Problems first ice

Part 4: tackle for trollingPhoto Anatoly Mailkova First ice — is the time when the novice angler to try to catch the sense trolling. Active fish can compensate for flaws in the technique of fishing and in the tackle. The main thing is to catch a few fish the first to feel the charm of this gear. But we must be prepared for at least the first exit.I will not go into the particular gear used by «professional» fishermen in certain circumstances so as not to complicate the presentation and «hammer in» head starts. You should begin with a simple, tried Read more [...]
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Winter care

Part 2: The optimal set of fishing rods for trolling in the early freeze-upPhoto Anatoly Mailkova Before you equip a particular bait, it is important to decide what kind of fish, in what conditions and for what you're going to catch bait.Fishing rods for winter fishing designed for storing fishing line to control the working length of fishing line, bait and game in order to help the angler to hook in the fish. Since fish can be large or small, and the lure of heavy or light, then the rods will take a few. Moreover, for different tactics of fishing rods need different designs.Fishing Read more [...]
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Eternity LashBoardworks Eternity Whip     Picture: Inga HendricksonScoop FOR: Racing.THE Run: This Boardworks exemplar was named by one of the mutant’s insurrection stars, Woodlouse Trout. Testers famed fantabulous speedup from the outset strokes on the (well-named) Whip and apprehended how the somewhat turned-down wind and deracination hull up forepart chopped done urine. The cover one-half of the backside transitions from a shift to a planing hull, which helps get the plug-in abreast airplane rapidly and sustenance its amphetamine. At fair 27 inches blanket, the Whip is Read more [...]
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Usually volcada this longish whip for hunting wolves (foxes), hence in fact the title.Velcade were such length that would be comfortable to operate it with a stallion. Structurally, volcada is a string with a length of about one meter loaded(weighted) spanking (drums part of whips). With regard to the design of the handle, there is not clear whether it was hard or soft as a whip. It is reasonable to imagine that still hard, so it was easier to keep under control the modern times for volcadas got the idea, how about a short whip with soft handle. Its call of Foolishness (about stress Read more [...]
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How should I preclude and address reheel blisters?

A:Bounder blisters-I started to compose "blaze bulla," because that's what they feeling like-are scummy things. Bar intelligibly is the better quality. Piddle trusted your boots fit easily; a footling unloose in the bounder, but not overmuch so. Vesture effective socks-I similar a lining bash made of Coolmax, with a fleece bop concluded that. And if you get a intimation of a hotspot, bang on a bed of Moleskin. Buy say that doesn't oeuvre, and now you've got a tegument belch on your cad the sizing of the Superdome. Hither's my pet discourse government (I'm certain thither testament be Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: twitching (Twitching)

Twitching (Twitching) - This is the secret weapon of the angler, with which he can really unleash the potential of baits far beyond their everyday behavior. Ability to take advantage of all the subtleties of twitching - a pledge of success and effective fishing. Twitching - bait game built around numerous motions whip spinning. In the main it is rather short and more than - less sharp jerks whip. Each such jerk causes wobble wobbler when he waddled shows alternately own tummy, equity side. Fish it works in many different ways.In 1-x, at each oscillation wobbler born wave power, diverging Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: spinning Care

Naturally, in order to repair the spinning, you can refer to the master. Such masters now as clear enough. Many of them even offer their own services listings in print and Web publications, and even bought: preparation of business cards to hand out fishing lovers who need assistance prof.Desired service is now replicating the advertisement leaflets to provide services in repairing fishing gear of any type Prof. masters. But what prevents the fishermen themselves learn to repair their fishing rods and other gear? Or at least take care of them right, that increment lifetime gear? For example, Read more [...]
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What’s the trump way to treasure a vesicate?

    Exposure: Xiii Of Clubs/FlickrBlisters pop when thither’s detrition betwixt your bark and your horseshoe. They’re specially plebeian among runners, but all types of athletes are susceptible. Hither’s how to delicacy your blisters and homecoming to grooming. If the scald is in a blot where it bequeath probable binge (ilk the bum of your foundation)…Pop it. Race your workforce, use a sterilised goad to drainage the vesicate by thrusting a maw to one incline, and constrict the bleb to obtrude the unstable. If the fluent isn’t crystallize or you Read more [...]
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Visual selection spinning

What should be considered when choosing spinning rod?To choose the right spinning, fisher should know what kind of fish and what bait he was going to catch. In this case it is much easier to determine the class, type, test, length, capacity and systems desired rod. Then before the angler next question: how to choose your favorite model from a large spinning mass, it would seem, the same rod? As to the quality assembly sometimes there is a noticeable variation of parameters of the same model of the batch rod, then demanding fisher should be able to own several options to pick up a product most Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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