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«There is no bad weather» - This proverb to the townsfolk and the romantics… For someone who struggling to survive in the wild, the weather is usually a bad or very bad. Very important to predict the weather, to prepare for various eventualities: frost, storm, snow, rain, thunderstorm. And here need high-quality weather forecast, and not the lazhovy as we usually transmits weather bureau. After all, your life is on the map. In this article we will touch on a number, which can make short-range weather forecast. In the fall, spring and winter, when it was cloudy and cold, and in Read more [...]
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1 Deadened, 1 Wanting in Avalanches

A distaff snowshoer died hours subsequently she was dug out of the snowpack on Saturday and a man remained lacking on Monday afterwards avalanches smitten the Shower Mountains in Washington pursual a expectant blizzard.A womanhood was hike with her dog bum a radical of 12 snowshoers when the avalanche hit. The snowshoers searched for the charwoman and ground her afterward 45 proceedings, interred below rough six feet of c. She was hypothermic, but witting. Rescuers reached the womanhood subsequently two and a one-half hours, but it took them about six hours to get her off the hatful due to unmanageable Read more [...]
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Wear for Cyclists: Infra Freeze

The pros subspecies in the blow, and you can too.     Near amateur riders are reasonable plenty to drive inside at these temperatures. That aforementioned, many route riders are masochistic beasts who merely sustain to develop—and airstream—in measly weather.Yield Queen. The master bicycler latterly returned from Europe, which is barely warming out aft one of the iciest springs in its account. Mogul raced the Turn of Flanders on a day with record-breaking frigid temperatures.“Frigid-weather paraphernalia substance as often Gore-Tex, windproof, and thermic wearable Read more [...]
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In Kemerovo -40 °

Classes in local schools canceled, postponed flights suburban and intercity buses. Pupils first to eighth grades do not learn in Kemerovo on Wednesday because of the impact the 40-degree cold. Wednesday, December 23, became the most frosty day for the area since the beginning of the autumn-winter season. In "the coolest spots" field today recorded minus 40-43 degrees in the "warmest" - minus 34 °. Transporters canceled due to cold weather a number of inter-regional, inter-city and suburban bus lines. "Because of the cold weather on Wednesday in Kemerovo canceled classes the first shift of the Read more [...]
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Abnormal cold

Weather in the last days of 2009 will bring a lot of surprises the people of Russia. In Irkutsk, December 31 declared a public holiday. The city is now -36 °, and on the field frost even stronger. In Buryatia, the thermometer dropped below -50 °. Today in Ulan-Ude - minus 37 °, and the New Year's Eve forecast promises all minus -48 °. Situation is not better in the Far East. On Wednesday, just four of the region received emergency warning about passing a powerful cyclone. Wind storm, snow, blizzards and a sharp drop in temperature expected in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands in the Khabarovsk Read more [...]
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Abnormal weather on the planet

In many regions of the Northern Hemisphere was established unusually cold weather. Severe frost meteorologists say last night on a giant space from Japan and China in the East to Western Europe and in the northern regions of the United States in the west. Heavy snowfall took place in South Korea, China and the United States. Record low temperatures for early January, recorded more than a dozen European countries, including France, Italy and Poland. Due to the heavy snowfall in the UK today closed the international airport in Manchester. In Scotland there was a threat of food shortages in the Read more [...]
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Global climate change. Report

Global climate change does not break any meteorologists, nor the inhabitants of the planet. Forecasters continue to count the record levels of the weather, while infinitely faulting in the projections even in the coming days. According APInews.Ru, weather anomalies associated with global processes occurring inside our planet ive space. Scientists report that the extremely cold winters will alternate with the now familiar warm, as well as a cool summer and will alternate with fries. This phenomenon - of a quantum evolutionary transition, which takes place tonight at the scale of the universe. Read more [...]
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Overview of the situation in Europe

Consequences snow on the road in Germany. Photo © AFP Europe again experienced all the delights of snow and frost Thermophilic Europe, despite the supposed onset of almost mid-winter, still can not get used to the snow, frost and other manifestations of the ordinary for us in the coldest time of the year. Regular snowfalls and frosts in early 2010 set Europe on the brink of traffic jams, and had to stay and almost two thousand Russians were planning to return to work after the holiday in the French Alps. Last time the weather experienced European states on the strength of the end of December.Typically, Read more [...]
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Do you retrieve a helmet for snowboarding is a moldiness?

Giro Bank: $69     Pic: courtesy, REIGiro Bank: $69A:I don't differ with you. Various early folk likewise weighed in on this outlet, advocating fixture helmet use. One, though, cited a jolly uttermost causa?snowboarding on real laborious, icy bamboozle done trees. With weather alike that, I guess a helmet is surely reserve. So, possibly helmets should be raddled whenever one is snowboarding, as the tilt of dip one takes is a petty unlike from that interpreted by a skier. Another subscriber suggested a helmet would whirl shelter from fast skis when a skier takes a "ski sale" Read more [...]
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Cold in Europe and the world. Overview

Severe frosts came again in some European countries. As expected, pretty chilled residents of the region have yet to freeze an unusually long time - until the middle of spring.Snowfall, which at the beginning of the new year paralyzed much of the Germany, now in several areas were changed unusual frosts here. On Monday, all over the country in the afternoon temperatures below zero, and in Berlin the coldest - minus 12 °. Forecasters promise that will be prolonged frosts and snowfalls begin Wednesday. But the problem with departures and landings of aircraft started now, as expected disruptions Read more [...]
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Poland sank into the snow. Video

The last few days in Poland still going strong snowstorm. Bad weather led to a collapse in major highways. Movement practically paralyzed. Authorities have mobilized to combat snow drifts all the heavy equipment. It is reported that the most difficult situation - in rural areas. Dozens of villages and towns were cut off from civilization. Now there trying to break the bulldozers. Bad weather has also complicated the navigation on the rivers of Poland. In particular, oder completely covered with ice. To clear the track, decided to use icebreakers. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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What wearable do I want for the unlike types of paddling?

