On the Yakut poultry quarantine due to bronchitis chicken

17 octbr. Poultry farms in small Yakut village Nurba quarantined and works as a special Commission for investigating outbreaks of chicken infectious bronchitis. For humans the disease is not dangerous. — Most likely, Nyurba the poultry farm will be destroyed all livestock chickens, and it is more than 40 thousand birds — said the Deputy head of the national veterinary Department Lyudmila Dudaeva. — If we leave at least one sick bird, there is a strong likelihood that in the future the situation may be repeated. Dudaeva also explained that the virus is susceptible chickens Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Lake monsters Loaches

For the first time about the mysterious lake Yakut Lybynkyr spoke at the end of 50-ies of the last century. It was then repeated in the newspapers published the first sensational reports about the existence in the Lake District some unknown animal science. According to witnesses the monster came from the Jurassic period and had a vile temper and enviable appetite. Over time, the legend of the Yakut "Nessie" has acquired new details. Not surprisingly that we received the invitation to visit these places, which we took with delight and headed for the study of local fish fauna. Also Read more [...]
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Mystery vilui boilers

For many years, local hunters bypass the remote area of the Yakut tundra. This place is quickly left the military, who built a number of bases and depots. However, the local open spaces attract professional researchers of mysterious. The name of this place "Elyuyu Cherkecheh. "A translation from the Yakut language means"Death Valley. "This name, as you can imagine, do not come ...So where do I start a story? Of course, from the beginning of history, namely, the ancient legend. In ancient times, this area was inhabited by nomadic Tungus. Once distant neighbors noticed how Read more [...]
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Perhaps the most widely used and one of the most numerous shorebirds in the North-East of Russia. With different density inhabits all types of continental and island grassy tundra East Siberian, Chukchi and Bering seas, except the Commander Islands (). The region inhabited by Yakut - C. alpina centralis (Buturlin) and Far East - C. alpina sakhalina (Vi-eillot) Dunlin subspecies, which differ not only morphologically, but also by the distribution on the breeding areas. Yakut subspecies spread east to the delta of the Kolyma River, inhabited upland and coastal tundra of the Arctic type. In the Read more [...]
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Yakut bread

In the north-eastern part of Siberia is a huge Yakut ASSR. It takes 3 million square kilometers ditch, making the seventh part of the Soviet Union. "The path here is far, very difficult - wrote in 1871 NGChernyshevsky - yes is the mail almost round year not in B Lakh here to go without the terrible dangers and long delays. From mid-April to the end of the year - eight and a half months, moving from Irkutsk to Yakutsk - a serious and very risky venture, harder than any trip to the inside Africa. " In Yakutia, the amazing climate: chilling, shestidesyatigra dusnaya tridtsatipyatigradusnaya Read more [...]
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