Ladoga 2014

This summer once again lucky enough to visit on Lake Ladoga. Fishing Get a short (4 days) and not particularly dobychlivoy, but nevertheless memorable and deserves report.I have long wanted to spend a few days in Leningrad bay on the island of Mantsinsaari. (I think this is the most beautiful place of all that he saw.) The difficulty here is that the bay facing the open Ladoga. If the wind will blow west, then withdraw from the bay on the water will not have to wait. You can escape on foot across the island, but on a boat with a motor does not carry off. But the boat, to be sure, Read more [...]
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Sounds of shots

Probably every one of you, dear readers, pay attention to how different shots are fired, made of different weapons.That broke the silence summer Zorka deaf distant shot echoed ride. But he cracked close doublet. And here it is, my familiar stranger, babahnuvshy somewhere far away, where every sound of the shot will reach my ears. Something quite a while, I did not hear him. What did he shoot? Perhaps punt gun of the 10th, and perhaps even 4-gauge. Or make a magnum of durable IL-18?Each sound of the shot, produced from a particular model of weapon has its own sound. Unique. In volume, the intensity Read more [...]
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In cold water for roach

Late fall. Persistent rains. On the streets of mud and slush. Sitting to the house, wrapped in a quilt, drinking hot tea with raspberry jam and watch «soap operas» on TV. But it's not for me. I want out. There, where the cold and damp. There, where the big waves with white horses on the ridges, driving away from the middle of the lake, with the noise hit the shore. I take the bait, a backpack with a minimum of gear, and the lake Soshno. Especially not hope to get lucky as the place chosen five kilometers from the discharge of warm water, which means a minimum activity Read more [...]
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Other Kamchatka, or two weeks on the West Coast

"When the last tree is cut down when the last river is poisoned when the last bird is caught, - only then will you realize that money can not be eaten."- Statements of the leaders of the North American Indians.Kamchatka safely be called the land of brown bears, because This peninsula is the highest density of clumsy predators world. Altai, Kamchatka and Belarusian­And this — the place where you want to go back and return. When after two years drew the opportunity again to visit Kamchatka, and with friends, a foretaste of happiness Read more [...]
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In the autumn on the Volga

Volzhskaya different from tihovodnoy fishing lake and pondPhoto: Alexander Tokarev There are no here and nostalgically warm and modest experience of fishing on the small river of your childhood. Coming storm winds pick up on the Volga wave almost akin to the sea, especially if the wind goes along the river. Fierce winds from the grid of cold rain-morosyaka frequent in autumn. Widespread clouds fall seems to be on the top of the best high hills of the right bank. Grey water hisses from the dismal rain. Incessant string are steep waves with whitecaps penyaschimimsya monotone beats Read more [...]
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In black buoy

We spent the night at the Falcon island. However, it called the island really is hard to say, but what it is, Falcon mountain — that's for sure. Here, on the sand under the cliff, one of the beaches kozmodemyantsev where they swim on motorboats.Over Krucha is helped on the Volga winds rustle of pine and green-eyed fall behind them string the quiet sunsets, the crimson sunsets and blue in tuchevyh hills and venous streaks of lightning piercing gray water. And then hit hard in the shore wave reel, all increasing, spitting foam and angry that there is no place to go it alone, Read more [...]
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Because dogs

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova For a long time I put this story. Not all so much fun was hunting in our youth. But I feel it's time to tell the story, and at the same time and release it from itself. In addition, it is in some way my moral duty ...Hierarchy maintained train. By clearing paced Sobol – big, red, fabulously handsome male West Siberian blood; I keep up with him on three legs (one froze in a trap), a five-year Zorka; it was followed by one year old Taiga; procession up the rear seven-month spanielka Chun, who along with a host of guests at the hunting point Akita Sergei Read more [...]
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The roar of the surf foam

Please distant muffled noise. Then rolling kick. The wave hits the shore, the sky vzmetaya sheaves spray. After a moment, the noise again – not rustle, not hiss. The water goes back into the ocean, leaving a wet strip of coast. On her wandering boy with buckets, bags. I walked closer and the boy with a long knife in his hand showed me a handful of mussels, some small shells. Nakata next wave, covering the sand white foam. When it subsided, the boy hid catch and hurried to the bared edge of the reef.A little watch the brave miners nautical gifts and sends along the coast. Read more [...]
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Giant wave in France in the sea washed away tourists

On the southeast coast of France looking for tourists, which was washed into the sea giant wave. We already know that one person was killed. Five others are considered lost. On the Cote d'Azur, where there was a state of emergency, in these days is very bad weather. Declared a storm warning. And as soon as weather forecasters do not promise improvement. By the way, quite recently in China had a similar case: On the coast of China, a huge wave washed away tourists. A group of tourists admiring the sea, when the beach is suddenly covered with water. Eight people were missing. According to media Read more [...]
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NEC Telephone: Snooperscope — night vision technology for mobile devices.

