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RIA Announcements Dec 29, 2013 17:52At 12:45 capital time at the railway station of Volgograd there was a terrorist attack. The bomber detonated an explosive device that killed more than 15, injured more than 40 people. 1 through 3 January in the Volgograd region declared mourning. The phone "hot line" MES: 8-800-775-17-17 http://ria.ru/incidents/20131229/987096748 .html?utm_s..1st footage from the scene of the terrorist attack at the railway station in Volgograd 0:40Link ria.ru The terrorist attack at the railway station in Volgograd: 10s dead and pokalecheni | RIA Read more [...]
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In the Volgograd region flooded 12 villages

Due to the receipt of meltwater and ice jams Kumylga river rose to nearly three meters. Suffered about five hundred houses, hundreds of residents were evacuated. Particularly difficult situation has developed in four areas. According to weather forecasts, the situation will soon improve. At risk is 23 and the Volga region of the island in the district of Volgograd. In case of unfavorable development in the flood inundation zone could be more than 30 thousand people and 9,000 homes. On the eve of the Volgograd region burst dam. Because of the flooding area of ​​railway track train traffic Read more [...]
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Snow … snow everywhere

Odessa, Paris, Volgograd, Kamchatka, Ukraine, Moscow - all in the snow. And the Far East and the United States and Canada. This was not very long ago. Odessa Consequences of snowfall in Odessa. Due to bad weather in Odessa and the region having irregular supply of bread, reports "Interfax". Snow and frost paralyzed traffic and thus violated the delivery schedule of bread in the shops and stalls. The correspondent of "Interfax" reports from the scene that the residential areas of the village and Kotovskogo Tairova no bread from 16 December. In Iljichovsk Ovidiopol and Belgorod-Dniester Read more [...]
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In Volgograd storm broke out

It looks like May will delight us with surprises. Day in the sun thermometers fixed to 35 °, and in the evening the city was overtaken by the wind clouds. Wind speed of 20 meters per second, storm, rain. In Central Akhtuba several neighborhoods there is no light: because of the wind broke the wire. Possible power outages and Volgograd. Rain delayed in a couple of days. So Victory Day will have to look under umbrellas. Aartistam, which is set to perform on the streets, hiding props for the film. Tomorrow afternoon, weather forecasters promise thunderstorm, rain and 18 ° at the east wind. According Read more [...]
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Emergency mode is entered due to the drought in the Volgograd region

In the Volgograd region in relation to soil drought, which is celebrated in most areas Monday introduced a state of emergency regional significance. As the agency "Interfax-South", the press service of the regional administration, so decided by a committee on the prevention and elimination of emergencies and fire safety of the Volgograd region. "As a result of unfavorable agrometeorological conditions of loss of crops crops occurred in the area of ​​511.6 thousand. Hectares. Unreimbursed costs amounted to more than 1 billion 750 million rubles, "- said the representative of the Read more [...]
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Volgograd region lost harvest

Source: Conduct Previous News: · Emergency Mode is entered because of the drought in the Volgograd region · In the regions of Russia because of the heat declared a state of emergency · Drought in Mordovia and agriculture · Russia lowered the forecast of grain yield due to drought · In June, the nature of mankind drowned and roasted Read more [...]
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The drought has turned the fields of the Volgograd region in scorched postinumero

A state of emergency due to drought declared in 31 of the 33 districts of the Volgograd region. In Pallasovsky district were killed 100 percent spring . On average, the sun had destroyed half of the crops, the situation continues to deteriorate. According to weather forecasts, in the last decade of July pass without rain, and the temperature reaches forty-degree mark. The poor harvest of grain will cause problems in livestock. «We have nothing to feed the animals, pastures no, we drink water for stock, but its not enough», — told RIA Novosti shepherd Andrew Soltow from Read more [...]
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In Volgograd tons caught giant herring!

At fishers town hero-a real feast! This year to Volgograd got a huge shoals of large power hungry herring. She caught everywhere and at any depth. On Spartanovka from morning till evening, hundreds of fishermen stand shoulder to shoulder: of the bite on the Volga long gone. - Eight years the herring were not taken, \" says the fisherman with experience Dmitry Martov. - Some said that its in Kalmykia all catch networks. Others alluded to the bad environment. The second version, in my opinion, more convincing. Now many enterprises stood up, the water has been cleaned and the fish rose again to Read more [...]
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Residents of Volgograd indicate tremors of unknown origin

Photo: from the website shkolazhizni.ru Messages about it, IA «Height 102» that began to come from the citizens in the rescue service of the regional Department, city Committee of civil protection, rescue workers on Friday and continued on Saturday. Possible tremors called residents Dzerzhinsky, the Soviet, the tractor factory, Central district of Volgograd. In some local media even started publishing reports of cracks in one of the houses. However, experts information about the earthquake denied. «People affected about aftershocks, as well as destruction of buildings — Read more [...]
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The city of Volgograd persuaded the military to stop to shake the city

Specialists of the Committee of civil protection of the population of the city of Volgograd have found the cause of the mysterious tremors that shook the city-hero on the last one and a half weeks. According to their findings, weak earthquakes were the echoes of the explosions of large quantities of ammunition on the range Prodby in All the district of the Volgograd region. As reported V1.ru in the press-service of administration of Volgograd, specialists of the municipal Committee of civil protection of the population is a direct relationship between reports of tremors and explosions of ammunition Read more [...]
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In Volgograd strong wind broke the trees

