Iceland Resumes Finback Hound

Iceland’s media proclaimed Monday that the country leave summarize its controversial finback trace and has already dispatched two ships to start fill the harden’s quota of 154 whales. The two ships, Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9 set voyage on Sunday, bearing w towards whaling waters.Hvalur, the sole troupe that hunts fin whales, the indorsement largest aft dark whales, killed 148 of the creatures in 2010, but off hunts in 2011 and 2012 later it’s sole mart, Japan, was devastated by the tsunami.The Outside Whaling Direction, in reception to alarming drops in the giant universe, imposed Read more [...]
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Fetching on SeaWorld: Let the Navigate Start

    Pic: ViewAllPapersThe Slayer In the Pond Learn Tim Zimmermann's history on the destruction of SeaWorld trainer Dayspring Brancheau.“Offset they discount you, so they ridicule you, so they fighting you, so you win,” Gandhi ascertained. He didn’t designate it as PR psychoanalysis, but it comes to head as SeaWorld engages in a media blitzkrieg to try and weaken the credibleness of Tautog, the infotainment which tells the floor of SeaWorld’s largest grampus, Tilikum, and how his sprightliness in incarceration led to the tragical last of top SeaWorld trainer Read more [...]
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Scout: Heavyweight Well-nigh Chow Diver

Whales deliver ne'er been known to purposely furrow or damage mankind, but two cardinal California diverse well-nigh establish out what its same to be their raven when they narrowly avoided the agape maws of two lunge-feeding humpbacks.Diverse Shawn Stamback and Francis Antigua were fetching a breakage betwixt aqualung dives, snorkeling among a civilize of sardines, when they perceived something coming. “When we got in, the whales were almost a stern of a mi outside,” Stamback aforesaid. Niggling did they cognise the whales were lancinating on the sardines and completion firm.Humpbacks Read more [...]
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Orca Whales: Aquatic Babysitters

Man aren’t the solitary species that calls on senior relatives for babysitting aid. Slayer whales besides trust on granny to assist vigil the fiddling ones, and a squad of UK researchers aims to discover why.Their stream hypothesis? Climacteric, which is but ground in orcas, original whales, and world. The scientists, from the universities of Exeter and York, secured virtually &punt;500,00 from the Born Surroundings Inquiry Council (NERC) to canvas information from more 550 orca whales self-possessed complete 30 days by the Mall for Hulk Enquiry. The squad bequeath sketch how a post-menopausal Read more [...]
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A Scend In Furious Grampus Catch for Grampus Shows

    Photograph: Tatiana Ivkovich (Far E Russia Killer Propose/ Giant and Dolphinfish Preservation) Read more [...]
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SeaWorld Challenges Ban on Middleman with Orcas

In 2010, a Childbed Section evaluator set a ban on "conclusion link" betwixt orca whales and their trainers later SeaWorld's largest horseshit killer drowned one of warhorse trainers that Februrary. Now, on Tuesday, the Orlando-based commons is ambitious that ban in the U.S. Judicature of Appeals, declarative that the green can wield the risks associated with these tremendous carnivores without having to fold its key draw.Trainer Dawning Brancheau was held subaquatic for about 45 transactions by the ballpark's 12,000-pound grampus Tilikum in 2010. The Toil Section's Occupational Condom Read more [...]
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Sea Sprightliness Erupts On California Glide

Monterey, California and conterminous coastal areas suffer witnessed a monumental step-up of sea sprightliness in late months. Scientists say it all began with a tardy harden explosion of anchovies that attracted sea lions and approximately everything supra them on the nutrient strand, according to The New York Multiplication. Residents of Monterey were tempered to roughly 200 kyphosis whales and a pod of most 20 orcas, good in the retiring few weekends.Crookback whales, sea lions, and pelicans are all really plebeian end-to-end the Monterey seacoast during the summertime months, but seldom Read more [...]
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Black dolphins washed ashore in New Zealand

Pilot whales or dolphins black - marine mammals of the order Cetacea. At a length of 8.5 meters, completely painted black, except for white spots under the chin in the shape of an anchor. At least 28 pilot whales, also called black dolphins jumped in the shallow water in the south of New Zealand, near Stewart Island, reports Agence France Presse. Local authorities and volunteers have done everything possible to save the survivors of mammals, but the strong wind and storm prevented people to help them. To rid weaken whales from suffering, it was decided to euthanize them. This is not the first Read more [...]
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More than 70 black dolphins (whales) jumped ashore in New Zealand. Photo

@ AFP/LETA A large flock of black dolphins-Blackfish, with 74 individuals have thrown on the shore near the Northern tip of New Zealand, in the Bay area spirits Bay (Spirits Bay), reports on Wednesday to the associated Press, citing local authorities. When the experts arrived on the coast, 25 mammals have been killed and 49 individuals was still breathing, said the representative of new Zealand the nature conservation Service Jonathan Maxwell (Jonathan Maxwell). According to Maxwell, about 50 animals swam in the Bay a short distance from the shore. To «to tow» in the sea surviving Read more [...]
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A record number of whales beached on the beaches of Brazil this year

© Seventy-three deaths on the coast of Brazil marked the beginning of the year, reported by the Institute of environment and renewable biological resources (Ibama) in the country. According to the Agency, it has already become an absolute record in the history of observations up to the end of the year may increase. Environmentalists say the most significant increase in mortality among the most common in Brazil humpback whales — 66 cases. This is 60% more than in 2007, when it was found 41 animal of this species. First place the number of dead whales occupies Read more [...]
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In Chukotka death of whales

