Bamboo Godsend

    Pic: Scar WiensbambooPatch c roughage and ti are now's much-hyped materials of alternative for everything from shades to F1 backwash cars, bamboo is rising as nature's own sustainable operation real. The grass is about as potent as brand and can be woven as balmy as silk for one-twentieth the toll. It too grows pesticide-free, self-regenerates when cut, and can range 100-foot adulthood in tercet days. In the nineties, floor manufacturers became the get-go innovative companies to trespass of bamboo—Asians birth put-upon it in building for centuries—but, as these Read more [...]
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Spectre Parade

    Exposure: Cross WiensShadesFor high-quality optics clothed in rock-star dash, skid on SPY Optical's LeBARON. $105; Bending and bod the temples on Metalworker OPTICS' CLIFTON to see a cozy fit about your brain. $70; Alternatively of slithering when you sudate, the rubber-covered earpieces on BOLLÉ's Bounciness clasp same mad. $149; These polarized Pharos beauties by KAENON place grayish or cu lense tints. $170; OAKLEY stuck splinterless lenses in the CROSSHAIR, a innovative reel on the classical aeronaut. Read more [...]
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The Indoors Floor

    Picture: Grade Wienstail run socks tail operative socks Grip Heroes Get the goods on the modish track runners, tailored for speeding, mush, and dab.Dab 1. Wigwam Merino/Coolmax Tail Offset These softies shuffling feet spirit same they're bundled up within informal slippers. $11; www.wigwam.com2. WrightSock Merino TRL Poop Wicking celluloid and insulating merino ferment unitedly to diminution acerbic detrition. $12; www.wrightsock.comSpeeding 3. DeFeet Levi-T-Ator No See 'Em The toe furrow is tucked nether your piggies, where it is less probable to vexation. $12; www.defeet.com4. Read more [...]
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Dave Wiens Arrant Repast

Black pinkish-orange with potatoes and spinach salad     Picture: Anna WilliamsUNLESS A Sure seven-time Turn de France adept decides to show, Gunnison, Colorado's Dave Wiens is the man to meter at this month's Leadville 100. The 45-year-old old pro has won the 100-mile high-level mountain-bike wash six times—last twelvemonth coating sec solitary to Lancet Armstrong, whom he outsprinted in 2008. Hither's one of Wiens's fall-back recipes for high-performance refueling during his 15-to-17-hour education weeks. But be forewarned: "I birth bother not crapulence a New Belgium Trippel Read more [...]
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Trek: Guyot Pattern Spongy Bowls

    Picture: Shoot by Grade WiensGuyot Designing Spongelike BowlsThey mightiness be precious, but Guyot Conception's silicone Spongelike Bowls are too packable, bully, and virtual ($16; Read more [...]
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Tatter: Outside Search Primovolta Gloves

    Picture: Exposure by Crisscross WiensOut-of-door Explore Primovolta GlovesOut-of-door Inquiry's Primovolta gloves arrest a rechargeable heat factor that keeps fingers ardent for capable six hours ($259; Read more [...]
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Prepare: Selle San Marco Mantra Wheel Backside

    Pic: Picture by Crisscross WiensSella San Marco Mantra Motorcycle ArseThe narrower intrude and arrowhead bod of Selle San Marco's Mantra charge were intentional to belittle chafing ($260; Read more [...]
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Trek: Motorola Talkabout EM1000 Tuner

    Exposure: Photo by Scratch WiensMotorola Talkabout EM1000 TunerNot solitary is Motorola's Talk­about EM1000 bipartisan tuner the offset with features ilk an emergency-alert temptress and NOAA conditions channels; it besides has a compass of 20 miles and a hands-free part ($70; Read more [...]
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Shake: Untrasone HFI-2200 Headphones