Snooperscope is miniprimer night vision for smartfonov and tablets developed by PSY Corporation. The device uses IR illumination and capable "build" objects at a distance of 10 meters. This development has long been known and used in conventional night vision devices and binoculars. But the uniqueness of the device is its size and focus on the mobile market. The dimensions of the device 75 mm long and 42 mm in diameter, which allows you to reinforce it on the back cover of the tablet, phone or laptop by means of the magnetic substrate. The image on the screen is passed through a Wi-Fi Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Chile «has affected two million people»

Two million people in one way or another affected by the devastating earthquake that occurred in central Chile on Saturday, said President Michelle Bachelet. According to recent reports, at least 300 people were killed in a powerful earthquake in Chile that began at dawn on February 27. Aftershocks of magnitude 8.8 triggered a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, the wave height was not as dangerous as predicted. "Element dealt a heavy blow to our country - said in a televised speech President Bachelet. - And she again tests our ability to cope with adversity and to find its feet. Read more [...]
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Construction and Rafting number 11

Swim on the rocky areas with high sun better: if seen from a distance, not only surf, but the stone itself. In cloudy weather, or closer to dusk, when the brightness of the sky brightness is much higher ground, difficult to navigate on the river: water, reflecting the sky, the light becomes monotonous. Difficult to have a raft before sunset against the sun - shines any small wave river gleams across the width, and impossible to understand anything. Hard water and rain, especially strong. He knocks down all traces of foam breakers, smoothes small waves, and remain visible only large stones. Therefore, Read more [...]
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Solar cookers

Good day to all comrades! I want to offer to your attention an interesting article about alternative energy - solar ovens. In my opinion a very topical and ellementarnye device to BP as well as after it. These furnaces have a huge number of advantages, what you will be convinced after reading the article. Hopefully someone will find something importantP.S. Hopefully not happen BP associated with nuclear winter, and that such a device would not make effective. ]Successful use of solar cookers (Plates) was observed in Europe and India as early as the 18th century. Solar cookers and ovens, absorb Read more [...]
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How to recognize the approaching storm. What to do?

• The accumulation of large, fluffy on the edges of the clouds, creeps over the horizon, indicates near a shower or thunderstorm. • The approach of heavy rain or storm in the next 36 hours shows a pale, ghostly halo around the moon or bronze sheen in the sky during sunset or sunrise. • About the rapid increase in wind and possible rain warns kind of racing is high in the sky blurry bits of Cirrus clouds and yellow sunset. • Red or clear, but with a reddish tint of the sky at dawn, the increase in humidity is also often warn about the imminent deterioration of Read more [...]
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Swimming in a storm. What to do?

Swim in stormy weather is not recommended. But if you were still in the water, try as quickly as possible to return to the land. If you swam far from shore Your actions: 1. Do not waste your energy and don't fight the waves, let them carry you to the shore. 2. With the approaching waves begin to vigorously work the arms and legs, trying to move forward on its crest as far as possible. 3. Once the wave will go, relax and wait for the next one. To move forward, use is also the technique «sliding on the waves». It consists in the following: 1. Watch over Read more [...]
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United Kingdom: In the western part of Yorkshire was a flood

July 31, 2013. Excessive rainfall that hit the west Yorkshire, have caused flooding in the Calder Valley and Todmordene. On the territory of Todmorden to Brayhauza adjacent to the River Calder and its tributaries, announced a warning about the flood highest degree of danger, because here two hours received almost 460 mm of rain, that is half of the monthly norm.In York already flooded about 20 homes, where at the peak of the flood water came up to his waist. Several buildings and a train platform in Uolsdene also flooded. Dozens stood on the streets of cars plunged into the water, and other Read more [...]
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In Yaroslavl came a heat wave!

Here came the long-awaited spring. Today, 8 May, the thermometer will show up to 28 degrees. Forecasters promised Yaroslavl heat and dry weather and sunny tomorrow, May 9. Victory Day over the region will be 23 + ... + 29 °, forecasters predict Gidromettsetra. However, in the evening possible cooling to +9 ... +11 °, so those who are going to go on a "green" or walking late, jacket or sweater to take with them still stands. By the way, due to the heat wave in the region of possible emergencies. "There is an environment conducive to the increased likelihood of natural foci (peat) fires and move Read more [...]
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Survivalist radio.

I want to share with comrades about some of their concerns about the radio group, as in the campaign, and in PD. Hence we know that the waves have a specific frequency. Hence we know that the lower the frequency of the wave (and hence the wavelength more), the more it can get prepyatsviya, ie obtained the further contact. Further, we understand that we can only use the PMR and LPD without registration. To use CB, VHF, HF, we need permission. How to get it and what will happen if not moluchat can be found here and here. Ie professional radios operating in frequency selective lower UHF (UHF) and Read more [...]
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Same dream again …

Today dreamed: If it's not right to dismiss, it remains ... I stand and look out the windows of flats, standing in front of something else which buildings and high-rise muzzle the horizon, the sun is shining and lots of people strolling in the street. Suddenly I saw a wave absorbing all, time slows down. Vperedistoyaschego wave absorbs high-rise and coming to the one in which I stand ... I realize the situation, I think run or hide? But I understand that all this is the end and I'm ready for it! That apart Huge waves from the window no more visible and it covers the glass ... But, lo and behold! Read more [...]
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The heat will tear the planet increasingly

August 15, 2013. The atmosphere of the planet heats up, and it happens regardless of human activity or emissions of carbon dioxide. This is indicated by the results of a study published by the American, Spanish and German scientists. According to experts, the heat, like Moscow 2010, will tear the planet more often. In an article published in the journal Environmental Research Letters a group of authors from the universities of Pittsburgh, Madrid and Potsdam, described two scenarios. According to optimistic forecasts, the number of extreme weather events, including the so-called heat waves will Read more [...]
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Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).