Perennial herb with short rhizomes and lobe white roots. The above-ground part consists of a rosette of leaves and out of their sinuses leafless flowering shooter height of 10-30 cm, ending with a thick cylindrical spike inflorescence. Leaves broadly ovate, up to 20 cm and a width of 10 cm, with long petioles and well marked on the leaf blade arcuate veins, usually naked or slightly toothed, with more prominent teeth at the bottom of the sheet. Bracts membranous, keeled, ovate or elliptical, the average calyx. Calyx chetyrehrazdelnym, sepals 1.5-2.5 mm long, the same species as the bracts. Read more [...]
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always accompanies the wounds - mech. tissue damage in violation of the integrity of the skin. Depending on the location, depth and extent of injury to the amount of bleeding varies. Most bleeding wounds of the scalp, face and hands, under which you need to quickly stop the bleeding. To this end, we need to impose on the wound folded several times any clean cloth and press it on the 10 - 15 minute hand (when injured her hands give exalted position). Then the tissue is replaced with sterile cloth to-Rui pribintovyvayut pressure bandage. From widely recommended for arterial bleeding before Read more [...]
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Oredelenie and treatment of wounds in field conditions

Types of wounds Incised wounds - Is wound inflicted by a sharp object. Surrounding tissue with such a wound damaged slightly, expressed moderate pain. Typically, these injuries are accompanied by significant bleeding. Incised wounds are dangerous damage to blood vessels, nerves, hollow organs. However, with proper treatment, these wounds heal better than the rest - usually without complications. Puncture wounds applied narrow and sharp objects (a narrow knife, awl, needle). These wounds are different great depth, with little damage to the area. Pain syndrome in these wounds is negligible, Read more [...]
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Medicine chest

First aid in the campaign is completed, taking into account the number of groups of the campaign, the route distance from populated areas, seasons, etc. In mountain and winter hikes in A. also include spare sunglasses. In the presence of a group of health care providers, he can man up AA according to their knowledge and skills. A fit into a rigid container, avoid damage thermometer, ampoules, vials, as well as protect it from water, snow. Approximate composition kit for trekking on a group of 6 - 8 people.MeansNumber ofApplicationSterile bandages 7 cm x 5 m 14 cm x 5 m Elastic Read more [...]
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The universal kits

To such number of items and drugs I came at once. The turned it over the years. Catching tourism and expeditions on our vast country. Faced with different situations, and for 15 years, almost all of it has been used at least once (in 2010 even had to use antibiotics). This is part of a group first aid kit on almost all occasions, as well as able to cure and hold out until the arrival of relief in autonomous existence. Sense to carry such a large kit appear during group use (avtonomke), and in the long term (at least one week). Make a list started in 1995, based on the Board and of the others, Read more [...]
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Staged treatment of wounds

First aid is to impose aseptic dressings, the first medical help audit includes bandages and introduction 1500 AE tetanus serum and penicillin in a dose of 100 000 IU. On stage, assisted by trained surgical help, should be performed primary debridement. If the situation forced the postponement of the operation, be sure to intramuscular introduction 400,000 ED penicillin. Postponement can not be allowed in the presence of a large wound damaged vessel, with obvious wounds contaminated land, in particularly severe crushing nature of her wounds in the radioactive contamination, and if the wound Read more [...]
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Disease and muscle damage

Muscle disease. Of inflammatory diseases should be made the primary aseptic inflammation of the muscles - myositis (see), and acute purulent inflammation - abscess (see). See also muscular atrophy, contracture. Muscle injury. Closed injuries of muscles are the muscles in the form of bruises or subcutaneous ruptures. Breaks often occur from overdistension muscles without the long tendon (sternoclavicular-liners muscle, straight muscle abdomen), or damage the bone fragments of bone in closed fractures, at least - from the blow directly on the muscle. The main feature of a complete rupture of muscle Read more [...]
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Tsigerol (Cygerolum) - Antiseptic. Used topically in the treatment of sluggish granulating wounds, venous ulcers, burns, etc. Wound surface covered with gauze soaked tsigerolom. Dressings made in 1-2 days with burns - 4-5 days. Applied also 10-25% ointment tsigerola. Method of production: bottles of 50 g, 5-20% solution tsigerola in liquid paraffin in bottles of 500 ml, 10 or 25% ointment in tubes of 10 and 30 g See also antiseptic. Tsigerol (Cygerolum) - Antiseptic циклогексилгеранилуксусная acid. Transparent oily liquid, which is sterilized by conventional methods. Read more [...]
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Care of patients with brain damage

Care of patients with brain damage (See Traumatic brain injury) is determined by your doctor prescribed regime. Patients with these lesions, as well as with fractures, chained to his bed for a long time. Careful care Skin, monitoring physiological and feeding patients - terms of rational care. Extra care must be linen, implementation procedures, as well as disturbance of these patients is fraught with complications. Patients were allowed to rise only after the disappearance of cerebral symptoms, gradually, under the supervision of medical staff. Care of patients operated on for abscesses, tumors, Read more [...]
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Laryngeal trauma

Injury larynx include mucosal abrasions, bruises, fractures, cartilage of the body, cut, stab wounds and gunshot wounds. If it affects the mucous membrane of the larynx the patient experiences difficulty breathing, hoarseness or loss of voice, pain on swallowing, spitting on a larger or smaller number, sometimes mixed with blood. Closed-skeletal injuries larynx observed adjacent soft tissue swelling, subcutaneous emphysema, changing the shape and position of individual cartilage, loss of voice, coughing up blood, the progressive development of stenosis of the larynx. If this is added to injury Read more [...]
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Poison poison snake-1

