PHOTO — Overview multitool Wenger RangerGrip 61.823 and Victorinox MILITARY (a lot of photos, traffic …)

Bought Wenger RangerGrip 61.823, the opportunity to live in compared to Victorinox MILITARY. Familiarity with Wixom left double sense. Little has changed his mind about the "trinket-like" knife from Victorinox the better. As a minimum, the model Military deserves respect. In his hand sits well, sawing - "toothy" (sampled in nature, excellent saws), a powerful screwdriver Phillips + flat + awl canned opener. All spoils serreytornoy blade sharpening. Very hot, but ... Use Lezerman Surzh 350 grams, led me to think about buying a pocket knife city, every day. After going through a bunch of toons Read more [...]
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On New Zealand’s coming monstrous storm the size of Australia

On New Zealand's coming one of the largest storms on the planet. The area of the storm front is approximately equal to the territory of Australia. As expected, the element will hit New Zealand on Friday, ITAR-TASS reported. According to the forecaster national weather service Philip Duncan, the brunt of the elements expected in the Auckland region, Wellington, Nelson, Marlborough and Canterbury. The speed of wind gusts of the storm now reaches 130 km per hour. Element brings thunderstorms, snow and lower temperatures. According to the forecaster, tornadoes enough power to tear off roof, cut Read more [...]
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In Australia rains interfere with harvest

On the East coast of Australia does not stop the rain. According to experts, they can lead to a delay in the harvesting campaign in three weeks, and that can lead to failure of the commitments on export supply. By the end of September part of the wheat was harvested in the fields of some farms in the state Queensland. Further South and East the weather forecasts disappointing precipitation will be delayed for a few weeks. According to analyst group Australian Crop Forecasters, the farmers of the region for the next 2-3 weeks will not be able to commence field work. Delay harvesting means that Read more [...]
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How Can I Set for My Backwash at Height?

Alt nausea, sickness, headaches—how can you annul it? Via Shutterstock     Pic: Juriah MosinA:At good 5,000 feet supra sea floor, the torso makes physiologic changes to conform to the depress density of o in the air. The LT100 starts at 10,152 feet and maxes out at 12,424 feet, so you’re compensate to be implicated most how your soundbox volition plow the leap in height from your plate. Ideally, you’d get as hanker as you can earlier wash day to tolerate yourself to acclimatise. Experts approximation that nigh multitude amply acclimate afterwards animation at height Read more [...]
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Lightbulbs Can Transmute Your Wellness

Unless your work is the big open, chances are your spot firing isn't salient—and that's not expectant for your upbeat. But researchers get hit the saving, deciding that a particular rather contrived lightness can helper hold your biologic rhythms right synchronised—and they've successfully well-tried it in the well-nigh utmost real-world weather.Scientists recognize that whiten igniter enriched with dark wavelengths efficaciously helps sync the personify's biologic time, which is staggeringly influential on things similar retention, cardiovascular procedure, and kip tone. But the Read more [...]
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Wear Freed From Moldable Jar

Later chasing it for iii weeks, wildlife officials in Tennessee freed a melanise gestate from a moldable jar that was stuck on its caput. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Bureau offset heard roughly a deliver with a jar on its mind belated end month, but perennial attempts to bewitch the fleshly—including one approach misfire with a tranquilliser plunder—were stillborn. So, on July 17, wildlife policeman Shelley Hammonds eventually caught the carry, which was cadaverous but had managed to hybridizing a lot, and distant the jar in the park of a cat's-paw shit. The birth probably got Read more [...]
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Supernumerary! Workout Overindulgence KOs Millions

    Pic: Dan Winters How practically exercising can you cover in a yr? "The resolution comes devour to brawn terms," says Tim Mickleborough, prof of recitation physiology at Indiana University. E.g., he says, "eighter weeks afterwards complementary a marathon, thither's quieten muscle-cell re-formation expiration on. You harbor't full cured, fifty-fifty though you mightiness tone ilk you suffer."Surveil Read more [...]
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Out-of-door clip, May 1996SurvivalKelly McCown's guidebook to leaving the outdistance, disregardless what your modality of transferBy Scar JannotThe commencement clip Kelly McCown entered the New York Skate Marathon, in 1993, she raced the tyro 20k and hardly ruined. "I think organism fabulously banal and thought, 'I don't experience how multitude can do this,' " she says. Death twelvemonth McCown set a grade platter in the Athens to Atlanta Skate Read more [...]
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In Romania well water begins to boil

on June 16. Geophysics from Kiev recorded in this area of the Carpathians small shift of the earth's crust - five-kilometer crack. For a third week with a well in the yard Vyacheslav Nikitin something strange is going on. It boils water. Ice mountain water warmed to 55-60 degrees, and continues to heat up. Once I noticed that, watering flowers and greenery in the yard, I didn't feel cold hands, \" said Vyacheslav Nikitin, chief state sanitary doctor Vyzhnytsya district. I shake the water from the well pump. So, holding the hose, all the time changing hands - the water was icy cold. And then suddenly Read more [...]
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A record number of dolphins jumped in the USA over the past three weeks

on 7 February. Ecologists have documented over the last three weeks, a record number of dolphins stranded in Cape cod on the North-Eastern United States, reported the newspaper the New York Times. «Only in the last three weeks 129 dolphins beached on the coast of Cape cod for over 30 miles. Annually, according to environmentalists, 228 various marine mammals — dolphins, whales and seals emitted from December to March at a distance of more than a thousand kilometers of coastline from Cape cod to the border of the state of Rhode island», — the message says.Environmentalists Read more [...]
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Adding to the review and Juice Weeks

