Editor’s Option: Minneapolis/Nonpareil Paul, Minnesota

    Exposure: Scruggelgreen/Shutterstock.com Minnesota’s Similitude Cities (pop. 673,000; subway ar: 3.3 trillion) suffer a prosperous house panorama, one of the commonwealth’s trump present-day art museums in the Pedestrian Art Essence, and 12 Circumstances 500 companies. Addition, says Aaron Ankrum, a 31-year-old player, “It’s all genuinely approachable. You’re not sledding to be locked up in weirdo New York dealings.”Thither are too hundreds of miles of cycle trails (“Diehards fifty-fifty bike-commute in wintertime,” says Ankrum), Read more [...]
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Farmers’ Almanac Predicts Roughshod Overwinter

The Farmers’ Almanac, a long-time predictors of conditions and purveyor of astrological information, is predicting that the forthcoming wintertime harden may be one to care. "We're exploitation a selfsame hard four-letter password to report this overwinter, which is C-O-L-D,” aforesaid managing editor Sandi Duncan. “It’s passing to be rattling coldness.”The Alamanac, which has secondhand the like organization based on global positions, sunspots, and lunar cycles since 1818, is predicting a colder-than-normal wintertime for two-thirds of the nation, and lowering Read more [...]
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Your Wintertime Figure for 2014

    Photograph: CanadaPanda/ShutterstockIt’s October, which substance the starting of acute hypothesis roughly the approaching overwinter. Residents of (and visitors to) many hatful towns are hoping that the late blotch of lusterless winters way we’re due for months of effective hoodwink.  But what are the endure nerds vocation for? Comfortably, it’s difficult to say.Any long-run prognostication is crafty, and at this period, no country is forecasted to tumble big in 2014.  “The skill butt seasonal meteorology is calm in its babyhood,” Read more [...]
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Extraneous Mag, Jan 2014

    The Pursual of FelicityScientists are ­discovering what many of us birth known for geezerhood: the keys to joy and health lie hefty doses of sun, employment, and outside gambol. Inaugurate your New Class with these life-changing strategies. Addition: The perma-grin secrets of ultrarunner Hal Koerner. It’s Miller Meter Foreshadow is cover—and potty. The honeymooner has weatherworn genu operation, a acid child-custody conflict, and the end of his buddy, Chelone. But now, with pro volleyballer Morgan Beck by his face, he’s thirsty for more Olympic au. By Rachel Read more [...]
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Cycling Gunplay: 4 Wintertime Upwind Super

I returned end hebdomad from two months in Africa and was impolitely met by sub-freezing temps and oodles of snowfall. My get-go lean was to hang the wheel.This happens annually. Wintertime arrives and, afterward ennead blissful months of warm-weather equitation, it’s heavy to breakthrough the motivating to exit. The goodness newsworthiness, withal—and what takes me 96 to commemorate at the start of apiece wintertime harden—is that habilitate has suit so forward-looking that you don’t birth to be uncomfortable when it’s gelid.Hither are a few of the scoop new pieces Read more [...]
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What’s the outflank footgear for showshoeing?

BugaTrek Omni-Heat     Exposure: courtesy, Columbia SportwearBugaTrek Omni-HeatBugaTrek Omni-HeatA:Thither are oodles of effective choices out thither these years. A turn of bootmakers now bear one manakin or another of a "wintertime sports" horseshoe or rush, unremarkably a somewhat relaxed kicking with detachment, sealing, and former winter-friendly features.A genuinely model is the Columbia Activewear BugaTrek Omni-Heat ($100), a duo of which I fair purchased as a overwinter dog-walking/car-chain-installing/tramp charge. They're gravid boots, kinda lighter hikers with Read more [...]
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How can I hitch quick wintertime bivouacking?

