The opportunity to get ambushed while respecting the rules of movement is very little. The template acts, the traffic on the roads, the neglect of discipline and disguise are more versprochenen reasons for falling into an ambush. When getting ambushed more essential factors are the speed, firepower and determination. You should pay same attention to the development antiacademic action, like any other.Ambushes on the roads. Your deeds will be determined by the subsequent factors:A. The numbers of the enemy and the military order of the ambush.B. Destruction of enemy positions.century, the Time of Read more [...]
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Three hospitals junior sergeant Hope Korchemkina

     In a large, formal, stories of victory over fascism Nizhny Tagil is best known as the creator of the indestructible T-34 tank. Meanwhile, through the war years our town honorably served and the most peaceful, the most humane mission: treating the wounded! Hospitals were deployed in such schools as №1, 23,33, that Вые, №18, 6 and motels "Rush". The memory of that time and his men carefully preserved in the museums of the school.     "TR" decided to turn to one of the direct participants in the events of those years Hope Nikonovna Read more [...]
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Doctors performed a great deal

     Museum Demidov's Hospital has more than ten years. It was created by doctors enthusiasts Valentina Petrovna Dyatlova and Nina Alexandrovna Osnovin. Over the years, they are trying to restore the memories of staff, archival materials and photographs to show the entire history of the hospital from the XVIII century to the present day, when, after going through the stages of the second Soviet and the city, she again called Demidov. Great help in the creation of the museum had a doctor of historical sciences, professor Tatiana K. Gus'kova. It has provided rich material of his Read more [...]
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survival medicine

FLICKING THE WOUNDED ON THE SCRAPERS.Flicking the wounded on hard, nishibayashi the scrapers (standard boat-scrapers, ski scraper and scraper from scrap materials - wooden, plywood, tin) is a more gentle method. When using the scrapers under the wounded better to put soft bedding (hay, grass, leaves etc).[1 - Preparation of a Cape to flicking her wounded].[Fig.2 - Laying wounded on a tent].For being on a boat-scrapers straps or traces attached to the boat-scrapers in advance: the first strap to the ring scraper, the second (when flicking providing assistance) - to the first strap at the beginning Read more [...]
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WOUNDED Animals are Unsafe.

Unprovoked attacks by animals on people in our days are observed occasionally. This may or emaciated Insomniac bear, or wolf, in most cases, distraught. In exceptional cases during the rut is on a person's moose. With all this, he sees the man behind the competitor in responding to the noise generated during the walk - the snapping of twigs, the rustling of branches. After confirming the error, elk leaves, often - scuttles.Attacks on humans are usually provoked by them. Dostatochnomolodyh spring attacks the female wild boar with malehankih piglets. With all of this, certainly not any method to Read more [...]
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In the Chuvash villages became more frequent attacks of wolves

Cheboksary. Chuvashia. In Chuvashia cases of wolf attacks on livestock and people. Complaining animals turn to the people Sumerische district of the Republic. According to local residents, wolves slaughtered livestock, domestic and hunting dogs. It is reported IA Regnum. In addition, recorded attack on a human. So, on September 13, about 5 o'clock in the morning a flock of animals attacked the huntsman hunting \"Surskoe\" LLC \"League\". The man used to hunt ducks, as suddenly saw themselves near six wolves: the beasts circled around hunter. Under threat of death, despite the lack Read more [...]
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Sandstorm was sent to repair 80 machines

Accident involving 80 machines occurred in East Germany. According to the latest data, 8 people were killed, wounded - 141. Highway A-19 - one of the main highways leading from Berlin to the Baltic sea coast - covered sand storm. Within seconds, the visibility dropped to zero. More than 10 cars after the collision is still lit up. Well, not off in the air trapped in them a truck with explosives. Stefan, participant accident: \"the Sand collapsed wall. Everything went black. I completely stopped something to see and bumped into the vehicles ahead, although I can't say exactly who I ran into. Read more [...]
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Flooding in India: 9 people were killed, 20 wounded

August 11. At least nine people were killed and 20 were wounded due to the heavy rains that sowed chaos across the state of Jammu on Thursday. About 30 houses collapsed, several bridges washed away by the floods, and two dozen cars were buried by landslides and mudflows, reports greaterkashmir.comSource: FinalNews Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Turkey and its consequences

on April 19. In Turkey insist on the hurricane. Wind the speed up to 120 kilometers per hour, made landfall on the Western and Central parts of the country. He rips off roofs from houses, breaking Windows, blowing away the stalls. In the airports of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir repealed 43 of flight. No ferries across the Bosphorus and the Marmara sea, where the hurricane has caused tens of fishing schooners. In some areas the wind caused the effect of sand storms that caused numerous accidents on the roads. Reported 5 killed and dozens wounded. Meanwhile, forecasts are disappointing. Hurricane Read more [...]
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Wounded bear

Wounded bear attacks man in four situations: immediately after the shot, finding a bear in a thicket zalegshego, at the approach to the seriously wounded beast, similar to the dead, while in pursuit of a bear, which still has the power away from the people. Least likely to befall sad stories in the first case, more often - to follow. Doomed animals have nothing to lose - attacks almost every one of them. After the shot the wounded bear most of the runs, but some of the animals (about 4%) in this situation strikes a hunter. Known fact, even when the bear ran into the river to get the man Read more [...]
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If the shot is unsuccessful

