People pistol

10 million edinitsnelegalnogo weapons in Russia is in the hands of criminals. Protection from him at the law-abiding citizens does not exist. The past months of 2012 were remembered lovers weapons by two events: the outbreak of acute debate on the resolution of handguns (COP) for ordinary citizens and the amendment to the Law «On Weapons» (ZOO) on antique weapons.Opofeozom was the first summer conference of Senator and First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Mr. Torshin presented the report on reforming the weapons law. The editors Read more [...]
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The credit for the dream accessible to everyone

Four steps to getting money for the weapons and everything you dream of a real hunterEvery hunter dreams not only of the beast, and all that helps him in his favorite occupation, helping to enjoy it to the full. This full set of weapons, and a rich set of equipment, and of course, reliable transportation that can deliver to places where it is possible to properly use the equipment, and weapons, and their own skills.Alas, all these "adult toys" will cost a hefty sum, and most of us have to be limited to what they have. However, to realize the dream is possible and without major savings. Read more [...]
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The legitimacy of the use of firearms

Analysis of incoming mail suggests lack of awareness of citizens on the legal use of their existing lawful firearms with the direct attack in order to protect life, health and property.The letters contained a request to comment on the concept of self-defense, to answer the questions, what is meant by the excess of self-defense, to explain the use of weapons.In response to these requests, primarily turn to Article 45 of the Constitution, which reads as follows: «Everyone has the right to defend their rights and freedoms by all means not prohibited by law».Required under the criminal Read more [...]
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Well done in sheep

Forgive me, associates and other knowledgeable people, but in the text I will again handle and repeat the arguments and facts that are simply fed up with their recurrence during the discussion that broke out in the country in 1991, and goes so far without causing specific changes in our legislation. Photo by Sergey Gulyaev Well done among the sheep,A young man about – himself a sheep!Russian proverbPeople do not revolt against a bad life,and life worrying ...Ancient Chinese wisdomHowever, repeating the boring notoriety, I do not intend that anyone persuade, convince or uyazvit.V Read more [...]
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My Fair IWA

For almost forty years, in Nuremberg in the spring lovers of hunting, fishing, shooting, outdoor recreationFROM Every year on this exhibition there are more beautiful women's faces. They are increasingly among the leaders of weapons, ammunition, and selling autfiterskih firms – exhibitors. In many countries, women appear hunting clubs, Women getting on show more.[mkref = 2358]In Europe, it is certainly the most representative assembly. It happens that our people say that the Moscow exhibition Arms & Hunting is in line with the Nuremberg exhibition, but, in all Read more [...]
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Evaluation of the accuracy of shooting

On the accuracy of firearms influenced by many factors. They can be divided into three groups. The first - a reason related to the difference in muzzle velocity. Second - subekivnye reasons depend on strelka.Tretya - external conditions, such as temperature, wind force and air pressure. First bullet velocity differences may be related to used ammunition. It is clear that even if the machine production can not achieve 100 percent matching and ammunition. Differences may occur in geometric dimensions and bullets sleeves, their shape, weight, with­osnosti bullets sleeve, Read more [...]
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How to store weapons?

Law of the Russian Federation does not prohibit private individuals to own weapons, but it points to the need for a license for its acquisitionAt the same time, even if you are allowed to buy a gun, you can not just hang it on a wall or hiding under the bed.There is the Russian Interior Ministry order №288, which regulates the trafficking of arms and the rules of its storage.Firearms and rules of its storage under the laws of the Russian FederationThere are rules for the storage of firearms, and they must comply with. Order №288 "About storage of firearms" It defines the basic parameters Read more [...]
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Magic spring

Of all the guns in Russia today Webley&Scott I am most interested in the model 812. This model has several advantages that make it particularly interesting in our market.Photo: FOTOLIA.COM  Getting To Know submitted­governmental in Sales of the model showed that not so easy today to find weapons inertial reloading, and even well-known brand, for an amount close to thirty 000 rubles.The gun is a classic semi-automatic, easy, handiness; tubular magazine holds four cartridges. By default Shop inserted on the stopper two cartridges. Read more [...]
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We will select the drunken weapons

President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law that toughens responsibility for the negligent storage of weapons, resulting in loss of life. According to the document, careless storage of firearms, created the conditions for its use by another person, if it caused human death or other grave consequences, is punishable by a fine of up to 100 thousand rubles or by compulsory works for a term of up to 360 hours, or correctional labor for up to 1 year or restriction of freedom for up to 1 year, or imprisonment for up to 6 months.If such actions lead to the death of two or more people, it will be punishable Read more [...]
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Better old TT

As an activist of the All-Russian Movement "gun rights", which is fighting for the return of Russian citizens the right to defend themselves with the help of normal revolvers and pistols, I try to keep track of people's reactions on their own, and on other people's publications, which appear in the media and on the Internet on the topic of legalization korotkostvola.Photo SONY / ru.wikipedia Especially attentively study the views and objections of the opponents of legalization. In particular, I recently published an extensive article «HORN» «Well done in sheep»In Read more [...]
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Crimean loop

