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THE EARTHQUAKE IN MOSCOW: WHAT WAS IT?Nature does not tire to throw their riddles. on may 24, in the sea of Okhotsk has released a massive earthquake of magnitude 8.2 points, the hypocenter of which was, according to the American seismologists, at a depth of 610 kmSimilar energy and depth gave the European centre for monitoring earthquakes. At first, the earthquake was felt in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky force to 2-3 points. Then seismic wave reached Sakhalin, and that nobody was taken aback. The MOE announced the danger of tsunami, which was quite reasonable, but then the alarm was cancelled - due Read more [...]
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A new wave of flood in Pakistan took away several villages. Video

A new wave of flooding in Sindh province in southern Pakistan blotted out from the face of the earth several villages. Where two days ago were street with shops and schools, now flowing river. Hundreds of thousands of flood victims living in the moment in the camps. Poor sanitation and lack of food has caused outbreaks of cholera and malaria. Humanitarian aid comes from everywhere, from many countries and international organizations. But often does not reach those in need. Pakistanis are not happy with the actions of the authorities. Many believe that the officials cashing in on the Read more [...]
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MOE will create standalone bell, the sound of which will reduce panic

Dear comrades! Exhibited here reproduce with newsline Rambler from 27.09.2012. /Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters preparing two projects of new systems alert citizens during emergencies.Both are associated with multiple natural disasters that have occurred in the last few months, and numerous complaints against alert systems, which, according to residents, almost did not work.The primary task of the agency sees Vladimir Puchkov prototyping systems emergency alert the public about Read more [...]
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What conclusions we made for himself from the accident in the Urals?

Dear friends!Frankly tired monotonous theme of flatulencemeteorite in Chelyabinsk. I think it is useful to move from hysterical yelps vacuous chafing water in a mortar to comprehend what happened.Under the cut my conclusions "for internal use".Achtung! The article reflects my personal thoughts and has no relation to the official position of any state. bodies. Inquisitive can turn their attention to Hansa - 151 Chamber of protecting windows and hereLet's start with the "literature review"On Friday at 07.20 MSK ... (tra-la-la) ... finished bright flash and powerful explosion. In ... Read more [...]
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For tourist: Loading kayaks

Depends on the load of the boat not only by its habitability, and the safety of navigation. Installation and placement of things in the boat and have an impact on its navigability properties. Any item must have a fixed place. Things are placed so that each of them could just reach. Compact styling gives more space allows crew conveniently located for business and leisure, provides security transplant when changing paddlers.That it was possible to see the emergence Slanov under water or in a boat or in a kayak can not lay all the bottom of things. In addition, you must have a few good Read more [...]
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The Japanese catastrophe: the scale of the problem grows

In the coming three days after the Japanese disaster seismologists predict a new wave of underground shocks are not below seven points. The picture, which opened after the first wave, truly horrifying. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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PREPARING FOR WAR: how to survive a nuclear blast

The time at the moment, restless, all often heard discussions about the latest Cool war. We hunt to believe that before the Third world will not come, but the theory decided to tighten. So, we have dismantled a nuclear explosion on 5 striking reasons and invented, how to get rid of each of them. Ready? Flash to the leftSHOCK WAVEMost of the damage from a nuclear explosion will come from the shock wave, rushing with supersonic speed (in the atmosphere - more than 350 m/s). No one saw, we took a thermonuclear W88 warhead with a capacity of 475 kilotons, is adopted by the U.S., and found that when Read more [...]
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In Finland, for the first time in history, a warning about the heat wave

In Finland today will be hot weather. The most it will be hot in the West. There the temperature will rise to +30 degrees. Hot is also beyond the polar circle, in the Central part of Lapland - up to +25...+27 degrees. The most cool today will be in the North of Lapland, about +15...+20 degrees, rain, and in the East +22 degrees. The meteorologist Finland yesterday, for the first time in its history, issued a warning about the heat wave. The warning States that the heat can be dangerous for at-risk populations: for cores, the elderly and young children. Source: YLE.fiMeteorological Institute Read more [...]
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Tidal wave destroys homes in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

On Wednesday (19 Jan) tidal wave, accompanied by strong rains and strong winds hit the coast of regesta Sicca in Tusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), destroying dozens of houses. The head of the Agency for social security, Peter Manuk, said that the victims were assisted, and they were moved to a more elevated Terrain. Evacuated supplied sheets, mattresses, blankets, and food and milk. Residents of the same village SamaraNG not yet received any assistance, because they are on another island, which is now difficult due to high sea state. The extent of damage is still unknown, according to some was destroyed Read more [...]
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The Taburiente volcano — 6000 shocks in less than a month

on 15 September. In the government of the Canary Islands announced the beginning of an in-depth geological study of El Hierro, the smallest of the Islands in the state, in an attempt to determine the source of a series of earthquakes that began this summer, according to Unprecedented seismic activity began on July 19. Until 14 September inclusive occurred over 6000 earthquakes. More than two dozen of them were recorded on Wednesday 14 September.The vast majority of aftershocks force 1 to 3 points are recorded to the North-West region of El Golfo area 278,5 square Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Fishing with spinning