As can be seen, the use of therapeutic serum after 23 and 26 h after the bite caused a beneficial effect; treatment delayed due to the constrictions and cuts, complicating the disease. Of course, the sooner the serum is used, the lower the risk of toxic effects in organs and systems. However, given the duration of the poison (3-5 days) especially untreated (Ghitis, Bonelli, 1963), and then later use the serum gives a beneficial effect (Ya Po, Perry, 1960). The use of therapeutic serum 2 patients (100 ml) at 7 and 8 h after the bite of sea snakes quickly eliminate symptoms of poisoning (Reid, Read more [...]
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First aid

When first aid measures should not waste time to find out the circumstances of the incident, to panic, to lose time to identify signs of breathing. Given the importance of emergency resuscitation and first aid, it is strongly suggested to go to each short-term training in the respective training centers (for example, type TSOHRAT etc.). The life of your loved ones depends on you, your knowledge, your skills! Remember that! Superficial wounds (Cuts, scratches, cracks) should be washed with soap and water, then rinse with clean (drinking) water. After that wound dizenfitsiruetsya Zelenko, iodine Read more [...]
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Laryngeal bleeding

Laryngeal bleeding may occur in traumatic injuries and wounds. Bleeding from the larynx are also hemophilia, leukemia, leukemia, agranulocytosis, scurvy, and cardiovascular disease. Guttural hemoptysis in women at a delay menstruation and pregnancy. Heart disease, lung disease (tuberculosis), blood diseases, liver cirrhosis, chronic nephritis, cancer can also cause laryngeal or tracheal bleeding. With strong phonation on the true vocal cords sometimes there is a greater or lesser magnitude hematoma. Due to a strong cry, cough or gagging. Such hematomas are often observed in children with whooping Read more [...]
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Tamponade - It wounds and cavities filled with sterile gauze strips, as well as muscle, gland, or the so-called biological swab (hemostatic sponge, fibrin film, etc.). Tamponade used to stop the venous or capillary bleeding (hemostatic pad), distinguishing the infected area (delimited swab) And removal of purulent discharge (suction swab). To stop bleeding apply a tight tamponade, otherwise tampons introduced loosely. To stop the bleeding, apply dry gauze or biological swabs for separating the inflammatory process - dry gauze pads, with drainage of purulent wounds applied dry, antiseptic ointment Read more [...]
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Examination of multiple gunshot wounds

Examination of multiple gunshot wounds is complex and involves a number of issues, such as: a) Does any one stage multiple gunshot injury or several shots were fired; b) if there were several shots, what is their distance and consistency; c) Which of gunshot injuries caused death; d) determination of these weapons. It should be mentioned that the calculation of the input and output of gunshot wounds by itself does not give grounds for the conclusion of a work of a few shots. A bullet could hurt the through injury several parts of the body (for example, the right shoulder-chest-left forearm), forming Read more [...]
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Wounds of the chest

As mentioned earlier, distinguish penetrating and non-penetrating injuries Chest. In sports practice, the most frequent bruises or puncture wounds front and side walls Chest (The pentathletes and fencers). Symptoms. Contused wound chest cells have irregular, often smashed edge. Bleeding is absent or negligible. Between the edges can be found pieces of rubble and dirt. Treatment. The wound is necessary to make a toilet skin with alcohol, iodine, grease it and put a sterile dressing. The patient should be rushed to a specialized facility, which produces primary debridement, excision of crushing Read more [...]
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Damage sharp chopping items

Chopping tools in cross section are wedge-shaped, more or less acute blade and significant mass (axes, mowers, checkers, sabers, swords, etc.). Chopped damage can also cause a shovel, hoe, etc. Typical signs Chopped damage is their considerable depth and underlying bone dissection. The nature and characteristics of skin wounds depends on what part of the ax blade caused damage. If damage caused to the middle part of the blade, the wound will have a linear shape with smooth edges and sharp points. Upon impact, "toe" or "heel" ax wound has a triangular shape with one sharp and Read more [...]
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Damage sharp edged objects

Sharp objects have a sharp blade (razors, knives and cutlery, etc.). At a pressure of the cutting blade on the subject of the body and at the same time pulling the cut wounds are formed (Fig. 49). The characteristics of these wounds are: form (straight, curved, zigzag), depending on the direction of guns (perpendicular or at an angle), wound dehiscence, the extent of which depends on the direction of dlinnik wounds to the skin and the fibers of its elastic properties, smooth edges of wounds, the lack of them graze wounds, acute wounds ends. If incised wound is caused by a single movement, the Read more [...]
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Damage on the body

Damage on the body and their peculiarities arising from mechanical stress, can represent not only the appearance (and sometimes copy) tools, but also the mechanisms of its action. Scratches, bruises, wounds, fractures typically display a generic feature of a traumatic subject. Abrasions and bruises may indicate a strike any particular object, such as a belt buckle, leg wrapped in lace up shoes, and other rough grasp finger leaves the typical places (shoulder, upper arm, thigh, hip, neck) multiple bruises oval. An analysis of their number and localization can sometimes determine which hand they Read more [...]
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Damage piercing-cutting items

Sharp objects can dive into the body not only by sliding the blade, but when immersed in the body of the pointed end. In such cases, one speaks of stab injuries, and the objects themselves are called piercing-cutting. These include knives, daggers, scissors, jaws pointed blade dive into the depths of the body is accompanied by the separation of tissues - a cut (Fig. 51).Fig. 51. Formation mechanism of stab wounds. The main feature of stab wounds is the prevalence of its depth over the length and width. Depending on the shape of the blade sharpening wounds have different configurations. With Read more [...]
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