At Big Kokshaga

It was more than water, leaving willow winding dry grass and branches of fallen trees, brought floods. Has rung bells zakidushek to burbot fishing. The water is warm for a night predator and inhabitant of black icy depths. This angler, having washed in the river in the morning, shake the freshness «Severe» Big red water Kokshaga. A burbot only clear clogged under the snag. He was already stifling.I passed and ide. Although it did not become in the last years of his rise to the mass of the Volga, as before, but somewhere in the mid-to-late April, still manage to get Read more [...]
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Oka chub from the ice

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Chub, unlike chub and ide is «Winter» fish. If these fish peck usually during long thaw ice and the last, then «large forehead» It comes in strong frosts and thaws. Find chub in a small river is easy: in the winter, in the summer it adheres to the same places. In the summer it feeds on rift in the winter it prefers to start or end, where the flow comes to naught. All season likes to stand on the flooded bushes and driftwood. But where to find a chub on such a broad and deep river, as the Oka, and even more so in the winter? Over the Read more [...]
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When a predator is active

Winter fishing on zherlitsy requires knowledge of the reservoir, and the habits of predatory fish. Skillfully using tactics and techniques in this kind of fishing tackle and experimenting on the pond, fishing consistently achieve results, even when the fish are not active. The reward for their labors can become weighty pike or walleye.Once on the Ruza Reservoir fish were not there, we were on the ice in vain for two days and the third thing in the morning went to the side of the house. Driving across the river Voloshnyu, we decided to stay, at least know that they catch here fisherwoman. Read more [...]
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River heavyweight

Part I. Lifestyle catfish, special gearPhoto: Vladimir Suprunenko Lifestyle catfish, biological rhythm, dependent on climatic zone of fish habitat. For example, in Spain, where the artificially lit soms (amateur catching them at this country is very popular and It attracts anglers from throughout Europe, competing with Our Akhtuba primarily service), in the freeze-up waters not It happens, the fish is active all year round and quickly reaches a very impressive size. «Hot Spots» Habitat soms Russia can be called Read more [...]
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From Picker before the match

We have gathered at the pond with different gear. Who than used to catch, but all powerful tackle. A friend recently took up fishing Match fishing rod. No, seriously, tackle interesting. But who of us have not tried all Running rigging is it too since the Soviet era technology. Everything in general, it seems, but the subtleties of their own, of course. Will you come to someone, and he measured a something, puffing into his mustache: «So two plus two ogruzka… Doba-a-snap-ulation in two grams of pellets». Finally we are in the way. Flashed dejected crows on wires, Read more [...]
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For two hares

Hello, dear edition! My name is Ilya E. SAVKIN, I am your regular reader. How great is that in the "horn" can write the story of ordinary people, so to speak, of the people, like me. I come from the Tula region, Venevsky district, village Alesovo. All my childhood and youth in these beautiful places. Hunting experience of my 16 years. I love to hunt instilled in me at 11 years old my friend and mentor Nikolai Denisov, respected in the village of Hunter. A huge thanks to him for that!I remember the first time he took me hunting. I was in the role of beater, walked through the tall Read more [...]
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Sharp poklёvka

I had heard that eels live in the lakes of the North-West, including the Chud, Pskov, and enter riversPhoto: Alexey Goryainov If you do not have to go fishing on the river. Great near the village. Quiet, a few kilometers west of the Island, it is recommended. There can be good obrybitsya. And if you're very lucky, you can expect to encounter a rare species of fish, even for the local ponds. I remembered this place special.Several years ago I was going to go fishing on the river. Great for Tishinskaya villas. It was the second half of the warm spring. Nature was full of unique colors. Read more [...]
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Factor wind

When a bite occurs when the water flooded a large part of the fishing line sweeps should not be harshPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Many fishermen poplavochniki who recognize only the active application favorite gear, which implies fishing in the swim on the course or in a forced wiring without running, you know how much can interfere or, on the contrary, help fishing wind or that direction. First of all, the wind acting on the line between the float and rod, as well as speeding up or slowing down the movement of surface water, thus changing the speed and even the nature of the game tips Read more [...]
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Ide due coastal shelters

Do not second-ah-ah-ah-relationship, but still ide                                                            Photo by the author One of dobychlivyh tested gear for catching ide at large and medium rivers with natural course – rod with a lateral nod, which snap is ogruzhennaya fishing Read more [...]
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Pike Lake

Photo by the author A small stream, partitioned dam flooded a large area of ​​forest, leaving under water ancient spruce and oaks and giving shelter and protection for a large number of aquatic animals. Between snags in the bush arrowhead and Potbelly, beat zazevavshegosya zhiruyuschaya perch pike. In the creeks behind the wall cattail, splashing, ducks quacked and clucked marsh shepherdess. Admiring this splendor, we stand a few minutes, but shaking off the stupor, inflate the boat and go out on the water. I opened the bag with zherlitsy, and while her father gently to the Read more [...]
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How to get a trophy

The final push to attend the search for a reliable way to get the trophies become one of the trips in the late autumn of beavers and geese. In the evening, while I was running for a rubber boat sank in the oxbow broken beaver, and in the morning carried away over two pure beaten geese.Photo 1 It is not always possible to use waders or zabrodnikami depth, thick viscous sediments, strong current… And for a long time to sit in them uncomfortable. Inflatable boat also has a lot of limitations in the application. Therefore, I decided to make some device (call it «Scratchy»). Read more [...]
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Why dry spruce forests?