September 14, 2013. Representatives of the marine mammal Council, together with representatives of the all-Russian research Institute of nature conservation, and the Frontier FSB, the Chukotka Autonomous district held in the first week of September aeronautical survey of 800-kilometer stretch of the Arctic coast region. In the survey, experts discovered the remains of at least ten gray whales made waves on the coast. The remains of six of the ten whales were detected on the segment 120 kilometers (between the villages of Neshkan and Notespeller in the Chukotka region), which is a very alarming Read more [...]
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Whales suffer from sunburn

A new study has shown that the skin of whales can burn in the sun like burn people who don't use sunblock cream. And lately it happens more often. Despite the fact that most of the time the whales underwater, they cannot fully escape from the sun, should emerge to breathe. And just like people they don't have hair long enough to protect the skin from the ultraviolet radiation passing through the ozone layer. Specialist Zoological society of London and one of the study's authors Karina Acevedo-Without (Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse) concluded: \"We found that whales get acute sunburn, but at the Read more [...]
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Whales seek refuge in new York

Coastal waters of new York began in the current year, a refuge for dozens of whales, scientists at Cornell University in the University publication. Assessment of Professor Christopher Clark, which explores the life of whales for almost 40 years, in coastal waters of the metropolis «moved» permanent residence up to 50 of these marine mammals. The first whale in the vicinity of the metropolis in 2008 became a sensation, leafless media. Pet, puff to verrazano bridge, connecting Brooklyn and the VIP island, accompanied by the coast guard.In recent years, settlers arrived more Read more [...]
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In New Zealand ashore jumped 82 Dolphin

In New Zealand ashore jumped 82 whales - the largest animals of the Dolphin family. As Agence France-Presse reports, the incident occurred on Friday morning, February 4, on the South island, 150 miles West of the resort town of Nelson. To date, ten of stranded Blackfish died. The condition of the survivors Blackfish is alarming, as long as they do not return to the water and it may die. According to a representative of the Department of natural heritage, whales lie on the sand in the sun and can severely overheat. On the beach near the whales are representatives of environmental authorities. Read more [...]
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In Japan, about 50 whales beached on the shore

In Japan, about 50 Blackfish were found beached in Kashima city, Ibaraki Prefecture. Twenty-two whales were saved and returned to the sea. About two hundred people, including the staff of the aquarium Oarai, locals, surfers and civil servants took active participation in the rescue of survivors of whales and bring them back in the water. However, in spite of all the efforts made, 30 of fifty Blackfish, died. All the operation to rescue the whales took 8 hours. The other whale was buried on the shore, not far from the place of their discovery. Source: FinalNEWS , Dailymotion Read more [...]
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In Florida on the beach jumped 15 whales

on 6 may. Rescuers release of marine mammals stranded in shallow water off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. At least 15 whales appeared to be in distress, the cause of this phenomenon remains yet unknown. Source: FinalNews, AssociatedPress Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Canada orcas die

October 30, 2013. Dr. lance Barrett-Lennard from the Vancouver aquarium raises the alarm: the mortality rate of a population of killer whales that live off the coast of British Columbia, has increased, and their behavior has changed. According to the observations of the scientist, for the last two years, a flock of killer whales that swim in the southern part of the sea Sales, lost seven matriarchs. In addition, in the summer of 2013 and 2012, these whales traveled in small groups in search of food on the distance from the shore. This behavior is typical for winter, not summer, according to the Read more [...]
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Scraggy Dipping for Skill

Russian loon Natalia Avseenko, 36, threw cautiousness—and her dress—to the winding when she plunged into sub-zero temperatures to swimming with two hausen whales off Russia's nor'-west seacoast. Avseenko free-dived raw to exam a possibility that stilted materials, including plunge equipment and apparel, repluse the notoriously shy hausen giant. The weewee, approach the Gelid Roach, is cold-blooded decent to put about humanity into hypothermic jar or perhaps killing them, but Avseenko exploited yoga speculation techniques to clutch her hint. She remained in the piddle for ten proceedings Read more [...]
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Conjoint Whales Launch in Mexico

Scientists workings in Mexico's Lagune Ojo de Liebre made a startling find on Sunday: a duet of conjoint grayness whales drifting in the browse.Researchers consider that the conjoint twins likely did not endure bear and were probable miscarried by their fuss. The whales are perceptibly developing, measure lonesome 7 feet as opposed to 12 to 16 feet, which is the formula sizing for new-sprung grayness whales. Although the generate has yet to be placed, the twins suffer been equanimous for advance sketch.Thither birth been authenticated cases of conjoint twins in over-the-counter species such as Read more [...]
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In Chukotka die rare gray whales

November 6, 2013. On the coast of Chukotka found the carcass of a rare gray whales taken by the storm. This time they are five, and just this fall, killed 16 individuals. Says Andrei Boltunov, Deputy Chairman of the Council for marine mammals (SMM), these whales belong to the Chukchi-California population, which is listed in the Red book of Russia. He stresses the importance to monitor such cases and to investigate their causes. Among other things, the remains of whales attract bears. So, last week near the village of Billings, to the East of which was discovered one of the carcasses, saw about Read more [...]
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