Methods for warming frozen human Field

Dmitri Kochetkov photo Despite all the measures of preventive security, there are cases of general hypothermia. Unlike local lesions of cold when frozen limbs only or the only person general hypothermia, if not have time to help, can lead to rapid and irreversible consequences. Particularly dangerous overcooling in water.In mild cases, a general freeze victims may be advisable to create out of the materials at hand "thermo". For example, inside a snow shelter, tent fabric, in extreme cases, just in "street" fold tent-bag of polyethylene film and to light a candle Read more [...]
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The warmest decade

The first 10 years of this century have become the warmest in history, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the United Nations. In addition, according to scientists, the outgoing 2009 finished fifth in the last 160 years in terms of high temperatures. "In 2009, the excess of the normal level of temperature was observed on every continent except North America - it was cooler rules - said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud. - The warming trend is on the face. This fact leaves no doubt. " "El Niño" warm the planet, "La Niña" - coolsAccording to the WMO, the first Read more [...]
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The advantages of this generator:- Fuel is all that is burning or warm.- USB output 5V, 500mA.- Is not depending on solar, wind, etc.- Regular and sturdy construction, which may be forever.- You can cook food while your phone is charging.- The versatility.- Can collect at least some at home for 1 night (even worker AVTOVAZ=)).- The cheapness of construction." Invented not I have a commercial instances that are much better than mine. For example, the BioLite CampStove, its cost 7900 RUB My copy made it quick for writing this article and subsequent tests.Based on the Peltier element. This thermoelectric Read more [...]
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Too early to talk about speeding up the melting of glaciers

July 18, 2013. While climate change is the responsibility of such an exact science as fundamental physics, this is largely the result of a complex interaction of factors that are not entirely clear. For example, it is obvious that in terms of global warming sea level rise as a warmer water in the oceans expand and glaciers and ice sheets melt. But the rate of sea-level rise and its endpoint remain the subject of heated debate. This week, some clarity to the issue have two new articles. One devoted to where to stop the sea level, the climate once again come into balance (a few centuries). The Read more [...]
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Global warming is caused by thermal cycling of the oceans

National Center for data collection on the state of the snow and ice cover the United States made an unexpected (compared to last year's climate hype) a statement that global warming, is, was caused only "natural temperature cycles of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans." This winter in the UK - the coldest in the last thirty years - only the first step of a new cycle. For Europe, for example, the most important factor is the temperature at the center of the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. This view is expressed by reputable climatologists, is never in the camp convinced opponents of the hypothesis Read more [...]
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Found evidence of past geological and climatic changes

An international team of scientists from several universities in Europe, Japan and the United States completed the data collection and analysis of cores from the glaciers of Greenland. According to the research experts reported on two very significant temperature jumps that have occurred during the last Ice Age. Experts say that these races have had a significant impact on the circulation of atmospheric tides on the planet.Ice samples showed that in the northern hemisphere of the planet were two significant warming period - the first took place 14,700 years ago, when just 50 years of global Read more [...]
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The Wall Street Journal: What will happen after the «global warming»?

So, global warming is "blown away" last nail in the coffin of his drove a devastating expose, desertion and re-evaluation at the same time. This means that soon we will need yet another apocalypse. Most recently, in October, Guardian reported that scientists from Cambridge "came to the conclusion that" the Arctic ice cap is currently fraught with such speed that will melt completely in the next 10 years. " This process is allegedly motivated global warming. All succumbed to the usual concern for their grandchildren.However, in March there was another article in the Guardian, this time it Read more [...]
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Climate warming can make people’s lives on Earth impossible

MOSCOW, May 5 - RIA Novosti. Scientists have shown that global warming may have in this century lead to a temperature increase at half the inhabited regions to land values, in principle, not tolerated by the human body more than a few hours, the researchers reported in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Wednesday .This is the so-called "wet bulb temperature" - the lowest possible temperature of air at a given humidity. It is measured as the temperature indicated by a mercury thermometer, whose surface is continuously wetted with water and ventilation Read more [...]
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Bad times for patalene\»

Desperate efforts of believers in climate warming, which by all means try to defend their religion, are becoming more and more ridiculous after a sensational this winter scandal of the IPCC. Widely used technique is to be attributed to global warming any unusual weather event in any point of the globe. For example, last week reported that in Russia now have some of the highest temperatures and the longest drought in 130 years. Employees of the Russian representative office of the world wildlife Fund, of course, immediately started saying that \"such climatic anomalies will meet more and more Read more [...]
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Global warming affects the evolution

The evolution of man During the age of global warming in the early Eocene one of the types hitopadesh mammals decreased in two times. In 2006, the excavation in the basin, big horn, Wyoming, USA) was found well-preserved jaw hitopadesa animal. This finding, along with the previously detected tooth, gave the opportunity to describe the predator as a new, previously unknown to science. Palaeonictis wingi named after palaeobotanica Scott Wing, took an active part in the study findings. During the period of warming that occurred 55 million years ago and lasted for 200 thousand years, the average Read more [...]
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Black tides as the harbingers of a more gloomy future

© REUTERS/Stringer Severe natural disasters that occurred in recent months, such as unusual heat in Russia, floods in Pakistan, the melting of ice in Greenland has sparked renewed debate about the role of climate warming and that these events are only the forerunners of waiting for us dystopian future. Scientists emphasize that there are no data that prove a direct link to these natural disasters with specific changes in the Earth's climate due to human activities, but warn that the recent crises perfectly fit the predictions of the researchers predicted greater frequency and intensity of climatic Read more [...]
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Brick is not only building material ….