Author: M Date: 11/18/05 I have compared the Juice xe6 and craftsman from viktorinoks.  Two days later I changed the house lights to the new wires to the + + it switches etc. Essentially decided to try all the things you can do Wixom and Juice (it's cutting, wire stripping, disassembly, joining various switches, plugs, etc.)The wire was flexible - SHVVP 2 * 0.75.In short ....Juice well bite the wire at Wicks problems - single solid thin wire can eat, Doubles - no.True flexible wire Wicks cuts with a bang, no problems, but on the single-core pair will be a problem ... Of course it is Read more [...]
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5 weeks in a town in Chile at 170 earthquakes

Navidad city that is home to 5,500 people located in Chile became one of the most earthquake shakes the places in the world — more than 170 earthquakes have occurred here in the last 5 weeks.

The most powerful earthquake measuring 5.9 points — occurred during the funeral of a local resident, and mourners were forced to flee in panic from swaying buildings where there was a farewell for the dead.

Category: Earthquakes
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When do youth?

They say, and, not without a certain optimism that in 40 years, life has just begun. Now, apparently, more to say, in 40 years, life is approaching its middle. And to be more precise, according to a study that will determine the perception of youth and old age, the age at which to stop calling themselves young, at 40 years, 8 months and 2 weeks.But that somewhat alarming, the British, among which were surveyed, believe that aging occurs when people reach the age of 59 years, 2 months and 2 weeks.During the survey, commissioned by the Ministry of Work and Pensions, has been studied opinion 2171 Read more [...]
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New Zealand is coming to a terrible storm the size of Australia

Coming to New Zealand is one of the largest storms on the planet. Area storm front is approximately equal to the territory of Australia. As expected, the element will hit New Zealand on Friday, according to ITAR-TASS. According to National Weather Service forecaster Philip Duncan brunt of the disaster is expected at Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Marlborough and Canterbury. Wind gust speed of the storm is now approaching the mark of 130 km per hour. Element brings thunderstorms, snow and lower temperatures. According to weather forecaster, the tornado enough power to tear the roof, cut down Read more [...]
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Englishman in New York

Do you always get sick your job?Thither are much of multiplication when I recall, flipping Nora, what bear I got myself into? I was in the jungle deuce-ace weeks ago, in the malefactor of a corner. Thither was torrential rainfall for 48 hours. I had locoweed stuffed up my shirt and knickers to sustenance ardent. But the more that goes amiss, the amend the read.What scares Have Grylls?I get rattling, really frightened of high. I hatred barmy. I'm rather claustrophobic. I wrestled a ten-foot boa a mates weeks ago. You're cold if you're not crapping your knickers when you're doing that.So you're afraid Read more [...]
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Can You Plow the Verity?

Exemplification by Cross Matcho altered from Chris Carmichael's The Ultimate Drive.     3) THE Preparation Project Weeks 1–4: Power suggests expenditure 60 to 90 transactions on the time-trial motorcycle for one insouciant cod a hebdomad, allowing your eubstance to adjust to the place. Dungeon in nous you should desegregate this programme with criterion road-bike education, same Chris Carmichael's hill-climbing regime on paginate 56.Weeks 5–8: Start adding 3 or 4 intervals of five-spot proceedings apiece of laborious equitation followed by cinque to ten Read more [...]
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Stair 3: Periodize

Periodization: You've seen the condition in magazines. A distinctive program involves block out a month roughly for soft survival education (the institution or pedestal stop), followed by a few weeks adapting to more integrated oeuvre (the figure flow), so a few weeks of high-intensity grooming (the operation menstruum), followed by retrieval.Funfair sufficiency, but that's a periodization project for multitude who center but one variation and maybe scarce one eyeshade a class. Perhaps you dog-tired the retiring two months nordic skiing. Mayhap you've been to spinning form doubly a workweek and Read more [...]
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In Australia, rains hamper harvest crops

On the East Coast of Australia does not stop rain. According to experts, they can lead to a delay harvesting in three weeks, and it is fraught with failure of commitment for exports.By late September, the wheat crop was removed some farms in the state Kvinzlend. Further south and east of the disappointing weather forecasts - precipitation drag on for several weeks. According to estimates of the analytical group Australian Crop Forecasters, farmers in the region for another 2-3 weeks will not be able to start field work.Delay harvesting means that wheat exporters will not be able to fulfill commitments Read more [...]
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Sentence to Mend

    Sean McEnroe, a vet physiotherapist who plant with renown athletes from Vail's Steadman Hawkins Clinic, recommends the pursuit short-run goals for post-ACL operation patients (infra). He's too provided a regime of ogdoad ski-specific exercises to get you dorsum on the slopes (rightfield). Though intentional for skiers, this exercising volition tone the muscles that protect your knees disregardless which variation you're acquiring backbone into—and they're nonesuch for preventing stifle hurt if you've ne'er been injured. McEnroe suggests doing this platform trey years Read more [...]
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Again repeaters!

To begin, I strongly pondered for what could serve these repeaters. Perhaps, for the treatment of a transfer of Americans to the Iraqi people? But then why it did not work? The Iraqis could not detect all devices? And I began to collect information about the purposes for which can be used at all relays. I did not know I was looking for, but at the edge of consciousness swarmed a thought. The memory of what-the information that was once overheard me ... corner of his eye seen the text ... The words that I ignored the ... I suffered a whole day and went to bed in a bad mood. Obviously, so Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).