Fishing in the waters of the Yenisei light

On any ordinary stationary rod can quickly catch fish ear. I chose uninhabited Siberia, deciding on Go rafting on the Yenisei Krasnoyarsk to Arctic Circle. During alloy particularly diversified my hiking everyday fishing. Moreover, the production of fish living creatures filled journey passion, play, creativity and even philosophy. A another meeting with fishermen and their fascinating stories devoted eniseyskoy fishing. This is perhaps the most memorable adventures and highlights of the trip.Vperevode with Evenki «Ionessi» — Read more [...]
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Yenisei delicacy

A hundred kilometers from Yeniseisk, opposite the left-bank villages Pogodaevo from a distance I saw two fishermen, shakes dragnet. The sun was setting, lighting up the right bank, along which I sailed on the boat, soft light. It was time to look after a place to sleep, but curiosity overcame. It was found by local fishermen tried «to rave» (so Yenisei conservatives talk about drag-net fishing) tugunka. Naturally, in the notes across, and whitefish and pike, and every small things as a perch and sorozhki, but the main purpose of fisherfolk village was still tugunok. Read more [...]
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Do you want to — eat, and you want — drink …

Part 3: Fish stew in a Siberian. As elsewhere, eniseytsy love to amuse the stomach of fish yushkoy. Often, it's just «moonshine» from small elchikov, plotvichek (in local — sorozhki), perch, which have long languished (sometimes almost to the complete dissolution and transformation into a slurry), turning the dish into a thick homogeneous brew.In the old days «cooking» Siberians called fatty fish, which is cooked in a little water until its complete evaporation. Then the fish was pulverized, poured and placed into a fat tuesok birch. It circulated Read more [...]
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river Kara sea

River basin of the Kara sea: The river in this section is placed on the principle of basin facilities: ocean sea river tributary 1 order 2nd order tributary tributary 3 order, etc.The Yenisei - the river of the Republic of Tuva, Krasnoyarsk Krai and the Republic of Khakassia. Hangar right tributary of the Yenisei.Ob river, Altai Krai, Novosibirsk and Tomsk oblasts, Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous okrugs of the Russian Federation.PUR river Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous neighborhood.Taz - river Krasnoselkupsky and Taz districts of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous neighborhood.Read more [...]
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Yenisei Bugach and other rivers Krasnoyarsk prepared to meet the flood waters

In Krasnoyarsk rivers Yenisei, Bugach, Bazaikha, Kacha, Panyukovka. At the moment, on the eve of the flood they are under close surveillance around the clock. Urban services regional capital spend flood event. Spices have to clean the choke tube and sections of rivers under bridges, spillway and dam, as open sewage systems, drainage channels, specially made along the streets to drain meltwater. Shore attach stones and ice erode hot water. Local bureaucrats have raised awareness to the population. In the town prepared evacuation centers, provided all the necessary  for the temporary accommodation Read more [...]
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Yenisei changed the color of the water

Color of the water in the Yenisei changed because the soil up from the bottom with water jets from the spillway of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, told RIA Novosti the head of the Sayano-Shushenskaya Centre for Corporate University hydropower Zateev Vadim, commenting on media reports that this phenomenon can supposedly be associated with the destruction of the dam."Unlike previous years (before the accident Aug. 17, 2009), when we opened the spillway closer to fall on the maximum elevation of the reservoir, the water had time to settle, because the flow in reservoir almost Read more [...]
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Black in August Energy

It has long been observed that in August in Russia are major disasters involving a large number of victims. Unfortunately, no exception and August 2009. So, on August 16 there were just two "loud" crash. In the Kaluga region crashed training "Yak-52", carrying the absolute European champion airplane sport, winner of world championships, flight instructor Svetlana Fedorenko. At about the same time under the Kubinka in the Moscow region have faced down two "Su-27" aerobatic team "Russian Knights", was killed in the fall flight group commander Igor Tkachenko, Read more [...]
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Flooding on the Yenisei

Yenisei, one of the great rivers of the world, often floods its banks. The spring flood on the Yenisei takes place in April - May. In the summer and fall of water level in it fluctuates due to rainfall floods. In the rest of the year there are a reflex-hanging ice dams phenomenon of mammoth proportions. Their main reasons are the same as in the Ob river flow from south to north, the majority of its length, the specific climate and orography pool. In March - April, when the southern part of the basin in the steppes of Mongolia and Tuva flowers bloom in the northern part of it is snow, there Read more [...]
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Golden plover

Rather large sandpiper solid build with relatively short legs and beak. Top golden-dark. Bottom, sides of the head and neck are black. The black color is separated from the top of the white stripe. Axillaries white. Females are more dull, white streaks on the belly. Winter birds dull brownish, whitish bottom. The fourth finger on the legs is missing. As Tulesov, cautious bird. From a distance he saw a man watching him, anxious and monotone shouting. Voice - mournful, moaning, screaming flute "... tyuyuyu tyuyuyu ..." Characteristic, mostly European yuzhnotundrovy sandpiper. Read more [...]
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Altai ular

The range comes in Altai snowcock outside Krasnoyarsk only its northern part. To the north, it is distributed to the Sayan range, and on the right bank of the Yenisei River to the mouth. Karakerem (15 km north of p. Vc). The eastern boundary of the Western Sayan runs along the right bank of the Yenisei River, approximately 93 East covering the mountain-steppe areas of the Yenisei watershed ridges (1). In East Sayan marked on Idarskom Belogorye (2), in July and August 1997, received in the western part of the range in the watershed of the rivers Koshurnikova Katun Zapevaliha and (3). In the Read more [...]
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