What’s your choice for an medium rock-climbing skid?

X-Ray     Pic: courtesy, Pentad TenX-RayA:High-end careen place are comparable ballet slippers, Karen?extremely specialised and able-bodied to do as intentional only careworn by mortal who has trained to trespass of them. Very effective rock-a-nauts deliver stiff feet that don't want lots documentation, and breakthrough that the "toes devour" billet encouraged by cambered place improves clasp on flyspeck nubs or ledges. For person alike me, who rock'n'roll climbs good oftentimes sufficiency to commend what I'm thither for, they're uncomfortable and not eve rattling helpful. Read more [...]
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The sun has spots

Geophysics continue to monitor developments on the Sun. According to the Institute of applied Geophysics. Fedorova, the disk light presents two groups of spots. One of them, located near the Central Meridian, decreases in size and becomes a simple configuration. Another group in the northeast quadrant of the increases and becomes more complex. During the July 25 registered two burst In-class x-ray range. The geomagnetic field of the Earth remained calm. According to the forecast Heliophysical service, 26 and 27 July solar activity will remain low. Possible subspace in the optical Read more [...]
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survival protection against radiation

EVERYTHING YOU Wanted to KNOW ABOUT RADIATION, BUT were Afraid to ASK. ( PART 1 )Radiation ceases before us in the form of"invisible, dangerous unsafe and deadly enemy lurks at every step of the way. It cannot see, cannot feel , it is inconspicuous.. This makes people, some fear and nightmare, especially in the absence of awareness, that's still what it is actually..A clearer concept about that after all this radiation,about the domestic threat of radiation and radioactivity you will have after reading this article..RADIOACTIVITY, RADIATION AND BACKGROUND RADIATION :1. WHAT IS RADIOACTIVITY AND Read more [...]
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Dosimetry for Dummies. Glad grei, rems, x-rays, Sievert and other crap.

My paranoia finally reached a new level. In an unequal struggle, I still won Toad, counted 532 American papers of their savings and became the proud owner of the device with the intriguing title "dosimeter-radiometer." Acquainted with the specifications and description of the device, please visit the manufacturer.Prey brought home included. It works! Cheep, tsifirki shows me some. My joy knew no bounds - now I felt inveterate stalker, keep abreast of the background radiation. But after a couple of hours the first wave of euphoria has passed, because I understand the results of evidence could Read more [...]
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Solar flare was three times more powerful than previously thought

8 September. Observations from space Observatory NASA's SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) show that powerful explosive processes on the Sun — solar flare — bring to the boundary of earth's atmosphere more than three times more energy than previously thought, say U.S. scientists. Solar flares are called powerful processes of energy release in the Solar atmosphere in the form of optical, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays, protons and electrons of high energies, emission of plasma. Charged particles reaching the Earth, can «kill» electronics spacecraft, cause disturbances Read more [...]
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A powerful solar flare threatens electronics satellites — scientists

on January 28. Powerful x-ray flares that occurred on Saturday night, led to a sharp increase in the flow of charged particles in near-earth space that could endanger the spacecraft, told RIA Novosti head of the center for forecasting space weather Institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radiowave propagation (IZMIRAN) Sergey Gaydash. According to the Center for space weather National oceanic control for atmospheric research, USA (NOAA), on Friday at 18:37 GMT (22:37 GMT) occurred on the Sun x-ray class x2. Its source was active region 1402, which had previously been the source of Read more [...]
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Flash in the Sun can cause on Saturday in a strong magnetic storm

on July 13. Powerful ejection of plasma on the Sun that occurred on Thursday, may cause a surge of geomagnetic disturbances on the Earth on Saturday, July 14, warn specialists of the laboratory of space weather prediction NASA (Space Weather Lab). The outbreak in Thursday on the visible side of the Sun, applies power to the maximum category of x-ray radiation — class X. Such outbreaks result from «short circuits» — reconnection of the lines of force of the solar magnetic field. In the released huge amounts of energy and there is an x-ray flash, which is often Read more [...]
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NASA telescope discovered mysterious bright black hole

NASA Space Telescope captures a picture of the two new species rather strange black holes, which are located in distant spiral galaxy, which are extremely bright at X-ray spectrum of the electromagnetic field.X-ray Space Observatory NuStar (NASA) said bright black holes during galaxy observations Caldwell 5, at a distance of 7 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Camelopardalis. Black holes are presented in a picture in a purple color, superimposed on the picture in the same galaxy in the optical range of the electromagnetic field produced by the telescope NuSTAR. These objects Read more [...]
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Some black holes are probably white dwarfs

Many ultra bright extragalactic X-ray flares usually associated with black holes, in fact may be something quite different ...In November 2011, the ISS has registered a super-bright X-ray flares in the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy. It lasted 92 minutes and was very unusual. It is believed that the source of this type of X-ray radiation can be vicinity of black holes, where the light material heated by accretion disks.One flash to prevent burn due BH: X-ray emission from accretion disks gives huge temperature steadily registrable devices. And this time the temperature was too low. Fortunately, Read more [...]
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Sun cooked earth surprise

