Survival in Space

Good day to all surviving!Came across an article about a month ago. He smiled, so I think now share to defuse the situation a bit amid the alarming publications.original article here referred to uppercase my comment)How to survive in space. (Well it's what needs to happen and / or how to get drunk NEED TO Whew got there?)You never know where you would find the problem of survival in space, whether you're an astronaut future of flying in space, space tourist (A TKAIH AMONG read the vast majority of) modern epidemic on board, leaving Read more [...]
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The perception of space in space

For studying the spatial orientation of the astronauts in zero gravity, playing in a two-jet, we carried out the following experiments. The subject was sitting in the back of the cabin, wear your seat belts to a chair. Pilot flying in the area of weightlessness created right or left heel to 60-65 °. In front of the "hill" and the onset of weightlessness cosmonaut team pilot closed his eyes and radios device described his impressions of the plane's position. With eyes closed, none of the astronauts could not determine the true nature of the aircraft. Komarov, such as talking Read more [...]
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The spatial illusion

In the study of the functions of perception in people involved in the first airplane flights with playing weightlessness (parabola Kepler), revealed a number of violations, are reduced to a distortion of spatial relations, size and shape of the perceived objects. Here is self-observation the author: "In the second 'hump' I had to" float "in weightlessness ... Weightlessness came suddenly, and I, not having time to recover, he felt that flew up, and then in an uncertain direction. Was complete disorientation in space . I then started to some degree understand the situation. Read more [...]
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Who will fly to Mars?

Russians are far from the real space, get information about it mostly from the media - for example, a television news program. Journalists are the same as those for the most part have only a superficial knowledge of the field, prone to exaggeration and under-achievement problems. Their enthusiasm stems not even the fact that the space industry is not taken "to wash dirty linen in public," and the fact that the majesty of the business (exploration of the universe - what could be grander?) Often inhibits healthy critical thinking. In the end, the success of any event is touted as the Read more [...]
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Affective reactions

Studies have shown that many of the subjects at the beginning of the effects of weightlessness the feeling falling through, fall to "a sinking heart and capture of breath", often accompanied by a sense of fear. Thus, as a rule, appear spontaneous movement, which can be identified tonic (lifting arm's length, pulling the legs, bending back the body) and a motor (beating and kicking, grasping movements) components. Loss of bearing surface in normal conditions, usually indicates a possible hitting the ground after falling from a height and, apparently, so accompanied by a sense Read more [...]
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Violations of consciousness

In our experiments with the reproduction of weightlessness on the aircraft one of the subjects, a medical doctor, described his feelings: "At the beginning of the effects of weightlessness in the first hill felt a lightness in the body. Then felt something unnatural in his hands. Seemed hands began to lengthen and increase in size. clearly understood that the arms can not grow, but the illusion was kept throughout the effects of weightlessness in the first slide. second hill illusion repeated. But she has completely disappeared when I started to look at his hands. When closed my eyes, I felt Read more [...]
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Disharmony of motor activity

Both foreign and Soviet researchers in brief periods of weightlessness in the subjects were found changes in muscle tone and poor coordination of movements. So, if it enters the target pencil when inscribing crosses diagonally with open and closed eyes in weightless conditions revealed a common mistake: the displacement of hits up and right. Such loss of coordination found the following explanation. On the ground, a man raising his hand, overcome by muscular effort to the weight of course, but the inertia of the masses. Under the conditions of weightlessness, when the "disappearing" Read more [...]
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