If a wounded animal remained in place, it is necessary to clarify the results carefully shot to avoid useless loss wounded animal, to organize the prosecution and as quickly as possible to stop the suffering of a wounded animal. First of all, carefully inspect the place where the animal at the time of the shot. Sometimes trace bullets in a tree branch or split it shows a miss. Embossed on the strand of wool is often possible to determine place contact with the animal and find out whether or oanenie bullet was only hurting coat beast. From the behavior of the animal at the time of and after the Read more [...]
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Determining Where wounded game

Injured animals or birds should always be finished off, otherwise they will go, and dying away, disappear and the hunter, and as a public value. Determine whether the injured animal or bird and where it is, even if the blood is not seen, it is possible for a number of attributes. If the animal falls after the shot and jumped up and quickly goes away, it means that bullet (Pellet) only stunned the beast, hitting the vertebrae in the lower part of the horn or slipped on his forehead. If the animal makes a big jump, pushing the front, rear or all four legs, so he shot in the lungs or liver, while Read more [...]
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Damage to persons

Face with bruises formed extensive bruising and hematomas, which quickly dissipate. Special treatment is required if the damaged facial bones or concussion occurred. Surface violations of the facial skin (scratches, abrasions) after removing dirt and lubricate with tincture of iodine or a solution of brilliant green under a scab heal quickly, leaving no visible traces. When the deeper wounds of the skin L. perform surgical treatment with minimal excision crush wound edges and carefully matching them with the cosmetic requirements. Gunshot wounds LA during World War II was about 4% of all injuries. Read more [...]
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The most important thing-1

In the summer of 1943, when I began working in the evacuation hospital № 1078 for the wounded in the hands and feet, I kind of looked around attentively looking into people and life. In between the work was often talk to the wounded. Sometimes, talking to a seasoned, fought a man was in the hospital, and suddenly you catch yourself thinking that a person begins to share with you the most, the most secret and waiting for your advice. It is only on reflection, I realized later - not council he expected - but as a confession and was looking for sympathy, empathy, compassion, and in this he found Read more [...]
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Two deaths

Borodino battle in the war of 1812 was different at bitterness. The generals themselves led his troops to attack. In one such battle, was wounded general Cloud. Learning of this, Kutuzov sent his personal physician, Dr. Malakhov, help the wounded man, who had already taken to the dressing station. Malakhov once visited the General. But when the doctor noticed a sharp pallor of his face, felt his pulse, listened to your heart, it became clear that the situation is hopeless wounded. Well, at Tuchkov was seriously injured, in which death is inevitable? No, there was no general wound fatal. But Read more [...]
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Gunshot wounds of soft tissues of the hip

Gunshot wounds of soft tissues of the hip include damage to the blood vessels. In gunshot fractures hip bone damage and changes in the surrounding tissues are often very significant and go far beyond the wound channel (Fig. 9). Fig. 9. Scheme gunshot comminuted fracture of the hip (the AV Smolyannikovu): 1 - zone of point kommotsionnyh hematosteon 2 - small bone fragments in the medullary canal and the soft tissues, 3 - zone of hemorrhagic infiltration of the bone marrow, 4 - zone of hemorrhagic infiltration Haversian Channel 5 - the inlet 6 - paraossalnaya and intermuscular hematoma, 7 - zone Read more [...]
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Operational and dressing unit in military field

Operational and dressing unit in military field intended for surgical care hit. Depending on the stage of medical evacuation tasks organizational and staff structure, equipment and maintenance of operational - dressing unit vary. Field hospital (health Battalion) and HMO (separate medical unit) operational - dressing unit  deploy with antishock Department: preoperative, operating and anti shock for the wounded, anti shock for baked, predperevyazochnuyu and dressing for the seriously wounded and dressing for walking wounded. One of the options for deploying operational - dressing unit shown Read more [...]
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Medical-evacuation support troops

Medical-evacuation support troops - Implementation of the provision of medical care and treatment of wounded and sick in combination with their evacuation. Basis L.-e. about. a. is the union of medical care (see), the treatment and evacuation of a single process. L.-e. about. a. is one of the most important components of medical support and has a main purpose the preservation of life, followed by reduction fighting ability (disability) in as many sick and wounded. Medical-evacuation support troops took shape in the form of a clearly expressed only at a certain stage of development of the Read more [...]
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Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation - a system of measures for the evacuation of sick and injured from the field or from the source of mass destruction and their delivery at health centers and agencies to provide them with medical care and treatment. Medical evacuation - a key element of medical-evacuation support for the troops (see Medical evacuation coverage) and assist the people in the system of civil defense medical service (see). In peacetime medical evacuation applies to natural disasters and other disasters involving large numbers of victims. The main reason that causes the need to produce a medical Read more [...]
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Military medicine-7

Finally the system of medical support is being finalized at the time of the Great Patriotic War 1941 -1945 years. using the latest advances in medical science and in accordance with the conditions prevailing in the fighting. Of particular note is the system of specialized medical care and treatment, ensuring a wide network of specialized field and evacuation hospitals, the treatment system slightly wounded in special hospitals (GLR), quick return of those injured in operation, wide surgical capabilities DMP, a genuine surgical operation centers; development PMP methods of prevention and control Read more [...]
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