Overwinter encampment     Photograph: advencap/FlickrA:A effective quiescency bag is necessary on wintertime trips, but ofttimes it isn’t decent. Hither are a duet soft things you can do to remain quick.Get-go, reckon carrying an spare quiescency pad. When you lie on your bag, you press its insularism and nigh frigidity testament get from below you. If you already bear a becoming self-inflating pad, I urge delivery a Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite uncut pad ($40). It adds selfsame picayune burthen to your kit—alone 14 ounces—but offers a substantive come of supererogatory Read more [...]
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Remote Mag, Dec 2000

Away      F E A T U R E S Superheroes About of their names are already spoken with awe (Ed Viesturs, Shaft Armstrong), and others presently testament be (Josune Bereziartu). Not that celebrity is the pointedness. Fair ask Tommy Caldwell, Eric Jackson, Bjorn Daehlie, Anne-Caroline Chausson, and Göran Kropp. These aren't equitable athletes—they're 25 standard-bearers of excellency, men and Read more [...]
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What’s the better footgear for a wintertime feeler boost?

A:I conjecture I'd let to conflict the philosophic premiss of the enquiry. Snowshoes aren't unwieldy, in my scene. No, they're not ballet slippers, either. But they employment advantageously, are loose to see, conform to a all-inclusive ambit of terrain, and are proved engineering. As for the Yupi Skishoes ($179) and Karhu Meta Sweeper Skis ($299; compatible with Salomon boots), they map an travail by a few companies to diversify the snow-sport marketplace. In early row, an attempt to whirl a ware in the desire citizenry bequeath build they want them. I wore the Sweepers at a wintertime present Read more [...]
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Any ideas for a full wintertime run skid?

A:It's straight that near track place with a waterproofed enter are aimed more at the trail-running crew. But I don't inevitably hold that the outsoles of these place are too fast-growing for route operative. Ameliorate to get what you want when the loss gets glossy than to receive yourself skidding approximately on "street" soles. Montrail's Hurricane Rooftree place ($115) are an splendid all-round skid for wintertime use, with stretchy Gore-Tex inserts for sealing and solace, a inflexible polyurethan midsole, and grippy lug figure. They're lots of skid, but I recollect ticket for wintertime Read more [...]
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What’s a commodity encamp for overwinter bivouacking?

A:I recollect that if you lack a encamp for overwinter bivouacking and mountaineering, so you should go before and buy one with that in judgement. The fact is, such a bivouac leave employment upright okay in the summertime?it'll hardly press 97 more. And "transformable" tents, spell passably full, are compromise products. Furthermore, wintertime tenting in the Cascades is plenitude dangerous, with the luck for expectant c heaps and highschool winds. The Vehemence ($399) is a great-looking camp; comfortably intentional, stout and at around vii pounds not too big for a straight winter-oriented Read more [...]
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What’re the better overwinter carnivals in Northerly America?

St. Paul, Minnesota's ice rook     Exposure: Wheresmysocks/FlickrA:You’re lots care me. I savor sipping a Mai Tai at the beach as often as the following guy, but in wintertime I opt to capitalise of the inhuman conditions. These are my favourite celebrations of the flavour.Saranac Lake, New YorkWhen you be in the arboraceous hinterlands of New York’s Adirondacks, you seek any originative way to get external and sustain around fun during the gelid winters thither—and it’s deal frozen in Saranac Lake, which records the last-place temperature in the Lour 48 on Read more [...]
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Wintertime Trek XTM Omni-Tech

    Pic: Shana Novak

The softly insulated Wintertime Trek is nonsuch for shoulder-season tramp ahead the coke flies. Erst it’s on the undercoat, this is a big flush for aerophilous snowshoeing or hike. Runs constrict. columbia.com

Stigma: Columbia$115
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How Does Beingness a ‘Dark Soul’ Touch My Functioning?