    Exposure: Snap by Scar WiensUntrasone HFI-2200 HeadphonesYour audiophile pal who dog-tired double as lots on his habitation dramaturgy organisation as you did on your cycle? Ultrasone's velvet-lined, seventies-inspired HFI-2200 head­phones—the offset cans to denigrate myringa imperativeness—are for him ($299; Read more [...]
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Sway: Polk Atrium 45

    Pic: Photo by Scar WiensPolk Atrium 45Armed with rust-proof everything (brackets, lattice, ironware), Polk's outdoor-ready Atrium 45 speakers can conditions saltiness piddle, rainfall, and sandstorms. And, yes, tied your chum's homemade recordings ($240; Read more [...]
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Rock’n’roll: Philips GoGear

    Photograph: Picture by Scratch WiensPhilips GoGearRecall flashbulb ride but with a earphone jackass. Philips's matchbook-size 2GB GoGear actor plugs rightfulness into your USB porthole ($50; Read more [...]
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Trek: Sigg 100 Twelvemonth Bottleful

    Exposure: Photo by Scar WiensSigg 100 Yr BottlefulSigg's al 100 Yr Bottleful is a mod update of a figure from the thirty-something ($30; Read more [...]
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Rag: Rossignol Microphone Perspirer

    Picture: Exposure by Score WiensRossignol Microphone JumperThe cock. That's what makes Rossignol's Microphone jumper tank than all the vintage ski garb out thither ($150; Read more [...]
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Trek: Suunto X10 Sentry

    Exposure: Pic by Cross WiensSuunto X10 PicketMilometer, altimeter, barometer, ambit—the water-repellent Suunto X10 sentinel (with improved GPS and bombardment spirit) is an board for your carpus ($600; Read more [...]
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Clip: IWC Archetype’s Sentry Chronograph Variation Top Gun

    Picture: Snap by Cross WiensIWC Original's Lookout Chronograph Variation Top GunNot a Tom Sail fan? Don't lather: The IWC Fender's Picket Chronograph Variant Top Gun is named astern the tangible hatful, the elect U.S. Navy Combatant Weapons Cultivate. And, yes, it can handgrip roughly grave G's: The ceramic suit and ti campaign are ultra-tough, and the built lechatelierite won't reposition if the pressure drops ($7,000; Read more [...]
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spud:Panasonic SDR-SW205 Television Camera

    Exposure: Photo by Grade WiensOlympus Style 1050SWWaterproofed (to 5 feet) and shock-resistant, Panasonic's SDR-SW20S can bewitch footage in weather that would dilapidation over-the-counter camcorders ($400; Read more [...]
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Pullulate: Leica D-Lux 4

    Picture: Exposure by Scar WiensPanasonic SDR-SW205 Telecasting CameraThanks to its upgraded f/2–2.8 aperture, 10.1-megapixel detector, and climb for both flashes and a finder, the D-Lux 4 puts a pro-quality Leica in the decoration of your deal ($800; Read more [...]
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Pullulate: Olympus Style 1050SW

    Pic: Shoot by Scar WiensEpson P-7000 Multimedia Pic LookerOlympus's raincoat and shock-proof 10.1-megapixel Style 1050 SW can issue a licking. And a dunking. And a freeze. Addition all major functions can be accessed by tapping the caparison, evening with gloves on ($300; Read more [...]
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Clip: Sphere Heap Master

    Photograph: Shoot by Grade WiensSphere Heap HeadmasterWell-nigh adventure-sport watches aspect inapposite anyplace but in the furious. Not so the tough Sphere Lot Passkey, which features abundant gadgetry—a digital reach, altimeter, thermometer, and barometer—but is fashionable plenty for workaday assume ($595; Read more [...]
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Go: Surefire TIA Giant Torch

    Exposure: Pic by Scrape WiensSurefire TIA ColossusHeadlamps are for when you've got to get your workforce dislodge. When travel, though, expect a lilliputian, ultrabright torch care Surefire's T1A Heavyweight ($239; Read more [...]
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