Last cordon Meshchora

We present to your attention the author's film by Alexei Kolesnikov and Sergei Kirillina author of the idea, which tells about the Ryazan land and the people living on it. In Meshersky province attains the age of forest lost among the old cordon. With him meet his old age retired forester Alexei Petrovich and his wife Marina. With their memories we pass the path of a lifetime, from the days when standing firmly on his feet the country to the present day, watching forever intertwined destinies of people and forests.jwplayer.key="BHAtKTdWGA7Jm6Ku6hQiZH2sKSZPKmVUoQ8Kqg==";var playerInstance2973 = Read more [...]
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Spring hunting for grouse. Notes neruzheynogo hunter.

It has long been my dream to get on a real grouse nepuganye current that would allow me to fully enjoy the battles blue-black cocks. Still very much wanted to take on the current son to at an early age could touch this fine particle of springtime. Within a radius of 300 kilometers from St. Petersburg to get a good talk is a problem. Frankly, I myself for a long time was not a good current. I wanted to hear at the same time are buzzing about fifteen Kosachev. At the same time I hunt with a camera and I must say that to take the grouse of the lens has a bright time in the morning Read more [...]
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Tears dripped

Hunting ethics, perhaps, the main component of the relationship with the animal world of the hunter, nature, passion matesPhoto: Leonid Carentan If you look wider, we can see that this includes the unconditional observance of hunting regulations, and environmental protection, and the relationship between people and the preservation of cultural traditions of hunting and much, much more.And not for nothing «Russian newspaper for hunters» these issues has always paid and pays attention. After all, upbringing hunter understands hunting passionately loves everything connected Read more [...]
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One day of Ivan Sergeyevich

A few issues of the magazine "Fishing and Hunting" had published stories AN Starchenko the places where he lived or visited the famous Russian writer Ivan Sergeyevich Sokolov MikitovTomb IS Sokolov-Mikitova Gatchina 2005 god.Foto author I wish I remember one episode connected with the place of last refuge of the writer.On a cloudy February day, the 20th of 2005, the day of the death of Ivan Sergeyevich, exactly 30 years after this sad event, we went to the city cemetery in Gatchina. The idea to visit the grave of the writer emerged at a meeting of the scientific game management Read more [...]
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The sailor, writer, hunter

Photo by the author In late March 2012 in Sasovo Ryazan Region took seventh literary readings dedicated to the 135th anniversary of Alexei Novikov-Surf Silych. The event was organized by the staff of the Central Library Sasova, named after the hero of the day, LV Babanova, TI Romashkina and LA Dianova. In the reading room were representatives of the urban intelligentsia: teachers, workers of culture and art, representatives of regional and city administrations, correspondents of local newspapers. Through the efforts of library staff in the beautifully designed shelves were displayed Read more [...]
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Monkey woodcock

Italian (photo S.Fokin) To hunt for special thrust to effectively use decoys. All modern semolina publish voice «Tsikanov» male. On a side flying woodcocks good tuck. I personally know 4 semolina produced in Germany, France, Italy and Austria.In these countries previously practiced in the spring hunting drawn, there is now only carried out hunting during autumn migration and wintering. However, decoys sold in these countries, and sometimes, but rarely, they can be found in Russian stores hunting and hunting exhibitions.I regularly use Manco woodcock and I note that Read more [...]
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With the knowledge of life of the people

     It's about the writer Nikolai Ivanovich Naumova, 150th anniversary of whose birth is celebrated in the spring of 1988.     NI Naumov was born, lived most of his life and died in Siberia. This region and is the main content of his work. Especially popular writer was in the early 70-ies of the XIX century, when Mamin-Siberian studied at the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy, the former at that time one of the centers of the liberation movement. Of the academy has produced many revolutionaries and populists who went to spread in the villages and factories Read more [...]
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Funny writing, and seldom smiled

     30 years, he has collaborated with the newspaper, readers were always glad to see the pages "Tagilki" author humoresques, short stories by Vladimir Petchenkin.     Born and educated in Nizhny Tagil, and in January 1943, eighteen-year paramedic Vladimir Petchenkin became a student of the school junior aviation specialists of the Black Sea Fleet. Fought and was seriously injured and was treated in hospital for a long time after the war he returned to the medical assistant job, but medicine for health reasons had to leave. So he became a working electric Read more [...]
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Boring garden

Says Noteboom - known Dutch writer and poet, with the name of which relate to overcome Holland literary isolation. Noteboom is known not only as a writer, and as a journalist and traveler. Journalism was his vocation in the 2-ways. In 1-x, it encourages the profession itself for itself - as a craft and as an art. In the 2, he foolishly in love traveling and much of his time outside of the Netherlands. To travel Noteboom addicted at a young age. At the age of about 20 years he traveled hitchhiked all over Europe, the result of which was the book "Philip and others," has received considerable acclaim. Read more [...]
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Family Ural writer DN My mothers and Regional Studies Library Nizhny Tagil

     Nizhny Tagil local history library (a division of the Museum-Reserve "Ural metallurgical") Is the oldest in the city. She was 155 years old. Library principal stockholder of the literary monuments in the Sverdlovsk region. The funds of the institution are books and manuscripts XVII-XXI centuries. Many of them are unique. These include rare books related to the life and work of the great Ural Narkisovich writer Dmitry Mamin-Siberian, birth anniversary of which is celebrated on November 6th.    A valuable historical source are "Magazines Read more [...]
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Polevskoi literary