People often happens in nature, must have noticed that something wrong is happening to our forests. Premature and mature stands of spruce in many areas of the central part of European Russia have weakened form, and individual trees and groups stand with rusty needles or already were narrowed and fell out.In Moscow, Tver and other areas in nearly every spruce woodland dozens of curtains – area from 0.1 to 1–2 ha. What is it? Ecological catastrophy? Why dry valuable forest plantations? Lesopatologi specialists argue that the reason for it «explosion» reproduction Read more [...]
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May burbots

Photo by Alexander Tokarev The warm May sun was already high. From all the way to the village it is particularly difficult to get the last three hundred meters. Rumbling on downshifts SUV crawls slowly melt streams uploaded track under sonorous murmur of the stream. The sun suddenly throws on the hood of his reflection and causes squinting. After the turning views of the fence and a few farmsteads.The wall of the forest glade hollow reflects twittering starlings. Sitting on the roofs of their houses, they compete in eloquence. Swallows swoop on the edge of the road, sit down and Read more [...]
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Burbot nightingale Ples

By night I prepare thoroughly, well before darkauthor photo Otherwise, sweetheart on spring time without a good fire and not to be fishing. Firewood choose serious oak-fin cast and hard as iron. Lights it reluctantly, but if the will hardened barrel, then the night will come the heat, warming themselves around and sand. The four good oaks privalivayu several powerful alder stumps and wet birch, had lain under the snow all winter. Birch — more to the scope and thrust. It's all «heavy artillery», The backbone of the fireplace. And in the ignition and cooking will Read more [...]
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Redeems luck

Zherlitsy were set in the wilds of the flooded forest. The evening was part of their rights, taking over from the fading day. Father fuss in the camp, preparing for the upcoming night. I could not sit still, and ran to the wooden bridge to the backwater overgrown at the edges of cattails and water lilies, which heard the fight a large predator, hunting for coins.Spilling water out of a bucket with live bait on them, and holding in his left hand «telescope», Specially equipped for catching predator finally pulled up at the edge of creek and a little breath, on tiptoe Read more [...]
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Summertime Isolate Locomote: Unsympathetic Campgrounds

    Exposure: Flashon Studio via Shutterstock

The Hob: Hundreds of campgrounds could look stop or sawed-off seasons, including those run by the Internal Parks, the Dresser of State Direction, and the Woods Serve.  

How to Handle: Concession-run campgrounds won’t be touched, so see relying more heavy on those services. The amend alternative: Boisterous it. Either with wild passes at Home Parks or spread tenting on Woods Serving commonwealth.

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How Do I Protect Myself From Wildfires?

Hopefully, you'll ne'er uncovering yourself this around a woods ardour. Via Shutterstock     Photograph: Jon WhiskersA:Predicting a wildfire temper is foxy line, but 2012 is already formative capable be one of the pip blast days on immortalise. Blast managers in the federal ardour control core in Boise, Idaho, are observance a broadening Westerly drouth, 450 feather miles combustion in New Mexico's Gila wild, and the likely for volatile breakouts where suburb meets the woods.I exhausted the summertime of 2001 researching a leger roughly woods fires. In July of that yr the Thirtymile Read more [...]
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survival medicine

Ticks do not adore the sun, preferring wettish, evenly shaded deciduous and mixed forests with dense grass. You can often meet in the logs, forest ravines, on forest edges, thickets unakite the banks of forest streams, gardens, urban parks and squares. Remember: on forest paths and tracks covered on the edges of grass ticks many times greater than in the surrounding forest As learned scholars, bloodsuckers enticing smell of animals and people who constantly use these tracks for movement.The activation period, usually in April, and their activity can last until late fall. Appetite and fertility Read more [...]
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He who seeks will always find.

For comrades who complain of low wages in the continuation of themes raised here. Ad with «Headhunter» Test professional clothes for forest Energocontract FPG, Inc. The level of wages from 80 000 rubles. Moscow Region Work experience required 1-3 years Test professional clothes for forest Company-developer of the first professional line of clothing for forest Employees required to test new models. Costume Russian scientists developed three years ago, has been tested for effectiveness of protection from a tick bite (100%, 3-year test in a taiga not fixed any one bite). According to the Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Nylon fishing line

Fluorcharbonated monofilament Not a bad line was Nylon Fishing Line Braided fishing line Since the late 50s with nylon fishing lines became successfully compete nylon fishing line out. Nylon fishing line withstand the load on the gap to 35-40 kg per 1 mm2, which is 5-10 times greater than the strength of the woods of the same diameter, made from vegetable or natural silk fiber. Nylon thread and cord are made by twisting several strands of yarn. More vserasprostraneny strand width of 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm. Their tensile strength of approximately corresponds to a respective diameter monofilament. Read more [...]
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