photo: Sun formed one of the largest active regions this year On the invisible side of the sun there was not yet visible from Earth's active area. It will go into the field of view of the Earth 10? July 11 and will remain until 24? July 25. Area can lead to the most significant recent increase X-ray background in Earth orbit.One of the biggest of the year active solar regions in the coming days, will go into the field of view of the Earth. As the laboratory X-ray astronomy of the Sun LPI, most likely it will get in the directory until NOAA free number 1087.The area is currently located on Read more [...]
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Cholecystography - A method of X-ray Gallbladder by contrast. Before cholecystography produce panoramic radiograph of the right half of the abdominal cavity. For 12-15 hours before the patient takes bilitrast cholecystography or other contrast media, washed down with sweet tea. The night before and 2 hours prior to the study of patients with enemas cleanse the bowel. After radiographic produce multiple images of the gallbladder in different projections in the vertical and horizontal test. Then the patient eats a special breakfast (egg yolks, butter) and he produced several more shots at intervals Read more [...]
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Scheme tomography of the chest: 1 - X-ray tube2 - cassette. Tomography (synonym layering radiological study) - A method of X-ray that allows taking x-rays of the individual layers the study area. Imaging is carried out with the help of a special apparatus - or tomographic scanner console, which is attached to the modern X-ray units. To get listed in the tomograms motion in opposite directions, the X-ray tube and X-ray film cassette (Figure) connected rigid system. In connection with the movement of the X-ray tube most of the details, which reflect the study area, are becoming blurred, as if Read more [...]
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Radiological anatomy of skull

Skull as a whole and its individual bones due to the complexity of its structure and topografoanatomicheskih relationships are the most challenging targets for x-rays. Therefore, apart from the so-called review of projections skull - side (Fig. 1), the line (Fig. 2) and axial (Fig. 3) - X-ray examination of individual anatomical parts are special projections and stacking.Fig. 1. Plain film of the skull in right lateral view (a); scheme with radiographs (b); scheme laying head (- front view, g - by the crown). GP - the horizontal plane; K - cassette; SP - sagittal plane; B, LA - basal line; Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of renal disease

X-rays of the urological patient begins radiography of the urinary tract. In some cases, based on a review picture can make a diagnosis. The use of X-ray methods without prior survey picture can lead to diagnostic error because shadow contrast medium can be taken as shadow calculus, etc. This overview radiograph (typically 30 X 40 cm) can detect changes in the lumbar spine, ribs, pelvis and upper third of the thigh. Changes in the skeletal system may explain the pain that had previously been regarded as a sign of kidney disease. On the survey picture can be observed psoas shadow. The disappearance Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of diseases of the esophagus

X-ray examination to detect abnormalities in the esophagus is paramount. However, the definite diagnosis of the disease is based on a comparison of radiological findings with clinical disease data esophagoscopy, histology taken at biopsy material, radioisotope diagnostic cytology detachable lining of the esophagus. X-ray examination is also important to assess the results of the operation on the esophagus and radiation therapy of malignant tumors. Contraindications to the X-ray study of the esophagus is almost there. You can not produce it only when knowingly violating the integrity of the Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of arthritis

X-ray examination should be applied in all cases of acute and especially chronic arthritis, and in most cases, it helps to distinguish them from other joint diseases. X-ray semiotics is an objective criterion for the differential diagnosis of specific (tuberculosis, Brucella, etc.) arthritis of the so-called non-specific A. (with mandatory registration of clinical picture). It reflects, though incomplete, pathologic changes in the bone and cartilage cells joints. A radiological symptoms appear later in the initial clinical signs. Important for the X-ray has a record duration of the disease, Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of aneurysm of the heart

X-ray diagnosis of aneurysm of the heart based on data from X-ray, X-ray, and roentgenokymograph elektrokimografii. Diagnostic difficulties arise in the heart of the small size of the aneurysm, and the aneurysm apex. The latter can be identified with a deep breath or inflating the stomach. Important, but not common signs of A. p. is semi-oval, smoothly contoured protrusion on the contour of the heart with the "notch" in the upper and lower boundaries (Fig. 2 and 3). Often there is a disproportionate increase in the diameter of the heart to the left (Fig. 4), sometimes - the rectangular Read more [...]
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Description skialogicheskoy picture. Skialogichesky analysis requires a deep knowledge not only skialogii but normal and pathological and radiological anatomy rentgenofiziologii, including age, sex, and constitutional, since the main objective in a planned sequential description of the features of X-ray shadow image is a clear distinction between normal and pathological. Giving each teneobrazovaniyu optical geometric and physical characteristics necessary to know exactly known whether this teneobrazovanie display normal or pathological substrate, that is, to take into account its potential diagnostic Read more [...]
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X-ray picture of the skeleton in rickets

X-ray diagnosis of early rickets does not exist, since the clinical signs of the disease appear much earlier radiology. However X-ray diagnosis of rickets is useful in difficult cases, and especially for dynamic monitoring of the pathological process and performance monitoring of therapeutic interventions. X-ray detection of rickets is based on characteristic changes in the growth of bones, subperiosteal violations of the normal process of bone formation and the phenomena of general systemic osteoporosis, rickets reflects the typical change of calcium metabolism. Since the most characteristic Read more [...]
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X-ray picture of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerotic heart disease. Medical X-ray coronary atherosclerotic disease (koronaroskleroz) is applied to contrast radiography with a very short exposure. The most common such radiographic signs of atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis as increasing the size of the heart, especially the left ventricle (Figure 2), and the expansion of other parts of the heart, lowering the tone of the myocardium, round the apex of the heart, pulsation of the weak in this area, sometimes the appearance in the apex so-called adynamic area. Often there is an arrhythmia. For the diagnosis of heart aneurysm cardiosclerosis Read more [...]
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