Sitting 2.5     Pic: courtesy, Ingress ExploreSitting 2.5A:In choosing paddling wear you bear to think one matter: It's not roughly the sauceboat. It's astir what happens when you get dunked in the urine! So irrespective what, you indigence wearable that can sustenance you quick tied if you're not in the sauceboat. Fifty-fifty on a affectionate summertime day, that testament credibly beggarly synthetical longsighted underclothing, a Sodbuster John-type wetsuit arse, and upper-body vesture that's reserve for the weather?either a short-sleeve or long-sleeve top that's waterproofed Read more [...]
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SYSERT ,, R th C. in Sveral. region, located 50 km to the South from ECAT. in R. Sysert. The first settlement was founded in 1732 by decree of the Emperor. Anna Ioannovna page when the breech bottom-Sysert iron and steel C-Yes. In 1757 Sysert the plant was transferred to private ownership Affordances. In the XIX C. C. C. Sysert mountain ROC., and Sysert C-d one of the largest enterprises U., product-cerned with the mark in the form of herons for excellent quality have won awards at various spare parts. the exhibitions. C. was famous for forging and copper plumbing trades. There were match-f-ka, Read more [...]
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New snowfall in New York City

Another snowfall hit the business capital of the United States New York, where on Tuesday, according to the national meteorological center, in some areas during daylight hours has dropped up to 10 inches of rain. However, in contrast to the snowstorm that covered the city six days ago, the current snowfall paralyzes life is not a metropolis. After a three-day weekend in connection with the Day of the president of New York on Tuesday returned to a normal life, despite the bad weather. Additional load fell to the utilities of the city. According to the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one Read more [...]
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Replaced my old Nikon D40 for Nikon D7000, naturally decided to check it in the extreme conditions of the Southern Urals))) And without it?

Reading on different Saito humorous posts about the sale of snow, I decided to scout out a place where you can stock up and take out, and if the buyers are not there, then at least in the photo show !!!!!. So: Marketing Company Zlatoustovskiy snow or Christmas Taganay started))))) If you go into the mountains and marketing agent, you should do it carefully in the morning, to show that the product we have a spotless, no queues we have. Because you are welcome: sell snow Taganai, 100% prepayment + ex. But jokes apart, came when it was still dark and walked to Taganay, managed by dawn, in order to Read more [...]
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Record warm weather in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic in recent days established unusually warm weather, on Thursday in 20 cities across the country was recorded record high temperatures - more than 20 ° C, according to the Czech Weather Service. In particular, in Prague, the thermometer rose to 21 ° (maximum temperature was noted here in 1974 - + 19,3 ° C), which has pleased many tourists in the Czech capital. In the south of the Czech Republic in Husince Thursday afternoon was 20,6 ° of heat (in 1955 19,5 °). It was very warm in Moravia and Central Bohemia, in Brandýs nad Labem meteorologists recorded a temperature Read more [...]
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Temperature anomaly in Moscow

The temperature in Moscow and the region to the rest of the week will be 5 ... 7 ° exceed climatic norm. Told Vestyam.Ru leading specialist of the Center Fobos weather Leonid Starkov. According to him, the intense pace of snowmelt will continue and, apparently, to the Easter snow come down completely throughout the area. Changing climatic season occurred in average long-term time frame. March 27 average daily temperature passed through zero to positive values, and we started spring weather. And this was not smooth, as usual, but abruptly. The average daily temperature for 5 ... 7 ° higher than Read more [...]
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Sudden snow and frost in Scotland

Unexpected for late March snowfall and frost struck Tuesday at the northern regions of the United Kingdom, leading to power outages, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC. In Scotland and Northern Ireland has dropped to 7.5 centimeters of snow, and the temperature in some areas last night dropped to No. 5 °. As a result of bad weather in Scotland were without power 22,000 homes. Energy were able to restore the supply of 20 thousand of them in the afternoon of Tuesday, in two thousand houses have to give light in the evening. Almost throughout Scotland in the next evening and Read more [...]
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*Weather forecasting in the dew.Note: weather forecasting in the dew reliable only if there is no wind, because the wind dew in General does not appear.• Signs of bad weather:If after sunset dew absolutely no or very weak, you need to wait for the bad weather.If evening and/or morning dew long-term dries, is cloudy. Before the night storm, the fog does not occur in the evening, falls and mildew.• Signs of improvement in the weather:If in the morning a rich dew and fog, is for good weather and clear day.• Signs of preserving good weather:If soon after sunset on earth and the grass appears Read more [...]
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UK. Snowfall. Video

In the northern areas of the UK abnormal for this time of the year cooling. Snow filled up with Scotland, rain fell as the cars on the roads just buried Source: Conduct Previous News: · Weather joked over the English. Photo · In the Amur region came unprecedented snowfall · Record warm weather in the Czech Republic · The temperature anomaly in Moscow · Weather anomalies in the south of Europe. VideoRead more [...]
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