Rescue chain

It happens that the car refused to move when the wheels viscous mud, deep snow or ice. To help in this situation may be time to put on the wheel chains. came up reel chain wheel of a car, is not known. According to one version, in the early twentieth century in the Swiss Alps, a small group of fans went skiing in the mountains in a car and stuck in front of the pass.Like it or not, but during the First World War, the Russian army ambulances drivers drove with him in car kits made chains to the wheels. Now the chain wheel and make the standard in our country and abroad.Some motorists believe that Read more [...]
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Peculiarities of the National utilitarianism

Stels ATV 700GT - double unit, which is indicated by the presence of the passenger and the back, and the value of the wheelbase (nearly 1.5 meters). This not only makes it comfortable and safe to walk on it together, but also gives "quadrics" excellent directional stability and less tendency to roll over during the assault on the slopes Russia has always been my way in everything, be it politics, economics or, for example, market development ATVs: while worldwide utilitarian «quadric» serve primarily workhorses, we ride them anymore than work.No wonder that in the course Read more [...]
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Wild boar demands respect

This story I told a fellow traveler, with which for a time brought me "Russian Railways". Shutterstock Photo Deep into the night our conversation was carried on hunting. Andrew was born and lives in a forested and rich in game Tambov regions. To hunt him addicted father and uncle – local gamekeeper. This passion is shared by his friends. Here then, in November, when there was our meeting, he went for a short rest home and hoped to hunt. It turned out he liked hunting for waterfowl, birds, but he loves to hunt wild boar. I am happy to listen to live stories about meetings Read more [...]
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So hunted!

For me, hunting in August 2013 began sad. Opening day I met on shallowed and overgrown Lakeland, once called me "productivity" - for successful hunting early 2000s. Photo by Ilya Lipin Somewhere not far away in the bushes rustling and coughing some hunter, trying in this way to drive me to my favorite place. Our peaceful coexistence, not clouded by rivalry over the trophies (because of their complete lack of), lasted an hour and a half. No duck is not passed over us.When the shots are rare in the district instead of the usual «opening cannonade» began to die down and Read more [...]
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And I wish to thrills and laughs? I was abused all realtors, developers, banks and dealers. - Pretty harsh statement, tell us how...- For a long time I rented an apartment in St. Petersburg at the Konstantinovsky Palace at a reasonable cost 200 bucks. Allow for yourself to buy an apartment, even taking credit for the amount you have to pay forever, I am, as most of the inhabitants of our town, could not. Prices economyrange on the market obviously inadequate. If cost "peasant house" 20-30 Kolobkov even thought about it. Well now, behold, I got in October the sixth year in a private bus, went to Read more [...]
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Kid-Tested: Burley Piccolo Trailercycle

It happens to every kid: Quondam subsequently their one-third birthday, they infix that uneasy, mediate form when they’re too big to be carried, but quieten too footling to go the space on their own. Kids may lovemaking their new exemption, but for parents, it can flavour alike we’ve missed approximately of ours: No thirster can we slingback the babe in the Erg spell we expend the day mounting a summit, or let the yearling drowse in the wheel prevue.Burley is serving cycling families bridgework this gap with its kickoff lagger pedal, the Piccolo. Intentional for riders ages four-spot Read more [...]
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The Six-Month Examination: Speedway Cycles Al Fatback

The development of fat bikes reminds me a niggling bit of the flight of 29ers. They launched among a subset of iconoclasts, accomplished themselves as a corner thanks to approximately coolheaded traits and equitation properties, then gained wider acceptation as devotees talked them up. Maturation has mirrored that procession, too, as about of the get-go fatties I time-tested were entertaining but had pattern limitations including unreasonable weightiness, toe intersection, and dull steerage.Not so with the Speedway Cycles Fatback. Though it was one of the commencement fat bikes out thither Read more [...]
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How to Neat Your Pedal

    Exposure: Tejvan Pettinger/FlickrCleansing your bicycle is easier than you retrieve. Whether it’s blade, aluminium, ti or c, with weewee and motorcycle allow cleaners, polishes, degreasers and lubricate you can rid your pedal of scandal in stain in Xv or less transactions and without acquiring yourself smutty.  Scandal in your concatenation, chainrings, cassette, derailleur and cables are the prima case of on-trail breakdowns, and expensive function replacements. Lustrelessness Brake, pedal diligence warhorse and selling for Pedro’s Northward America, maker Read more [...]
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Motorcycle Emptor’s Templet

Trek Domane 6.9     Pic: Inga HendricksonPurchasing a cycle, specially your offset one, can spirit consuming. Thither are as many brands of bikes nowadays as thither are libations in BevMo, and innumerable options—C, al, or blade? 700c, 650B, 26, 27.5, or 29? Wash, touring, or ease operation—are bewildering. But don’t desperation: All that contention agency that about bikes on the commercialize are mostly selfsame beneficial, so it’s easier and cheaper than always to get a high-quality razz to courtship your necessarily.The opening in acquiring a pedal is Read more [...]
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Hot Off the Imperativeness: How 3-D Impression is Revolutionizing Outside Cogwheel

    Pic: Glyn Metalworker via ShutterstockIn 2010, designers at Trek distinct to make a new route wheel for pro cycling’s leap classics. A key sport they pictured was a suspension that would let the buns underground to bend severally of the skeleton, so riders wouldn’t leaping about on sett streets. At their Waterloo, Wisconsin, hq, the ontogenesis squad drafted a three-d manakin on a reckoner, so secondhand an Objet500 Connex pressman to publish—yes, publish—a operative image. Notes were interpreted, tweaks were made. Concluded the adjacent few months, extra Read more [...]
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Modest Solutions: Chain-L

