Glowing fly

I offer glowing fly. Design validated, efficiency, reliable and simple to manufacture.The store is not seen nothing, although it's pretty simple. I apologize in advance if I suggest you re-invented "bicycle" ...The main element - red LED small size. Immediately say, that my design is designed for Single-barrel rifles, carbines and rifles without sight leaf (ZK, ZKM, IL-18, MC 20-01, Mosinsky carbine, etc.). Take the plastic tube (preferably dark) internal diameter slightly less than the outer diameter of the barrel and a length of 1-3 cm. To do during the entire length of the cut. The tube should Read more [...]
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Winter fishing in the wiring

About winter fishing in the wiring in the areas of open water to write a little. But at the same time in certain bodies of water, it is quite possible and even can be very successful. The correct choice of fishing grounds, the application of well-balanced equipment, tools, and if necessary, bait, give the angler the opportunity to enjoy a stable nibble.Fish living in the ice or partially freezing rivers of the south of Russia, in the winter always chooses a deeper place than in the summer. It is kept under steep banks on the pits under the rapids, where there is usually significantly Read more [...]
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Homemade compass

When a person is in extreme conditions, usually it does not take in anything that is necessary for survival, including compass. There, you need to find, or to make an alternative substitute from scrap materials. Today we will talk about how to make a substitute for a compass. Homemade compass help out for orientation to the cardinal, not more than shopping. There is an element without which it is impossible to do homemade compass. Need a piece of steel wire, sewing needle, nail. Without steel, the metal rod will not work. It just so happens that all compasses are based on the fact that the geographic Read more [...]
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For the production of USB charger can be useful for us:USB extension cable (any length, even 5-10 cm),the cartridge on 4 AA batteries (took in the market),dyadic (taken from a dead power supply),palenicek slightly flux and solder (30 minutes)multimeter (30 minutes)sealant or thick glue.The principle of production. From USB extension cable, leave only the socket with wires. It must be attached (e.g. glued) to the base of the cartridge, and the wires coming from [+5 VSB] and [GND] contacts of the USB receptacle, solder to pads [+] and [-] cartridge, respectively.The cartridge on 4 AA batteries (FIG. Read more [...]
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And if You have any new cases or generally, You don't understand, where naiblezhayshie clinic, you do not need to take the man out of the car. After the impact he has already made yourself the most comfortable position, perched under a roof and not in the rain and Your rush him out of the car, the only damage him. Now put the car on the handbrake, if it works, and if not, poke a couple of wheels to a machine where you do not need not pulled off, disconnect the battery by removing the two terminals - this need. Later to try to lower the back of the seat and push the seat itself is also necessary. Read more [...]
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homemade kettle of 2 blades, 2 matches and a piece of wire has been extensively versprochenen in the Russian army and prisons.Its design, perhaps, knew everyone who lived in the Russian Union.The design of such ordinary boiler :To the ends of the two wires is bound by the blade. Both blades are fixed matches so that they do not touch each other. wires connected to the plug. which gets into the outlet.the water heats very rapidly, BUT :but for the simplicity of the design, as it always does. have to pay security.Such a boiler cheerfully enough warm water, but to use them is very carefully.Attention Read more [...]
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Economical Camelion

Greetings to all. A long time to read the site, but decided to write just now. Seen here similar topics, but I will try to share their experience. So converted flashlight use for six months. Always wanted to be independent from buying disposable batteries, so I decided to replace them with that - it is rechargeable. Few people know that the batteries from cell phones is much more durable than I thought. "Rolls" in the first chip and the element remains intact. Therefore, even recessed battery will work without the chip. Briefly describe how to do a flashlight. Took broken Camelion, cleaned board Read more [...]
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Electrical trauma. What to do?

Electric shock (electric shock) occurs: • while two touch bare wires wiring; • tapping one bare wire, if people in wet shoes, standing on the wet ground, in a puddle, etc. Your actions: 1. Disconnect the electricity in the room, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. 2. If this cannot be done, then: • protect yourself from the action of electric current whereby the insulating material (rubber Mat, dry Board, a thick layer of dry paper); • remove the victim from the area of destruction of any non-conductive electrical current subject (dry Read more [...]
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KAMSKIY CABLE PLANT (AO KAMTEK) electrical industrial enterprise. Regular. in Perm in 1957, issuing the first production bare aluminum wire for the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station. Commissioned in March 1965 Produces color rolling, Mfr. high-voltage cable 110, 220 and 500 kV, mine, power cable, enameled wire, etc.. products only approx. 5 th. Types of cable products. Zd DOS. supplier of cable companies in Russia, its products are in great demand abroad. Outcast. Intern. Leipzig Exhibition in 1984, on a swarm was awarded the Gold Medal for the power cable for the power supply dec. machines and Read more [...]
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HOW to make Fire using a Motor.

