Invisible Cat

Not many hunters boast meetings with trot. Even where it is common, it is difficult to see. This cat invisible makes itself felt only a chain of beautiful circular tracks, so the easiest way for them to explore her life and habits. Illustration Tatiana Danchurovoy The first time to see the big cats I was lucky enough to vyat taiga. AT Students of the Moscow Soviet fur college, future game wardens were required to undergo a six-month practice kooppromhozah. AT 1980 turned to VNIOZ with technical leadership to send to experimental hunting of two Read more [...]
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For Severyanka

With the onset of winter in the north, with its frost and snow, gale force winds rush southward northern duck and goose ...On all the way to thousands of migratory birds hunters flock to where there is the opportunity to compete with cautious and alert bird. This period passes quickly. North duck and goose fly to where is still possible to stop feeding and stop here for a few days. Often it is at October until the river, which runs along the migration of these birds, and situated near the lake, ilmenite, not swamp covered with ice. The last stop of Read more [...]
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And here is the West’s response to the situation in Ukraine after the intervention in her RF.

The US and the West start "drain" the Maidan and radicals..The right sector has performed all stained work and now no longer needed., for them it already - used material, which they are only a hindrance. and so they need to dissociate themselves.. In the Western media is finally beginning to receive the truth about the coup.. now you can pretend that the West was not aware of what the Nazi evil is practised iniquity in Ukraine ))Western American media begin to read that the square is already not the protesters and militants, the fascists and the Nazis. The way it is changing the mindset Read more [...]
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Abnormal weather in the south of Western Siberia

The average daily temperature in the southern West Sibirica east of Omsk is already at 5-7 ° below normal for the beginning of February. But nature will continue to experience the Siberians to frost. In the coming days, Siberian frosts from Novosibirsk to Kemerovo will become even stronger as the neighborhood - in the central areas and in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where the negative temperature anomaly is -10 ... -12 °. In the Krasnoyarsk last night the temperature has dropped to -40 °. After a day or two such abnormally low night-time temperature can be observed in the Novosibirsk Read more [...]
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Ural Mountains

 Beginning with pozdnezyryanskogo period, causes reorganization of the drainage system for Eastern European type (symmetrical pattern of the drainage system of the Russian Plain) were as follows: the similarity of climatic conditions with Russian plain, smaller area of ​​glaciers in the presence of large lacustrine-alluvial plains. To date, this process intensified with the disappearance of glaciers are in full swing across the West Siberian Plain (excluding structural and denudation plains). The result is a mirror symmetry with respect to the Ural mountain range. Figure hydrographic network Read more [...]
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Northern Urals. Rivers, lakes and glaciers

River. With the Northern Urals originate numerous deep rivers, which flows into the Caspian Sea, the Barents and Kara Seas. Major rivers flowing down from the western slope of the ridge, tributaries of the Kama Kosva, Yaiva, Visscher. On the western slope takes also the beginning of the largest river European North Pechora tributaries Uney, Ilych, and Podcherem Shchugorev. On the eastern slope of the drain North Sos'va and its left tributaries Toljan, Nyays, Magna, Yatriya and tributaries Tavda Lozvy, Vijay, Ivdel, Sos'va. Most of the rivers of the mountainous area of ​​Northern Urals typical Read more [...]
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The Terrain Of Siberia

The relief, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere in Western Siberia, while in constant motion and interaction give rise to complex dynamics of geometry under the influence of the variables of the gravitational forces. As a result, in Quaternary processes in glacial, influenced the development of the Turan lowland, and in postglacial of the Russian plain. Consider the influence of Western Siberia on the Aral-Caspian pool. Caspian basin over the last glaciation experienced two powerful transgression of the early and pozdnevaldaiskoi. Age renewalists corresponds renesansa glaciation (70 40 thousand years Read more [...]
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River Subpolar Urals

With the ridges of the Subpolar Urals originate numerous deep river pools of the Kara and Barents seas. The main water artery of the Eastern slope of the polar Urals is river Lyapin, in the upper-called Golgoi, the largest left tributary of the Northern Sosva. Hulga is formed by the confluence of the rivers will Chimay and grow coarse, originating on the heights and 660 960 m above sea level. On leaving the mountains Lyapin (Hulga) flows in a South-westerly direction along the Eastern foot of the ridge on extensive Lapin depression. Most of the right tributaries Lyapina Babanu (East), Helmert, Read more [...]
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Heavy rainfall

Hazardous or meteorological phenomena are significant and rainfall  warm period, giving a day or less layer 15-50mm and more, as well as solid precipitation cold period with a layer of 10-20 mm and more. When heavy rainfall dominates zonal circulation, defined two types of processes. Thus, in the first case, the medium maps AT500 pressure field is represented by the crest of the ETP and well-developed south oriented troughs one from Taimyr to the Aral Sea, the second from the Norwegian Sea to Italy (see Fig. 5.10 b).Fig. 5.10. North-Western (I), Western (II) and the southWestern (III) types Read more [...]
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Moshinskii Stanislaus Wanda losifovna

