Leastways 66 Die in Tibetan Landslip

Astern a monumental landslip interred a minelaying cantonment in Tibet's Gyama Vale on Friday, deliverance workers bear healed the bodies of 66 mine workers interred below the sway and mud. No survivors get been constitute, and hopes are attenuation as the lookup continues for the 17 that are distillery wanting.The hypothesis of subaltern landslides halted hunt efforts originally this hebdomad, with operations resuming Tuesday cockcrow. Rescuers are probing a detritus bailiwick that covers some two miles.This calamity has sparked an unprecedented measure of critique from Chinese bloggers of the Read more [...]
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Sea Turtles and Workers Take Like Stain

Ness Hatteras, off Northward Carolina, is where both dumbass turtles and seaward workers flourish. The turtles use the waters for migration; the workers use them for dredging and zip projects.But now the Subject Nautical Fisheries Avail (NMFS) is earshot a proposition to continue the region for the endangered loggerheads, and workers are decent implicated ended the succeeding of their sea-bound livelihoods."It's equitable an environmental schedule beingness pushed without a end," James Reibel, a mem of the directorate for the Mission for Workings Watermen, told the PilotOnline.com. Read more [...]
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Turnout: Bolshegalyanskaya, 144

     The advent of capitalism in Russia inevitably led to the rapid growth of the proletariat, including, and in the Urals. Here, from 1865 to 1900, the number of workers increased almost three times, and the army of the proletariat of the Urals there were more than 100 thousand people. Moreover, the Ural craftsmen to be the most brutal exploitation. The working day was completely dependent on the arbitrariness of the breeder and was 12-16 hours. Because of technical backwardness many works, especially in the metallurgical industries were conducted manually. For example, the Read more [...]
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Shop galvanized dishes 40 years

    On the eve of the anniversary would like to congratulate all the workers in the shop with the auspicious occasion and especially the veterans wish good health, peace of mind and confidence in life. All the staff of hardness conviction that the difficulties will be overcome if we are to believe in themselves and each other. With all my heart I wish you all success, health and well-being. Bazhenov, Director "Nick Cross".    At the entrance to the CSC flaunts bright inscription: "Nick Cross". Came here for the first time will wonder: what Read more [...]
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Taskmgr WORKERS category-dependent feod. us. state-owned mining and metallurgical env. W. formed indispensable workers after the declaration of a state (1847). Her appearance was due to the completion of the process of militarization and harmonization of labor in breech prom. U. UR together with the mechanics were a part of the so-called workers and officials were equated with ordinary military service. Several. were changed conditions of their detention on s-dah. Compared with the indispensable workers decreased duration servant. year, changed shape and size of wages and standards of land distribution. Read more [...]
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On the maps of industrialization young Land of the Soviets is a company appeared in 1936 year. In marshy and deaf Ural taiga 140 km north of Sverdlovsk in 1931, was laid the largest plant for the production of freight cars. Was not easy work of builders, with persistence and enthusiasm turns taiga arrays construction site, erecting grandiose future construction of a handsome plant. Read more [...]
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So it was

    October 4, 1918 under the goal the solemn ringing of bells and the Czechs Kolchak took Nizhny Tagil. The bourgeoisie and the clergy met their procession and immediately "wishers" of those in the revolutionary days In 1905-1906 was in the society of the Archangel Michael, took up the issue of counter-espionage and the Bolsheviks sympathizers. Difficult it is time.     We in the locomotive depot Nizhny Tagil station where I was working lathe apprentice, to the leadership of people came in past, which were connected with the Tsarist secret police. Agents Counterintelligence Read more [...]
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The factory gate

Many years associated Nadezhda Ivanovna Khlopotov with Nizhnekamsk mechanical plant. From 1960 to 1984 she worked here by the head of the Central laboratory. The history of formation and development of industrial enterprise dedicated to her research, which the author decided to introduce the editors «Mountain edge». Well, we, in turn, offer some of the pages of this factory chronicle readers. The first steps.Among small private houses, drowning in greenery, near the streets of Kazan (now Vyska), Separate (Astronauts), Upper Cherepanova began construction of the plant.It Read more [...]
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Scene «sick» workers

On the eve of the New year celebrated 135 years since the first theatrical performances in our city. Biography Tagil scene starts with factory theatre, he was devoted to a series of publications prepared for the regional studies page «Mountain edge» research associate of the Museum-reserve So Century. Smirnova.In the new series of their historical research essays, the author continues the theatrical theme, but talks about other creative teams, created later by the enthusiastic lovers of the performing arts in the old, pre-revolutionary Tagil.The first folk theatres appeared in Read more [...]
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Construction hitherto unprecedented

     Nizhny Tagil had nearly 210 years: 35 thousand inhabitants, 94 percent wood and 85 percent of single-storey houses. So he met the first five years, when it was decided to create a second coal and metallurgical base in the east.     Construction site for the new giant plants chosen for the eastern edge: for metallurgical on Fedorin grief for Carriage by Salda tract.     August 17, 1932 Narkomtiazhprom USSR established the Department for the construction of a metallurgical plant Novotagilskogo "Tagilstroy". At the same time created Read more [...]
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Page history of the plant

history of the plant     At the time when the distant outskirts of Nizhny Tagil surveyors came to explore the ground construction site in Mosgipromashe on the preliminary design drawings have appeared outlines of a plant with a capacity of 54 thousand heavy cars per year. Initially, the industrial job received designers were all sorts of types of boxcars from indoor to isothermal and tanks. However, even such a giant as UralVagonZavod, could not afford immediately solve numerous problems of rolling stock NKPS. Therefore, during the design of industrial assignment changed to until Read more [...]
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Old Wall