This collection includes nine assists devoted to catching up on spinning. You will visit in Finland, Sweden and Russia, as well as in our trophies will catch fish such as pike, perch, trout, salmon, perch, ide, and others.The lower reaches of the Don in the warm days of May attract anglers for themselves not only green with bushy banks, the sun warmed sand, sparkling in the sun and a wide expanse of the wave, and the opportunity to catch a wave in this everyday, seemingly fish like sardines ...Read more [...]
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Giant waves rolled through steam

It is at this ferry Superspeed refused engine is struck by a giant wave. (Photo: Color Line / Anders Martinsen) 3 December. On Saturday afternoon a large wave hit ??ferry Superspeed, which led to the stop of the engine at the time when the ship cruised between Chitchat and Kristiansand in Norway. We were amazed that the great wave rushed through the bridge. The wave hit in the ventilation valve and the water reached the control panel, zagluchil engine, says the Director of the Color Line, Is one Gronberg. After a few minutes, the crew was able to start the engine and steam without assistance Read more [...]
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Wave killer of chaos is not a myth

on December 13. Four years ago on 13 December 2007 by the American scientists were able to reveal the secret of the origin of giant freak waves. Managed to put the experiment in which the role of the ocean waves would light because they are very similar to each other in their behaviour. It turned out that creates them... chaos, spontaneously arising in the oceans. Messages about giant waves, appearing as if from nowhere, sinking ships and destroying port facilities, known since ancient times. They are reflected in many legends, talked about the survivors of this dangerous encounters fishermen Read more [...]
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The heat wave in Russia in 2010 was triggered by global climate change

on February 21. Global climate change could cause a heat wave in Russia in the summer of 2010 results on Tuesday, the British newspaper The Guardian data from the report of the experts of the Potsdam Institute for climate studies. According to experts, the risk of a sharp increase in temperatures in Russia in 2010 increased three times due to climate change caused by human activity. An earlier study conducted by a team of scientists from the National administration of Oceanography and atmosphere the US, by contrast, testified that the heat wave in Russia was a common natural phenomenon and had Read more [...]
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The North sea coast are threatened by tsunami

on 8 April. In the past half century tsunami in the North sea was not officially registered. However, this does not mean that in this region no. This statement was made by the geographer and climatologist jürgen Navig from University Christian-Albrecht in Kiel (Germany). Together with Danish colleagues, he carefully researched natural disaster 1858, when the North sea was swept by a giant wave. Navig gathered archival data and witnesses ' memories of this tsunami. It struck the coast of great Britain, Northern France, and the Netherlands. Stronger just had Denmark — on the North sea Read more [...]
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Giant rogue wave hit the merchant ship off the coast of Canada

February 7, 2012. «Dry BIM», 186-metre cargo ship, which is anchored at Ogden point in Victoria. Massive vertical beams on the deck bent, the wire and the load of logs is shifted by adrara wandering waves in the North Pacific ocean.The ship came from Washington state's course in Japan on Thursday night, and was about 480 km from the Northern tip of Vancouver island. Suddenly, the left side was hit by a rogue wave, shifting the burden to the starboard side. (Wave killer giant solitary wave height 20-30 (and sometimes more) meters that occur in the ocean and with uncharacteristic Read more [...]
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Japan waiting for a more powerful earthquake and tsunami

on April 18. The Japanese government listens to the echo of last year's earthquake and tsunami: underwater faults that surround the country, can lead to more serious disasters than previously thought. Last week, the officials responsible for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters, briefed the Cabinet on the simulation results, which showed that there is a danger more terrible tsunami than Tohoku.Data received by a group of researchers headed by Katsuyuki Abe, Professor Emeritus The University of Tokyo. Scientists modernized official model due to the inclusion of data of recent Read more [...]
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Hawaiian surfer won the 30-meter wave

Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara won a wave height of about 30.5 meters, writes The Guardian. American record attempt made in the Portuguese village of Nazare, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. In the event that the surfer will apply for registration of the record, he beat his own achievement established in 2012. Comrade McNamara Alistair Manny, who also participated in surfing in Nazare, called the act a colleague encouraging and inspiring. According to Manny, wave and weather were perfect for McNamara, and he reached the goal, did not commit any errors, even in the most dangerous Read more [...]
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Scientists warn of a new wave of swine flu

Director of the Research Institute of Influenza, Oleg Kiselyov said that early to talk about the end of an influenza pandemic. According to him, can not exclude a new wave of disease."Pandemic is developing its own laws and is 2-3 waves. Now we are seeing a second wave of the virus of swine influenza H1N1. It is not changed. The virus is resistant pandemic nature. In the Americas, another virus - H3N2. Unlike in 2009, the disease spread among children, "- he said.O.Kiselev urged to take precautions and not to contact with sick people.Meanwhile, according to the main infectious Read more [...]
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Greenland and Antarctica flood Russia

10.12.10 Russian oceanographers, geographers and meteorologists are seriously concerned about the rising level of water in the World ocean. According to them, the Northern capital represent a constant threat of flooding, the frequency of which for the last 30 years has increased significantly. Newly built protective complex does not solve the problem of flooding: of course, he saves Petersburg from surge wave, but upon reflection from the dam, the wave propagates along it, covering the Northern and Western coast of the Gulf of Finland. The consequences of such flooding can be disastrous for the Read more [...]
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