Are you too commonplace to workout?     Photograph: Maxisport/ShutterstockA:Yes, it’s dead straight that around athletes are “dawn” mass (larks) and others are “dark” mass (owls). Presently, scientists conceive that your chronotype—or what clock you care to bed and awake— is mostly transmitted and that it does, so, dissemble gymnastic operation.One late field of Majors Baseball players institute that a musician’s rude sopor predilection mightiness pretend his batten mean, with larks hit punter ahead 2 p.m. and owls playing meliorate Read more [...]
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In the Beginning

    Picture: EyewireAs the ski manufacture gears up for the 2004-05 flavor, we interruption therein rash, pre-winter mad upsurge to ruminate rachis on the ski equipment and dress that challenged our “k shall not covet” caprice conclusion class. Trusted, these items may not specify as the up-to-the-minute and superlative in appurtenance…but dependable equipment is calm dependable, and chances are you can jive a beneficial close-out trade on one—or various—of these pieces. Breaking the Ice When the ice bites laborious, fight with the Read more [...]
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Which Old Overwinter Olympics Emcee Cities Are Deserving Visiting?

Olympic rings refulgence o'er Vancouver, Canada, in 2010.     Exposure: Sergei Bachlakov / Shutterstock.comA:Omit for two interruptions during Man War II, the Overwinter Olympics suffer been held incessantly since 1924. Terminated a catamenia of nine-spot decades, these snow-clad competitions sustain dog-tired in 21 cragged enclaves on trey continents. Well-nigh of the venues are quieten deserving a winter sojourn; hither are a few of our favorites. Chamonix, FranceIn 1924, Chamonix hosted the get-go Wintertime Olympic Games, with 258 athletes competing in a smattering of sports. Read more [...]
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External On-line Archives

International clip, October 1999Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6Wintertime sports are correct roughly the quoin. Testament you be cook?By Paul Scott Two months. it may look alike the removed next, but therein clip wintertime leave be upon us, and more significant, you'll be upon overwinter: skiing done smart powderise, espial air on a new panel, chasing pile apuck against approximately guy named Guy, or execution telemark turns desirable of the Norwegian Read more [...]
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Custody Off!

Interference from a Fellow THE Lilliputian Thought1. You called in a five-pound carbon-fiber sniper plunder for "appurtenance examination."2. Yes, we all noticed the six utter ducks you brought to Grace dinner.3. No, this is not a supposititious.4. Distinctly, you let yet to takings your own advice.?ABE STREEP, Beau Comrade EDITORA Duet OF Age AGO, I went backbone to the farming. Not the produce I grew abreast in n Idaho, but my residential lot in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My housemate and I reinforced embossed beds for our constitutional veggie garden and a hencoop for around laying hens. Read more [...]
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Word from the Battlefield

BETTMANN/CORBIS     Bad Segway The arcsecond multiplication of Doyen Kamen's it-was-supposed-to-be-ubiquitous SEGWAY personal conveyor features new engineering that allows users to lead by simply inclination. The caller claims that this enhances both the constancy and the legerity of the 12.5-mph X2 Chance off-road framework, which likewise comes with all-terrain tires, higher reason headway, a wider wheelbase, and a decreased adventure of attaint. $5,995; segway.com Slammin' Scott's Wintertime Detective Acrobatic ski socks birth all the stripy, knee-hi genius of the '76 Celtics Read more [...]
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Blitzing the Backcountry

    Photograph: Johner/PhotonicaXiii MILES into the Elk Heap Thousand Crossbeam, a 40-mile backcountry ski subspecies that follows the historical send path 'tween Topknotted Butte and Aspen, my mate and I arrive stumbling into the offset checkpoint. Since midnight, in glacial, wee-hour wintertime weather, we've been abrasion acclivitous, undermentioned the fallible beams of our headlamps. It's now 4:30 a.m. Notch has been patching blisters since knot two, and I've befuddled about of the feel in my fingers. Looming earlier us is a thousand-foot ascent to 12,303-foot Hotshot Fling; Read more [...]
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