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But is it really so bad our MTS21-12?

That has long been debated topic semiautomatic - domestic and foreign. In particular "gets to nuts" Tula semiautomatic MTS21-12. I did not want to get involved in controversy, but because I am the owner thereof, for more than 35 years, as a patriot of this model, I want to say a few words in her defense.Photo: Vladimir Motkova In the autumn of 1971 in the forests of Penovsky District Tver region met Stekachevym Volodya, which was in the hands of this technique. I was then IL-12 with two pairs of trunks, which suited me. I held it in his hands, raised his left and right, and «laid Read more [...]
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Quo Vadis?

From 3 to 5 June at the Vyatka State Agricultural Academy was held International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of training hunters' biological resources: the state, use and protection. " Against the background of general decline, prevailing in most sectors of our science, the event was unexpectedly high, quite unlike the banal "skit" alumni-hunters. Surprisingly, I was at this event only journalists from hunting pressure.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Kamo gredeshi? ** The phrase from the Bible (in Church Slavonic). Russian translation: «Where Read more [...]
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Teach «hunting management» Department

The main hero of the article "How is antiohotnichya pseudoscience", published in the iris' number 28, was a professor of Krasnoyarsk AP Savchenko, who, on the one hand, for many years headed the Siberian Federal University (SFU) of the Department of hunting resursovedeniya and Reserve, on the other - has publicly advocated a total ban on spring hunting.Photo by Vyacheslav thus drawing We know that there are people among birdwatchers, for which such a requirement, even if abnormal, excessive expression of a general hunters and caring for hunters the state of Read more [...]
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Haste — Hunter makes waste

As the government alarmed wildlife The first point of the list of the government to 15 November 2012 is entrusted to approve the strategy and plan of conservation in the Russian Federation of rare and endangered animal and plant species, including providing ohothozyaystvennoy development activities aimed at preserving biodiversity and reproduction of the animal world.The second point the government gives instructions to submit proposals on making changes in the Russian legislation. They aim to provide full-time employees of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs which have concluded ohothozyaystvennye Read more [...]
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In Stavropol passed retreat Committee on the Environment

Committee on the Environment, ecology and health resort and tourism activities edge Duma held a visiting meeting, which was the main theme of the performance of the UK Act «On some issues of regulation of relations in the field of hunting and conservation of hunting resources».The venue of the meeting was chosen hunting ground «South Region»Which is a significant edge to a project aimed at preserving and increasing the population of wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. Not surprisingly, come to hunt in the Petrovsky district representatives not only of the Stavropol Read more [...]
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Denying life

Hunting, if this hobby seriously, takes forever and becomes a passion (sorry for the pathos) noble and necessary. Special relationships and behaviors existed among the Russian hunters. First and foremost, equality hunting. It is worth remembering the works of Leo Tolstoy, when the gentleman who committed blunders in the hunting business, justified before the fortress huntsman, without even thinking about the huge differences in social and financial position. Yes, and the landlord does not occur to deny the common man hunt on their lands. There were acted concepts such as conscience, shame, decency, Read more [...]
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