"You can not be too rich, too healthy and too armed" - with these words I would like to start this review. In general, if we talk in general, need to understand that an arms legislation already existent state of Ukraine today is much different from that in the RF Law "On Weapons".Disassemble the detailed provisions of the Law «On Weapons» Russia in the framework of this article consider inappropriate. The main task — identify the uncertainty with the introduction into circulation of weapons available to the population of Crimea, legislative turnover of the Russian Federation.Yes, Read more [...]
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Bringing death

Bladed weapons Indo-Iranian region. SwordsPersian miniatures depicting hunting scenes. XVI-XVII centuries. From the collection of GMV. But not only the straight and curved swords, some of which we have already discussed in a previous article, famous for the Indian subcontinent.Starting with the Muslim invasions, are increasingly replacing light saber swords come. Western researchers determine the type of sword (and some swords) in the form of a handle.This view does not seem very true. It is necessary to consider the subject in complex — and handle blade. Read more [...]
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John Rigby and Company

At the dawn of Soviet power the posters hanging on the streets of Russian cities, called "Citizens! Hand over your weapons! "The modern Russian refers to the west with a very different appeal:" We want to buy your best weapon! "The leading foreign manufacturers willing to respond to this call. Company John Rigby among them.Company John Rigby and Co. (Gunmakers) Inc. It was founded in 1735 in Dublin (Ireland) to the sinister years of the ten-year reign of Queen Anne. History has left the detailed evidence about the first years of the company, however, preserved since 1780 order book allow you to Read more [...]
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Altai Krai police prevented 108 violations of hunting regulations

On the territory of the region continue to raid events involving police officers, representatives of the Main Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the Altai Territory and the public, aimed at the prevention and detection of violations of the rules of trafficking in weapons and hunting.As a result of actions by territorial bodies of internal affairs in the Territory during the month, beginning with the opening of the hunting season revealed 12 crimes. Checked 5778 gun owners and inspected 14,194 units of vehicles in the hunting areas and on roads.Head of the Center for licensing and Read more [...]
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«Saiga-12» — reliable weapon

Reply by the representative of concern "Izhmash" Article V.Vitsko "Is there a future" Saiga ". The information contained in the article Vladimir Wicko, viewed from the perspective of establishing possible causes of defects found in terms of the formation of new requirements for consumer properties of weapons "Izhmash".As a result of analyzing the received information, the following conclusions:– Failures obtained during tests carbine «Saiga-12» shooting, contrary to the opinion of the buyer, not related to the quality of weapons and caused the default user requirements manual.– Read more [...]
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Snipe — my choice

He writes you a permanent your reader Paul cannabis. Hunter and taiga men I have experienced in hunting weapons understand well. I love a good domestic gun: IL-57 (produced in a limited series in the late 1950s - approx. Ed.), IL-26, TOZ-25, IL-12. My favorite IL-54 serves me faithfully for many years. Tells about all the virtues of this gun will not - it's all written before me. One thing I know for sure: Izhevsk legend IL-54 — Russian is the best shotgun serial production.The last few years I spend a vacation on the hunt in the Arkhangelsk region. The main object of hunting - the moose. Read more [...]
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Hunting weapons Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm

The royal castle in Berlin and New Palace in Potsdam stored hunting guns Emperor Wilhelm II - 24 shotguns and 32 rifles. Those who believe in closets with a weapon can be found His Majesty's outstanding specimens are rich in highly artistic execution will be very disappointed - all the different weapons as simple decoration, but excellent performance and high precision fight. This shows that the emperor, the former an excellent marksman, equal to that in Germany were perhaps a few hunters in the choice of weapons believed the basis of its high accuracy and perfect function. Virtually the only decoration Read more [...]
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Bullet in a smooth barrel

For a long time, Russian hunters use hunting big game smoothbore gun. Today has gained vast experience (both negative and positive) in the application to it of different designs of bullets. Great stopping effect of modern expanding bullets can be seen in all its glory on the demonstration cube ballistic clay. Immediately it should be noted that for shooting large ungulates (elk, deer, large wild boar) used guns of the 12th and 16th caliber as the most suitable for the knockdown. Hunting rifles, despite their engine production, remain in some of its individual parameters.Suffice Read more [...]
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Her Majesty bullet

"The bullet - a fool, the bayonet - well done" - popular wisdom says, echoing the famous words of the commander Alexander Suvorov. But how true these words are taken out of context, really? The hunter must be fully confident his arms, and the bullet must confidently and effectively hitting game.Handguns appeared on Russia in the second half of the XIV century as arquebuses. AT whole, this point it began its rapid development, realized in muskets, pistols, and guns. There were also rapidly developing cartridges. But bullets themselves for Read more [...]
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The tail of a monkey

The transition period from dulnozaryadnogo to breech-loading weapons has generated a lot of very interesting non-standard technical solutions. Many of them found their way directly to the "hardware." Today we can only wonder originality and sometimes revolutionary thinking of the XIX century gunsmiths.Carbine of Westley Richards. At first glance, this is an ordinary shotgun dulnozaryadny priming if not typical gate handle. Classical «representatives» this interesting period in the history of weapons could be called two subjects that with a little stretch after more Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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