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Lease agreement was the same for the entire country

October 2, 2015 entered into force decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on September 21, 2015 №1003, approving a standard form lease agreement.Previously applied model form lease agreement, approved by the federal executive authority. Such a document carried only advisory in nature, and therefore, the parties entered into lease agreement were not obliged to adhere to its provisions clearly that gave rise to the appearance of conflicts of interest, pre-contractual disputes and has often led to the violation of the rights and legitimate interests of the parties.Now, throughout the Read more [...]
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American trail

Today the Russian hunters and nature lovers are dealing with two kinds of mink, common in the country. It is the European mink - the indigenous inhabitants of our aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats, and the US - a native of North America, but adapted to the life we ​​have so much that has long been a representative of the usual weasel family. Uneaten mink paws pond frogs. Such «rich», on I think leftovers can only talk about the abundance of food on the territory. 29 October 2005 Meeting with European mink is now uncommon. Without exception, all Read more [...]
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Supets of moose

Good day, my friends. Soon lunch and I'm supposed to fool around a little bit :) Today we do the simplest thing can be elk. It - supets. No soup, no soup. Simple supets. Do not let the name scare you, its simplicity. The simplicity also sometimes hidden shades of beauty that does not see and does not prochuvstvuesh in slozhnosochinёnnom and fine dining. So, take the meat of moose. Meats do not regret!Thyme, rosemary, onion unpeeled WHOLENot all the thyme and not the whole rosemary, that the photo !!! Without fanaticism!!!!!!!Sharp pepper (I grow on the windowsill)Root parsley. It should be a lot. Read more [...]
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Barrel impressions

Thousands of enthusiastic fans of fishing each year come to Astrakhan at different times of the year300-350 thousand tourists every year come to Astrakhan, to go fishing in the Volga delta. At the moment this is the most popular fishing trend in Russia. Photo: Anton Zhuravkov. Not that so I never was fishing… As many, I fishing in childhood. On pond near the house, we were digging worms immediately on bamboo fishing rod and caught carp Rotanov who later plentifully regaled yard cats. Fourteen years, I went on a fishing trip Read more [...]
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Catch noon

Photo by the author I vkidyvayu gun and press the trigger. Dry cracking shot, and the hare, having turned over his head, digs into the snow. Heart pounding from surging emotions.– Goto-oh-oh-in! – I shout in triumph for the entire forest.After a week of cold and full bessnezhya it's finally warming welcome from the snow. Fluffy, voluminous flakes gently hovered outside, settling on the gray and rough, like a stale crust of snow. He walked all day, transforming the dull landscape outside my window. Nature seemed to put off the everyday nondescript clothes and dressed Read more [...]
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In the realm of gray heron

I can not forget my first meeting with these elegant and extraordinarily beautiful birds. That early September morning I met on the remote peat lakes, which are a magnet for not only the weight of all kinds of birds trivia, ducks different breeds and grebes, but also the most majestic wading inhabitants.Dawn. On the vast surface of the water or vetrinki. Brownish-gray stripe, as if mirrored flooded dead bush with lonely dry tree Punches places of green foliage. Behind them is a wide strip of wetland alder forest. The emerging sunrise sky pink and encrusted blue-gray clouds. Read more [...]
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Rain, so the expected and necessary for all life, finally "took place." First, politely and shyly murmured almost inaudibly, scratched first, barely had time to reach the tiny droplets on the roof of a greenhouse, and for a moment, as if listening, silent. Then, emboldened, he began to gain momentum, tapping although still rare, but substantial enough, tyazheleyuschimi drops around that came in his way. Finally, he rustled the leaves of oak overhead.Oak this up on my site for gardening itself, the nature is so ordered. When it first, even the tiny, samples of soft green shoots in the grass, I stopped Read more [...]
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For big perch

 Photo by the author The first half of the winter I like the fact that the ice is already strong enough to be able to reach any point of the reservoir, but is not very thick and you can effortlessly make a lot of holes in search of perch. Ice is not transparent. Either snow filled or had pretty muddy after a day and night drifting snow thaws. Small perch all have caught, so to speak, knocked on edge. How about catching a big perch? After all, he still is still active!Big perch, I think all the striped, which escalated the mark of 350 g Maybe someone will grin and call for Read more [...]
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Crimean Hunting

Chicken. Due to its meatiness and wonderful taste due to high fecundity, chicken birds everywhere are favorite game. As you know, in the Crimea there has never been a wood grouse or grouse or grouse, and the only representatives of chicken breeds are we steppe partridge and quail.Illustration of  Peter Zverev archive Grey partridge (Perdix cinerea). This is an important game birds found in We now have to Unfortunately, a small amount, mainly steppe, but also in foothills, even mountains. So, partridges all year hold on Chatyrdagskaya Read more [...]
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Jacket for the gentleman

Lexus LX 570, a survivor of a nearly six-year history of one light restyling and threatening a couple of years to surprise the audience with his second generation, something is definitely inferior to European competitors.Not all stylistic interior solutions the LX 570 will satisfy the refined taste. But this car is not It becomes less luxurious. But and advantages over them is a lot. He might even most of all-terrain SUVs, whose price surpasses the mark 4 000 000. ...And certainly — quietest. That, however, is not surprising. Mark generally Read more [...]
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All through the barrel