Deconstructing mail this column - and it every month brings more and more readers' letters - you feel among friends, united by a common interest in the native city, its past and present. Nice to meet old friends here - such as K. Denisova or AA Fischeva they went in the footsteps of our photojournalist in the last year, have remained faithful to these campaigns and local history now. But no less joy and deliver answers beginners an introduction to this kind of traveling recently. And what's interesting: our photozagadki captivated not only adults but also children. With an introduction to one Read more [...]
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Amid the forests born plant

When the XVI Congress approved a directive on the establishment of the east second main coal and metallurgical base, it became apparent the Urals - the most suitable place for rolling giant. The first five-year plan envisaged the construction in Nizhny Tagil not only the largest steel plant, coke and refractory plants, but also made for the production of cars. Felling in the forest at Ahalinskogo tract, putting up tents, building huts, digging pits - so began the career has hundreds of car builders who were in their thirties diggers and carpenters, fitters and concrete workers. High discipline, Read more [...]
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Light and dark past

    In 1939, my then young communist, am honored to be a delegate to the first party conference on the creation of Dzerzhinsky district party organization. While I was driving the production department in the factory's newspaper "Vagonogigant", Which was published daily. A four-page newspaper that covered the life just entering into operation Uralvagonzavod.     As a member of the editorial board, I was closely associated with the people knew all managers and plant construction. Before the creation of the district party organization on wall paneling had two Read more [...]
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Workhouses little people Demidov factories

    Enormous wealth Ural Mining Operators created a huge army of serfs and salaried people. Where do the workers were taken to ensure that the actions of many dozens of factories and mines? How they were treated hosts?    First on Nevyansky Plant arrived from Moscow and Tula craftsmen and apprentices. Brought here and Nikita Demidov Akinfiy and bought their serfs. But recent cost money, breeders tried to find such, for anyone not to pay: fugitive peasants and soldiers, splitters, prisoners Swedes convicts. All kinds of people inhabited the village at Nevyansk Read more [...]
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Deeds people gornozavodskogo Urals

Beginning of the last century was characterized by a clear increasing dissatisfaction with his position among the workhouse folk gornozavodskogo Urals. In particular, at the Demidov plants. Contributed to the maturing of the conflict confrontation between artisans and breeders largely admittedly skillful propaganda Nizhnetagilskogo RSDLP Committee shall promptly inform the work of all “acts” autocratic power in the violent suppression of the disaffected proletariat, for example, in Zlatoust, Baku, Tbilisi, Warsaw, Lodz, Irkutsk, Tomsk, in the Far East, not to mention the massacre of Read more [...]
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Come to the museum!

    White in small flower chintz curtains on the windows. Large kerosene low light fell over a table covered dark tablecloth with tassels. Slide with the dishes. Chest of drawers. Everyone in this room brings us back to the top century. So lived Tagil workers.     Master of the house, Ivan Yakovlevich Dobrodeev was also working. With thirteen years he in the copper mines. Fully recognize the severity of miner's work for which paid peanuts, but which profited well owners. This injustice gave rise to internal resistance, and Ivan Yakovlevich becomes a fighter for the Read more [...]
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The pace of the revolution

    Of Appeals Nizhny Tagil group RSDLP March 7, 1917: "Comrades! Coveted hour has come. The time has come when we are free to deploy its banner, for which many sacrifices are made on the altar despotism. Mighty Russian people won.     Despot overthrown. It's time hard work. Collect and join forces. Somknite ranks. More closely together, to close-knit family. Joining the creative work for the benefit and strengthening their homeland.     It is time to organize a local Committee. Sign up for your group. Prepare to a constituent assembly".     Read more [...]
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First director

Factory whistle for the first time called railcar for a work shift of the first in September 1936. A month later, on the assembly line started assembling cars. The morning of 11 October, one of them - the number of heavy gondola T 1-046-910 - off the line. It was the birthday of the plant. Start businesses and development of new products for tagilchan implemented under the leadership of Gregory Zinov'evich Pavlotsky, which translated Uralvagonstroy willows. A graduate of the Kharkiv Institute of Technology has grown from a quantity surveyor to technical director, studied the latest production Read more [...]
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Seasonal work

Seasonal work Bp. care cross. of the village. to work in an industrial., shape subsidiary earnings. Originated in the U. end of the XVIII c. Since that time, due to the location at the intersection of W. different transport streams received wide. development of seasonal occupation: ship, Burlatskii (Vyatka cross. served Severodvinsk path Court on the Kama and Volga), carting. Particularly strong was developed OA in Vyatka Province., In Perm. dominated by short-range waste. Max. scale obtained after the reform 1861 Main. Feed krest.-migrant workers heading to s-dy. They performed ancillary work Read more [...]
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