It seems that heavenly office decided, quiet autumn not to Volgograd. Hope of the promised calm and Sunny weather did not materialize. Those who went to a barbecue at the house and into the forest to hide from the rain and strong wind gusts. It is not easy and had to many citizens, especially the wipers. A strong wind broke the trees, tore the fasteners downpipes. — Yesterday there were a lot of challenges because of the disaster. In the evening received a message: a tree fell on a two-storey house. There is a possibility that it damaged the pipeline. The danger for the residents we Read more [...]
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Tremors disturb Volgograd

Noastre in the Dzerzhinsk region again felt such phenomena. Eyewitnesses claim — we could hear the explosions,and in apartments and houses shook the glass, parked cars triggered the alarm. Law enforcement refused to give any comments about the explosions, but in the press service of the regional emergencies Ministry has suggested that the cause of these mysterious phenomena - utilization of ammunition at a military testing ground Gorodishche district. Recall, this is not the first time when the rest of the Volgograd is disturbed due to the disposal of ammunition. From 14 to 19 October Read more [...]
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Voronezh Novohopersk Borisoglebsky Annency Urgency Rostov

The discrepancy Nickel mine in the Central black earth region affects everyone.http://oblvesti.ru/articles/society/untitled-10503.htmlhttp://vk.com/stopnikel Link oblvesti.ru Nickel the Khoper not comrade - Regional News. Announcements of Volgograd and the Volgograd region Regional news - main news portal of the Volgograd region.Read more [...]
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The locust invasion in the Volgograd region

The locust invasion in Volgograd oblstat first31 malohovetsky region, Rowinski R-he, Kolotsky farm In farm Kolotsky professionals from district began the invasion of locusts that devour all vegetation in its path. Locals fight it on their own, because from the district administration no help there. At the moment, to stop and destroy the locust does not work.Source: Mobile Reporter The locust invasion in Volgograd oblstat second1 yunjae locust control. People can struggle with it, but with varying degrees of success: while destroy them in one place, hordes of locusts appears in a Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Fishing for ducts and Eric Volga

In this issue we will catch on numerous ducts and Eric Volga not far from Volgograd. What can still count spinningists here? Certainly a decent catch! These places have a long reputation of providing the fishing region. The main goal of our fishing - bream, chub and ide. Naturally though what we do not prey pobrezguem not abandon perch or pike, but as before will be true to the principle of "catch and release".Main sections of video magazine: Volgograd: 1 day, outlook professional Volgograd: day 2, on the lakes of Karelia, ear, survival school, fishing without borders.Read more [...]
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Bank of the Volga river strewn with dead fish

on August 10. As reported by us Volgograd, came today to relax on the beach at the Panorama, they were seen carcasses of dead fish taken by the waves to the shore. According to people, dead fish began to beat to shore with about 10:00 in the morning. -Personally, I was thrown from the shore, where we bathe my children are 11 big fish, \" said one of the guests. Causes of fish death remain unknown. According to witnesses on the fish was not noticeable traces of visible damage. Among the Volgograd rumor that massive fish kills have resulted from the use of chemicals in the processing of coastal Read more [...]
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In the middle of autumn in Volgograd bloomed lilac

Marina put a bouquet of lilacs at home and at work. on October 26.— I couldn't believe when I went to work in the morning: look, the Bush of lilacs in the dooryard bloomed! - laughs a resident of the Soviet district of Volgograd Marina Khromov. - Most importantly, almost dropped the leaves and bloomed! Bush planted 4 years ago. Blossomed, as it should be - every spring, in may. And here white flowers appeared at the end of October! 28 years working in floriculture, never with such a miracle did not face. First Marina not believe that this lilac: branches bloomed as usual — bunch, Read more [...]
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It is possible that in Volgograd earthquake, scientists say

Weekend residents of several areas of the city was turned into rescue services reports that under their houses shaking the earth. About tremors were reported from Dzerzhinsky, the Soviet, the tractor factory and Central districts of Volgograd. While expert opinions were divided: MES seismic activity deny, and in sejsmopartiya Volgas sure tremors for Volgograd is a common phenomenon. Information about the tremors began at the end of last week from residents of house number 51 on the street 51st Guards. Residents of the upper floors of the nine-story was told that after tremors in the walls cracked. Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: finished 1st step championship Volgograd region under water fishing

In late October, Svetloyarsky area the Volgograd area not far from the village. Tatyanka passed the first step of the Volgograd region Open Championship in the discipline "Spearfishing". At camp "Green Cape" brought together 20 athletes experienced divers, representing not only the town of Volgograd region, and Moscow.The organization of these competitions was at the highest level, but the weather shook. Abnormally highest temperature for the year so far has made enormous difficulties for athletes. All participants of the championship strictly abide by restrictions on the Read more [...]
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Residents of Astana was observed in the night sky phenomena

on February 13. The inhabitants of the South-Eastern part of Astana on Friday, February 11, around 21:30 to 23 hours observed in the night sky phenomena — bright narrow parallel vertical stripes, closely spaced to each other. And the lines were very long. Went out unusual band gradually, one after another. Similar phenomena have been observed in Russia. In particular, in the winter of last year, there have been reports of anomalies in the night sky above the city of Volgograd. That's how he described an unusual picture of the Russian media — these were vertical stripes of Read more [...]
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