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With love to the small river

To reach this river is only possible on the car, and then not always. At first – far secondly – grader of a few tens of kilometers in rainy weather becomes impassable. But the popularity of the river in the spring of unabated every year. It flows into the Tsimlyanskoe Reservoir, which is the most productive in Russia in terms of fish caught. In the spring here, as in the rest of the river, which flows into Tsimlyanskoe sea rushes in search of fish places to spawn. The existing rules of amateur fishing is not prohibited to fish one rod, Donkey or spinning, so the line Read more [...]
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What to catch walleye?

Our little trip along the rivers Chir Tsimla and we started with Tsimla that flows into Tsimlyansk Reservoir on the border of the Volgograd and Rostov regions. On this river like ride with the fishermen float rod, donochniki and, of course, spinning. Spring is now – it's time to look for walleye, who comes into the river.The first thing we saw – a huge number of cars parked along the banks Tsimla. This, of course, sad. But we hope that tomorrow, on Monday, most of them will leave, and we will not have to share with other anglers shoreline. With some difficulty we found Read more [...]
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Pharmacy for the attractant

 Photo by the author Soft lure with smell and taste have long been the de facto standard. We buy a package with silicone twister or ripper which already sousirovany or coated with some salt. And how are things with foam fish?It is no secret that the porous foam, especially when it is not baked in molds and cut with scissors – the ideal material to keep the smell.In general, the issue of odor baits, such as foam rubber fish, I started a long time. Tell you a secret, I did at one time carried a vial of bovine blood and foam impregnated her fish. All I remember from those Read more [...]
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When a pike is active

We can say not a single perch feeds. Activity walleye comes when he is going into a flockDuring the winter, flocks of walleye can be formed and break up periodically. This is due to a variety of events and, of course, the weather. This does not mean that a single pike do not bite, no, because of their reflexes it reacts to any movement, and if proved to be the bait in front of his mouth, he can grab it. This is largely dependent on the quality of the bait and its games. Often, a single perch missing imp, lightweight spoon or a miracle-balancer. My friend was a case that he had caught at walleye Read more [...]
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For perch on Don

 Photo by the author One day, someone from the hunters talking about catching walleye winter. I did not even know that a lot of things I can tell you, based on his own practice. I'm sure that did not introduce anything new in the practice of under-ice fishing this predator, but perhaps someone will be interested in how I catch walleye on ice.Let's start with autumn PlacesI'm starting to catch walleye in the same places where caught him in the late autumn. It costs almost the same snags that I fished jigs from a boat. Actually, I think that many anglers just as I begin to search Read more [...]
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The smell of autumn in late summer

My friend and I felt it once turned off the dirt road in the floodplain forest. Recent rains wet carpet of last year's leaves to the ground and burst into the open window of the car cool mushroom smell.September has not yet arrived, and we were afraid that the bank of the Don was still occupied by vacationers. We were incredibly lucky – in our place was empty. We found only traces of those who left the tourists. It should be noted that the fields were properly cleaned, for what I say great thanks to all the tourists who clean up after themselves before leaving.As elsewhere Read more [...]
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At the bottom — a pit, in the pit — female

In the deepest part of the convenient fishing boat. As you know, the big fish, and their permanent temporary apartments to equip depth in places of quiet, calm and protected from all sides. Fishermen call these places wells. Often, it's really the bottom cavity, often as deep shelters located behind a large stone — at washed over asylum between flooding the depth of the trees, the remains of sunken ships.In the Dnieper to the Meadowlands flooding their Kakhovskii sea had many names associated with fish habitat in pits. Read more [...]
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Spoon in any season

Even gluhozime perches very gambling predators when they are not hungry, it is still ready to attack the lurePhoto: Sergey Semyonov At the peak of the winter season, when the court sternly and strongly vyuzhit freezes, fishing is difficult. Not only that accessible via a strong frost to distant, potentially more catchability places is becoming more difficult because of fallen snow, so also the fish caught is bad. She has this, of course, many reasons — gluhozime leaves its mark.It would seem that January is not blesnilschikov season, many of them served in the fishing Read more [...]
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Fish with a secret

Fairly large jig bait and gently takes Bersh often fall over the edge of the jaw. Pike, perch, ruff, Bersh — Our most common freshwater fish of the family perch. Indeed, the names above characters constantly on hearing. Who among us has not caught perch? There is perhaps no there. A who at hook caught perch? Many, if not everything. AND certainly any angler at least once a life met thorn bug-eyed ruff. But what we know about Berchet? Among the old Lower Volga fishermen have no such that it would not caught, Read more [...]
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Scientific discovery

Photo Anatoly Mailkova You can have a good command any one method of fishing. But sometimes you want to learn something new. Develop and suddenly realize that by learning how to catch a new, forgotten how to catch the old! In confirmation of this — my whole practice.For many years, he was fond of spinning in its classical form. In a short time found working the bait — turntable, and it is possible without any selection of lures to catch the entire season from the first hole in the ice to freeze-up. The catch was mainly pike, perch and chub but across regularly. Has Read more [...]
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Soft bait for the «hard» walleye