    Exposure: Courtesy of Chain-LMade in diminished batches, wish a nano brewage or mulct bourbon, Chain-L is the well-nigh coherent, least-inclined-to-get-dirty wheel concatenation lubricant made. Mellow viscousness, it sinks deeper into a concatenation’s rollers than over-the-counter lubes. That’s why the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Squad swears by it, and during the bounce rains of this yr’s Enlistment of California, pro-mechanics and riders similar were doing whatsoever they could to get their men thereon. It makes cheap drivetrains tranquillity, and tranquility Read more [...]
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Edgerunner     Thither are quite few assuredness kid- and cargo-hauling substitute bikes at this twelvemonth’s display. But thither are a caboodle of reasons why Xtracycle’s new Edgerunner is our front-runner. One, it’s rattling various. The arse payload/seats—what they outcry the hooptie—has ternary dissimilar breadth settings: one that fits two Yepp-brand wheel seating, one intentional to incisively fit two fictile milk crates, and a tertiary scene that allows you to fit capable 3 kids not in pedal seating.Two, the littler, 20-inch bum roll, which Read more [...]
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Kickstarter: FlyKly Impudent Roll

A flowing, pedal-assist bicycle cycle showed abreast Kickstarter yesterday. The new ware is on rail to heave its targeted $100,000 in hardly 48 hours. FlyKly is a "extremely effective all-in-one conception wheel assistance that fits on much any wheel," claims the rack's Kickstarter cause.The centrifugal, shelling and all early components are tucked by in a slenderize caparison on the bicycle, which should fit nigh any wheel underframe. The rack is controlled by an iPhone app, course, where you can set the top swiftness and supervise your advancement. You can evening care your sound patch Read more [...]
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Expedition north wind. Survival in off-road conditions of our country. Part 1

The theme of the issue of choice of vehicle for survival liked me want to share a report on the expedition called "North Wind", which took place in the distant (or not yet too distant?) July 2008. So enjoy ...How it all began It all began with the magazine "All wheel drive 4x4" in 2007 - with a report printed in it "Lapland 2007" on the expedition to the hidden corners of the Kola Peninsula.Being unable to tear his eyes away from the photos of amazing scenery, I realized that I just can not get there to visit, and my friend began to gradually cook your freshly bought "Niva". Machine acquires Read more [...]
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Tirlyanskoe wheel

In it you can just believe, if you look at the wheel from a distance but when you approach closer, you see that the diameter of the wheel ravenprimerno pole and the meter and do not become clear what forces must be thread to a mah.inu way to turn and drag. And in fact there is not a flood at the same time. More precisely in this sense misrepresented that flooded the plant and he did not recover. A wheel takihbylo two, and they worked flywheels  nadvuh sheet rolling mills. Bringing them to an electric motor. Wheels tedostalis plant davnym- long, even from the German owners of the trading house Read more [...]
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On the potter’s wheel

Short on already been dug pit for the foundation of the apartment building where we were able to begin the excavation here. Therefore, it was possible only to lay a trench on one side of the pit, and the square on the other. In the trench immediately went to find fragments of pottery, wrought nails, pieces of horseshoes for men's boots, a large iron knife and bone artefacts. Volumetric sculpture met, then the image of an animal, like a walrus: eye of round, elongated snout. For the manufacture of bone artefacts used the long bones and vertebrae of a large animal. Found fragments of pottery molded Read more [...]
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What off-roader can I get for nether $1,000?

A:Not excessive, mayhap, but not precisely a slam-dunk, either. In the preceding 5 days, bikes sustain suit so practically cheaper, considering their features. Now, a full-suspension wheel can be had for nether $1,000. But they're commonly a picayune on the ungainly incline, with the hanging more for read than go. You'll bill that the cheapest bicycle in the late Exterior reappraisal, the Marin Severance Zona, went for $1,700. Lull, thither are around becoming options. The Schwinn Moab DS1 is correct at $1,000, has full-of-the-moon abatement, and comes with a astonishingly full-bodied parts apparatus, Read more [...]
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The Better Cycling Trailers: Bob Yak

Bob Yak, with dry bag     Picture: Courtesy of BobA:Dissimilar panniers, trailers hold your lading off your wheel, reduction focus on its build and safekeeping its tires from deforming and causation more pull. They’re too more streamlined, and for very big self-supported trips, they earmark you to hold a vast total of appurtenance. (About would reason overmuch—thither's e'er way for one more matter in a preview.)The downside is an added arcdegree of mechanical complexness: another radius to follow, another jade to go mat, a association to the wheel that has to be managed. Read more [...]
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Is a motorcycle dawdler ameliorate than panniers for long-distance touring?

    A:I won't yield this favorable chance to occupy in any more piling-on regarding the pros and cons of recumbents. Perchance you saw that picayune dust-up we've been having, Dave, and perchance you didn't. On counterbalance, touring may be one stadium where recumbents confab roughly welfare. Near surely more well-off during farsighted years in the burden. Likely a niggling slower on norm than an unsloped touring pedal. But cypher is peculiarly quick on a crocked wheel. For my touring pedal, a Bob Jackson Particular Tourer, I opt to drag a B.O.B. (alias Jument) Yak Summation, Read more [...]
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Driving a motorcycle (bike). What to do?

Remember! • You should not go against the movement. • Strictly keep to the right. • Pre-warn about the change movement. • Do not brake abruptly on slippery roads. • Be careful to hire that during overtaking create an air wave that can cause loss of balance. • Track purity reflective details. • Carry the bags in the trunk and firmly fixed. • Use bike lanes if they are. • Keep your distance when driving in the stream. • Reduce the speed on the road is covered with ice, snow, sand and on the descent. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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