Dam. What to do?

They are the biggest threat to tomorrow. Water, overrunning dam, rushes down and hitting the bottom, creates a rapid whirlpool. Water vortices toss from side to side all that is in them, and drop back to the dam. Precautions: Approaching the dam, immediately pricelevitra to the shore. If you do not have time to do it and for drew you to the dam: 1. try to steer the boat away from the edge of the dam; 2. make sure that the boat is not turned over and fell into the whirlpool. If it happened Your actions: 1. Immediately jump into the water. 2. Dive as deep as possible, Read more [...]
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Hurricane with a speed of 160 km/h hit the Kamchatka

August 29, 2013. South Kamchatka attacked powerful cyclonic vortex. The pressure in its center is 985 hPa, and gusts of strong wind accompanying intense rain showers in places reach 44 m/s (160 km/h). Hurricane turns the bus stop, picking up banners in places fallen trees. It was reported by the representative of the local meteorologist. According to preliminary data, in the welter there were no injuries. Residents and visitors of Kamchatka should refrain from camping. Rescuers advise citizens not to leave their homes, not to release to the street children, drivers to refrain from driving, as Read more [...]
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Tornado on the beach in Netanya, Israel

on 2 October. Strong atmospheric vortex formed above the Mediterranean sea, was seen yesterday morning in the area of the Poleg beach in Netanya, according to the Second channel ITV. Tornado, which is a characteristic of atmospheric phenomenon for the Eastern Mediterranean, was formed under one of the storm clouds that had drifted to the shore of a powerful South-East wind. Tornado, the speed in the midst of reaching 100 miles per hour, was moving along the shore, lifting up a storm and destroying in its path sun umbrellas and chairs. One woman was injured, marked up in the air thing.As Read more [...]
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Whirlpool of the Arabian Sea

One of the strangest ocean currents - swirling clockwise great vortex that occurs each summer off the coast of Somalia and the sea surface temperature changes, affecting the monsoon, carrying life-giving water to Asia.A hundred years the sailors know that the Great vortex occurs simultaneously with the monsoon season in early June and disappears in September - about a month after the winds subside. Recall monsoons are among the most powerful air currents in the world (48 km / h).A new study suggests that the Great whirlwind still closely associated with the monsoon than thought, but across Read more [...]
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Can a single tornado produce 200 megawatts?

Canadian company declared intention to build a prototype of a new kind of power, or more precisely - Dispose of low potential heat power plant, capable of lifting the global energy efficiency in general.Efficiency of conventional thermal power plants only in ideal cases to 40-50%. If it is added by the centralized water supply networks using low potential residual heat - waste heat turbine, its total efficiency can be higher. But that's just the majority of countries do not have centralized heating systems in any significant quantities.Efficiency of thermal power plants equipped with Read more [...]
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Cassini captures Saturn's giant vortex

Through images Cassini, made on November 27 this year, can now be considered in more detail the huge whirlwind raging on Saturn. Presented below image was taken at a time when the machine is at a distance 383 km from the surface. Due to the movement of the clouds in black and white in some places clear.At the other color image created from multiple images, see the same vortex, only from a different point.The photo shows the central vortex at the north pole of Saturn. Around it there is a huge hexagonal formation, which for the above images are not visible. Hexagon on Saturn has a diameter of Read more [...]
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New weather anomaly: a sudden stratospheric warming of the polar vortex split into two parts

Sudden stratospheric warming the polar vortex split in two. The polar vortex is formed and deepened, when the atmosphere loses heat to space in the dark long winter nights in the Arctic, has been divided into two large parts is being reduced. A series of intense storms in the far northern part of the Pacific Ocean has increased to very long waves in the lower atmosphere. The energy of this, planetary-sized wave came up from the lower atmosphere over the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau and broke into the stratosphere, causing a strong sudden warming. It is very fast abolished strong cyclonic Read more [...]
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Mysterious halo in the sky over the city of Toowoomba, Australia

Unidentified object over Toowoomba was a circular vortex - a phenomenon that has a natural origin. Photo: Vicki Kunen May 18, 2010. On Sunday, a strange object in the shape of a torus, soaring in the sky, stirred up the people Murphys Creek near Toowoomba, Australia. Large ring of unknown origin was seen Kunenov family, watch it floated in the sky and disappeared. "This is a strange form of ... something like a whale in the sky, and then it began to look like an egg, and when it rose above - was round," - says Vicki Kunen. A little later, after some research forecaster Gavin Holcombe Read more [...]
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Sudden stratospheric warming broke the circumpolar vortex in two parts

January 16, 2013. The circumpolar vortex that is formed and developed as the atmosphere gives off heat into space during the long polar night, was divided into two parts by a significant warming in the lower layers. A series of powerful storms in the North Pacific caused the longest wave in the lower atmosphere. The energy of the planetary scale waves rose higher in the Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau and burst into the stratosphere, causing a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW). This dramatically changed the direction of cyclonic winds around the pole and broke the circumpolar vortex in two whirlwind Read more [...]
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Pervouralsky tornado swept over

Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region, June 29 - witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon of the previous day were the residents of the village of Magnitogorsk Pervouralsk urban district.Following the frequent storms in the area at settlement hit a real tornado, - the local "channel PTV."According to witnesses, a whirlwind of a few tens of meters in diameter and several hundred meters in height, walked around the edge of the village, picking up clouds of dust.Within a few minutes vortex gaining strength, walking over the ground. At the base of the tornado funnel clearly shown.After a while, Read more [...]
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