Any spinning deemed fortunate if it will fall tackle big pike. However, there is a time and place, and when where perches are caught fairly often take confidence. But Yet for the most part, this cautious and stubborn fish pike and less Bass fishing is prey, especially beginners. It is connected with that the pike prefers rather deep space, where there is a current and necessarily – piled in pit. AND typical gossip place must still be found at big river. Only in During the summer heat, in so-called «gluholete»This Read more [...]
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Posting bait

Often, how we serve the bait fish, the final result depends onThere arguable opinion that the appearance of the bait is secondary, and the first place is the method of animation, ie, the way you conduct the bait. Suffice controversial at first approximation, but usually the way it is. Although everything in moderation and respect.The easiest method of doing bait - uniformly. So all used to catch on turntables: Retractor a scaffold without any tweaks. For turntables very suitable method of doing, but for more complex baits, wobblers, poppers, jigs, spinner-Beit al., It is not efficient. Of course, Read more [...]
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Who, what and where gossiped …

With the production of pike perch on the Dnieper I have linked early childhood fishing experience. Often it was a real adventure, if you know the power flow on the Dnieper rapids.Since then, much water has flowed. And the fish in the river was less then, and change the way of its production. However, the interest of the Dnieper to the production walleye fishermen are not weakened. It's still the best production for spinnings. This, of course, not on the small size «Chopik» and «pencils»And about hefty fish. In the spring on the Dnieper River walleye can Read more [...]
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With spoon, and edible rubber

Catch on winter fishing tackle with bait in the form of natural or artificial bloodworms noticeably begins to give way to popularity of fishing with the use of new modern lures and baits, including proposed anglers literally in recent years. These include the so-called edible rubber.It seems nothing is not to surprise the modern bass spoiled by an abundance of the most attractive bait, but not so long ago, one of the famous companies themselves surprised anglers releasing trompe l'oeil for perch from the ice of rubber, having a taste and smell. Because simple bass was completely Read more [...]
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Trips to walleye

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Short winter days we spent close to Pushkin on Uchinskaya reservoir. The main prey was the bass, which is biting, especially on the first and last ice are sometimes unusual. However, as used to say Kotov, which our company was referred to as an academician, gluhozimya not the case with these fishermen. And he always argued that, thus confirming his high rank.For years, we fished Uchinskaya Reservoir, only occasionally getting out to the Volga, or somewhere else. During this time he formed a friendly team of fishermen, in the form of almost club with its charter Read more [...]
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Time predator

Hardly Zywiec fidgeted under the ice as strong jerk nearly ripped the line out of my hands. Mechanically undercutting big fish immediately huddled on the ice. The grip on the second okunishku not too long to wait. author photo Quite painful period of freeze for carp, when many of them hibernate, while others are sluggish and ill take the nozzle for predators – it's time to hunting gambling. Pike outputs zherlitsy bring at this time the best catches, many cases of grasps and spinners. And do not stop and pike Okuneva baubles, often biting, cutting off their targeting spiny Read more [...]
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Sudak, winter and soft baits

In 50 years, we have friends in the winter hunted pike perch from the ice more often at the Moscow SeaPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Pike, perch and pike field, is one of the most common predators of large reservoirs near Moscow and is always willing to prey anglers.January and February is perhaps the most difficult months for fishing in central Russia. This is due primarily to the fall in the content of dissolved oxygen, respectively, decreased activity of the majority of fish. Although daylight becomes longer, the thickness of the ice and snow remains high.In 50 years, we have friends Read more [...]
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Pike looking for where it is deeper

October is probably the best month for autumn zanderauthor photoAt this time it is grouped in small flocks, in order to successfully make a raid on the accumulation of fish stuff. On zakoryazhennyh or rocky touchline fishing can be very successful. But not all so simple.We caught from buddy in then autumn morning Ruza top of the reservoir, near the fishing base «Ostashevo». Even at home I well prepared for hunting fanged predator: substituting snastochkah tees, believing that hooks vanadium steel will be more reliable, it has prepared Read more [...]
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Thoughts on the establishment of spinning lures imitating flock fry came more than once tried. Theoretically, it is interesting options, but after the first throw it all even, I have been a smile. No, the purpose of life, I did not put it in invention, and pause could last for years. But this time it is something that in practice, just stunned.Photo by the author I did the bait, which was, in my opinion, great to play when jigging. If the first font in the bathroom, I realized that it was an octopus. And returned from the kindergarten daughter immediately screamed «Mama! Read more [...]
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Autumn perches reservoirs

Late autumn, with its prolonged bad weather, the wind and the night frosts, as practice shows, is not the worst time for catching walleye fanged predator. I have reason to believe that he is, by definition, deep sea fish, activated not only because the water temperature becomes for him more comfortable, but also because the fish «dribs and drabs» after the first cold snaps shifted from the coastal zone to depth. And therefore, zander hunt becomes a lot easier. And hiding nearby and feed the fish here.It has long been observed that perches living in reservoirs, never Read more [...]
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