Draconian wasps

Entomologist Gene Humphrey with a colleague goes in search of his father - a scientist, who disappeared on an expedition into the jungle. Military base, a group of angry partisans and local shaman is not the main dangers that await the girls on the way. Worst of all is the giant swarm of killer wasps generated by genetic mutation ...Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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If you are bitten by a wasp …

With the onset of warmer days we have to repel the attacks of our regular summer satellites - mosquitoes, flies, wasps ... Repels mosquitoes infusion dry clove and anise oil and the smell of naphthalene. To fly did not fly into windows, window frames can be lubricated with vinegar, turpentine or grate flooring mastic. Place a mosquito bite or a gadfly to reduce pain and itching recommend calendula oil juice or onion juice, you can also grease the juice of fresh dandelion roots or juice parsley. Itchy mosquito bites is by using lemon juice or baking soda solution (half a teaspoon of either a glass Read more [...]
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Clinic poisoning poison bees and wasps-2

M., aged 27, hornet wasp sting on the tip of the middle finger right hand. Burning pain was growing by the minute. Soon developed edema, headache, after 25-30 min - itchy skin stung on the hand and face, then swelling of the lips and eyelids, difficulty breathing. Due to the deteriorating condition of patients admitted to hospital. OBJECTIVE: swelling of the face, lips, eyelids, tongue, pharyngeal mucosa rings, larynx, on the site of sting - swelling the size of 5X4 cm and redness. Rhythmic pulse, 108 beats per minute. Blood pressure 85/60 mm Hg. Art. In the lungs, especially in the lower Read more [...]
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Wasp lustrer

Hot summer day. In a log house wall fly various wild bees and wasps. Older logs are covered with different-sized holes in wood progryzennymi larvae beetles, jewel beetles, borers - almost ready for single mink Hymenoptera. Here bee approaches the circular hole, hiding in her for a few seconds, and then crawls flies for pollen and nectar. Labor is hard, there is no time to rest: in contrast to the public bee is all alone takes care of the premises, the larvae feed, protection of offspring from enemies.But what is it? A few minutes ago, I saw out of this hole flew bee, and now there is another Read more [...]
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Burrowing or sfekoidnye, wasps (Sphecoidea) and road wasps (Pompiloidea)

Predatory solitary wasps, nurse their tsotomst of paralyzed (sometimes dead) insects and spiders. Even in the classical works Dyufua (1841) and Fabre (1879-1910) suggested that the digging and road wasps paralyze their prey strike lay in the ganglion (or near) the ventral nerve cord. The most commonly used example is a description of the sandy ammofily hunting, extraction of which serve as tracks scoop. Pulled to the surface squirming caterpillar ammofila draw blood between the head and the first segment of the body of caterpillars. Stun it so wasp causes the victim a series of successive blows Read more [...]
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Bees and wasps

Bites excited swarm of bees, wasps or hornets can be dangerous and even deadly. Avoid their nests, but if you have been attacked by them, dive into the thick brush and undergrowth. Twigs, bent you, returning to its original position, driving them away. To bee or wasp stings should be treated seriously, as some people have bees or wasps stings can cause severe general reaction temperature increases. Swelling, burning, redness, swelling of the skin occurs immediately after the bite, and finally disappear in a day or two. Bee sting carefully removed with tweezers or needle and put gauze soaked Read more [...]
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