Passion for water vole

Modern hunting law in Russia are not only not conducive to the development and strengthening of public hunting organizations, but on the contrary, leads to their degradation and gradual "extinction." Lawmakers from hunting purposefully left all sorts of loopholes in their laws and regulations, and legally savvy, "specially trained" citizens use them to satisfy their private interests to the detriment of the public.Photo In this regard, the case offers complete vulnerability of public hunting associations before the law is a case before the Judicial Board on Read more [...]
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Water vole (water rat)

Habitats of harmful rodents confined mainly to floodplains, lakeshores, ponds, drainage ditches, irrigation canals. By the fall water vole may settle far from their typical habitats and appear in gardens, orchards, nurseries, approach to housing rights. Conventional home water vole - hole, rather branched, with earthen emissions to the surface. In the low marshy ground in the bush it suits wetland plants nest having a spherical shape, making nests in high hummocks, in the cavities of stumps. Water vole - mostly herbivorous mammal, although, like muskrat, can eat freshwater mussels and fish, Read more [...]
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East European vole

Status. Common species in the region. Distribution. Widely distributed in the Right Bank and the Volga. Difficulties in diagnosing type does not allow the usual methods of research to reveal features Biotopical placement voles in the Saratov region. To living rodent in Krasnokutsk and Rivne regions indicate, for example, ML Oparin et al (1999). According to data obtained by electrophoretic karyotype and blood, it is assumed that the East European vole lives in all areas of the Saratov Volga (Baskevich et al, 2005; Bogomolov et al, 2005). In the Volga it occurs together with the common vole, Read more [...]
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Epidemiology. In the USSR, the most frequent leptospirosis caused by L. grippotyphosa and L. pomona, at least - other serotypes of leptospires. In the spread of leptospirosis man has no practical value as source infection. Sick and can carry pathogens leptospirosis many wild and domestic animals. Major reservoirs and sources of infection for humans - rodents families Cricetidae and Muridae, of domestic animals - cattle and pigs. Animals carrier Leptospira infest the convoluted tubules of the kidneys and excreted into the environment in the urine. Human infection and healthy animals occurs Read more [...]
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Water vole

Status. Regular, widespread species. Distribution. Russia has a wide range, from which excluded the north-east and east of the country. On the right bank of the Saratov region of the water vole lives on floodplains Dipper and Khoper. Confined in their distribution, as a rule, to the left bank, more flat and leveled the floodplain, where it occurs on the banks of oxbow lakes and small streams that flow into the river, flooded the lowlands and zakustarennym meadows. To p. Bear usually in places where it flows into rivers Idolgi, Balanda, Karamyshev; known settlements at the village New Sands Read more [...]
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Vole public

Status. Rare, sporadically distributed species. Distribution. Inhabits lowland plains, in Russia, the most numerous in the North Caucasus and the North Caspian. In the Saratov region social vole lives in the south-east and east of Volga, The northern limit of the species range. On the left bank of the river. M. Uzen around Huth. Vetelki Aleksandrovogayskogo district vole noted earlier (Davidovich, 1964). Interpretation post AA Matrosov, this rodent in the border zone with Kazakhstan Aleksandrovogayskom found in the area and at present. At the present time, for the shafts of irrigation channels Read more [...]
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