Remember the poem Pushkin "October 19"? On the anniversary of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum poet, overcoming sadness, inspired by memories, exclaims: My friends, perfect our union! He, like the soul, indivisible and eternal And it is symbolic that it was October 19, 1990 in DC Seversky Pipe Plant, the first literary celebration of our city, which is called "Literary Polevskoi". Its initiators were members of the literary association "Dawn". How many guests then came to us. Moscow even had. Editorial "Workers' Truth" released a supplement to the newspaper, Read more [...]
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PP gift Bazhova

The house-museum of Ural amazing writer on Chapaev Street, 11 in Yekaterinburg for half a century kept the round painted panels with a portrait of PP Bazhova and eight stories in his tales. Bust of the writer on a greenish background. Head from the front. He discusses busy, perhaps arguing against an invisible opponent. Before him malachite casket-Mansion, in his right hand the crystal blue-green color. One can imagine that we are talking about a stone - expensive for a writer thread. On the edge panels on Karem background eight stories of friends viewer tales enclosed in decorative rings. In the Read more [...]
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Writer Sergei Aksakov

At the entrance to the park last Krupskaya, and now the Salavat Yulaev (how else differently?), At the crossroads again as Salavat and Rasuleva,   corner stands a tree house, known as the home of Aksakov. In this house, 1 October 1791 birthplace of the majestic writer. It should say little about the house. That house is one of the few, and perhaps the only survivor of the Ufa of the representatives of the 18th century. The house belonged to the grandfather of the writer, Nikolai Semenovich Zubov, who was an assistant governor of Ufa. It was a very highest rank, and the writer's grandfather Read more [...]
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Singer Russian forest

    Known children writer Vitaly V. Bianchi (1894-1959) is directly related to our city. In Nizhny Tagil live his niece - sister Sophia and Love Klyuzhev, and quarterly Club "Meridian" There is a museum of the writer and live corner of his name. This year marks 85 years beginning of creative activity Bianchi.     We were still children - says Sophia V. Klyuzhev when our uncle entered the literature. Born Vitaliy V. in St. Petersburg, in the family Biologists Valentina L. Bianchi. Father future writer was one of the founders of Petersburg Zoological Museum Read more [...]
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Where he went genus Maminyh?

On the eve of the birth of DN Mamin-Siberian Region Museum in Yekaterinburg Ural Writers held academic council dedicated to this event. In the literary-memorial museum of the writer on Pushkin Street, 27, gathered scientists, linguists, ethnographers, historians, and those who are interested in the fate and outstanding creativity of our fellow countryman. Heard and discussed the report of the oldest local lore-maminoveda from Ekaterinburg Arkady Fyodorovich Korovin. He has over 30 years of experience in the search for the historical roots of the family Maminyh. Now the work is completed, and Read more [...]
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The weakness of the poet

Profession, vocation, hobby, hobbies, illness, mania, pathology, entertainment, general method of thinking and suffer, trash, second, third or fourth job, just self-expression, attractiveness writing, the only opportunity to speak, the writing itself, keeping a diary, memoirs, correspondence , notes with or without cause, provocatively-proklamatsionnoe pismotvorchestvo, scientific writing, stihopisanie, versifikatorstvo of any kind, and stihodumanie stihostradanie, word creation and tekstotvorchestvo - that's for you to the writer. No writer (person writing, often a journalist, PR and so on. N.), Read more [...]
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New meeting with the writer

On the anniversary of DN Mamin-Siberian Perhaps our readers will be surprised haste: it before the anniversary of the writer's two more years to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous singer of the Urals to be in November 2002. But now to this date have started to prepare and scientists, historians, literary critics, scholars of DN Mamin-Siberian, and his compatriots at home to hang out, and of course, the staff of the Nizhny Tagil Museum-Reserve, working on a new exhibition in the Memorial Maminskoye house. Search for unknown documents and other materials, Read more [...]
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Unknown pamphlet Bazhov

Pamphlet PP Bazhov "Radio Paradise" - anti-clerical and anti-religious work, the manuscript of which is kept in the archive of the writer. Now it sounds, maybe even more modern, if thirty to thirty-five years ago, when Bazhov wrote it. More modern as the years have passed since the writing of the pamphlet, the development of science and technology was rapid, their achievements - a truly gorgeous and sample churchmen to adapt to the "last word" of science have become particularly stubborn and enjoyable. Specifically, such samples mockingly obsmeivaet writer. Maybe some readers seem somewhat abrupt Read more [...]
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Heiress Mamin-Siberian

Name the famous teacher of the Nizhny Tagil socio-pedagogical academy, scientists Tatyana Konstantinova Gus'kova known to thousands tagilchan. She is a recognized authority in the study of local lore. Her articles and books "D. Mamin-Siberian and Taghilsky edge "," Demidov theme in the works of DN Mamin-Siberian "," novel "Mountain Nest", his characters and prototypes "will be of interest not only to experts Tagil history, but also those who are just starting to learn about the old days of the Urals. DN Mamin-Siberian himself was an active member of the Ural Regional Studies. In the 80-ies of Read more [...]
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Mamin-Sibiryak, Demidov and populists

     Native village of Performance-Shaitan plant Dmitry Narkisovich Mamin-Sibiryak all life interested in long Demidov history, "inspiration, work, blood and gold woven with the history of the Urals". Mitya was 11 years old, when p. P. Demidov in 1863 during the Urals trip passed through Hanging. Through twenty years of his childhood experiences will be reflected in the description of the meeting of the owner of the plants with local residents in the novel "Mountain nest".     P.P. Demidov contemporaries focused. He was among the heroes of Read more [...]
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