Today in Russia there was a legal framework unprecedented: at the official level permitted turnover of copies and replicas of ancient weapons dulnozaryadnogo without compulsory licensing authorities of the Ministry of Interior. And I decided, without bureaucratic red tape to buy a gun and so feel the charm of hunting right. Buy a real antique ancient weapons comes from the XIX century is not like. First, it is significant money, and secondly, shoot it dangerous — These guns are designed to weak ancient gunpowder and no metal fatigue repealed. And the Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Relatively warm in Moscow was only in the first half of last week and then with hurricane-force winds and steep jumps in atmospheric pressure cooling it down to the frost at night, which lasted almost until the end of the seven-day reporting. It was windy and cold weather led to the fact that the bodies of water, especially small, noticeably cooled, and this was the reason for reducing the activity of different fish, especially carp. At the same time, in some places began spawning bream, roach, chub and dace did not become friendly, and the fish left on ikromet Read more [...]
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Lord of the mountain rivers

For many years I rarely had to deal taimen, yes, I confess, I did not change its original and enduring love for carp. But once a fortnight lucky enough to travel the mountain taiga Heru-boat water cannon to its very origins and the upper inflow Sukpay. And he was my companion Victor ace-spinning, and he was a taimen as indifferent as I am to the carp. And in those two weeks I first got to know where and how to live the summer «Water Tiger» but his catch craftsmen.Most of all, we stayed with a deep whirlpool Krutoyarov, especially at sharp river bends where the water Read more [...]
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Whether there is the offspring of the cuff?

Rusak - a worthy trophy I heard that hybrids (rackelhahn, mule, hinny) do not give offspring. I want to ask is whether the offspring from the cuff and not this is the cause of the fall of the number of hare?Hello, dear editors. He writes you a hunter from the village gonchatnik worker Shatura District. I am a regular reader of your newspaper, and I think it is very competent in matters of hunting. I think that my question will give you an answer.The fact is that in our forests has always been a lot of birds. I was with my Gonchakov do not even have to look for them. It was necessary Read more [...]
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Variety kurtshaar

Photo by Mikhail Semin When taking the puppy in the club, his nickname was to begin with the letter «YU».I immediately flashed in my head: Yule.So in the future, and it works out.After the letter «YU» wanted to put «FROM» – in memory of her aunt Sandra.Further, according to the old traditions of the dog should participate letters of nicknames father and mother. That came Yustida.I have always been an opponent to take the puppy at an early age. This was exactly a month. The puppy should fed on breast milk.Well take a puppy 2 – 2.5 Read more [...]
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SPRING wiring in troubled waters

     This year, fishing in open water like never too early to start. If a small lake ice still standing, or rather, it covers the water surface, then in all the rivers and streams it is long gone.     The special features of the water regime of the rivers in this year, I would mention the fact that the ice has gone very quickly, raising the water level from melting snow is negligible. Now the process of melting snow in the woods is still ongoing. The river flows not just melt water, and groundwater, as the land is not completely thawed. This leads to the fact that, despite the weak flood, Read more [...]
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Bless hunting

Friends invited me to Zabolotskikh military hunting ground to hunt for moose pens long before it started. Gathering scheduled for November 7. I, as a pioneer, the first to come before the full collection of the entire team studied the territory of the base. Although it is located on the very track, but just outside the fence began pinewood There is a garage on four of boxing, several guest houses — beautiful, original; of dry tree trunks sheds for recreation; well, surrounded by stones; a large pond Island; service yard, home and decoy domestic geese and Read more [...]
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Cooking decoy

Everyone knows that hunting decoy ducks - old Russian spring hunting. It originates from the mid XIX century. Through trial and error, this hunting is becoming increasingly popular, although it has long been purely commercial and the "village". Only in the XX century, it has received a sports or recreational area, and gained a lot of fans and professionals of this "hunt for the soul." And in our time it is the most popular of all the hunts. And this popularity is necessary to maintain and multiply. Spring hunting of duck with duck decoy is very exciting — but with the right Read more [...]
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Winter bream

During the three winter months the most suitable bait for bream is feeding bloodwormPhoto: Vladimir Kazantsev Bream – bottom fish. So consider not only fishermen, but also scientists. However, I dare say that this definition requires some adjustments. Not to mention the summertime, when the bream often wander at the surface of water or feeding in the reeds without sinking to the bottom, bream and under the ice is not always dwells at the bottom. In particular, it may take various depths in the water if the atmospheric pressure is unstable. In all likelihood, there are other Read more [...]
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Not like everything

It turned out that this topic has prompted the Internet. Or rather, one of the active users of the Crimean hunting forums. Young hunter Dmitry Grabovoj laid out in the report on the first hunt of his team last season very curious photo with an unusual trophy - white Rusak. Photo by Dmitry Grabovogo Moreover, as explained later, Dima, during one of the pens near the village Kolchugino (hunting site «OOO Simferopol RAPO») V. Abramov and hunters Lysenko were produced just two such rare for coloring of the animal.By the way, after appearing in the picture Internet Read more [...]
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