If you are away from home, and you have a pure case was not matches and lighters you have lost, but with all this you have the motor in the form of a scooter, moped or bike, saws or lawn mowers, you can get fire to light a fire and warm tea.Release the wire high voltage (brodarevo); remove the cap, clean the edge of the wire 3 mm, it is possible to do if you see a copper vein close to the edge; secure the wire so that between the end of the conductor and contact candle was less than 5 and more than 3 mm On bikes type "alpha" is comfortable with his brodarevo between the ribs of the cylinder.Or Read more [...]
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In the modern town, and not only in the town, very often have to leave your car unattended in an unguarded Parking lots or on the street out of sight. In this case, even if the opening of the machine by an attacker to trigger a regular alarm, you will not hear.Wouldn't it be nice if the car while trying to steal, he would call on your cell phone and why not only Need to teach your car to use the phone. Create it with the help of step-by-step annotations.These alarms can operate not only on cars, and on all other objects, such as summer houses, garages, etc. only Need to predict what turn the device Read more [...]
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Simple alarm with security loop

Greetings to all! I decided to write about how to build a simple alarm clock from China. Buy or find a broken Chinese Service - the main thing that squeaked call, and the mechanism will not be needed. I took this here Next, unscrew the screws and carefully remove from the body mechanism Then CAUTION without breaking latches, remove the back cover of this black box. Take out all the gears, Malenkov unsolder coil - then it can be used Remove the bell alarm contact - it goes from minus food and touches the contact pads on the board, it turns out that the alarm rings in contact with the food minus Read more [...]
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Defence housing part 2. Defense neighborhood.

Defence housing part 2. Defense neighborhood. "Civil" option. Part 1: One of the worst scenarios for the attack: D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944. Landing from the water on a sandy beach, carefully covered with barbed wire and decorated with anti-urchins. A front bluff with pillboxes and large-caliber guns. In some American movie scene was shot very clearly. Captured per day. I feel as young reached for slippers and experienced mowed look at the forged boots I will not try to capture the immensity and specify the presence / absence of a defensive weapon. Read more [...]
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survival tips

The lock and load Normal ALARM FROM the alarm CLOCK.Option 1.Buy or find broken Chinese service - the main thing that was beginning to Wake up, and the mechanism we will not be useful. Further neatly amminium screws and remove from the housing mechanism. Careful not breaking latches, remove the back cover. Take out all the gear, the little coil taivaan later it can be used. Remove bell contact service - it goes from minus power and applies the pads on the Board, goes the clock is ringing after contact to the minus power supply contact pad on the Board - in other words, the scheme beeps when the Read more [...]
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Small flashlight – Lighter with charge control of the electronic cigarette.

Buy the cheapest electronic cigarette, I bought just such for 500 rubles. Comes with two chargers cigarette go - from the network and from the cigarette lighter and cigarette charging the entrance USB. Still in the box were 10 smoking cartridges. So we need - the actual electronic cigarette, cheap Chinese lantern for 100 rubles. with one large and bright LED, one smoking a cartridge, thick-walled Aluminium tube, charging adapter - it is complete, thermal paste, glue gun, heat shrink tubing, and of course a soldering iron and tin). Take the e-cigarette, remove the plastic cover that glows when Read more [...]
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Modification headlamp

Hey. This article describes a modification of the Chinese headlamp in it, I will show how to increase supply capacity by replacing the batteries on batteries mizinchikovyh "barrel" they will be located on the long wire, through which they can be put into the breast pocket, and winter in the dead of winter they stay warm and will not sit down quickly due to the cold. Test the batteries in the cold Today there are many headlamps, but almost all of them are powered by batteries mizinchikovyh, and once at night in the woods you start "saving light" - using more economical mode torch which illuminates Read more [...]
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HF radio in the field.

Decided that's not what the survey as an article to write about practical communication on short-diappazonov. Especially that "Soap» LPD PMR diappazonov fit only leash for organizing grassroots connection type "camp / camp - went into the bush to recover / Achtung, goes fishing control," and in the NE is very difficult to contact the "dead zone" of the first jump, and is 80 ... 300 km. In general, all houses that are not lazy but remade and decided to get out for a day in the suburbs and shatter in the air at the same time to work in the field ... A little bit of theory. In practice, quite Read more [...]
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How to make a radio in a post-apocalyptic world. P1

Furnishings If you happen to somehow survive after another, different prophets promised, disaster, but unfortunately find yourself among the elite residents cozy underground shelters, and completely alone on the ashes and ruins of civilization, before you face many unfamiliar tasks. Suppose you are able to find a basic shelter and provide sustenance for themselves for a couple of months (unimportant These needs are not the subject of this article.) But sooner or later before you know will be a challenge - "And if anyone else survived," understand that you are not alone in the world (it encourages Read more [...]
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let cool ..

Well here in the article about vyzhivatelya forest, where he was a photo on the background balances the bike, I was looking for here was looking for, but did not find anything special efficient, can bad looking (can know who how to make a generator) is not one I'd appreciate it piece- useful. Found here about the current wind: Fig.2 In the figure, the following elements are numbered wiring: 1 - resistor; 2 - stator winding of the generator; 3 - the generator rotor; 4 - Voltage Regulator; 5 - reverse relay; 6 - ammeter; 7 - battery; 8 - safety; 9 - the switch. The procedure of production: Wind Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: propbait (Propbait)

Propbait (Propbait) - lures with impeller is surface lures, more dynamic offense. They can be used to fish fish small parking spaces, leading propbait small spurts, or to find fish in the vast expanses of aqua driving it rapidly. Impeller very boils in water, so the only propbait surface lures that burning and undulating surface. Slow wiring wobbler humble jerks it Cancel technique for catching bass. Rapid wiring provokes first pike. Some of propbait have weighted the back, allowing time to time, the wiring 'dog walk'. Part propbait have flattened front portion or recess in it Read more [...]
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