact with only the affected part of the mucous membrane. Deal medicine relies on forming elements, unaffected mucosa should not be processed drugs. Necessary to protect its immune properties. For this Read more [...]
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Catering in kindergartens

In kindergartens some of the children have some variations in health status (allergic mood, chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract, excess or deficiency of body weight, etc.). Food these children are constructed individually according to the existing pathology. More attention also needs catering to new admissions agency children as well as those who have returned after the disease. In some cases, these children, as well as children with disabilities in health, requires the appointment of an individual power based on their level of development, health, and available skills. To provide Read more [...]
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Vitamins and their synthetic counterparts-1

C. Petrich et al. (1976) found a pronounced deficiency of vitamin E in the blood of premature and gipotrofichnyh children as the consequence of the mother's diet. At the same time I. Gontzea (1965) indicate that intramuscular injection of vitamin mother leads to a relatively rapid increase in its concentration in the blood of the fetus. Vitamin B1 passes through the placenta into the free form, but in the body of the fetus is rapidly converted to cocarboxylase. Vitamin B2 undergoes partial destruction of the placenta, and therefore in free passes to the fetus in limited quantities. Ascorbic Read more [...]
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