Greetings esteemed comrades! That summer flew outside the window Nasty weather, well, we have at least the second week of rains. Every day is getting colder and colder, shorter ... assholes! Willy-nilly have to think about the survival of winter, God forbid. So decided to share with you a little advice on heating in the winter. The other day with a glass of tea for Batya remembered how great we lived in the eighties In Kazakhstan, we lived in a military town, around the steppe, but at the same time a great number of lakes and sea in them too ryby.Dichi nemerjanno Beauty shorter. Here we dangled Read more [...]
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Climatic Armageddon

The Curonian lagoon 18.08.10 @ Kestucio Demerecko In late September the thermometer to the left minus, and weather forecasters promise this winter minus forty, then fifty. In this start believing, remembering that last December-February were cold to minus 35. But this summer — to + 35. Temperature drops — as in Siberia. And there were torrential downpours that flooded the city and almost blotted out the ancient tower of Gediminas, was the storm that tore roofs and destroyed the trees across the country. If you remember the year, it seems like the weather is seriously we were Read more [...]
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The collapse of the old world

This summer in Russia during a time of unprecedented prolonged heat forecasters have openly declared that they were not able to determine the expiration date and, accordingly, fires. Meteorologists recognized that they could not give long-term forecasts. According to the Russian information Agency, scientists, meteorologists at this stage of the development of science is unable to predict the timing of recurrence of such anomalous and extreme natural phenomena. \"What happened now, this is something incredible, unprecedented and unpredictable. To say that will recur in the next year, as it is Read more [...]
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\»Climate policy\» parted with science

October 4, 2013. The UN once again frightened humanity threat of global warming, however, the report on which was represented a catastrophic scenario, it would be nothing more than science fiction. Despite this, the European Commission has announced ambitious plans in the field of \"climate legislation\". Supporters of global warming theory has dealt a blow to themselves. The efforts of the most prominent climate-alarmists, the intergovernmental panel on climate change at the United Nations published a report that hit the scientific community for its antinauseant. \"It is extremely likely (95% Read more [...]
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The world ocean has warmed on the eyes

World ocean relentlessly hot. An international team of scientists from the USA, the UK, Germany and Japan proved that during the period from 1993 to 2008, the water temperature increased by 0.15 degrees Celsius, while the \"warm layers go to 700 m depth. According to the researchers, the warming of the World ocean at shallow depths and rising water level is obvious indicators global warming. The upper layers of the ocean absorb energy, which is the result of anthropogenic greenhouse effect, and this leads to an increase in the temperature of sea water.However, the system of collecting such Read more [...]
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Climate models incorrectly predict the energy balance of the atmosphere

The study was based on data of the tool CERES (Clouds and Earth#39;s Radiant Energy System) satellite Terra (on the illustrations of the artist NASA). Data from the American Terra satellite suggest that as warming the earth's atmosphere more actively releases heat into space than climate models predict. Because of this, predictions are more figures than necessary, says study author Roy Spencer from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (USA). The difference between the predictions and the actual state of Affairs was seen long ago and now, two decades is a source of endless claims by opponents Read more [...]
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Super-El niño may occur

Read more [...]
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New agro-climatic zone in Belarus

on August 12. New agro-climatic zone formed in the South of the Polesie in connection with global warming. This was announced today at a press conference the chief of the hydrometeorological monitoring and data collections Republican hydrometeorological centre Victor Miller, BelTA has learnt. In General, the warming in Belarus resulted in offset agro-climatic regions for 80-120 km from South to North. The average annual temperature in the country has increased over the last 20 years is 1.1 degrees. In the Northern hemisphere during the same period, the average temperature has increased by 0.8 Read more [...]
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Global warming will affect Siberia

Dr. Rolf Baur, Technical University, Dresden. on 15 September. Started a two-day Russian-German workshop \"climate Change in Siberia - a challenge to our society?\". The meeting was organized by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Consulate General of Germany in Novosibirsk, Institute. Goethe, the German academic exchange service (DAAD), the State public scientific technical library of SB RAS, Central Siberian Botanical garden, SB RAS, Siberian Institute of environmental initiatives.In discussing the problem of climate change attended high school students and Read more [...]
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