Moshinskii Stanislaus Wanda losifovna (14 (27) .03.1917, Cherkasy, Kyiv region. 17.10.1980, Moscow), Inst. Prehistory of D & Rec. Siberia, archaeologist, PhD. ist. Sciences (1943). She graduated from the east. MSU majoring Ancient History (1939), followed by post graduate courses (1942). Ph.D. diss. defended on Asian Bosporus VI-IV centuries. BC .. Lea. activity associated with M. In-fact of Archaeology of the USSR, where it early. work with January. 1944 and has grown from a laboratory assistant to the senior scientific. employee. From 1946 until the middle. 1960 systematically participated in Read more [...]
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Georgia swept hurricane

Georgia swept hurricane. Ripped off roofs from dozens of buildings. Knocked down hundreds of trees, damaged power lines. And due to the rapid melting of snow in the mountains and constant rain in western Georgia overflowed two rivers - Kvirila and Rioni. Near Kutaisi Kvirila destroyed the bridge, and not quite as land locals. High water levels and landslides threaten village to village in a few areas of western Georgia. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Climate and weather Polar Urals

The climate is sharply continental Polar Urals, harsh, with long cold winters and short, cool summers. Severity of the climate is mainly due to the geographical location of the northern edge and significantly high ridges. Significant influence as the meridional location ridges transverse to the direction of the prevailing winds major vlagonosnyh that accounts for the difference in the climatic conditions of the European and Asian part of the Urals, especially in the distribution of precipitation. Winter with negative average daily temperatures and snow cover lasts an average of about 7 months in Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Australia

Western Australia Magnitude: 5.2 Time: April 20, 2010, 00: 17: 08.0 UTC Depth: 10 feet Coordinates: 30.53 S 121.65 E — Earthquake of magnitude 5 occurred on Tuesday in Western Australia, there are no data on victims, reports the Associated Press referring to the national geological survey Geoscience Australia. The earthquake occurred on Tuesday at 08.17 local time (04 ^ 17 MSK). According to the USGS, the epicenter of the quake was located 30 kilometers north-east of Kalgoorlie - the center of the gold mining industry in Western Australia. Center was located at a depth of 10 kilometers. According Read more [...]
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Flooding in western Ukraine. Victims

Three people - including two children - were killed in the floods in western Ukraine Another unaccounted for. Because of the long rains in the Chernivtsi region flooded three settlements. Completely destroyed more than thirty houses. Now MOE eliminates the effects of flooding. Care is provided and Russian rescuers - in Chernivtsi for aerial reconnaissance sent helicopter Ka-32. In addition, from Russia arrived two planes with humanitarian aid. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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In Western Europe rages powerful ciclovida

In Western Europe rages powerful cyclone. The rains caused severe flooding in Poland and southern Germany. Flooded the main highway, a hurricane tore shingles from roofs. In neighbouring Austria was large hail. He smashed glass in homes and damaged dozens of cars. Due to the bad weather crashed a small helicopter — the car fell in the forest, the pilot was killed. In Northern Italy the wind picked up and brought to the streets of garden furniture, roofing and light barriers. There are victims. In one of the towns collapsed wall of a house, under the rubble can be people. Read more [...]
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In the Western Czech Republic first reported tornado

In the Western Czech Republic first reported tornado. This is unheard of here earlier phenomenon confirms the theory of accelerating climate change and global warming on the planet. \"Natural disasters, characteristic of non-European territories subject to intensive influence of humid tropical climate, watched the villagers Clean, near the city of Rakovnik,\" he told reporters today the representative of the Czech hydrometeorological Institute Radek Dvorak. Victims and no serious damage as the tornado passed Cisco. In the surrounding forests broken and uprooted hundreds of trees. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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Meteoroloji. Blizzard on the Yamal Peninsula

Western Siberia In the North of Western Siberia, the average temperature in the last days did not reach the standards of the second decade of September 2-4 degrees and the snow was priporocil tundra, the snow depth in some places reaches 4-5 see Cooling and precipitation in form of snow and sleet brought a powerful cyclone that Middle Urals went to the Taimyr Peninsula and the Northern and North-Eastern streams tightened the Arctic cold on the Yamal Peninsula and in the Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug. Today the weather in the North of Western Siberia began to spoil the cyclone from the Kola Peninsula. Read more [...]
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\»Gabrielle\» is in Canada

Read more [...]
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Cyclone Bianca\» will hit Australia

Tropical cyclone «Bianca» assigned to the second category of danger, approaching the Western coast of Australia. This was reported today by the representative of the national weather service Noel Pasi. According to him, the brunt of the elements expected in the Pilbara region. The speed of wind gusts already exceeds 160 km per hour. Currently, cyclone, bringing heavy rains, is 285 km South-West of Broome. In the state of Western Australia declared a storm warning. All emergency services are translated into enhanced mode, transfers ITAR-TASS. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Water in the Western Dvina in the Verkhnedvinsk district rose to dangerously high levels

April 11, Vitebsk /Diana smoked — . > > > Flooding of homes, farms and low-water bridges over the day occurred in the five districts of the Vitebsk oblast, BelTA learnt from the press Secretary of the Vitebsk regional Department of the Ministry of emergency situations. The largest number of farmsteads and outbuildings (5 and 6 respectively) are in the water in Verhnedvinsk district due to rising water levels in the river Western Dvina. 20 hours on 10 April, the water level in the river Western Dvina was 880 cm, a dangerously high level — 879 see Given the fact that the ground Read more [...]
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